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Age 61
Height 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight 155 lbs (70 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Languages spoken English
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  1. USA - Massachusetts, Boston
  2. USA - Virginia, Addison Heights
    (I'm here until 11/27/2022)

I am willing to travel 30 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)

Past opponents


Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Two on one, Not interested in cyber

Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to mats, Friendship, Relationship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber

Fetishes: Jackoff, Gut punching, Nipple play, Face sitting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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I am turned on by slow pro-style role play matches, with very long held holds. LONG!!!!
The domination/control of one guy over the other is exciting to me. Love the sensual body contact. Can include some punches, slaps, spanking. Enjoy a mix of rough play, and gentle/sensual. For me, this is all very erotic, pleasurable, whether or not it leads to sexual play or not. I easily get turned on when wrestling.

Can definitely enjoy ‘forced’ muscle/body worship.

Not into true competitive matches. But neither am I into totally fake matches...Have at least some sense of struggle.
Not into continual attempts to cause pain/submission.

Not into fast moves, quick submissions.
The big key for me is to be trapped in holds for LONG time...and not all about the submissions.

I’d be thrilled for you to just keep me trapped in a hold for even 10 minutes or more.
Sometimes turning up pressure to get me to submit...but if I do, just ease off pressure but not let me go. In the holds...can shake me around, do some slaps or punches, shake me around, perhaps some sensual and erotic play, threaten me with submissions if I don’t do what you say, and sometimes perhaps even just let me relax and zone out.
Long holds to savor the experience. Enjoy feeling your body controlling mine, the threat, domination, and humiliation.

Tend to be jobber, particularly for bigger guys. But can heel also, doing the things I described I enjoy being done to me. Also up for give and take.


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Slowsweat is recommended by Rhea81

Slowsweat is a nice guy off the mats but can crank it up on the mats. He’s got strong legs and has a pretty strong headscissors along with other moves. He has a great setup with mats too at his place. I would definitely recommend him.



Rhea81 is recommended by Slowsweat

This guy was very fun to go at it with.
He’s intensely into being trapped in headscissors (face to front or to back) and Face sitting. Normally I would do much more than this in a match. But he enjoyed this so much, that I did as well. Fun to grind into and taunt him.



Slowsweat is recommended by Txwresl

Good guy, dependable, lean, stays in shape, totally fun wrestler, I have known him for many years and in fact he was one of my first matches. I have always enjoyed rolling with him and would recommend him to anyone who just wants a nice slow, back and forth match with lots of great body contact. I like it a lot! Recommend!



Txwresl is recommended by Slowsweat

This man is a feisty and fun person to wrestle with. I enjoyed how much he is into it. Very strong, playful, and friendly. I highly recommend him as a wrestling opponent!



Slowsweat is recommended by ca510140

Another WOW for my recent Boston trip, Slowsweat was match number 3 and also a winner. So lucky to have 3 for 3 in Boston

We had chatted prior to my arrival, super friendly guy, on time and a blast on the mats. WE had a great time, hes strong, and quick which made for a great back and forth match.

Cant wait to return to Boston to continue this match also

Highly recommended, don't pass this guy up.



ca510140 is recommended by Slowsweat

What a great guy! Mike is friendly, warm. I enjoyed having him trap me in his very strong holds. He has great skill, strength, and playfulness. Lots of fun to grapple with. I’d jump at the chance to meet up with him again when he’s in town.



Slowsweat is recommended by mass guy

I have been chatting with slow sweat for some time. It has always been our intention to one day meet up on the mat. Well that time finally happened.

From the moment I walked into his home, he was inviting and pleasant. I am a big guy and it is important to me that before any match we break the ice with light conversation along with what our expectations are going to be during the match. Expectations, turn ons, preexisting injuries etc.

I knew at that point we would have a great time. He has a great set up and it is private. Our match was about an hour and half long. Respecting limits and checking in is big for me. As well as showing of some muscle and power. We both had a great time. All expectations were met.

Looking forward to the next meet up.



mass guy is recommended by Slowsweat

This man is so huge compared to me, so overpowering. He was in total control in our match. Yet I quickly knew I could trust him to be safe, and to back off any time I let him know I needed him to. He has a very handsome body with big muscles that I loved to feel dominating me. He trapped me in some very fun, hot holds for a good long time, just the way I like it! He’s a very friendly, pleasant guy to be with. I’m eager for my next opportunity with him.
Highly recommended!



joewrestler is recommended by Slowsweat

I was very pleased to have match with Joe. He was very fun to wrestle with. He put me in some very fun hot holds. Great with back and forth action. Joe is a friendly, nice guy. I’d be pleased to meet up with him again. I highly recommend him.



Slowsweat is recommended by ringwrestlernyc

I had the pleasure to meet and wrestle with this handsome and hospitable guy. I highly recommend meeting him. If you do, take a look at his profile. He lays out exactly what he likes and responds well if you give it to him. In other words, he suffers well, both physically and verbally. He’s also willing to test his limits. A very fun, sweaty encounter!



ringwrestlernyc is recommended by Slowsweat

I had lots of fun with ringwrestlernyc.
He is very strong and skilled. But also playful and respectful. He did a great job of dominating me in the match, with some fun nasty aggression, balanced with sensuality and playfulness. I appreciated that he was willing to adjust his approach to make it more fun for me.



Great guy to meet for a fun match. Highly recommend



This man was totally on target for me, with how I like to wrestle. Nice combo of aggression and sensuality. Very fun and friendly. I’m eager for another opportunity!



Slowsweat is recommended by lovewrestling

I met slowsweat a few years back when I travelled to Boston. He had a great setup at his house and was gracious enough to let me visit. We had a great wrestle with a lot of slow long held holds being applied by me and to me. The match went for over an hour and it was thoroughly enjoyed. Hope we get to wrestle again soon. A great guy off the mats also!



Slowsweat is recommended by Dogfighter5

I had a long overdue match with this guy recently. He is very easy to communicate with and was very specific with the type of match he was looking for. He has a tight , muscular body and a very nice mat room. We went at it for a good hour working various long held sub holds. I had a very good time and he is highly recommended.



Dogfighter5 is recommended by Slowsweat

Dogfighter5 is an extraordinary person and wrestling opponent.
Having just met him and wrestled this week, it is very clear to me why he is so well liked.
He is a very skilled, strong and confident wrestler. He clear knows his moves so well like I know how to drive a car. Moves so easily from one powerful hold to the next.
Dogfighter5 also does an amazing job of taking on the role of a mean, arrogant heel who enjoys dominating and humiliating his opponent...and in a way that was very fun and exciting to me.
Don’t get me wrong...I felt very safe with him, even though my strength/size/skill was effectively no competition for him.

Another big plus...part way into our match, he easily put aside his tough guy role to listen to me.. I requested a shift in style; dogfighter5 complied with no hesitation. He was easily flexible in his style to accommodate my shift from very fast moves from one hold to my preferred slower approach, with holds kept on a good long time. My enjoyment went up several notches, thanks to his flexibility and consideration.
Off the mat, dogfighter5 is a very friendly, kind, and considerate person who values his relationships with others. A solid person with lots of integrity. Very trustworthy and reliable.
Dogfighter5 also introduced me to this site, and enthusiastically assisted me in getting started.
I give him five stars, as a wrestler and human being.
I’d enthusiastically meet up with him again in a heartbeat.