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  1. United Kingdom, South Lakeland

I am willing to travel 5000 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


62-year-old Male / 5'11" (180 cm) / 210 lbs (95 kg)

Gear: Trunks, boots or barefoot


I'm interested in wrestling to whatever level of intensity my opponent is looking for, so that we both get enjoyment from it - anything from playful to competitive. All ages welcome, particularly mature guys. Whether you're experienced or a beginner - as long as you're fairly fit and prepared to put in a bit of effort, we'll get along fine.



Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Brit pro wrestling, Pool wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to a ring, I have access to mats, Friendship, Photo swapping
Fetishes: Want sex, Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 3/20/2021

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ukrassler is recommended by Tightfit

I met up with ukrassler on 7th September for a long awaited wrestling match.
I found out that he is quite a powerful guy and I had to use all my ability to avoid a whitewash.
It was an even match though, very enjoyable. I would like to have a re match if we found the time.



Tightfit is recommended by ukrassler

I had a match with Tightfit in a space which was also a tight fit. He is strong and in great shape; not easy to pin down, and not easy to shift when he is on top. He looks superb in his speedos, and is great company and also very interesting to chat with. I would certainly recommend him without any hesitation.



ukrassler is recommended by dadwrestle

I am really not sure why I have never written a recommendation for this legend of the UK wrestling scene! We have wrestled regularly in the past. This is one class act! He's strong, well built and skilled both as Brit Pro and submission. A meet with him is always safe, sane, fun and a challenge! I can't speak too highly of him! If you get a chance, wrestle this man! 100% PLATINUM of the best!



dadwrestle is recommended by ukrassler

Having known Dadwrestle for many years, and wrestled him at several group meetings, he recently came to my place. Each time we've met, we've both got down to a good hard-fought contest, then looked forward to the next match, rather than writing about it. The time has come to put that right. For the benefit of others thinking about wrestling him, I can report that our matches are always an energetic workout, safe and sane with mutual respect and lots of sweat! Highly recommended.



ukrassler is recommended by Gymguy 222

What can I say! Chris is a great guy he was a very generous host making me feel very welcome at his place. We had a good match and he was willing to wrestle to my meagre level, even so we had a great match with give and take plus some post match massage. If you get the opportunity to visit and wrestle him do so you won’t be disappointed in any way I thoroughly recommend him. Great to chat to off the mats as well.



Gymguy 222 is recommended by ukrassler

I met Gymguy222 recently, just a few weeks after contacting him on this site. He certainly lived up to my expectations, after having seen the photos of his fabulous, gym-fit body. His work in the gym is definitely paying off, and we had a good tussle on the mats even though he hasn't yet had much wrestling experience. He was very keen to learn some more holds and escapes, and it was real pleasure having him as a guest in my house. I look forward to his next visit, and recommend him very highly indeed.



ukrassler is recommended by Flyer1

I have known UKrassler for some time, and have no problem in recommending him to anyone who is considering meeting him for a wrestle.
Although he has far more experience than me, he has been more than helpful in tutoring me and giving tips.
If you get the chance to meet him do not miss it. He is a great guy both on the mat and off.



Flyer1 is recommended by ukrassler

I first met Flyer1 a couple of years ago. He looks and acts much younger than he actually is (usually guys on here claim to be younger than they really are!!). He is also stronger than you might expect, and has become a trusted and valued friend. Highly recommended.



ukrassler is recommended by CHUCKCHALLANGE

Chris and I wrestled many years ago-he was a great sport and a great guy to wrestle-I like wrestling Brit Guys-we wrestled for a couple of hours and had a great time on the mats



CHUCKCHALLANGE is recommended by ukrassler

I met Chuck at his place some years ago. Despite my weight advantage, the match was very even. He is tall, slim and muscular, and a very tough wrestler. You will not get this guy to submit easily, if at all. He was a great host, and I have no hesitation in recommending him if you get the chance to meet him.



ChasMK is recommended by ukrassler

I wrestled Chas regularly some years ago on my visits to MK. We always had a good tussle, hard and sweaty, safe and sane, and good fun.



ukrassler is recommended by Adri1952

Had a great wonderful eveningsmatcht with Ukrassler. He is a strong wrestler with strong and powerful arms, legs and Shoulders. Muscular body well built. He can wrestle at level his opponent, so fun and enjoy for both. Good frendly guy, ended with a post wrestle drink. Reccomend him to everybody.
Hoping our way meet again.
I say thank you very much



Adri1952 is recommended by ukrassler

I had a great time wrestling with Adri1952 in his hotel room, and a good chat over a drink in the pub afterwards. He and another friend "ambushed" me to nullify my weight advantage, and it was a really hot, sweaty session. Bring on round two ...



ukrassler is recommended by Gazbat0807

Met Chris today got in our speedos an was ready to wrestle we wrestled most of the afternoon with a couple of breaks the wrestling was great testing each other's strengths and weaknesses very evenly matched guys the wrestling was hit an horny can't wait for our next match will take less breaks an wrestle a lot more lol if u can have a match with this guy he's awesome



Gazbat0807 is recommended by ukrassler

I met Gazbat at his house, and we wrestled on mattresses on the bedroom floor. I'd been wanting to meet him for some time, and was definitely not disappointed. He's a great guy both on and off the mats. He likes a good fight, but always safe and sane. Highly recommended.



ukrassler is recommended by Samuel

I had a great match with ukrassler. He 's strong, experienced, and was a real challenge for me. And just as important, he's a nice guy. Highly recommended! The pizza and beer we had afterwards are also highly recommended!



Samuel is recommended by ukrassler

Had a great time with this friendly bear. Nice, sweaty wrestle, lots of muscle grabbing, and intelligent conversation too! What a way to spend an afternoon :-)



ukrassler is recommended by Eichbornringer

ukrassler is a very nice guy and strong and skilled wrestler and fighter, always fair. I enjoyed very much to meet him, to show him a little part of my city and to wrestle intensively with him. ukrassler has my highest recommendation and it would be my greatest joy to welcome you again in Berlin and on my mat!



Eichbornringer is recommended by ukrassler

I recommend Eichbornringer very highly indeed. He is a magnificent host, both for wrestling and for sightseeing with a visitor like me. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him. He is a strong and skilled wrestler, with a fabulous body. If you get the opportunity to meet him, don't think twice - just do it!



ukrassler is recommended by SalzPeter

A strong wrestler who knows plenty of moves and a great person too.
Looking forward to plenty of future matches with UKrassler.



SalzPeter is recommended by ukrassler

I met Hairysnogger at his hotel, and we got straight down to some wrestling on the bed. Not enough space for a proper wrestle, but enough to feel that he's a strong guy with great pecs! Great company afterwards, too. We'll meet again when he's back in the UK.



syardley is recommended by ukrassler

I met syardley recently for what I hope was the first of many meetings. He is very fit from his running and gym work, and very keen to learn and improve his wrestling skills. Despite my weight advantage, he showed that he is certainly no pushover, and has already picked up some good techniques. Off the mats, he is a delight - very intelligent, friendly, humorous and considerate. I can't recommend him highly enough.



ukrassler is recommended by sportart

Enjoyed taking on this visitor from Britain–very competitive (and above my weight), and a very nice guy too–as friendly a person as you will ever meet on this site. Hope i can take him up on his invite to visit him in the North of England.



sportart is recommended by ukrassler

I met this very fit and skilled wrestler a few years ago on one of my visits to the USA. He is a real gentleman, and he knows all the moves on the mats. I have no hesitation in recommending him very highly.



ukrassler is recommended by PJ1

Very nice and polite guy, experienced in wrestling and very flexible, too. He can do many styles and roles. It was a pleasure to meet and to wrestle him, many thanks for taking the photos. I hope to meet him again.



PJ1 is recommended by ukrassler

Despite his back pain, caused by having several bouts in a short time on his visit to England, PJ1 was determined not to let anyone down, and he turned up and wrestled exactly as planned. He looks fabulous in his gear, is very keen on playing the jobber in pro-style matches, and is a really affable and friendly guy to meet. His strength and fitness would make him a formidable opponent if he decided to wrestle competitively or as a heel, so catch him now before he changes his mind if you want to stand a chance against him!



ukrassler is recommended by walsallgoodguy

5/3/16 met chris today hotel mayhem,a truly fantastic guy looks like a pro in gear built like an ox ( super sexy ),a killer bearhug and great holds i had to submit afew times in the end.very safe and erotic aswell brilliant time thanks.look forward to round 2 roger xxx



walsallgoodguy is recommended by ukrassler

I had a very enjoyable hotel room match with Roger. Despite my weight advantage, he applied some good holds, and his headscissors are a killer! He’s very fit, with a great lightweight build, and a good, easygoing character. He’s really keen, and has met and wrestled quite a few guys now, in the short time since he started wrestling. I hope to have many more meetings with him in future, and have no hesitation in highly recommending him.



ukrassler is recommended by Mainewrsl

UKRassler is very skilled; he knows how to adjust to an opponent's ability (he's more skilled than I am), and he will give you a run for the money. We had a great set of back and forth matches. Really, seriously nice man off the mats as well. A great wrestling experience.



Mainewrsl is recommended by ukrassler

Mainewrsl visited me this autumn for a weekend, and we had fun on the mats and touring the Lake District. I'm heavier than him, but he's no pushover and we had a good match. He looks good in his trunks too. I hope he comes to see me again next time he's in England, and I hope to visit him sometime in the USA.



ukrassler is recommended by andy

have also had a few matches with chris at some of the meets looking forward to having a re-match soon.



andy is recommended by ukrassler

I had a my most recent wrestle with Andy yesterday in one of the matrooms at Pippa's, after wrestling him at a few previous group meetings. He's always a handful, and good fun off the mats too.



ukrassler is recommended by Squashlad

Got to wrestle ukrassler as part of a tag team match and went down to one of his punishing leg locks. A strong, skilled guy who really enjoys his wrestling, knows his stuff and respects his opponents' safety (although not necessarily their dignity!). Highly recommended and I'm looking forward to a repeat in a singles match.



Squashlad is recommended by ukrassler

Squashlad and I managed to get a few minutes wrestling each other during a tag match at Pippa’s. He’s a fit and strong guy, so I reckon there must have been some dodgy betting scam going to allow me to get a submission from him :-) Maybe next time he won’t go so easy on me! I hope we meet again soon.



ukrassler is recommended by mackemsub

Great bloke. Friendly and easy going, but with some ability on the mats. Loads of knowledge and info about the world of sport days, with the added bonus of looking the part in trunks and boots!



mackemsub is recommended by ukrassler

Gary is one of the good guys, who knows how to achieve the right combination of competition and enjoyment. I'd recommend him to anyone.



ukrassler is recommended by Lomandlad42

This fellas recommendations speak for themselves.....another great guy I had the privilage to wrestle. Had a hard sweaty bout was like wrestling an ox he's really strong and can fairly shift round the ring.....subs both ways ended up exhausted but well worth it and a top fella to boot.....cheers Chris want round 2 soon :-)



Lomandlad42 is recommended by ukrassler

Don’t know why it’s taken me so long to recommend Jay – must be my senility setting in?! We had a great, exhausting wrestle at Pippa’s place. He’s incredibly fast, and knows what he’s doing. It was only my weight advantage which enabled me to get the odd breather in an attempt try to stay in the bout. He’s great fun, and I would recommend him to anyone who wants a very energetic match.



ukrassler is recommended by tricky

Chris was the first person I ever wrestled nearly 10 years ago so it was good to catch up again. Went to visit for a long weekend and managed to get a couple of bouts in. Like to think I have improved, but he is very strong, and also very quick and agile around the mats. A good couple of sweaty rounds with him although I was soon put in my place!
A great host and definitely worth a visit to this part of the country. He'll give you a good workout!



tricky is recommended by ukrassler

I had a very enjoyable weekend with ‘Tricky’, both on and off the mats. He looks great in his gear and, despite my weight advantage, he certainly put up a good fight as we worked up a nice sweat. I look forward to our next session, and getting to grips with his fit, muscular body again.



ukrassler is recommended by oldscrapperderby

Chris is one of the guys I met at the very first group meet I went to a long time ago! we've been good mates ever since, and have wrestled many times, he's a sound guy, good wrestler and all round nice guy, I recommend him to anyone who wants a real good match.



oldscrapperderby is recommended by ukrassler

I've known Den for years. He's safe, sane and reliable, and always keen to wrestle everyone, no matter how big, at the group sessions I've attended with him. If you get the chance to meet him, don't think twice - he's one of the good guys.



ukrassler is recommended by bearhugchris

Chris is a very experienced wrestler and very strong. I was surprised to be able to get 2 submissions out of him and I am very much looking forward to meeting him again.



bearhugchris is recommended by ukrassler

I met Chris in my hotel room, and really had a great time. He's a skilled wrestler, with a very muscled body - a great combination! Good company off the mats too. I certainly want to see him again for round two.



ukrassler is recommended by hammersmithuk

really great guy..very good/strong wrestler..
great fun to be with.sane .sensible and very sexy..



hammersmithuk is recommended by ukrassler

Had a great wrestle with Mark – very horny from start to finish. Very good company off the mats, too. I wish we didn’t live so far apart!



ukrassler is recommended by grappleian

Met at Pippa's had a quick bout - a nice guy, strong good wrestler



grappleian is recommended by ukrassler

Nice guy, very enjoyable wrestle.



ukrassler is recommended by Cymrofight

Finally got to wrestle after several years of being in contact - and it was no disappointment :-) Technically very skilled,really gets the pro vibe and great for making sure it's a good match. And such a nice and interesting guy off the mat.



Cymrofight is recommended by ukrassler

I’d been looking forward to meeting Neil for years. He looks the real deal in his photos, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed when we changed into our gear for a grapple. We a great time wrestling give and take in the Rochdale ring. We had plenty in common both in and out of the ring.



ukrassler is recommended by Big Ape

Chris is a strong skilled wrestler who is safe and sane and is great fun to wrestle. He is a most friendly and pleasant guy and I cant wait to wrestle him again



Big Ape is recommended by ukrassler

John is a very strong, muscular, masculine guy who is great to wrestle – what more could you want?! Very good company off the mats, too.



ukrassler is recommended by robroyscotland

A fabulous host and very nice guy. An experienced wrestler capable of a variety of styles but particularly into britpro in a big way. Highly recommended!



robroyscotland is recommended by ukrassler

After several years of being in touch online, I finally got to meet “Rob”. He was definitely worth the wait, but why didn’t we meet sooner? He’s strong and skilled, safe and sane, and we had plenty to talk about, with lots of shared interests and friends. I’m very much looking forward to meeting him again.