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  1. USA - Missouri, St. Louis
    Summer place, but can go anytime
  2. USA - Illinois, Naperville
    I live here

I am willing to travel 100 miles


22-year-old Male / 5'10" (178 cm) / 220 lbs (100 kg)

Languages spoken: English


I'm Ryan, a college student and a swimmer. I’m Interested in being completely dominated. I like being crushed under preferablly somebody that is taller and/or heavier weight than I am. For you boxers out there, willing to be punching bag. Don’t have much experience, except the basic moves so if you want me to fight back, ill do my best but it’ll end up one-sided. If you want to teach me a few things along the way go for it. As long as it’s a fun match, I'll be happy.

Nothing to harmful that would leave me with big bruises, black eyes, leave marks, etc. but I’ll sometime look for sadistic matches ever now and then. I’m willing to get rough but keep it sane. My favorite moves are all types of headscissors, sleepers, and humiliating pins. I’m just looking to have a good time, I’m not looking to get off. If i do i do, if i don’t i don’t. If you want to get off i will help you in anyway only have one limit when it comes to sex. I have plenty of kinks mainly facesitting, breath control, bondage, rimming, muscle worship, smothering & crushing, sweaty smells, and many many many more (I’ll try anything once). Will usually shower and shave before a match unless you don’t want me too

Also if i favorite you it means I’m interested and would like to set something up. I do have a car, but can't travel long long distances. it could be easier for you to get to me, but once I graduate in about a year I’ll try to travel more often and will also have more free time to wrestle. Have a kik and skype just ask about it.

If I had a dream match, it would start off as a normal match 1v1 but as the match goes on you take control of the match. The farther along the match, the more erotic it gets. The moves/holds become more erotic and then you start to "force" more of a sexual tone to it. Making me sniff/lick the sweat off your body, then teasing me with your crotch and/or ass in my face. Where eventually you make me suck your dick and/or rim your ass. If you aren't into the sexual/erotic stuff than it would also be fun for you to show off more of your strength as the match goes on. Can be displayed by carrying me around, using me as gym equipment, or using powerful slams, chokes, holds. To end either match 10 count me out in whichever way you see fit by the pin being a little humiliating or just a normal pin and yes I even encourage false pins. If you're into any kinks lmk and we can decide where to throw them in if you want to follow my dream match. Also I will actually try to get out of whatever you throw at me so I'm not just laying there. Remember this is only a dream match if you just want to meet up and just play it out as we go, thats okay. I'll say it again as long as the match is fun, I'll be happy.



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Boxing Boxing

Match structure: Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Two on one, Online chatting, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Pool wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Photo swapping, I'm a jobber, Stakes
Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Gut punching, CBT, Foot fetish, Trampling, Face sitting, Muscle worship

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little rJ is recommended by joedocker77

little rj is stronger than his pics make him look, and even cuter. He has a very adorable boyish face and his shoulder and pec muscles are super well developed. It's not that easy to overpower him, but worth it. I had a thoroughly enjoyable match and was pleased in every way. Plus he's just a nice and intelligent young man. Can't wait for rematch.



little rJ is recommended by stevecleveland

This kid's pictures don't do him enough justice, he's quite broad-shouldered and very well-muscled, and with a good tolerance for being roughed up, he definitely puts up a good fight and doesn't back down. HitTaker and I had to double-team him just to get him to tap and we went on for hours while he took everything we threw at him. Apart from the fight, he is very intelligent, well-mannered, and self-aware underneath a quiet demeanor, making company with him a relaxing and almost familiar experience, even when meeting for the first time. I can't wait for another chance to roll with him again, and highly recommend meeting him if you're in the area.



stevecleveland is recommended by little rJ

SteveCleveland is a great gut puncher, while he does have a wild side he also has a sweet side. When in the match he can bring the heat with powerful punches, but when you need to rest he’s nice and gentle, but he might surprise you with a punch or two while you’re resting so never feel too comfortable. He’s a great guy fun to be around and I definitely had a fun gut punching match with him. he may be a little sadistic at times but knows when to stop if you ask him. Overall definitely recommend this nice but wild guy



little rJ is recommended by HitTaker

Well rj is a gorgeous muscle stud. Great with communication and after talking for a long while we were finally able to meet on my trip to Chicago. He is amazing. A fun time on and off the mats. He is strong, solid and tough but a super nice young man. He has great pics but meeting in person, omg a smile that glows and really gorgeous. Highest recommendation and a must meet. I’m looking forward to meeting with him again. Hopefully soon. Made my trip for sure.



HitTaker is recommended by little rJ

HitTaker is one Big and Tough guy, but was very respectful of limits and made sure i was always okay. This was my first full gut punch match and I’m still feeling very sore from his powerful punches. If he wanted to, he could definitely knock someone out if he went full force. He knows his strength and knows when to hold back which makes him a great first gut punching opponent. He’s very hot and very sexy and will accommodate to some of your kinks if you have them. Was a great match, he’s a great guy, and definitely recommend this big hunky man. can’t wait for another match and definitely worth the long time planning. He’s so much hotter... and bigger than what his pictures show. Nothing but good things to say about him



little rJ is recommended by headscissorschgonwburbs

Had an unexpected late Sunday match with little_rJ (Ryan) last night it went till 4am. Nice guy and jobber he was in my head scissors all night.
Good time to spend on a foggy humid night. Want to wrestle again



little rJ is recommended by planted pinned

Almost didn't meet this guy on my vacation but managed to catch him at the last minute, and he was definitely worth the wait! A great jobber who can definitely take some punishment. I was pretty impressed when he didn't tape out in my camel clutch. He took some serious bumps and slams, sleepers, and of course my piledrivers (classics and tombstones), and he did really great. He is even one of the few lucky fellas to take my FULL total body splashes along with some crotch pins and face sits. One tough kid who was really fun to hang out. Nice guy, hope to hang out with him again.



planted pinned is recommended by little rJ

Has a great time with him. Was lucky enough to have him stop by my town during his vacation. Had a blast being under his sweaty body, ass, and pits. Is a real nice guy that is rough and careful at the same time. He can take part in both competitive or heel a one-sided match very well. For all you competitive wrestlers out there he will bring the pain and put up a very good fight. For all you jobbers out there he will make sure you have a great time being dominated and humiliated



little rJ is recommended by westburbwrestler

This was a great match! He is a nice guy and can take a lot! Had lots of fun and looking forward to next time!



westburbwrestler is recommended by little rJ

Got to experience a lot with this guy. Was lots of fun and loved each experience with him. I got tied up and beaten pretty badly, but left with no marks or injuries. Hes very nice and kept it sane. Highly recommend him for people looking for a darker side of wrestling. Had a great time was very fun and can’t wait to wrestle him again



little rJ is recommended by Halfcain46

little RJ is a fun opponent! Very creative and fun to squash. Will definitely wrestle again. A highly recommended opponent



Halfcain46 is recommended by little rJ

Halfcain46 is a great wrestler, very strong and very fun. He can go as wild or as mild as you want. Had a great time wrestling and he can be as erotic as you want. High recommendation and definitely looking forward to our next match



little rJ is recommended by gordonbelly

Had a good time with Ryan. He is a total jobber with a nice body to cuddle with. Very open to new ideas and being dominated in any way.



gordonbelly is recommended by little rJ

Had a great time with GordonBelly. He is a nice person on and off the mats, and was a very fun squash match. Looking for a heavy guy to squash you. This is your guy!



little rJ is recommended by Wrestle-me12

Great guy. He’s a great jobber and can take whatever you throw at him. Looking forward to our next meet.



Wrestle-me12 is recommended by little rJ

Had a great time be used by him. if you want to be Choked out, Smothered, or badly gut punched this guy is definitely your guy. Also great person to have for beginners or first timers.