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Hey I'm a fit 35 year old guy who likes to wrestle for fun, but competitive at the same time. Mainly into submissions and pins with ball grabs, not into pro wrestlung. I usually I like to wrestle in speedos, briefs, that kind of gear, but open to suggestions. Ideally I'd like my opponent to be of similar stats, but this is not set in stone. Opponent needs to be clean, a shower isn't difficult!
Hit me up if interested, wanna get a good few matches in :-)



  1. United Kingdom, isle of wight
    (I'm here from 5/25/2017)
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers


Age: 35-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 154 lbs (70 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos, jocks, briefs

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman

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iowbk4good is recommended by indigo88

Excellent fighter and a very please personality. Got strong arms and legs. Skill level is also quite good. We had an intense match and hopefully we can fight again



indigo88 is recommended by iowbk4good

I recently had a wrestle with indigo88. He was a great wrestler, tough and we had a good back and forth match. He has a great physique and knows how to test your strength.

I highly recommend to anyone considering to wrestle him. He's a brilliant guy, easy to talk to and made me feel very relaxed in his company. Would love to take him on again in I get the chance.



iowbk4good is recommended by dan9692

July 2019-
Two and a half years later we finally met again for round 2. The location was slightly less exotic than our last meet swapping sunny Rio for Reading!! I warned Steve that I had grown stronger since our last meet, but he didn't believe me. After a long sweaty amd intense tussle I walked away the victor!!! That said I was made to work very hard for it and it could have gone the other way.

He looks amazing in his speedos and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves wrestling and getting hot amd sweaty together. I'd happily wrestle you again, amd hopefully not wait another 2 years for the pleasure!!!

Feb 2017-
Met today in glorious amd sunny Rio. Had a great wrestle for an hour it got sweaty very fast. Very back and forth, we were a good match up, throw in some slightly dirty moves and we have a match we both noticeably enjoyed ;) Steve is a great opponent very friemdly and laid back and deceptively strong. Next time he wont be so lucky, i maintain that second tap doesnt count i had jawlock!!! Haha would reccommend him in a heartbeat and i hope we can meet and wrestle again when we are both back in wet and grey UK



dan9692 is recommended by iowbk4good

I met Dan in Rio, was easier to meet there than the UK! Had a great wrestle for one hour. Dan has good upper body strength and strong legs. I enjoyed our bout a few dirty tricks mixed in too. I had the upper hand, I did warn Dan size doesn't matter :). A great guy to chat to, definitely recommend 💪💪



iowbk4good is recommended by Lightning

Had a very fun match with iowbk4good when he was visiting Miami. Nice guy, fun to chat with before and after the fight. Easy going and we had a really well-paced submission match with strikes. It was a very fun time and I would totally meet him again if the opportunity came up.
Great to meet someone who wants the match enough to make it work in a tiny space in the corner of an old hotel room above a tavern.
Would very much recommend him if you’re looking for any sort of grappling focused, not crazy intense, match. And if you’re into speedos, he looks great in em.



Lightning is recommended by iowbk4good

Had a great match with lightning when I was visiting Miami. I really enjoyed the match, although this guy worked me over most of the time, I think I got one tap out of 13 :). He is a strong guy, stronger than he looks and was a great teacher too. Really great guy and easy to talk to. He wore a pair of my speedos and looked really hot in them ;) If you get the chance, have a wrestle with him, he's definitely worth it and you'll have fun. If I'm ever in the area I'd like to take him on again.



iowbk4good is recommended by Jet1992

Amazing guy, really accommodating and friendly.
Had a fun introduction to wrestling as this was my first meet, didn't feel I faired too badly, but not sure how 'easy' he went on me haha.
Hopefully we'll find time for a rematch sometime.



Jet1992 is recommended by iowbk4good

Jet is a great guy. Was honoured to be his first opponent from the site. Jet looks great in his gear. He's a good wrestler, has great stamina, and was a lot of fun. Beware he's good at finding your weak spots. A really great guy off the mats, an interesting guy to talk to and enjoyed his company. Looking forward to taking him on again soon. Recommend anyone to take him on.



iowbk4good is recommended by SWLondon88

Had the pleasure to meet iowbk4good yesterday on the Isle of Wight. We had a very intense match all afternoon. He is a great host and a very nice guy. If you get the chance to meet him, don’t miss it...and it is not difficult to get to the Isle do Wight at all! Big recommendation.



SWLondon88 is recommended by iowbk4good

I had a great match today with SW London, appreciated him coming to the Isle of Wight to wrestle at my place. We wrestled for 5 hours, with a few breaks inbetween, I'm now exhausted! We had a good few rounds of give and take pinning, submissions and ball grabs. He's tougher than he looks and can take a lot before he submits. He is a great guy off the wrestling mats too, easy to talk to, really good guy and I highly recommend him :-)



iowbk4good is recommended by mchaeljams6

Steve and I organised a meet on the Isle of Wight. We hadn’t been chatting very long at all but we both had a free day and we got on like a house on fire so why not eh?

Steve is a brilliant host and couldn’t do enough to make me feel comfortable. As for the match, every time I thought I had him in a hold he’d wriggle out of it and make me suffer for it. He knows his way around a figure 4, be careful of that all jobbers ;)

I had a brilliant time with Steve and look forward to meeting again :)



mchaeljams6 is recommended by iowbk4good

I met Michael today for a wrestle. Although he is a jobber, he's stronger than he realises. We had a great to and fro match, pinning and doing subs. He looks great in gear and is one sexy guy. I had a lot of fun with him and would recommend him to anyone. Off the mats Michael is a great sweet guy and easy to talk to. Would love to take him on again :-)



iowbk4good is recommended by Coops

I had Steve over for a Saturday night wrestle and I don't think I've ever sweated so much during a match. We managed to keep it up for quite some time, having a few fun gear changes along the way.
He really put me though my paces and it was a very enjoyable wrestle.
The icing on the cake though was getting to know him a little better after.
He's a sound guy with a lot of experience in wrestling so if you get the chance to meet him then take it.



Coops is recommended by iowbk4good

I met Coops at the weekend. Had a great match with him and he's good considering he only started wrestling at the beginning of the year. We had a sweaty match with a few gear changes. Coops was a great accommodating host and a really great guy too, definitely recommend!



iowbk4good is recommended by New2this

Had a really great match. Looks good in a pair of speedos and really fit. Also a great guy off the mats. Had a good roll around and would definitely recommend. Hopefully meet again soon for another go.



New2this is recommended by iowbk4good

Had a good wrestle with New2this. Looks great in his singlet. We had a lot of fun with some great pins and a bit of grabbing too :-) a really sweet guy off the mat too. Hope to wrestle again sometime



iowbk4good is recommended by finest

We had a great match.
This guy is determined with great upper body strength and looks the part in a pair of speedos so we just had to get down to mats and wrestle!
Really appreciated him travelling all the way to london to meet up.
If you're going to the Isle of White - definitely challenge him



finest is recommended by iowbk4good

Had a great match with finest. He is a strong guy who knows his moves and taught me a thing or two. Finest is a really great guy too and had a really enjoyable time with him, would recommend him to any wrestler. Hopefully I'll meet him again and would have learnt a few more moves to give myself a better chance! :-)



iowbk4good is recommended by rick5050

Met twice and I was not disappointed on either occasion. First encounter saw tested the waters while match two heated up. He has an arsenal of holds and a never give up attitude. Gives and takes CBT well and has a great pair of legs. Great guy off the mat too!