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Well, just checking this out. I have absolutely no experience but it would be interesting to try it out, preferably with guys not too far from my age :).



  1. Belgium, Leuven
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I am willing to travel 200 kilometers


Age: 31-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (187 cm), 174 lbs (79 kg)

Languages spoken: Dutch, English, French

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herve1390 Newazaguy poolpartyboy Rower87


Tom 87 is recommended by herve1390

Tom is a young , strong and novice wrestler who is willing to learn .... I had the chance to welcome him on my tatamis with 4 other young wrestlers from my area for a grappling session... once he will learn more, he will be an excellent opponent ..... Nice, charming, very friendly person with an open spirit .... I really hope to meet him again frequently



herve1390 is recommended by Tom 87

Herve was kind enough to arrange a training/meeting at his place. He is an excellent host and a very pleasant person to hang out with and he has a great facility to wrestle. As a fighter he is strong, skilled and knows quite some techniques which he uses wisely, definitely worth meeting again!



Tom 87 is recommended by Newazaguy

I had a great meet with this nice Greek boy, now proud Belgian :-)
He’s a very nice and interesting person off the mats. It was fun to chat with him. This sporty boy is in good condition, he does not give up... only if there really is no choice. He looks very nice in football outfit, and keeps smiling even in the most difficult situations. Whenever timing allows I’d love to meet him again.



Newazaguy is recommended by Tom 87

I can't recommend this guy enough!
As a fighter he is strong, fit, experienced with good stamina. He is a great opponent, safe, very skilled and happy to share some of his knowledge with a beginner.
Personality-wise he is a great host, he has an awesome setup for fighting and he is a very friendly, nice and interesting guy.
Definitely worth meeting again. Thanks for everything!



Tom 87 is recommended by Rower87

Tom is a verry new guy here. He can put up some great strenght and balance. I was quite surprised by the force of his legs. He wants to learn and will be, with sufficient training a good fighter. He is a verry kind and safe guy to fight and talk with. Thank you, come again ;)



Rower87 is recommended by Tom 87

Had a really good wrestling practice with Rower87. He is more experienced than me and still was very eager to show me some moves and try some things out. He is a skilled, agile, patient and determined fighter. On a personal level, he is a very good host and a very nice, friendly and polite guy to talk to. It was really worth meeting with him!



Tom 87 is recommended by poolpartyboy

leuke spontane en leergierige kerel
hij is niet ervaren maar na wat uitleg en na wat technieken oefenen rustig gaan worstelen en snapte het al vrij snel en kreeg de handelingen en technieken al snel onder controle ik zou zeggen ga zo door met oefenen en dan ben je er helemaal klaar voor hoop je vaker moge te helpen met het leren van tactieken en technieken
thanks kerel



poolpartyboy is recommended by Tom 87

I had absolutely no idea about wrestling being in this site for 3 days only, and "poolpartyboy" was kind enough to show me some moves and have some fun with me. A really nice and polite guy, strong and fast, playful but respectful. It was a pleasure meeting with him, it wasn't a real match as he is much more skilled than me but the experience was great. Thanks a lot!