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Looking for real meets - no cyber. Fun sessions, submission, a workout, trading holds and definitely erotic . Usually not very competitive but there’s sometimes exceptions. I really enjoy one sided , heel /jobber and experimenting with moves.

I can host but it’s a small space.

Younger guys to the front of the non existent queue.



  1. United Kingdom, London
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 42-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 183 lbs (83 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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jonuk is recommended by daniellibra1986

Somehow I miss out writing a recommendation to Jonuk, our first met was back at 3/4 years ago during one of my six months training in UK, and finally we catch up again on my trip down at London February 2019, we have some exchange holds with each other and enjoy big legs of him and sleeper, he is getting better compare to last time. Definitely looking forward our next meet again soon.



daniellibra1986 is recommended by jonuk

We mwt some years ago and then again early in 2019. It’s hard to write anything that others haven’t already said so, with apologies for being repetitive , I can only echo everyone else’s opinion that Daniel is strong, skilled, reliable , kind and a very lovely friend. Hope to see you again very soon.



jonuk is recommended by dan9692

JonUK made the effort to me meet me for a few hours for a thoroughly enjoyable session. Over the course of 3 hours he allowed me to dominate him in a variety of holds, and even taught me a few new ones!! Safe, reliable and friendly I would happily recommend him :)



dan9692 is recommended by jonuk

Dan9692 (the number of times he made me tap during our 3 hour session) is everything others here have written about him. If there are any doubters, I can confirm all reports of his height, dominance , hotness and skill. Safe, reliable, friendly and good communication. We both travelled a fair way to meet and I’m really glad we got to make it happen. An awesome experience with an awesome guy.



jonuk is recommended by mchaeljams6

Jon and I organised a meet up in Hemel Hempstead. We hadn’t been chatting long but we got along very well.

Jon is one of the nicest and hospitable guys I’ve met so far, he made dinner for me after my journey which was great. He was also extremely interested in my life, what I wanted to do with my degree, etc., which I appreciated he took the time to do 😊
The actual match was basically what I’m looking for on this site; just an excuse for me to be in long, tight holds, along with some erotic stuff that we discussed we were both into 👌🏼

Jon is a brilliant guy and he comes highly recommended from me 😁



mchaeljams6 is recommended by jonuk

I had a great day with Michael who travelled from the other side of London to meet up. He's reliable and communication in getting our - albeit spontaneous - session organised was faultless .

He looks great , is extremely easy on the eye and stronger than he gives himself credit for too. Nonetheless, I mostly dominated on this occasion and had a lot of fun doing so .

A fantastic meet with an intelligent and sexy guy. Great conversation too. Fully recommended, obviously.

If you have the chance to meet Michael , consider it your lucky day.



jonuk is recommended by asichiguy

I was able to set up a match with minimal fuss on a relatively short notice. He’s a friendly and patient guy. We walked through some moves, and he let me go at my own pace. I had a lot of fun, and it was a great end to my UK trip.



asichiguy is recommended by jonuk

We arranged a fun wrestling session for the final day of his UK trip. Easy to plan, good communication and highly recommended. Hope we get to do it again someday.



jonuk is recommended by A1Jobberlad

Had a great match with Jon uk. He is very strong and skilled which i found amazing. Are session felt very relax which i loved with jon giving me time to try and put him in a few holds. Jon managed to carry out the surfboard hold on me which many have failed in the past. Great easy going guy . Re match anyday.



A1Jobberlad is recommended by jonuk

We planned our meeting ahead of time and the pending date in our diaries was one we were both looking forward to. Good communication throughout and on the day too. He's very reliable, friendly, good company and looks great. Tall, flexible body good stamina and enthusiastic about wrestling. Very glad to have met Alex and hopefully we will get to do it again soon. Recommended (obviously!)



jonuk is recommended by jakes stud

This guy is a real alpha. He loves complete domination. I admit I went in thinking I was the hot stuff. when wrestling I tend to have a cocky persona and he bounced back right at me trying to crush my young confidence.their was loads of flexing, loads of trash talk and a real alpha vs alpha.

this man gave me a run for my money all whilst being polite, respectful as well as teaching me some great new holds.

had a great time



jakes stud is recommended by jonuk

Based on his user name, i did worry that Jakes Stud would be either not real or some kind of wrestling cat fish . However, I am delighted to report that I was wrong on both counts. A charming, tall and dashing young stud who clearly communicated exactly what kind of match he was looking for beforehand (which I appreciated) . Friendly, reliable, mysterious and delightful. An unforgettable encounter.



jonuk is recommended by jakwrestler

Jon was the very first person i met in London. He is a strong wrestler who knows how to practice safe and sane match, and even very respectful to my limits. Off the mat, he was very friendly, nice to talk to and accomodating. I learned a lot from Jon and did enjoy my times with him.



jakwrestler is recommended by jonuk

Jakwrestler was a pleasure to meet. He is very reliable , enthusiastic, strong .... and hot too. He's only here for a short time so I'm lucky to have met him and have no hesitation in recommending him.



jonuk is recommended by Jobber415

Had a thoroughly enjoyable time with jonuk. We met at short notice, aided by the fact he was incredibly accomodating.

We traded various holds over a couple of hours and he taught me some new ones too. Jonuk clearly has a lot of experience and knows what he's doing. He routinely checked in on me throughout to ensure I wasn't in too much pain and, from the time we spent together, I got the impression that he's genuinely a really nice guy.



Jobber415 is recommended by jonuk

Jobber415 is keen, reliable and far stronger than he looks. Easy to arrange and good communication. I really had a fun time meeting this smart, friendly and great looking jobber. If you're lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet him, I'd recommend taking it. 10/10. Thanks for such a positive and memorable experience.



jonuk is recommended by Toughsnowflake

Very generous and kind host, great guy on and off the mats! He's got a really strong chest and knows his limits, 10/10 would recommend having a scrap with him if you have the chance!



Toughsnowflake is recommended by jonuk

Strong, resilient, charming, in great shape, amazing legs! Those are the headlines. Glad to have met ToughSnowflake. He's reliable, keen and great company . Meet him if you have the chance. Highly recommended.



jonuk is recommended by B2Bomber

I got very lucky and had the chance to wrestle jonuk while I was in London over Christmas. He is a friendly, easy-going, guy off the mat and shares my enthusiasm for submission holds and long wrestling sessions. Once we started wrestling, it became clear that he knew what he was doing. jonuk has a wide array of submission grips and holds that forced me into the defensive for most of the match. I got in some good reversal know-and-then but in the end, over the course of almost 3 hours, it was clear that he had the advantage and scored more points on me overall. He was very respectful of my skill level and limits and always kept the match light, fun, and exciting. jonuk is a blast to wrestle and I look forward to our rematch!



B2Bomber is recommended by jonuk

B2Bomber and I met during his short Xmas trip to London. Our session flew by, even though it lasted 3 hours. He was an ideal match for me - strong, handsome, playful and in possession of a smooth and perfectly toned body. He's very into the gear too and brought along a selection of hot singlets & trunks.
It was really easy to arrange this match and communication was faultless throughout. Off the mat , he's a smart and very charming guy. I hope we get to meet again very soon. He's safe, reliiable, keen & skilled. If you get the chance to meet him, I'd recommend you drop everything and do it. Meeting B2Bomber was the perfect Xmas treat.



jonuk is recommended by ShortMick

I'm very pleased that Jonuk was my first opponent on MeetFighters. As a beginner it is difficult to find someone who will provide a nice mix of taking it slowly and teaching moves, whilst also demonstrating strength and tight holds during the match. He is an easy person to get along with, so I felt completely at ease from the beginning, and had and lot of fun.



ShortMick is recommended by jonuk

I very much enjoyed meeting Shortmick. He’s charming , reliable, smart, enthusiastic, good looking and surprisingly strong (especially his legs). We spent 2 or 3 hours wrestling and could happily have gone on longer. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I expect he’ll soon be overwhelmed with messages here. Thank you for an unforgettably positive experience.



jonuk is recommended by raegar

jonuk was great and hot , he made me feel comfortable and respected my limits.. he coached me throughout and taught me some new holds that i would love to try out soon.. i highly reccomend him and hopefully would be able to setup a match with him again



raegar is recommended by jonuk

Raegar and I arranged a match at very short notice which has left me resolving to be spontaneous more often . Communication was easy and we ended up spending several hours together. You'll see from his pics that he's very easy on the eye and that's most definitely the case when you meet him. Raegar will never be short of challengers on here, I'm sure.. He's newish to wrestling but keen and focussed on developing his skills. A huge recommendation from me.



jonuk is recommended by mathewangelo

Jonuk was a great wrestling buddy during my first real experience. He showed me some wrestling moves and was a total pleasure to have round. He’s reliable- arranging the meet was seamless, and arrived on time. It made the wrestling bout- + more – enjoyable, and was great conversation post-match too. Would recommend+.



mathewangelo is recommended by jonuk

Mathewangelo is exactly who his profile says he is. We met up today for what turned into 7 hours of wrestling play & beyond. He's fun, smart, flexible , adventurous, humbly (yet hugely) attractive and loves to play the jobber. Communication was flawless in getting this set up. A fantastic wrestling session combined with lots of memorable conversation made for a really lovely day. If you have a chance to meet him, I cant recommend highly enough that you don't pass up on it.



jonuk is recommended by New2this

Jonuk is a great guy with a wide arsenal of moves and holds. We traded a few moves and had a great match. He is a really friendly and personable guy and a pleasure to meet. Definitely recommended



New2this is recommended by jonuk

New2this - as others have implied in their recommendations - has been blessed with "easy on the eye" syndrome. He's a smart and really lovely guy who never stops smiling. He's reliable and our communication was faultless. We spent
a fantastic few hours together in Croydon which - as a direct result of being the place we met - is now one of my favourite places in the UK. Thanks for a great experience.



jonuk is recommended by detyrin

Jonuk is a friendly guy. He shows me some moves and teach me how to apply them. We had a couple of hours trading some moves.

Off the mat, he gives me some advices to explore London since he knows I come to London first time. Definitely someone to recommend.



detyrin is recommended by jonuk

I was lucky enough to meet Detyrin during his holiday to
London and he was kind enough to host. We had a fun couple of hours experimenting with different holds. Although newish to wrestling , he picked up techniques fast & naturally. Recommended without reservation. PS He looks stunning.



jonuk is recommended by Mike721

Jon was an excellent, fun and friendly wrestler to meet in Northampton. He could take everything I dished out on him and more and was incredibly resilient for holds such as the sleeperhold and camel clutch. He has a wide knowledge of wrestling holds, moves, lifts and slams which he was kind enough to demonstrate and allow me to practice on him. He's very friendly and interesting off the mats and I'd recommend him to anybody!



Mike721 is recommended by jonuk

Mike is a bright, strong, safe & friendly stud who exceeded the already high expectations raised by his profile & previous recommendations. He's a dream of a heel, considerate, way too hot & very reliable (on the day we met, he had a crazy travel schedule which would have caused many others to bail out). It's now the day after and - soreness aside - I'm glowing inside. One cautionary note is that his profile should carry a health warning. Meeting Mike is an addictive experience. Thanks again for an awesome meet.



jonuk is recommended by ifonly

JonUK made the journey so worth it, we had one hell of an afternoon, he was very patient with me as I'm new to this world and he had great respect for my limits and for what I wanted to do. If I'm ever around Jonuk's area again, I would love to have another wrestle.



ifonly is recommended by jonuk

Ifonly travelled a fair way to visit and we had a lengthy, fun session He's keen to explore different aspects of wrestling and - despite the limited space - we were able to make a start on that. We had terrific fun and it was a real pleasure. Hope to meet up again very soon . If only Ifonly were closer !



jonuk is recommended by ChineseGrappler

Was the second time we met after about 7 or so years. He hosted and was very welcoming, even supplying lunch at "half time". Due to the limited space, we could only trade moves and the time flew by, resulting in an enjoyable day of wrestling manoeuvres.



ChineseGrappler is recommended by jonuk

We had met before some years ago and the rematch was well worth the wait. Stephen is skilled, strong and in great shape. Always safe. Great company on and off the mat, Hopefully Round 3 won't take as long to arrange. Totally recommended .



jonuk is recommended by speedos wrestler

Jonuk is an experienced wrestler with knowledge of a lot of moves. He applies them well and is able to demonstrate holds well. Definitely recommend.



speedos wrestler is recommended by jonuk

Speedos wrestler is enthusiastic, in great shape and has lots of energy.. I enjoyed meeting him and look forward a return experience. Totally recommended .



jonuk is recommended by jacketwolf

A really kind brother and wrestler. It was a memorable time with him. Expect meet him again.



jacketwolf is recommended by jonuk

I wrote a recommendations after our meet and recently pressed the" remove past opponent button" by mistake. It therefore removed my recommendation too. However, I really enjoyed meeting jacketwolf - a strong , friendly and a very sexy wrestler . I hope to meet him again someday



jonuk is recommended by scissors4newbie

Jonuk is a friendly londoner and we had a great time wrestling together. He showed me a couple of new moves and was able to test my scissors out on him quite a bit. Enjoyed our match and would recommend to anyone in the London area or visiting to look him up.



scissors4newbie is recommended by jonuk

I spent a few hours with Daniel and had an awesome wrestle. HIs legs are very powerful and he knows how to make the most of them. He's a very polite , entertaining and friendly guy too. I hope to have the pleasure of meeting him again. Thanks for a great experience.



jonuk is recommended by ImtiazAli

We have been in contact for some time. I met jonuk in Salford, for submission wrestling and exercise drills. He is logical and really showed that in our conversations. He is a kind and helpful person, to me.

He is generally knowledgeable about submission wrestling, and displays that in practice. He is a strong person, and I had a good time.

On a personal basis, he is something of a good friend...

He is very highly recommended by me, for an engaging submission wrestle!



ImtiazAli is recommended by jonuk

Imran is someone I'd been in touch with for a while but the geography issue made it hard to arrange a meet. Finally, however, we met in Manchester.

Beforehand, Imran was quiet, humble and meek but then - like Clark Kent emerging from a phone box - he changed into this supehuman force of energy. It's extraordinary how strong he is. Or perhaps it's his skill level that had me in awe. Either way, I was entirely outclassed when it came to our wrestling session - as I'm sure we both knew I would be. He slowed down to my pace but when I foolishly suggested we see how many subs could be scored in 5 mins, he reached double figures in almost half that time. Imran coached me on several techniques too. Off the mat, he's very charming , friendly and fabulous company. A fantastic match and an amazing person with a unique life. Thanks again Imran.



jonuk is recommended by Kubo

Really enjoyed rolling around with him. Highly recommended.



jonuk is recommended by Zibi

If anybody is looking for a good quality wrestling Jonuk is definitely a right person.Great skills, technics and amazing personality.Would definitely wrestle with him again if schedules allow.



Zibi is recommended by jonuk

I met Zibi yesterday and what a pleasure our matchup was . Zibi is a strong, skilled and proficient wrestler with a wide range of moves in his repertoire . A charming and friendly guy too. I'm sure we will meet again . Highly recommended .



jonuk is recommended by Starkie

Had the pleasure to meet Jonuk on my uk trip. Yes after several rearrangements. Such a nice bloke. We had a good go at it, and put him in holds that he liked which of course turned me on too. Strangle, chokes, scissors, face sit, everything but then kitchen sink. Totally enjoyed it , would recommend him for sure. And a gentleman off the mats too.



Starkie is recommended by jonuk

I finally had the pleasure of meeting Starkie and what a great experience our session turned out to be. Starkie is strong, skilled, dominant .... and sexy - as well as, on a personal level, being very open, reliable, courteous and friendly too. Our location and time presented several last minute challenges but - against the odds - Starkie still made it with plenty of time to spare. Cannot recommend highly enough should you have the opportunity to meet this very fine wrestler.



jonuk is recommended by MatmanTX

Wrestled jonuk the other day. He knew some good wrestling holds and had good stamina–he can definitely take a good working over. Match was easy to arrange jonuk was great to get on with.



MatmanTX is recommended by jonuk

I had a great time with matmantx. He's strong, skilled, reliable and charming- just as others have mentioned here already. A pleasure to get to wrestle with.



jonuk is recommended by Traithe

Jon is a charming fellow and a good opponent to wrestle. I'd be happy to meet up with him again.



Traithe is recommended by jonuk

Traithe is a welcoming, friendly host and a strong, skilled wrestler. It was a pleasure to wrestle him. I was outclassed by his skill and experience but had a great time all the same. Thank you for having me along and hope to do it again someday.