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Pretty new to wrestling, but love the physicality and aggression of wrestling in a safe and sane way. Love the idea of two fit guys rolling around trying to dominate one another.

Prefer wrestling fit people my age in a fun but competitive setup, if I do get owned then I welcome it, but I don’t hand over wins, so expect a decent fight. I’m also fine with a less competitive style where we try moves and holds.



  1. Germany, Biberach
    Will be staying for a while (studying)
  2. Germany, Cologne
    (I'm here from 9/07/2019)
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Age: 25-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (171 cm), 143 lbs (65 kg)

Languages spoken: Arabic, English

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Rookiejobber is recommended by GrapplerNL

Rookiejobber is a nice guy to fight. A good shaped body with a lot of power and killing scissors.

Of the mats he is a charming guy and a great guy to have a chat with.

Take the chance to fight him if he is closeby. Highly recommended



Rookiejobber is recommended by nowheretogo

The match with Rookiejobber a short while ago was a good one. He is strong, very resilient and doesn't easily tap. It wasn't his lucky day, as he didn't manage to properly apply a hold. But perhaps I'll let him do that next time, because he is a nice guy. ;-)



Rookiejobber is recommended by B3Wrestle

Well.... That was fun :). Met up with rookiejobber while on a business trip to Canada and boy did he NOT disappoint. Went at it for a good hour or so as we both had some time constraints to meet. Super super nice guy and easy to set up a match with. I will absolutely be looking forward to round 2 next time I'm up here. 100% recommend for you Canucks or any visitors to Vancouver.

Round 2 Happened.. Ill let him explain the outcome :) Though I will say it was more even this time around.



B3Wrestle is recommended by Rookiejobber

well this recommendation is a bit overdue, coz meeting up with this guys was a total blast. Glad I managed to meet up with him while he was up here on a short trip. Though, when we do meet up again, two things I'll do differently. First is to make sure I have more time to roll, and more importantly, not to underestimate this guy. I went in not at 100%, and he made sure I paid for it. He was quite a bit stronger and more experienced than I expected, plus he clearly enjoyed dishing out the punishment. Overall a great experience, and I can't wait for my payback in round two.



Rookiejobber is recommended by takeyoudown89

Great match! R is fit, strong, a great guy, and a ton of fun to wrestle.



takeyoudown89 is recommended by Rookiejobber

Cool guy, quite a bit stronger than he looks. Unfortunately I couldn’t host, but he managed to come through even though he’s traveling. Overall very fun and intense match.



Rookiejobber is recommended by vangcuver

Great guy to wrestle. Very good looking and strong. Also nice to talk to after. Looking forward to our rematch ;) Highly recommend!



vangcuver is recommended by Rookiejobber

Great guy, had an amazing time rolling with him. It wasn’t a long match, but I was completely worn out trying my best not to be completely destroyed by him. Very strong on the mats, and a funny guy to talk to outside of it.



Rookiejobber is recommended by ruinurabs

Great gut punching session! Solid guy, in every sense of the word ... both in body and personality. His photos here don't do him justice. He can really take a lot for a thinner guy. Looking forward to our next session.



Rookiejobber is recommended by AbsMashR

I highly recommend Rookiejobber and really enjoyed our match! Don't let his name fool you, he's tough, strong and a great opponent. No doubt, he's going to be even more formidable as he gains experience. A really nice, respectful guy on and off the mats. I'm looking forward to another match... and I better be ready! ;)



AbsMashR is recommended by Rookiejobber

Had quite the match with this guy. We agreed on wrestling with body punches, and damn did this guy go to town. He kept managing to pin me and open me up for quite the beating. I did get him in trouble a couple of times, he on the other hand left me with a sore body for days XD. Hopefully next match the outcome is reversed ^^



Rookiejobber is recommended by BeardedWrestler

Hot, handsome, and tough! He gives as good as he takes, is super friendly before and after the match, and his abs are (almost) unbreakable. Highly recommended.



BeardedWrestler is recommended by Rookiejobber

BeardedWrestler is amazing, very strong and tough. Unfortunately we didn’t have a lot of time, but it was pretty intense. He had the upper hand for sure, but he let his guard down and I made sure he paid for it ;). Overall great guy and a really enjoyable time with him.



Rookiejobber is recommended by whitebelt

Rookiejobber is a great guy on and off the mats! Super easy to arrange a match with him. He’s humble, but he’d tough! I hard a hard time maintaining guard or getting an opportunity to advance position. He’s got a tonne of endurance and took advantage of every mistake I made. I definitely learned a few things rolling with him :) I hope we get a Round 2! 💪



whitebelt is recommended by Rookiejobber

Had a great wrestling session with this guy, and I have to say this guy doesn’t give enough credit to himself. Really tough and skilled, his defence was just impenetrable for me, even though he’d let me start on the offence each round.
Off the matt he was a really nice guy and a welcoming host. Totally recommend!!



Rookiejobber is recommended by law306

Meet up with Rookiejobber for a long, amazingly hot and sweaty wrestling session. He may be a rookie (for now) but he's no jobber, he's very strong, and loves a competitive, man on man, intense match. Crazy handsome and has a toned, vascular body that can take a lot of abuse and ab punches. Very nice guy and polite outside of the match. Highly recommend this guy, and he's only going to get better, more skilled. Looking forward to our next sweaty lock up.



law306 is recommended by Rookiejobber

Had a great match with Law306. I went in thinking that even though I lack in experience I would at least give him a run for his money with the slight size advantage that I have over him. Turns out I was mistaken, this guy is pretty tough and a well experienced wrestler who could easily put me in all kind of holds and open me up for some defenceless gut bashing. Aside from the wrestling he was a very genuine and welcoming host, totally recommend.