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walrus (34)

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  1. United Kingdom, Northampton
    Place of residence

I am willing to travel 200 miles


56-year-old Male / 5'9" (174 cm) / 256 lbs (116 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish

Gear: singlet , shorts / trunks , naked


Bald, bearded, fat, 255lb gay man who likes to squash and to be squashed by other fat men. Also enjoy squashing smaller guys as well. I can no longer accom at mine but can arrange a cheap hotel nearby.



Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Sumo Sumo

Match structure: Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Brit pro wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship
Fetishes: Want sex, Jackoff, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Face sitting

Last login: today
Last modified: 7 days ago

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walrus is recommended by saqwer1234

I've met with Wlarus several times over the years, he's a great guy an I would highly recommend him. Always a lot of give and take good wrestling. Even though there was a big weight difference when we met, he was safe and sensible and always respected limits. Off the mats Walrus is as nice as can be and great to talk to.



saqwer1234 is recommended by walrus

Met this guy several times over the years. Always turns up when agreed. Always a long sweaty session of about 3 hours. Great give and take using our size to our advantage and both enjoying it. Great guy to talk to as well. Highly recommend him



walrus is recommended by Nightwing

I met this big guy a few years ago for a few matches. He put you at ease and work at your pace. He's a true gentleman, wrestling aside! If you want a big man working you over, Walrus is the guy for you! I can't wait to have another re-match against his huge belly.



Nightwing is recommended by walrus

Met him a few years ago. Don’t let his lack of size fool you as he can take a huge amount of squashing. At the time I was close to three times his weight but he kept wanting more and more squashing. Highly recommend him to above who loves to squash smaller men.



walrus is recommended by Chubben

Lovely guy who I’ve met several times - had a good roll around in a hotel in manchester - lots of squashing and overpowering. Good fun.



Chubben is recommended by walrus

Wrestled in his hotel room a couple of years ago. A lot of squashing using our large bulk on each other. At the time I was 23 st / 322 lbs and Chubben over 26 st / 365 lbs do we were fairly evenly matched in size. Chubben used his weight well against me using his big legs and body pinning me under him. Highly recommend him to others who like to wrestle big guys



OxonWelsh is recommended by walrus

Met this handsome man on a hot day in July 2018 in a hotel. I was the fat old ugly heel to his stocky young plucky jobber. He can take a lot of punishment and comes back each time wanting more or trying to get the upper hand. As with all good heel vs jobber matches he got the equaliser by pinning me which meant I had to work harder to get the decider. Great guy as well, in personality and looks. Highly recommend him to guys who like handsome fightback jobbers. Especially those who like idea of the Jobber getting the bigger heel in a compromising pin



walrus is recommended by GrappleViking

December 2019
Had the chance to meet this big squasher, and seized the opportunity! Walrus is a BIG guy. He's mean, rough, and knows how to properly control and squash his opponent. I was subdued from the moment I walked through the doors. Kind man with a warm heart. Recommended for fellow jobbers out there!



GrappleViking is recommended by walrus

What an amazing looking guy. Blond, blue eyes, broad shoulders, big chest and arms, powerful legs, great personality. A squasher’s dream opponent. Met at mine and squashed him in several ways using my weight and breath control. He clearly enjoyed the encounter. I would highly recommend him to others and if you ever have the chance to meet him make sure you do. Looking forward to next time already.



walrus is recommended by Chunkyscot

I am very new to this and only signed up after walrus' recommendation. Met him a couple of nights ago and was lucky enough to be invited back to his. He went a little easy on me but there was lots of belly to belly action, chest/gut punching/slapping, arm restraining and a bit of breath control. And I loved every minute of it.

Edit: I've since been lucky enough to meet Ian a couple more times. To say I've enjoyed his company both in and out of competition with him would be an understatement.

Had fun with more of the same and a little more each way - role play, squashing, smack talk, grappling, choking, bear hugs, pinning, slapping, gut punches, gut splashes, belly to belly. Plus he is more than capable of being tactile, and is a great kisser and cuddler. He really is a fantastic fellow.



Chunkyscot is recommended by walrus

Met him while at bear event in Edinburgh. I have a bad knee currently so was only able to do some light domination and breath control but he enjoyed it and gave same back to me. He is strong and will be a formidable opponent when he gets used to using his power and bulk.



walrus is recommended by ray jobber

Walrus is a real force of nature. On first greeting he jokingly pushed me aside with his huge belly and set tone for very enjoyable meeting.
Ian knew it was my first "squash" meeting so offered to go gently with me - and though things got rougher as session progressed (which I appreciated) it made me realise how strong he is a and what a powerhouse Ian is.
During the session Ian did pretty much boss the session and spent much of the time squashing, manhandling me - but all in a safe, sane way - he even took time to offer suggestions on ways I could improve my approach.
Ian is a friendly, warm (& sexy) guy - very easy going and good company and highly recommended to others.
Really eager for a rematch.



ray jobber is recommended by walrus

Met as agreed with a minimum of fuss. He looked great in his white singlet. He played part of a jobber being squashed and manhandled by a much larger heel. We both enjoyed our respective roles a lot. Also he is a lovely and interesting person to talk to and to spend time with. Highly recommend him to others. Looking forward to the rematch.



minichub7 is recommended by walrus

11/9/2019, another meet at mine, he looked bigger then before. Again took turns to squash each other
1/1/2019, Met him at mine for a squash match, taking it in turns to squash each other. He is a strong, powerful guy who enjoys using his bulk to pin and squash.



walrus is recommended by Zepheshow

Met Walrus on a warm Sunday afternoon

Ian is great fun. If, like me you have ever fanticsed about wrestling a really big guy like in the heyday of World Of Sport - he is your man

Very friendly and approachable, and uses his size responsibly so that both parties get the most from the meeting.

Had some great back and forth holds, and having his full 23 stone pinning you down (when he catches you) is a totally unique experience.

Has a great sense of humour too which makes for a very enjoyable meet. So next time you are on the M6 Motorway - it is worth turning off at Northampton!



Zepheshow is recommended by walrus

Meet him at hotel after minimum of messaging. He is a strong guy and enjoyed being hugged, lifted, squashed and man handled as well as him giving out some punishment too. Afterwards he had a great chat about wrestling especially WoS. Really enjoyed our encounter



walrus is recommended by dadwrestle

Round 3! Last minute meet up. He's stronger than ever! Awesome bearhug! Hosted the meet, kindly. As ever, tough but great fun!
Belly to belly again with this BIG MAN at a small group meeting at Barnet! As ever, safe and sane, but a formidable mountain to move on the mats! Great fun!
Met this BIG guy for a brief but satisfying hotel scrap! Totally reliable safe and sane opponent! Next time we meet on the mats for the next heavyweight CLASH!



dadwrestle is recommended by walrus

10/6/19 - third meeting this time at mine, last minute meeting arranged. He looked bigger and felt heavier than before, we had a great time again, tasting each other’s strength

10/3/16 - second time we met at Barnet matroom in a heavyweight foursome. Had a great wrestle with the strong big guy

30/1/14 - I had a wrestle with him in a hotel room. Big strong man, we had a good tussle and i could tell we were both enjoying it. He did try to wind me with some belly splashes but didnt, instead i enjoyed them. Very nice gentleman, really glad i met him and will meet him again soon hopefully



jad64 is recommended by walrus

Met in Manchester for a beer and he got me in a tight bearhug and play wrestle while we there. Had a good time with this strong guy



walrus is recommended by philbat

Today was our second meeting. Both times Walrus has used his strength and weight to squash me in a safe and sane way. A real gent and I look forward to meeting him again.



philbat is recommended by walrus

He arrived on time. As agreed I did a variety of squashes and breath control / suffocation moves on him all safe and sane and letting go when he tapped out. We both enjoyed the encounter and I look forward to meeting him again



walrus is recommended by obey4chubby

Well I don’t know where to start , I’ve been looking for that experience for long long time and finally had the best moment ever . He’s absolutely knows how to use his skills and strength . Adjusting steps according for someone like me as newbie . His arms biceps shoulders legs and that powerful belly complete package what more can you ask for a rival he’s got them all if not more . I think as first round he taught me well used all my strength for counter attacks but he’s defeated and choke me on each move. Seriously had the best experience with him and I look forward to meet him again with out a doubt . He’s also nice to talk and great personality made the day better than ever I thought . Dont miss him out



obey4chubby is recommended by walrus

Met as arranged and we both arrived early. He said he likes being squashed and manhandled and that is just what he got. And yes he really did like it . He kept coming back for more and fought back and also got me in a few holds and positions that a fat guy like me shouldn't be it ! Really enjoyable afternoon session and looking forward to meeting him again.



walrus is recommended by Bellypunchmemk

Had a fun session with Walrus, the big guy is safe and sane, delivering gut punches, splashes, bear hugs, and other wind taking moves :) Hope we can session again soon!



Bellypunchmemk is recommended by walrus

After a short exchange of messages we agreed to meet. He turned up on time. As his name implies he likes being punched in the belly and that is what I did, plus punched, and slapped him all over as well as squashing him. He took all of the punishment really well and gave some back to me as well which I enjoyed too. He is a very nice guy to chat to as well. Would recommend him to guys who like to gut punch and squash. Hoping to meet him again soon.



walrus is recommended by Mystery-white-boy

A fair bit of time has passed since I met Ian, and somehow I never got round to writing a recommendation. Time to change that!

We met at his place after we'd been exchanging messages for a while, so we both had a pretty good idea of what the other was looking for. From the moment I stepped through the door, I felt his power as he pressed me up against the wall with his gut and gave me a friendly squash. This nicely set the mood for the rest of our time together.

First things first, Ian looks absolutely fantastic in his wrestling gear – his huge belly fills out a singlet magnificently, and the only time he looked better was when he was wearing nothing at all!

Given the size difference between us, it wasn’t surprising that once we got down to business and he began putting the squash on me I didn’t have much hope for escape. I spent the majority of our time together either squashed under his massive bulk or with my face smothered in various parts of his body. Whilst it was all fun, I have to give special mention to those suffocating pins – his facesits and belly smothers really are the stuff of legend.

I was a little under the weather when we met, so the big man held back somewhat (for one thing, I didn’t find myself on the receiving end of his belly splash). I was rather thankful at the time, but now I must say I’m eager for a rematch so that I might feel the full force of his squash.

When he wasn’t squashing the living daylights out of me, Ian was a great & friendly host: an excellent caterer, generous in putting a roof over my head for the night, and understanding when public transport issues delayed my arrival. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.



Mystery-white-boy is recommended by walrus

We met at mine. He said he likes to be squashed and i confirm yes he does like being squashed. For a relatively slight guy he can take quite a lot of weight on him. Finished him off with a series of naked face sits which he really enjoyed. If you are a big guy who like squashing smaller ones and being belly worshipped then i recommend him to you



walrus is recommended by ifonly

We had a really fun few hours and he really tested my agility. I learned that I'm faster then I thought and little more nimble, but that squash of his is the stuff of legends. While he did play the jobber, it should be noted that I ended up trapped under him, pinned down and unable to escape at the end.

Ian is a damn fine chap who makes you feel so welcome, takes an interest in you as a person and is an all around nice guy to spend time with.



ifonly is recommended by walrus

After only a few messages we met at mine, he arrived on time. We had a bit of give and take then I decided to take on the jobber role to his heel and we both enjoyed it. He is a strong enthusiast wrestler and a nice guy as well



walrus is recommended by walsallgoodguy

Met ian today in darlaston what a great friendly guy and we had nearly an hours naked wrestle plenty of bearhugs and squashes very erotic i even try'd to bearhug him..he's twice my size but didn't go over the top with his weight highly reccomended safe with any size guy hope to meet again thanks xxx,10/12/18 had met a few times since our 1st meet,but finally wrestled him in gear in Northampton amazing meet another total squash match



walsallgoodguy is recommended by walrus

Met him today in sauna, i had a long session with me using my weight to squash him. Also tried a few wrestling moves on him such as a headlock, body check, gut punch and gentle stranglehold as well some breath control (all both safe and sane). Included some erotic elements as well, we clearly both really enjoyed it. For his size he can take a lot of punishment given that i was two and a quarter times his weight. Hope to do same again soon



walrus is recommended by Funlad89

Really enjoyed being squashed by this giant in various ways. Always very safe and made me feel comfortable. Definitely up for a repeat.



Funlad89 is recommended by walrus

After a short exchange of messages he met me at mine as agreed. He is currently bit chubbier than on photos which for me is ideal: We had a wrestling and squashing session which both of us enjoyed. He can take a lot of punishment. Hopefully meet him again soon



walrus is recommended by Bear Combat Warrior

I'm really glad to have finally met this big fella, when I paid a visit to Northampton.

Walrus is renowned for his body splashes, and he didn't disappoint on this occasion. To say that he is strong would be an understatement, but at the same time, he's respectful of his opponents and their limitations.

Ian is a truly likeable lad and if you haven't met up, then you will be in for a treat. His profile clearly shows his size, so don't go all soft and run away screaming when you see him. You have been warned.

Update - February 11 2017

I once again met up with Ian for what can only be described as round two.

Having woken this morning for my back to tell me me that I'd been run over by a steamroller, I did begin to wonder if I'd made the right decision.

Ah well, you only live once, and so Ian and I got together for a few hours. He is still totally and 100% a truly likeable lad, who I now consider a part of my Meetfighter friends, and I got well and truly squashed, belly flopped, sat on and immobilised. That said, this a a bear and that's what bears do. I'm happy to do it again anytime and will go out of my way to meet Ian again in the future.



Bear Combat Warrior is recommended by walrus

Paul made the effort to visit me in Northampton and we wrestled on the friday afternoon at mine then again on saturday at his hotel. Meeting was easy to arrange and he turned up as agreed and looked just like his profile indicates. He is great bloke to wrestle, enjoys taking a lot of punishment and happy to wrestle erotically as well. Plus a friendly and welcoming guy as well. I would highly recommend to any other genuine guys who like wrestling big men that they contact fulwelllfighter.



walrus is recommended by Lomandlad42

Met this big fella recently and it was a blast, If you like your opponents big and strong then Walrus will be right up your street. Had a job keeping the him at bay, and managed to hold my own. Plenty of splashes and pins all safe and sane. Really enjoyable match highly recommended , real gentlemen off the mats look forward to another round 👍



Lomandlad42 is recommended by walrus

After several months of of messaging we finally met at mine. When he changed into his purple trunks i thought WOW, he looks great, shaved head, strong chest and arms, small amount of xmas excess round the middle (which i liked), big powerful legs. Not only does he look great, he is a great wrestler as well. Watch out for those powerful legs (he swims and it shows) which he liked to headsqueeze me with several times. I used my weight to squash him plus applied bearhugs, headlocks, chokes all of which he took well and clearly enjoyed despite his moaning and groaning and he kept coming back for more punishment. Thoroughly enjoyable wrestle, i would recommend him highly and i cant wait for a rematch



mojopeace is recommended by walrus

Met mojopeace yesterday where he was staying in London. His pictures do not do justice to the human tank that he is. 170kg with the biggest chest and ball gut you can imagine with massive arms and legs as well all of them solid. We had a gut barging / sumo / wrestling session though to be honest it was like a cat playing with a mouse, he would slacken off and let me gut barge him back a bit before pushing me across the floor. The kissing and cuddling were incredible. He was a great host as well. If you are a big guy and like your men huge and powerful please dont miss thie opportunity to meet this sexy man mountain.



bushchub is recommended by walrus

Big, strong, handsome man who enjoys using his weight and strength to overpower without being too intimidating. I would recommend him to any big guys who want a superheavyweight wrestle to remember.



ukpitbull is recommended by walrus

Met at mine on the hottest day for eight years and had a good natured tussle with some illegal tactics added in as well. Friendly knowledgeable guy and pleased to have met him, hope to meet again soon



walrus is recommended by silverbear

Finally met up after lengthy delay, though was worth the wait. Solid, strong and able to absorb punishment. Had a great time, and will be back for more



silverbear is recommended by walrus

Been chatting for ages and finally met at mine. As he said he filled the doorway with his enormous body. He was as i had hoped ie, huge, hairy and handsome. We bodychecked each other and had a play wrestle / exchange of holds on the bed, taking turns at using our considerable weight to squash and pin. He is a very pleasant and knowledgeable guy and we got on well. Certainly no wasted food in the Dominos two for one offer with us two ! I highly recommend him ! Lets make sure we dont wait 3 years till next time, big man.



Watfordboy is recommended by walrus

Huge, powerful, very hairy man who likes it rough. To use a well known phrase, he arrived, he saw, he conquered, leaving me squashed and sweaty after being face sat. I recommend him to any one who likes a good scrap, i got the impression he was taking it easy with me and could give out a lot, lot more punishment if he and his opponent were both up for it. Also a very nice guy as well, friendly and safe, agrees limits and sticks to them.



walrus is recommended by hephaestion2014

If you like your bears big and bearhuggable, this is your guy. He's a big guy and knows how to use it. Traded many bear hugs and felt the full force of his moves. Big guy but safe and sane too. Had slight injury from before match, but kindly adjusted holds and avoided area as much as possible. Thanks mate!



hephaestion2014 is recommended by walrus

We met at mine and had a wrestle on the bed. Both of us tried to bearhug and squash each other in a play wrestle. Both of us sweated a lot. No real winner as we werent aiming for that more just enjoying the closeness and experience. I would recommend Hephaestion2014 as he is a strong, tactile guy. I hope to meet him again soon.



walrus is recommended by Warkscub

Have known Walrus for a few years now and finally got to wrestle him. Had a great, fun, erotic grapple. 2 big guys going at it but all very safe and sane, lots of belly splashes which was really fun.
Look forward to wrestling this big guy again very soon - highly recommended!!



Warkscub is recommended by walrus

Have known and chatted to Warkscub for a while and we finally were able to meet. We met at mine and wrestled on the bed. We had a lengthy erotic tussle with both of us using our weight to full advantage. Really enjoyed our wrestle and hope to meet him again soon.



walrus is recommended by little Tony

Met today, and he's a great host and very friendly. Despite him being twice my size we had a fun wrestle. He is very safe and uses his weight carefully with little guys (which was much appreciated). He gave afew squash moments - he was too wide for me to get a scissors on him. Hope to call in again when in area :)



little Tony is recommended by walrus

We met at mine. I gave him a few belly bumps and a gentle squash against the wall to start with then we went upstairs to wrestle on the bed. We had a good play wrestle, me using my weight to squash and smother, him trying to bearhug me and get me on my back. We both enjoyed it and i hope to meet him again.



walrus is recommended by rumbletumbleUK

Having chatted for a while, circumstances aligned themselves where Walrus and I could actually meet. With his stocky rugby build, he threw down the challenge as bellies clashed, bodies were squashed, twisted, turned and stretched in grappling, working up a good sweat and all in good fun. Walrus' big firm belly was a formidable weapon during grappling which he used to great effect and underestimated his own strength. However prior to and after rolling and tumbling, Walrus was very much the gentleman and is a really nice guy to know.
I hope and look forward to locking and wrapping up with him again, maybe next time taking it to the mats.



rumbletumbleUK is recommended by walrus

We met at mine, and had a great wrestle / roll about on the bed plus a session of gut barging for nearly three hours. We tried squashing each other, bearhugs and small splashes as well as some more playful moves. Rumble has an incredible body, enormous belly and tree trunk thighs and he used both to great effect to squash and immobilise me. He is a very nice man off the mats as well and i look forward to meeting him again soon.



LondonWrestle is recommended by walrus

We had a really enjoyable mixture of a squash match / give and take match. LondonWrestle withstood a lot of weight and pressure on top of him and kept coming back for more. He is a very pleasant man who easily puts you at ease and i would recommend arranging a wrestle with him.



walrus is recommended by bristolwrestler

I really enjoyed the squash match I had with Walrus. He is a very nice man and put me at ease straightaway, which I find very important in any opponent. We had a great give-and-take bout exchanging bearhugs, belly splashes and smothering. He knows how to use his size and weight safely but effectively and he doesn't tire out easily; we both kept coming back for more! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for something similar and I look forward to a rematch.



bristolwrestler is recommended by walrus

We had a great play wrestle / give and take match. I was very impressed how well he took my splashes, squashes and smothers and came back wanting more. He is a strong man and gave me a good sweaty bout. Hope to meet again soon



walrus is recommended by jamstu

Walrus is good guy to wrestle, a big guy with a big belly to work over, A nice guy all round


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