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I am a handsome gay man with an athletic build, who has been excited by old school pro heel vs face / jobber wrestling since I was a teenager in the 70's.  I get off on being dominated and humiliated by a nasty, sadistic heel and appreciate an opponent who is imaginative, verbal and fine with showing someone, relatively new to this, the ropes.  Though a face, I readily give my opponents as much fight as they would like, particularly since it usually gets paid back in spades.  I do my utmost to resist submission and able to endure a lot of pain and suffering–moaning, groaning, pleading and cursing in the process.



  1. USA - Washington, Seattle
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  2. USA - California, Los Angeles
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 60-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 195 lbs (88 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Speedo, old school pro-style trunks, open to other gear as well

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The Face is recommended by RJinSeattle

It was months in the making, but I finally had the opportunity to hit the mats with this gentleman for a submission match. Theface is no pushover. He's fit, strong and gives you his best, while keeping it safe & most importantly, fun. I enjoyed getting him into my favorite holds. I look forward to another go round.



RJinSeattle is recommended by The Face

Seems I struck pay dirt in RJ.  The guy is solid in the broadest sense of the word, ranging from his character and build to his ability to create an exciting scene and execute it in a way that has this face aching for much more with him.  In the months prior to our match, time was well spent confirming mutual compatibility, during which he went to great lenths to learn my likes, limits and most intimate fantasies.  Going into our match, I expected my limits to be tested and new territories to be explored. He had earned my utmost trust and never came close to betrating it during our session. And as an added bonus, the man travels with mats and more, including a formfitting, vintage cut, red singlet, which I enthusiastically donned.😊 I am very much  looking forward to future matches with RJ, as I think it fair to say the possibilities abound . . . way beyond the ass whopping I received. I eagerily await much more.  😈😈😁



The Face is recommended by WADaddy

Was fortunate to have the opportunity to wrestle The Face. He is even more handsome in person.
He is an excellent jobber who likes to fight back and could really be a force if he chose to be more aggressive.
I am looking forward to meeting up with him again soon.



The Face is recommended by Slater J

I got a chance to rumble with The Face and he is one heck of a pro! Always up for a good challenge and face/off! Embodies what makes a good pro wrestler. Skills, fun attitude and can wear a pair of pro trunks and boots like nobodies business! Handsome as AF. If you get to square off with him you’ll realize why they call him one of the best looking guys on the scene!



The Face is recommended by AsianHeelLA

The Face and I spent a substantial amount of time talking and chatting before meeting to wrestle, both here and on Yahoo Messenger. In my experience, the more time one spends talking and chatting with a wrestling partner before meeting, the better the wrestling match or experience will be. In this instance, that turned out to be very true. The Face and I were able to discuss what aspects of a heel-jobber match each of us liked, disliked, turned us on, and turned us off. By the time we met to wrestle, each of us had a very clear idea of what we wanted in our heel-jobber match. In addition to gaining a better understanding of what The Face wanted & expected in our match, it became clear that he had a complete understanding of the heel-jobber relationship and how that relationship should play out in the ring or on the mats. We also had a clear understanding of the things we could do to make the heel-jobber wrestling experience as fun and enjoyable as possible for both of us. For example, he advised me that he wanted to put be placed in the front of the mirrors, placed in a punishing submission hold, forced to watch his own suffering & humiliation, and also see my sadistic pleasure. When we did meet, we were able to do this, making the heel-jobber experience so much more pleasurable for both of us. The Face also expressed an interest in experimenting with light bondage. My goal, prior to meeting, was to make him feel both comfortable and safe doing so. Ultimately, he came to trust that such an experiment would be safe and sane. It was, much to his pleasure and enjoyment.

As a heel, I enjoy using a wide variety of pro submission holds. It was such a pleasure to dominate and punish him with many different submission holds. During the match, I always made certain that The Face knew how much pleasure I was deriving from his submission hold pain & punishment. Of course, I respected his limits scrupulously. The pictures in his profile do not do him and his amazing body justice. He is one of the hottest, sexiest jobbers I have ever wrestled. I too am looking forward to seeing & wrestling him again when our schedules permit. Needless to say, no one should pass up an opportunity to meet & wrestle The Face.



AsianHeelLA is recommended by The Face

I finally had the opportunity to wrestle AsianHeelLA a couple of months ago, after wanting to do so for over a year, subsequent some very exciting conversations.  During our conversations, AsianHeelLA was open, honorable, direct, enthusiastic and utterly honest and he invited the same from me, allowing for some highly personal exchanges  wherein we explored and shared our wrestling fantasies, desires, likes and dislikes.  He is a man of integrity and a truly great host, with a nice set-up that includes mats adjacent to floor-to-ceiling mirrors, which afforded him the sadistic pleasure of watching me suffer head-on while forcing me to do the same.  The man was even gracious enough to provide this face with a form-fitting white speedo to wrestle in. 

Most of all, I enjoyed the arsenal of holds he put me through and the degree to which he derived pleasure from the pain, suffering, and humiliation he inflicted on me.  During our wrestling session, which ended with me hogtied with leather restraints and gagged, there was not a single moment in which I did not fully trust him. He was entirely respectful of my boundaries and he was invested in my having a wonderful time.  I look forward to wrestling him again and to more fantastical experimentation.



The Face is recommended by boston kid

I met The Face spontaneously on a trip to California - and boy am I pleased we managed to hook up.

We had great communications before - which to me is always really helpful as I knew what would work for both of us.

He was also super reliable and turned up as promised.

Then of course there is the fact that he is a hot sexy hunk of American beef! A total pleasure to dominate in hot prolonged holds - which he also enjoyed greatly (from what I could see and hear...!). Seeing his muscles straining and expanding was super hot. He also fitted his tight speedos nicely.

We had a really pleasurable few hours and my only regrets are that we didn't have longer and he doesn't live in London! I'm hoping for more meets though in the future. A definite 5star recommendation!



boston kid is recommended by The Face

To say, "This Brit is my cup of tea," would be an obscene understatement.  Just recalling  the experience of his putting me through his unabating arsenal of holds gets me all worked up again.  He was this face's dream come true:  applying one torturous hold after another . . . holding me each for long periods of time . . . while testing and pushing my limits . . . delighting in feeling my useless struggles . . . seeing me suffer, racked with pain . . . hearing me moan and groan . . . pressing me to plea, beg and submit to him . . . sometimes releasing me and at other times easing up for a brief period of time, only to crank up the pressure again.

Intertwined with all of this was his use of verbal abuse and evil tactics aimed at  humiliating and subduing me until I was brought to my knees.  The kicker was his forcing me to choose among a menu of excruciating holds to experience again at the end of our match.

My experience with Boston Kid was enhanced  by our conversations both before and after the match, in which his hospitaliable, kind, pleasant and genuine demeanor complimented his sadistic nature on the mat.

I look forward to future matches with Boston Kid. I have no doubt they are going to be even better as we continue to explore the depths of our "heel" and "face" psyches.  I dream of a trip to London, where I expect he'll have all sorts of exciting, excruciating, and exhilarating things in store for a Yankee face such as myself.



The Face is recommended by ctrwash

I finally met this good man after many months of planning. He is even more conditioned than his pictures show. We played out a gutpunch scene with his arms and hands restrained, and he did just fine with heavy punches. Not only is he extremely attractive, he is a wonderful human being and conversationalist. We bonded, and will do this again as often as we can! Next time will include wrestling. I highly recommend him.



The Face is recommended by Johnny Hammer

The Face and I met up for a night time tussle. He's a friendly, easygoing guy who just happens to also be extremely easy on the eyes. A self described newbie he's eager and enthusiastic with a strong desire to learn and an openness to try new things. As a jobber he's focused, fit and a heck of a lot of fun! I really had a blast with this buck and I look forward to our next brutal beat down battle! Bring it, buddy!



Johnny Hammer is recommended by The Face

I had the good fortune of meeting and wrestling Johnny Hammer (or Johnny Yammer as I used to refer to him due to his incessant yammering about how he was going to take me down).  Notice, I said "used to."  After being put through an arsenal of punishing holds that had me moaning, groaning, pounding the canvas, pleaing for mercy, and repeatly submitting, I'll think twice before ever disrespecting him again.

He is a lover of all things pro and really gets off on being a dominant heel, who by the way looks great in his black pro trunks, boots, knee pads and taped wrists. I loved his long lean torso and, at the risk of causing other faces to underestimate him, I would be most remiss if I did not praise his openness and generous spirit, the latter of which won me over even more than his propensity for sadism.



The Face is recommended by aawrstlman

Had a great time today after getting to know each other "virtually". The Face is strong, fit and handsome and will pick up wrestling quickly. We talked candidly about our similar paths to wrestling and had a series of long, hard fought matches. We both practiced some awesome long holds, as well as full on cardio wrestling. I would highly recommend him and hope we can have many more matches in the future. If I don't get my game on I expect he will quickly become even more competitive and pin me down next time! Really a great time, can't wait for a rematch. Super nice and interesting guy off the mats as well.



aawrstlman is recommended by The Face

I had the good fortune of finding myself on the mat with aawrstlman, after some much appreciated encouragement from him. aawrstlman is truly passionate about wrestling and patient with someone, such as myself, who is still learning the ropes.  I definitely learned a thing or two from him, which I plan on using against him next time we find ourselves face to face. He is nice guy, strong and he appreciates an opponent in sexy gear.  A high point of our match was finding myself flat on my back in a scoolboy pin with his crotch pressed up against my face.  Held face down by the weight of his body in a hammerlock wasn't bad either.



The Face is recommended by a-xxcliffxx

The Face and I had a great wrestling match. Lots of submissions for both guys - the Face is very strong and in great shape with a muscular, masculine body. He fights back and is no push over although he is at heart a jobber. Got him into some painful leg locks, nerve claws and other punishing holds but hard to make this man submit. He reversed a couple times and took his revenge for being manhandled. Really nice guy off the mat. Looking forward to wrestling him again.



a-xxcliffxx is recommended by The Face

Cliff is a wildman in the best sense of the word.  He manuevered me around the mat, placing me in one hold after another, working every body part and inflicting punishment along the way with a pounding here and the use of a dirty tactic there.  I had a chance to get the upper hand a few times and exact some revenge, but Cliff clearly dominated this face and took pleasure in doing it.

He did not hold back in showing his appreciation for the work I have been putting in at the gym, as he purposely and fully stretched me out and put me ceremounisly on display a number of times.  He also has a fondess for gear and delighted in the white speedo I wore, which he used to gain advantage by securing my  wrists in back, and in the process giving me a wedgie like none I have experienced before.  Suited up in black, he wore a menacing looking mask that served him well as a sadistic heel.  Also, he showed great imagination and ability to get into character, as he forced this face into a blue and silver mask early on in the match, which he later ritualistically stripped me of.

As far as the rest of what took place . . . "what happens on the mat, stays on the mat."  Suffice it to say, I look forward to experiencing even more of Cliff's wildness that leaves me utterly restrained and well schooled.



The Face is recommended by SeattleFight

had a great match with this handsome hot built stud. His lone photo doesn't do him justice, trust me. We squared off right away and he is a strong tall drink of water. I had to get him down on the mats to even out the size difference. Then I proceeded to thrash him, to the extent we both wanted. He knows a few more moves now, and I may be in a bit of trouble next time. This guy is a great match on the mats and a real pleasure to talk with afterwards. Looking forward to round 2!!! Highly recommended!!!



SeattleFight is recommended by The Face

There are so many great things I can say about SeattleFight, that I almost don't know where to begin or believe my recommendation will come close to doing him and our meeting justice. Suffice it to say, I would wrestle him again in a heartbeat and am glad he resides in the Pacific Northwest. He is strong, agressive, skilled, intelligent, creative, sane, good at picking up on his opponent's cues and pushing their buttons. I am looking forward to, and already fantazing about, future matches with this man. SeattleFight is the perfect heel for this Face.



The Face is recommended by jimbo

Great guy. Wears a red speedo very well. He may be new but he is in great shape and a quick study. Already in"fight" shape with nice arms and sturdy legs. He may be a jobber but he is no push-over. I want a rematch! Highly recommended !!!



jimbo is recommended by The Face

My match with Jimbo was my first time wrestling and I could not have had a better opponent. He made use of his great strength, wrestling skills and dirty tactics to dominate, manhandle and humiliate me from start to finish. Though I gave it my all, in the end I found myself seated on the mat, covered in sweat, with my back against the wall, as if i were bound in the ring ropes, forced to look into a mirror to the side, at my utter defeat. The guy set me up! . . . and still has me fantasizing about it. I regret the challenge of distance limits future matches with him . . . but I can hope . . . and, as I just mentoned, fantasize. I highly recommend him and look forward to continuing to learn the ropes with my next and future opponents. The Face.