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I'm Ryan, a college student. Please read the whole thing. I’m Interested in being completely humiliated and dominated. I love erotic pins, holds, and sleepers. I also like being crushed under somebody that is taller and heavier weight than I am. We can talk if you are only heavier than me or only taller than me. I would also like to try to be used as a punching bag for you boxers out there. Also have pretty much no experience except from the things I watch. I'm willing to learn to become an actual jobber so if people want to teach me how to get out of moves or holds thats okay. Just for the people that want somewhat of a fight can wrestle with me too. I just want the end of the match to have me as the loser. Will always shave my upper body and face before a match. I’ll always shower before one unless told not. I’m into the sweat and musk smells and don’t mind being “forced” to smell it.

Nothing to harmful that would leave me with big bruises or black eyes, etc. I'd like everything to be safe and sane. My favorite hold is any type of headscissors, my favorite pin is the school boy pin and I’d love a good facesitting session. I want to try sleepers and choke holds and if you knock me out you can have complete control over my body to do whatever you want with one except (message me to talk about it). The more crotch and ass in my face the better. Also MUST be verbally dominate while dominating me. I Love a good sexual erotic verbal beatdown. As well as a nice and slow erotic 10 count or for however long you want.

Like i may have said at the beginning i don’t have any wrestling experience. That also means i don’t exactly know what i like yet. So for now all i really want is a match where you weaken me so badly you have complete control over my body to do whatever you want with it in anyway you like to best. I’m learning and exploring if I’m not comfortable with something I’ll tell you, but willing to try most everything.

If things get sexual and you want me to get hard and finish. You must tell me what do to, be verbally dominate, talk dirty to me. If you aren’t talking to me then you should be teasing me. BBW from BG east is a great example of how i would like to be teased. My mind tends to wonder so if I’m not into the match I’m not going to get hard. It’s very hot for you to have your ass in my face and put me in a headscissors, but if you aren’t calling me a bitch or telling me to sniff if, nothing will happen. I’m also okay with just the heel finishing. I don’t need to finish, but if you want me too, then this will help. Obviously things don’t have to get sexual or erotic if you don’t want it too. Just looking for a good time.

Willing to travel to surrounding Illinois/Wisconsin states. I also kind of enjoy longer car rides so I'll definitely try to make at most about 6 hour trip if need be. IF I HAVE A CAR which I currently do NOT have. There are three hotels/motels, "Harrison House Bed & Breakfast" "Hotel Indigo Naperville Riverwalk", and "Stardust Motel" that are walking distance I can go too. if that doesn't work then you can try to find someplace in Chicago, I can ride the train and walk from there. I will try to rent a car if we have already set up dates, but please contact me even if we have already setup a date. I really want to have all these matches so please lets figure something out.

if we're planning a match please keep in contact so I remember who you are and when we can have one. especially if I give you dates that I can wrestle. Up above is why I ask you guys to stay in touch

I would like to take flights to New York, Texas, Florida, California, and even Canada, but please understand i am a college student and don’t have all the free time in the world to travel. I graduate in two years and I’ll probably have more free time then. Talk to me if you live elsewhere, but if I’m taking a flight just to wrestle I’d like to have a couple of matches lined up in the state. Just so I’m not there spending so much money for a match just to fly back home. Minimum stay in a state would be 3 days max stay in a state would be two weeks. I’m probably not going to go overseas, unless i have a ton of free time. I mean I'm only 20 and it’s a lot of money to do that.



  1. USA - Illinois, Naperville
    I live here
  2. USA - Wisconsin, Delavan
    Summer place, but can go anytime
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 20-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 194 lbs (88 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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little rJ is recommended by gordonbelly

Had a good time with Ryan. He is a total jobber with a nice body to cuddle with. Very open to new ideas and being dominated in any way.



gordonbelly is recommended by little rJ

Had a great time with GordonBelly. He is a nice person on and off the mats, and was a very fun squash match. Looking for a heavy guy to squash you. This is your guy!



little rJ is recommended by Wrestle-me12

Great guy. He’s a great jobber and can take whatever you throw at him. Looking forward to our next meet.



Wrestle-me12 is recommended by little rJ

Had a great time be used by him. if you want to be Choked out, Smothered, or badly gut punched this guy is definitely your guy. Also great person to have for beginners or first timers.