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  1. USA - Ohio, Euclid

I am willing to travel 150 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


70-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 175 lbs (79 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: jeans, shorts, shirtless, nude


Hi guys! Main interest is gutpunching, give or take, and submission, play, and strength-test wrestling. Took boxing training one year and appreciate the opportunity to spar. Erotic boxing and two-on-one a turn-on.
D/D free a must; prior to a meet I will cheerfully ask you, and I expect honesty, as you will be my friend.
Settled in now after my first year in Ohio, and it's great here!



Submission Submission
Boxing Boxing

Match structure: Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Two on one, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Arm wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to mats, Friendship, Stakes
Fetishes: Want sex, Jackoff, Leather, Boxing gear, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, Cock fighting, CBT, Face sitting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 6/23/2020

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ctrwash is recommended by dude

I had a great time with ctrwash. He was fun to put some mean holds onto and fun to talk to. Any opportunity I get, I look forward to meeting up with him.



dude is recommended by ctrwash

This guy is strong, fun, personable...great friendship material! Beware his scissors, they're killers! I tapped out twice, but all in good fun. If you want a great struggle with a strong wrestler and good guy, you won't be sorry. Thanks Dude, it was a wonderful time!
Note: We ensured prior to meeting we have stayed safe and protected in this coronavirus time; the only way to prepare and protected. Otherwise, my badge of safety is still in full force.



ctrwash is recommended by Newboxer822

Strapped on the gloves with Bob tonight and had fun. Real nice guy in and out of boxing. Look forward to glove up again.



Newboxer822 is recommended by ctrwash

Hosted this nice man for a few go-arounds with sparring. He was fun, and we will do it again when he gets down this way.



ctrwash is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

We had a great gp session, he has very strong and solid abs to work on. It was a real pleasure to meet and looking forward to our next one. Highly recommended



Hairywrestler midwest is recommended by ctrwash

This was a very last-minute and surprising meet, as this good man was in town and let me know. We had a nice slow strength competition, with body scissors and arm wrestling of sorts, pitting against each other to flex our muscles and see what each could do. It's been a long time since I had a strength competition, and it felt great to know I still have decent strength! His gutpunches were also firm and fun...and I took them well too. Very nice considerate guy, and we plan to get together again when he is in town. Highly recommend this strong opponent if you want a match of varied intensity.



ctrwash is recommended by Hammer two point 0

About two years ago I met this super nice guy to do some wrestling, boxing and belly punching. Well, it was a virtual David vs Goliath. We had lots of fun wrestling and boxing, even though it was pretty one sided for me. Then we did some belly punching. Man-o-man could this man take some serious belly punches. Gave him some of my best and hardest punches and he just smiled and asked for more. Super nice guy of the mats also. When we talked the other day, I was a little saddened to hear he had move back east. I'm happy he's happy, but a little bummed it will be harder to get together with this awesome dude.



Hammer two point 0 is recommended by ctrwash

Jeff and I immediately had a great rapport when we met over two years ago. He is a very friendly, nice man. But one thing you should know, gutpunchees: Get ready for HARD, HEAVY punches! Though he has some medical problems, there aren't any in his upper body!! He gave me some of the most serious punches I've ever had, and it was hot to see his big frame towering over me, feeling the result of his strong back muscles. If you want punches to send you into the clouds, get with this won't be sorry!
I, too, am sad we're so far apart now, but I want to stay in touch because he's such a great person.
Thanks, Jeff!



ctrwash is recommended by rammygut2

Hey guys ... You don't realize it until the next several days this guy is amazing ! He tortured and had me begging for more as his magical hands destroyed my nips as I woodied up ! At the same time my wrists are secured over my head as our buddy the Italian giver is destroying my abz ..... Next time pics ! Want to be humiliated and put in some painful wrestling holds first totally destroying this willing jobber ....



rammygut2 is recommended by ctrwash

Tag teaming is hot on a willing sub 😈. This guy likes his dominant men! Has nips just right for punishing, and a sexy bod to match. Thanks sir! We will definitely do this again!



ctrwash is recommended by BWS

Had a fun gut punching session with him. He can take quite a bit of punishment to his abs. I was punching with 3/4 power. He's good to talk to and was fun to pound on. I used 10oz gloves and he felt each punch. I'd recommend him for anyone who likes to be the puncher for gut punching.



BWS is recommended by ctrwash

This talented boxer wanted to see how much I can take in the midsection, and he surely delivered! His light weight, stature and stance proves he is lean muscle. He is one of the strongest punchers I've experienced, and he was still holding back at the heaviest punches. Boxers and gutpunchees, you will not be disappointed! Also appreciated is his promptness and is true to his word. A great guy. Thanks, BWS!



ctrwash is recommended by billyr

4/28/2018 Bob delivered another great gut punching session this morning. I hope all the other MF members will have as good a "match" as I did.
4/11/2018 Using 8 oz. gloves Bob gut punched me by placing me up against a mattress. Punching went off & on for over an hour. Bob delivered solid punches into my gut. He was also great to talk with & has met a lot of interesting members on his travels. I recommend him to all the other MF members.
3/23/16 Bob & Lee tag teamed me in St. Pete, Fl. Bob is a good puncher & checked up on me during the meeting.
3/31/16 Bob used gloves during this encounter in Lee's garage.
4/16/2017 Bob gut punched me using gloves by placing me up against a wall.



billyr is recommended by ctrwash

3/23/2016 I met billyr when he came over to be gutpunched, and it he took it mostly relaxed. I used gloves at first, but mostly worked him over with bare fists. I and Lee (lsm1966) both took rounds at punching him to his satisfaction. Nice man, a lot of fun!
3/31/2016 After I gave bill noticeable bruises last week, he opted for using 8-oz. gloves from here on out. He still got a good solid punching session with them. Very much like this guy - he knows what he likes, and lets me know when he wants me to continue.
4/16/2017 Pretty hot to punch bill up against a wall and watch his facial reactions! We had a great time this year.
4/11/2018 Both bill and I were looking forward to another round of punches this year before I arrived in St. Petersburg. It was even better this time. Up against the mattress proved to be the best option yet. That nice masculine gut and his tall build are a plus for this puncher, and I've received positive feedback from him since that he definitely got out of the session what he wanted. That's a winner! Thanks bill!
4/28/2018: Yeah, this time was just as fun as a couple weeks ago. This time we tried driving my fist, twisting into his belly as he laid on his back...very hot!! Bill liked the effect, and it is sure to get him off in the future when we meet again. Very nice guy, and I love to watch his reactions, not to mention, his hot body :-) . Thanks, Bill!



ctrwash is recommended by ringhot

Ct is an incredibly interesting and gracious man. He is also strong and a talented wrestler. We met at his house on his mats and wrestled, and ended up discussing everything from the world situation to our work and friends. In his profile he states that he considers his opponents as friends. This is definitely true. If anyone is interested in an enjoyable and challenging time, I highly, highly recommend this man.



ringhot is recommended by ctrwash

This man is tall and strong, outweighs me by 40 lbs., yet we were able to have a good exchange of strength. I knew before we met we would get along well. He just happened to be in town for a day so we finally met after planning for several years. Glad we did! He's a great guy. I recommend him for a good time on the mat...he adjusts to you regardless of your weight and ability. Thanks sir!



ctrwash is recommended by olderdesire

I was eager to have a go at this stud and our session left no disappointment. He is a fighter. Strong and rough, he dished it out and took all I could return. He’s more into gut punching than wrestling, but accommodated me on the mat with wrestling and punches and I dove into the waters of gut punching. I can’t wait to fight this good man again.



olderdesire is recommended by ctrwash

What a surprise and delight! This man is strong, scrappy, and has a lot more stamina than he lets on, with some dirty tactics that are fun as hell! We went at it good and hard on the solid 10'x10' mat he brought with him, and there were times I could not do anything but submit! I knew at initial eye contact this guy is a keeper 😁. We will definitely do this again and again either at my new place in Euclid or whenever he can host. To reiterate: Don't pass this guy up...he is a hot roll on the mat!



ctrwash is recommended by PJBoxxxer1

Originally posted 4/01/2018

Bob and I met up in a private boxing ring located in Claymont, DE for fun sparring and gut punching sessions!

I enjoyed acting out our pro fantasy boxing ideas in a proper safe & sane setting and manner with a true gentleman of the sport! Just for the fun of it, not to prove who was the alpha male!

I am very pleased to claim Bob as my opponent and friend, and looking forward to hooking up again! This man is a very unique and understanding individual and is highly recommended by me as a man worth getting to know!



PJBoxxxer1 is recommended by ctrwash

PJ and I finally made our long-time virtual plans come together in a ring session. He has been training hard, and his punching strength reveals the result! His wiry, lean frame is muscular, and he gives his opponent his all. He has transformed his body amazingly in the past 5 months with personal dedication. I am proud of this man for his positive attitude, and his friendship means more than words.
If PJ says he will meet, he means it. I highly recommend him.



ctrwash is recommended by hardabs1

Met CTRWASH this week on a trip to Washington state and had a great time. I am sure we will meet again on future trips to the PNW. He punched me just the way I liked and I returned the favor. Can't wait to see him again and trade more punches to the stomach. We also had lots of good conversation. He's gonna get it real good in the gut next time! :)



hardabs1 is recommended by ctrwash

Finally met this tough-ab man, and we worked each other over. A lot of fun! He is solid in the gut...takes energy to keep going on him. And he enjoyed my belly. Definitely recommend him for good give and take gutpunching. And a great guy!



ctrwash is recommended by Spruceman

(Spring 2017 & 2018) Ctrwash spends several days here at the house on his annual Amtrak trip East; giving me opportunity for several matches – competitive wrestling, gutpunching, and oil wrestling. As to competitive, he put up a great resistance to my takedowns and holds.

As his profile and other recommendations indicate, his forte is the ability to deliver and withstand gut punches. He has one strongest set of abs on this site– almost like a rock – trained by RadnerBearman (my trainer as well)– the toughest abs I have yet to encounter, To top things off, I had a threeway-oil wrestling session with him in 2017 and a competitive 3-way with him and another guy in 2018..

Where he is also absolutely stellar, and in the top one-tenth of a percent category. He is one of the most personable, friendly, genuine human beings I have ever met – the kind of person who easily could be a friend for life. Upbeat in all respects and never a discouraging word from him during his entire visit [hopefully only the first of many more.

To sum it up – a solid one-hundred-percent recommendation. One of my best friends, who like me, like to rough it up safely and a hard gut punch is the replacement to "hello" and "farewell" handshakes.



Spruceman is recommended by ctrwash

Hey men,
You want a match with an unstoppable bull of a wrestler? Then you've come to the right man. Take my word, and look at Just Dan's recommendation if you want further proof. I'm not the greatest wrestler, but I've met guys equal to or less powerful than I. But holy hell...I was NO MATCH for Spruce! This guy is formidable on the mat. Not only that, he conditions daily with 1000 to 1500 ab crunches, giving him a high-charged and balanced core he uses to the fullest. Age doesn't matter. He can wup anybody. Give him a try and be prepared! He is a great guy, a solid friend. Take him on!
Update 4/5/2018
Oh thought my existing recommendation was over the top? Then hear this: Since last year, Spruce has been consistently training harder, and he is so damn tough and strong I CANNOT budge him! Absolutely solid in the gut and abs, my fist stops cold at impact; not a brick wall, but close. The hardest gut you will ever encounter. Add to that much more developed biceps, triceps, and forearms, and you have a tank of a wrestler. I am extremely proud of this man's diligence and dedication to his health. And what a friend. You need to wrestle him; he is quite unbelievable.



ctrwash is recommended by Just Dan

Ctrwash is a visitor from Washington State. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to meet and wrestle him earlier this week. He's an aggressive opponent who made me work to pin him in spite of his relatively nominal level to technical skills at my preferred form of wrestling, freestyle for pins.

He's also a gentleman and a pleasure to get to know. I encourage those of you who get a chance to meet him upon his return to Washington State to do so.

I'd also like to thank Spruceman for hosting the two of us.



Just Dan is recommended by ctrwash

Finally met this good man, and he was a great match. He also taught me a few tricks I will use on my upcoming opponents. This is the kind of meetup I've wanted, with match of strengths and wits, and exchange of ideas. Thanks Dan! I want more with you!



ctrwash is recommended by jimmyterrific

CTR Washington I as good as advertised, he is someone who you hate to see leave, I enjoyed his gut punches very much, I am proud to call him my friend, did a few other things that I enjoyed very much, video taped some things that he did for me, just a class indivdual, thanks so much for making me happy, hope you enjoyed as much as I did, sure want you to come back, than you very much, Bob



jimmyterrific is recommended by ctrwash

Jim has become a good friend. How could he be otherwise?...Wonderful host during my travels, easy to be around. And a solid body! We didn't wrestle (yet!), but I worked over his torso. Then we took it all to Italian Giver and had a hot restraining!! We both agree, Jim is a great time!
Thank you, Jim! We are doing all this and more again!



The Face is recommended by ctrwash

I finally met this good man after many months of planning. He is even more conditioned than his pictures show. We played out a gutpunch scene with his arms and hands restrained, and he did just fine with heavy punches. Not only is he extremely attractive, he is a wonderful human being and conversationalist. We bonded, and will do this again as often as we can! Next time will include wrestling. I highly recommend him.



ctrwash is recommended by wanttowrestle

CTR and I had a great day of wrestling, punching, and boxing. When we wrestled we punched and punched. His gut was hard as a rock and he took every thing I delivered with out a flinch. It was the same when we boxed. This man is strong and tough as they come. And he is a delightful person and I truly enjoyed his company.
10/18/17 We met again today to wrestle, box, and punch. T he highlight was the repeated gut punching sessions. It was great!



wanttowrestle is recommended by ctrwash

This guy is a pure delight! We had one of the most enjoyable times to me since I became active on the site. Great give and take wrestling, body boxing, and gutpunching. He is a tank to my build! And when he punches, look out! Intelligent, engaging conversationalist, a man's man...i.e., natural, masculine, hot. And oooh...those legs and buns!! We are already very close...a wonderful buddy to treasure.
Thank you, my friend! We will do this again!



ctrwash is recommended by Italian giver

I had the chance to meet up with ctrwash while he was visiting up here and definitely gave him a good gut punching and had a great time with him. Very nice guy and very easy to get along with. Highly recommended you want a hot sweaty time with a very hot man.



Italian giver is recommended by ctrwash

Original entry 3/22/2017: This talented gut puncher gets off on a good workover. And the harder he punched, the better it felt. While on my back, I first experienced his full weight while standing on my gut and chest, and it was great! Also, I got a dose of his hot elbow to the gut, knee to the gut, and both fists pressed into the gut with all his weight. During all of this, and our competitive wrestling, he remained a fantastic guy with an erotic edge. If he wants to work you over, take him won't regret it!
Update 5/5/2017. Visited Bob on my way back through Cleveland. This time, he not only gave me a hard workover with fists of up to 1000 punches (exact count to be verified after viewing the video), but up to 40 knee-to-gut bashes, and multiple elbow jabs to the gut. The icing on the cake: Jabs and deep driving of both ends of his Louieville Slugger baseball bat, and substantial sideways punishment by the bat square-on into the belly. My abs trainer will be proud, as I took it well. It is now less than 24 hours since, and there is no soreness.
I developed a deeper friendship with this wonderful man of many talents. Sensible, tender, rough, erotic, dominant. Everything any gutpunchee could want. Thank you immensely, Bob. Unfortunately, the video mentioned in this update was corrupted before it could be copied or viewed a second time; no punch number verification. But this is more of a reason to do it over next year, and we WILL!!



ctrwash is recommended by uwillgive

ctrwash is a wonderful individual. He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. We had a great hot, sweaty, muscle straining match up. He is very strong and has great moves on the mat.



uwillgive is recommended by ctrwash

This guy is strong! Get ready for a tough fight. We had a fantastic time! And what a nice man, smart and sensitive. Highly recommend!!
Update August 2017: Hosted this meetup again, this time with my new wrestling mats. We struggled equally, and it was hot, sweaty, and long. The mats were great, but then we wrestled nude outside in the 90-degree heat, and the erotic heat turned up several notches. A relaxed, nice, fantastic session! Thank you, sir!



ctrwash is recommended by mikej7777

Bob and I had a great time in our body boxing match. A very wonderful friend and really easy going. And had I not jammed my thumb it could've gone either way. Hehe. I definitely recommend him, and will box him again.



mikej7777 is recommended by ctrwash

Mike and I had fun body boxing several rounds, 2 minutes each with 1 minute break. He claims I won...hehehe! We'll see if it goes that way next time! Thanks, Mike.



ctrwash is recommended by Novice888

Had a great time with ctrwash. Nice guy,good puncher as well,definitely a good recommend,hope we meet agian



Novice888 is recommended by ctrwash

What a great time! This guy has solid, firm punches. We got into some erotic boxing...hard not to with his sexy body that photos just can't capture well enough. Completely enjoyable, a lot of fun, a good friend made through conversations we had for months prior to our meeting. Thanks, my good man.



ctrwash is recommended by usmcwrestler

Had great time gutpunching Bob. Takes a good shot. Gives good ones, too. I hope to meet him again for some more gutpunching. Fine and considerate man.



usmcwrestler is recommended by ctrwash

Tom is a strong puncher! We did some training and gutpunching, and he delivers hard and deep to the belly. He's also a very nice and interesting friend, and I hope to wrestle him next year. He's a real gentleman, and I feel I've known him for many years. He's an up-and-coming boxer, and I recommend him for a great time!
Thanks, Tom.
Update 2017: Tom and I got together with BoxerCoachinMD again for sparring and lunch. Not only that, he, I, Spruceman and Spruce's husband went out for dinner. What a great group of friends! Tom continues to be a wonderful man. I suppose this sounds like anything other than a recommendation, but remember that the success of a meetup also depends on the openness of those involved. Tom is playful, strong, and clever.
Hopefully next year again!



ctrwash is recommended by BoxerCoachinmd

Had a good session with ctrwash, who was eager to work on his boxing skills. Worked on basics while exchanging stories and experiences and found we had a lot of common experiences. Good guy in and out of the ring and highly recommended. He also wrestles but we didn't have quite enough time to explore that.



BoxerCoachinmd is recommended by ctrwash

This guy is a keeper...trained boxer, and is willing to train during the meetup. Gave me good, solid basics to build on. Also a hot and playful gutpuncher. We had more in common in other areas as well. He will remain my friend, and we intend to get together again next year. Very much a man's man!
Thanks, Jack.
Update 2017: usmcwrestler and I met with Jack again for some sparring, and it was a pleasure. I think this will be a yearly occurrence, for as long as I can get back East. Above all is the pure delight and bonding we have...the sort of excitement you felt as a child looking forward to a long-awaited event. Thanks, Jack, for the time we had.



lspowerhouse is recommended by ctrwash

Man, what a time...this man is compact, built, hot, handsome. Even disregarding his size, he is everything his name suggests. Knows how to use his leverage to submit a guy, and more often than not, lift him over his massive, developed shoulders. His dedication to working out is to be admired. Amiable, friendly, a true friendship contender, and we WILL do this again! Thank you for an awesome experience!



ctrwash is recommended by speedorassler

I recently met Bob while he was in VA visiting Spruce-man. We had a great oil match–everybody won! 😊 Hard to hold on to your opponent with oil but that is part of the fun. (Oil is also a great height/weight equalizer and good for the skin!). A great guy on and off the mats–very hospitable; nice body, hairy chest and intelligent as well. Hope to meet up with him again on his next trip back east.



speedorassler is recommended by ctrwash

I met this man while visiting Spruceman, and the three of us oil wrestled. He is wirey, sensual, and very fun. But most importantly, a genuinely gracious and nice guy. We got in some good moves despite the slippery oil...but hey, what's not to like when oiled up guys' muscles are rippling? Give him a try if you'd like an afternoon of good fun.



ctrwash is recommended by ruinurabs

Bob's a good, durable punchee. Hit him with most everything, and he kept right on going. Enjoyable session. Would recommend him to anyone looking for a good human punching bag.



ruinurabs is recommended by ctrwash

Finally met this man after 6 years. What a great guy! Skilled and direct with his punches, and one of few guys who gave me bruises! He's strong, confident, with a hot build. And a super person. We will be doing this again.



Keiffa is recommended by ctrwash

Great guy! He worked me over with gloves first, then bare fists. One of the toughest gutpunch sessions I've had, and the hard deep successive uppercuts to the lower belly and navel were hot, and doubled me over a little...just what I was looking for to test my conditioning. Nice man, with a muscular, strong build. Thanks Keiffa!



pdxphil is recommended by ctrwash

Phil is a great guy! We had great times sparring, doing boxing exercises, gutpunching, and wrestling. And a very nice man, full of fun! We had time to talk and get to know each other. Highly recommend! Will be returning for more!
Thanks, Phil!



ctrwash is recommended by aawrstlman

We had an awesome match and made a connection both on and off the mat! Highly recommend ctr, he's really tough and a great guy overall.



aawrstlman is recommended by ctrwash

This man is fun, and strong! We are a good match for each other, allowing us to play out tests of strength. Had several good, sweaty encounters, with benefits :-) . And Kris is interesting and down to earth. I think I made a new friend! We will definitely do it all over again.
Thank you, Kris!



ozboxer is recommended by ctrwash

I met Oz long before I joined MeetFighters, and it's about time I enter this recommendation. He is exactly what he says he is, does exactly what he says he will, is a jewel of a man, and a hell of a boxer and gutpuncher. He was my introduction to GP, and I could not have been luckier. He takes up a special place in my heart as a friend, a hot boxer personnified, who adjusts to your level and gives all attention to you in the moment. Is it any wonder he is in the Hundreds Club? A guy of this caliber is no accident. You cannot regret a meetup with him.
Thank you, Chris!!



Orman2man is recommended by ctrwash

Ah yes, this guy is hot...good tests of strength between us, and the benefit of getting worked over in the abs, asking for as hard as he could deliver with boxing gloves and bare fists. Very nice man, a real pleasure. We will do it all again.
Thanks, man!



ctrwash is recommended by waboxer

Great guy right on time and can take a hard body shot! Real personable great guy!



waboxer is recommended by ctrwash

Tony is definitely tops! As is usual I got the benefit of training from an excellent boxer. And he's a great one for abs training, of which I requested quite a bit. Super, nice man, a gentleman. He is on my list for more matches! Seek him out...he's great!
Thanks, Tony.



ctrwash is recommended by kevin patrick

Had a great time. Really fun on the mats, and a fantastic guy. Enjoyed the gut punching, and wrestling. I would love another match up with him.



kevin patrick is recommended by ctrwash

Kevin is everything he says he is. Above all, he is responsive in communication, kind, a gentleman. And what a wrestler! Oil wrestling still proved to me I'm no match for his ability at this point. Kevin and Tampachaser Jeff are the sort well suited for each other, as I witnessed. Kevin is also a very sensual man, a nice plus after a hard match. You won't be sorry wrestling this guy!
Thanks, Kevin!



ctrwash is recommended by grove123

Had a great match with ctrwash. We went at it for several hours in a hard fought erotic match with lots of trash talking, gut punching, exchanging holds and a great finish. Ctrwash was a hard man on the mat but a true and interesting gentleman off the mat. Hope to meet him again so we can finally determine who is boss



grove123 is recommended by ctrwash

Grove is a fun rassler! We got it on in jeans, and it was hot, sweaty, erotic. And off the mat he is a great guy, generous to a fault, a very interesting man. A completely enjoyable time! Thanks, Grove!



ctrwash is recommended by gardenboy

WOW! What more can I say about Bob? He is a great friend, and gentleman. He says he is a novice in wrestling, but I will tell you he is one STRONG novice! LOL He can take a punch big time. I worked over his stomach and he took all I could deliver. But more than that he is a kind, caring individual who puts his friends and opponents first! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!



gardenboy is recommended by ctrwash

This man is tough, sexy, one hell of a gutpuncher and wrestler! He's stronger than I could imagine prior to our meetup. He worked me over hard and aggressively, with benefits. Intelligent, very kind, a wonderful friend and buddy, someone who I can call my lifelong friend. I can't say enough good about him. You will not be sorry...try him out!



Boxer VA is recommended by ctrwash

This man is TOUGH! You want a good boxing match? You won't be sorry. Skilled with over 8 years of boxing experience, he can deliver punches so hard you may end up on the floor in a K/O. And very much a gentleman. He will be a lifelong friend.
Thanks, Coleman!



ctrwash is recommended by lsm1966

Hot man; everything he promises, and way more.



lsm1966 is recommended by ctrwash

Lee is wiry, and tough in his abs. I can punch him very hard with gloves or bare fists directly in the abs, and he does not flinch. Granted, his tolerance for repeated beating is reduced, but all it takes is a short rest, and he's back up to it again! He can stand just as much in the punch as just about any guy. If you want a fun time, come down and work him over!



ctrwash is recommended by Roughmatch

I have met this member many times for good times of gut punching and boxing. He is interested in wrestling but I am not a good boxer. He still works with me though. He is very intelligent about lots of things and is a great guy to be with.



topboxer is recommended by ctrwash

Very skilled and knowledgeable boxer. If you want a good match, he will provide it.


[5] (56 votes)
ctrwash 5/02/2019

BWS tests Ctrwash's abs

Watched 1181 times.
[4] (17 votes)
ctrwash 2/24/2019

PJ is fun and a strong gutpuncher!. January 2019

Watched 468 times.
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ctrwash 2/24/2019

Italian Giver gives me exactly what I want

Watched 555 times.
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ctrwash 9/07/2018

Watch two punchstuds show their stuff

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ctrwash 9/04/2018

ctrwash works over Jimmyterrific 3/2018

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ctrwash 3/31/2018

Sparring in the ring

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ctrwash 1/24/2017

SAP gloves

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ctrwash 1/24/2017

Hard into the gut

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ctrwash 1/24/2017

Standard gloves

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