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  1. India, Mysore

I am willing to travel 200 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


35-year-old Male / 5'8" (173 cm) / 168 lbs (76 kg)

Languages spoken: Bangla, English, Hindi

Gear: short.shirt,briefs,speedo,nude


rohith from Bangalore here...looking to make friends and meet guys to wrestle

new to wrestling but eager to learn..i do have some experience :) love wen wrestling is mutual fun & pleasure and respecting each other's limits. hoping to learn and improve in westling..

love a clean wrestling match with erotic bits near or after the end of the match. There is a competitive streak in me, so don't expect me to just lie down for you. Some trash-talking is a plus but not a must!

thanks for going thru the profile! Let us have a match!!

Discovered a wrestling oxymoron recently thanks to dnstn88..Half the time i'm whining about not able to find opponents, spending the other half declining possible opportunities...

Few of us have started whatsapp group for wrestling in India.Ping us if you want to join the group

Note: WhatsApp group containing wrestling enthusiasts across India.

Just keep in mind that we strictly follow 'Be Nice, Be Respectful' policy there, trash taking will do if concerning members are ok and no form of racism or body shaming is tolerated.

So if you think that you are a guy fitting in or ok with above criteria then you are welcome to join 'The Gang' with open arms:



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Just watching Just watching

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Folkstyle, Going to matches, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, Stakes
Fetishes: Want sex, Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Cock fighting, Muscle worship

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Rohith Kumar is recommended by WrestlingLove56

a true wrestling lover ,a great human being n friend



Rohith Kumar is recommended by Rahul 27

Had a Great match, very good nature, I won the submission match, and kicked on his ass....hahah my first experience ever, i proud on me, i felt my real strength and power.... Wait for next match



Rohith Kumar is recommended by indwrslcpl

Great guy, reliable and easy to talk to. Had a very even match, he’s pretty strong and skilled. Highly recommend.



indwrslcpl is recommended by Rohith Kumar

A guy on same wavelength as me.. cool and pretty strong...Despite shortage of time we had a great and even match...Waiting for our next meet

Highly recommended



Rohith Kumar is recommended by WrestleMania 88

It seemed like time to update my recommendation for Rohith. This man is a Prince (in India) & inspiration for MOST of the guys like us who made us interested in Wrestling and introduce with this world. He is one of the rare guys who has the combination of great wrestler and great buddy. It is always very easy to set up the match with him. Regarding his Wrestling techniques I don't want to say more as most of the guys from India fought with him and know him very well. He is really a terrific guy to converse with, smart, personable and with a respectful easy going attitude. Highly recommended him.



WrestleMania 88 is recommended by Rohith Kumar

cool and gutsy guy .. whose skills keeps growing with every match of my close friends from this site....a good host and his friendly talk after the match will keep you engaged fr long...always eager to meet again..My highest recommendation to meet



Rohith Kumar is recommended by Mkn4590

I met him in Bangalore and witnessed some of his techniques first hand, and it was awesome. He is a humble warrior, a technician, extraordinarily interesting and one of the nicest guys i’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. His wrestling skills are amazing and his dedication towards wrestling shows in his moves. If you’re looking for a strong, skilled opponent for wrestling, You will not be disappointed. Unfortunately we did not have a lot of time to wrestle, so we had a very brief exchange of moves, but it was an incredible experience. I strongly recommend matches with him, and I hope that I would get to wrestle him for longer duration next time.



Mkn4590 is recommended by Rohith Kumar

A newbie in wrestling with surprising strength and quick learner of moves...Good guy to meet and talk to off the mat ...Enjoyed our brief wrestling session..Can't wait for our next match...And watch him grow stronger and abler by every match

Recommend to meet if you are visiting chennai or south india...Time just flies by when u r with him



Rohith Kumar is recommended by nader

One of the best sexy skilled wrestlers I've ever met... And also down to earth guy... Great guide for tourists as well... Has an awesome technique in domination... Would definetly like to meet him again



Rohith Kumar is recommended by dnstn88

This guy needs no introduction. He's fought almost everyone in the Indian private wrestling scene, and his fame has reached international levels too. And when you meet him, you understand why.Our match was tough, and long, and we both enjoyed it a lot. Had I not injured my arm that day, we would have fought more over the weekend. Off the mat, he's a great guy to talk to. I remember we went bonkers discussing Harry Potter :D. Waiting for our next face-off, and I hope my streak remains intact :P.



dnstn88 is recommended by Rohith Kumar

A good host and a tough opponent... had a hard and long match.... will beat you next time though..
Good person to meet both on and off the mats..recommend to meet



deathdeal18 is recommended by Rohith Kumar

A good fighter with strong legs ..en.joyed our match...waiting to wrestle again



Rohith Kumar is recommended by rik87

sexy match. had a nice time otherwise too!



rik87 is recommended by Rohith Kumar

An impromptu and a hot match with this hunk before he shifted out of India.I treasure the memories and wait forward for a hot rematch soon



Rohith Kumar is recommended by Sharpshooter119

Rohith is my first wrestling opponent in my life.
He taught me a bunch of moves and I learned a lot.
A tough guy on mat and a nice friend off mat.
Really enjoyed time with him and hope to meet him again lol.



Sharpshooter119 is recommended by Rohith Kumar

A friendly visitor and an avid traveller, who started out as a novice in wrestling this morning..after training with holds... turns out to be more skilled than what a begininer should be...i guess he will become a good wrestler in no time ..

eager to wrestle him again...too bad we couldn't spend more time due to travel commitment... hope our paths cross again



Rohith Kumar is recommended by Kolkata fght

Spontenuous and out and out competitive. He has great moves. Our fight was awesome and you can say clash of alphas. Greatly recommened for a good match.



Kolkata fght is recommended by Rohith Kumar

Awesome match n hotel room when he was in Bangalore... Remember the erotic and hard match ...recommend to meet



Rohith Kumar is recommended by FighterBoy97

Loads of fun to wrestle. Fun guy just to talk to, and chill with as well.

I enjoyed every single minute of the match, even though it was a bit of a squash job :P

If you get an opportunity to meet up and wrestle him, don't pass it up. He respects your boundaries and you can learn a lot of nice moves from him.



FighterBoy97 is recommended by Rohith Kumar

Novice wrestler but improving steadily..last match was a squash job but he played well

Good fighter to meet



Rohith Kumar is recommended by theventure

It was fun wrestling with Rohith, though we only had a few rounds. Besides having a fun match, Rohith showed me the hidden historical gems of Mysore that I surely would've missed if we didn't meet. Down to earth guy who has a brilliant mind. Look forward to wrestling again.



theventure is recommended by Rohith Kumar

Hot opponent and a gracious host. Impressed by both his agile body and mind. love his blog and his wrestling skills, he was too quick fr me to get an advantage.Too bad we spent short time fr our match. Recommend to meet him both on and off the mat.



Rohith Kumar is recommended by MWBlr

Rohith is one of the friendliest persons you can meet. He is extremely well-read, articulate and cordial. We had a good and short match. Since I was a beginner, he took extra care to tell me about the dos and donts of amateur wrestling. I would advise everybody to meet him - both on and off the mat.



MWBlr is recommended by Rohith Kumar

An extremely amiable guy to meet both on and off the mat.Had a few rounds of sweaty slow paced wrestling bout.

Though we met for first time, we chatted between each round of wrestling...felt like connecting with an old buddy.

Skillwise he will improve soon, so catch him before he becomes unstoppable



Rohith Kumar is recommended by Rammer

Great guy to wrestle with, strong and knows his moves. Nice guy off the mats too.



Rammer is recommended by Rohith Kumar

Gracious host..good and sexy and raunchy jobber and wrestling



Rohith Kumar is recommended by Anr

Great match ! As a beginner, I learnt much from him. Really fun. Surely don't miss a chance to meet him.



Anr is recommended by Rohith Kumar

a beginner but avid learner..cant wait to wrestle him again...he will improve with experience



Rohith Kumar is recommended by roahram

Was fun meeting with him., An experienced wrestler, a good teacher with lots of knowledge. Beating him will be like climbing Mount Everest. Would definitely, meet him again.



Rohith Kumar is recommended by Kushti

It was a good match strong and helpful wrestler. Recommend to meet



Kushti is recommended by Rohith Kumar

Hot and skilled fighter.. Recommended to meet



wrestlervishnu is recommended by Rohith Kumar

Strong and tough guy .novice in wrestling skills but learning quickly.great guy to meet and socialise on and off the match


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Rohith Kumar 9/09/2016

my friends fighting in room before wrestling me

Watched 2280 times.