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Age 41
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight 215 lbs (98 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Bisexual
Looking for Male or Female
Languages spoken Arabic, Armenian, English, Persian
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  1. USA - California, Glendale
    (I'm here from 1/11/2019)

I am willing to travel 30 miles

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Match structure: Squash match

Fetishes: Jackoff, Cock fighting, CBT, Muscle worship

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Let’s wrestle and have fun ;) I’m Into bearhug, getting choked, squeezed and squashed btw strong arms and legs with lots of ball pain 😈

Basically looking for someone who can make me submit over and over again 💪 so if you think you’re that “SOMEONE” hit me up 🤗 Challenge me !

Stay safe !


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Someoneian is recommended by Roll23

If there’s one thing I can say about this wrestler, it’s that he delivers on what he promises. When I opened the door and we stood there nose to nose, I knew this one going to be a fun match and he made it just that!

He takes the punishment and delivers it right back so if you are ready to wrestle and have one hell of a time, this is your guy!



Roll23 is recommended by Someoneian

This cute sexy huge strong guy showed me what a cute sexy huge strong guy can do ;) which is sweating like hell trying to make me submit… did he succeed ?? 🤷🏻‍♂️ hehe 😈

He’s powerful and has a great strong moves that puts you in a tough positions but still I was able to get my way out and make him submit few times with my special talent(s) 😈 !

Outside wrestling he’s an amazing easy to communicate guy, I had a blast wrestling with this sexy huge guy ! And ohhh doing chests bumps and nose to nose is A MUST with this powerful man !!



justir is recommended by Someoneian

Super fun !! This guy is a nice super strong tall guy that can take and give a lot 😈 had a blast with him while making him flex, smile and submit by doing what I told him I’ll do using my own techniques 😈 you see; size and muscles doesn’t grant you an easy WIN … Off the mats he’s a super nice guy with a nice smile , enjoyed my time with him 🤗



Someoneian is recommended by mattz4fun

This dude is great combination of toughness, good looks and fun! He warned me that he's strong. But this guy is STRONG! He had me controlled at times, making me work hard for anything I got. Also a great communicator (with some hot trash talk mixed in). He's got no problem dishing the punishment either. I like a challenge and got it here. Looking forward to our next.



mattz4fun is recommended by Someoneian

There are plenty of reasons why this guy has over 520 past opponents, top reason is him being a real GENTLEMAN, great communicator, host and a sexy handsome guy to connect with ;) as of wrestling well don’t get fooled by his stats, he has an amazing strength and can put you into killer holds. He got me into several holds and made me submit. Very competitive and likes to make you struggle and suffer … DISCLAIMER: stay out of his CHOKE holds ! Do not let him get you into that position … cause once you’re locked between his iron biceps you’re under his mercy till he lets you out … overall had an AMAZING time … looking forward for more 😈



Someoneian is recommended by RamsMuscle

Finally got to give this man a match after he was one the very first people to welcome me in. Not only is this guy handsome and nice, but he is very fun in a match. Strong and relentless, he just loves to keep trying his tricks and sneaking in his shots. I was able to overpower him but that never stops him from trying something more. Can definitely take some pain and gets very into matches. One of the most playful people I’ve met, but that does not mean he won’t try to overpower you. He couldn’t overpower me, and I definitely was throwing him around but it was very fun. Very funny and a nice guy but don’t let him sneak his moves on you during water breaks!

Even with his tricks I came out on top but damn he loves to try making you work for it. High recommendations for this awesome man. Make sure to get a match with him if you want a great time. Very easy to talk to and enjoy your time with this handsome man.



RamsMuscle is recommended by Someoneian

“So I walk into his room, lift him, bearhug him till he taps and toss him into the bed and dom the hell out on him” … uh huh well that was my intention ! But boy I was wrong … this young guy proved me how delusional I was thinking I have a chance against his POWER BODY … the minute I walk into his room he lifted me up, squashed the hell out of me and tossed me around like I was nothing !! Im a big guy and it’s not easy to get into that embarrassing situation 🤦🏻‍♂️ He continued dominating me through out the day … no matter how hard I tried he always overpowered me and made me submit over and over again… without a hassle .. like I was nothing … he’s very talented wrestler and knows how to block your attempts and make him submit … he sees it before coming … like he has a special wrestling superpowers … He did exactly what he told me he will … making me his sub boy :( …

Side note: I was able to make him my sub few times using my own charm techniques 😈

Off mats he’s an amazing funny handsome sexy guy who looks way bigger and sexier than pics … his body portions are super super wow … fire strong biceps and a killer legs … looking forward for our next wrestling match … my J number 2 😈



Someoneian is recommended by MIAContender

Last 01/29 I was expecting an intense match 🤼‍♂️ with Someoneian. I was sure that at least I'd put up a good fight, but I proved to be no match against him. He is soooo strong 💪🏼that he totally bulldozed me. I found myself pleading for mercy 😨the whole night. What a terrible night of defeat after defeat 😳. He's earned 100% bragging rights🥇. When fighting he's dreadful😱, but off the mats he is the nicest🥰sweetest guy.
I recommend him 100%!



MIAContender is recommended by Someoneian

From day one I was 💯% sure I will take him down and make him submit over and over again ;) and that’s what exactly happened when I met him … Don’t let his muscles and stats intimidate you 😈 wrestling aside he’s a very nice guy, I enjoyed my time with him 🤗



Someoneian is recommended by jeffc

Strong powerful man. Completely controlled me throughout the match. Mean bully on the mats, very nice guy off them!



jeffc is recommended by Someoneian

Strong jobber that can take a lot of abuse and pain 😈 also very kind man and a great host ! It was pleasure hurting him 💪



Someoneian is recommended by wrestle guy

We talked a while back and we could never find the time to meet, Im glad we finally did! Such a strong fighter. He is persistent and determine to make you submit no matter what, don't let his innocent face fool you if you let your gard down he will take advantage of it. Off the mats he is a friendly hot guy who loves talking about matches. Very easy to communicate with. I can't recommend him enough and I hope in the future we get to do a rematch.



wrestle guy is recommended by Someoneian

Finally was able to meet and wrestle with this little guy 😈 I enjoyed making him submit over and over again even while he was submitting 😎 had lots of fun … I hope he’s fully recovered now … off the mats he’s such a nice friendly young guy … enjoyed our time together ☺️



Someoneian is recommended by kuman

Very hot and intense fighter very handsome man with a killer smile
Cant take a good fight. A very nice and strong body HOt
Outside that he is a very nice guy, super good friend Can’t wait for a rematch.!!



kuman is recommended by Someoneian

If you’re looking for a sexy little guy to take control then he’s you’re guy 😈 he does take pretty good punches and low blows !!! Plus he’s amazingly kind ... enjoyed my session with him !! Need to hurt him more 💪



Someoneian is recommended by Swenrique you talk with a wrestler here for over a year, you finally connect...expectations are not really pre set so you don’t know, exactly what you’re walking into. This was the case with Someoneian! No don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, I just wasn’t sure where this match was going to go. So when he opens the door and I am mediately snatch him into it lifted front bear hug... and continue to squeeze the breath out of him until he taps my shoulders rapidly, then I knew! 😈 Someoneian Definitely has some power to him but comparatively, it was a fun,slightly, one sided match! And that one-sided match meant that I had an absolute blast with my newest wrestling buddy. A great guy off the mats, and a fun guy on the mat. My only regret is that it took us over a year to finally connect. Strong recommendations for my new buddy!



Swenrique is recommended by Someoneian

Okey here’s the deal, LA tourism orgenazation must add this handsome gentlemen into “3 top things to do in LA” !! Literally if you’re in LA or visting LA then this guy is a MUST to wretsle with ! He showed up on time, greeted me with a great big confident smile and BEARHUG of my life ! Such a tall and muscular guy ! I don’t want to talk about the match cause I feel embarrassed :/ I just had to tell him to act he’s in pain !! Hehehe he dominated me, humiliated me and gave me best Apple Juice Squeeze ever !! His legs and arms ARE JUST WOW ! Once you’re locked between them .. forget it, there’s no way of coming out ! And then he smiles and tells you ohhh I didn’t even squeeze you ! I did make him submit though few times using my own teqniques hehehehe but overall who am I kidding ! He was in control from the time he came in till the time he left ! He felt sorry for me so gave me some credit heheheh overall I’m so happy that after a year of knowing him I finally met him ! Such a charming and a great human being with the greatest smile ever !!! Looking forward for more and more matches 🤗 or should I say more humiliation 🥴

PS He was my Christmas / new year gift 🎁



Someoneian is recommended by WrestleJ

Firstly, he is a very handsome man with a killer smile and great personality to go along with it. This jobber tried his best against me. Despite our size difference, I had a little more experience than he did and used that to control most of the match. He did get me to submit a couple times though. He’s very quick and knows how to use his weight to hold you down. Can’t wait for a rematch.



WrestleJ is recommended by Someoneian

Let me start by telling how wow, great, handsome guy he is ... I’m a bigger guy than him but he did MADE ME submit all the time, he also did carry me and toss me in bed, wasn’t expecting that !! Amazing power heel with a killer strong legs to be aware from ! Once you’re into scissor position btw his legs there is no way of coming out ! Not to mention his strong biceps and amazing kickboxing skills “kick, knee and punches” ! Warning ! if he says he will take you down then TRUST ME he will !!! Highly RECOMMENDING him !
PS he’s very friendly men with a cute smile 🤗



Someoneian is recommended by slandon23

While I was on the left coast I got to meet and wrestle this beast of a man Someoneian, let me start by saying that I'm happy to call this guy a friend we communicated for months before my trip so meeting and wrestling him was great, this guy is a beast he is nice of the mats but a beast on them we had a down and dirty cbt style battle that we both felt the next day, even though he is a newbie to wrestling, you will never know it, if your visiting the Los Angeles area please make sure you reach out to this guy cause I'm happy I did



slandon23 is recommended by Someoneian

You’re into DIRTY fight ?? Then slandon23 is your guy !!! we communicated a lot before our meeting ... understanding what we both like ! Let me tell you he’s a beast !! Plays very dirty ! Be aware of your ballls !! Cause he has an amazing way of getting to your balls and squashing them like peanuts !!! Overall very humble and nice guy to talk and wrestle with 💪🤗💪



Someoneian is recommended by grapewine

Someoneian and I had the chance to fight in my place. We focused on some basic judo ground moves and wrestling moves with the gi on. I was impressed by how strong he is on the mat. We definitely had a good and challenging match with chokes, submissions, bear hugs, squeezing, etc... until the mat and gi were drenched in sweat. It was quite a good work out and felt very relaxed afterwards. Also Someoneian is a very nice and intelligent guy that you can also develop a good friendship with on or outside of the mat. Hope to fight him again in the near future.



grapewine is recommended by Someoneian

grapewine is a great person, he welcomed me warmly into his house, took me over his place, made me very comfortable , explained me about Judo since it was my first time :) showed me some moves and then there we were on the ground wrestling in our Judo gi, he's strong and he knows what he's doing, I did my best to fight him back :) and I think I did win few times hehe he can squeeze and give pain ... other than wrestling he's a great individual to build a friendship with... looking forward !!!



Someoneian is recommended by Parisbb

Someoneian is really a great personn.
Started light, we went into some good bearhugs, for long time.
We saw each other on the thursday AND the friday night.
He is strong enough to give you some good (and hard) time.
He still need to improve in ballbusting (but who don't?) but with his will I am sure he will!
Open minded, you can ask him a lot of stuff...
A very nice and strong body...
Outside that he is a very nice guy, with whom you can speak with on multiple subjects.
Next time around where you are.... I definitively want other meetings with you!



Parisbb is recommended by Someoneian

If you're into ball busting, then you need to meet this guy !! enjoyed every second with him. I had alot of bearhugs and ball busting actions, edging and post cum torture.... And what I liked about him was the fact that he tried to understand what I like first and then delivered to me, it was all about me :) !!! He was also very knowledgeable in Ballbusting ;) learned so much from him ... I can still feel the pain "ouch"...

PS. If you like to punch, squeeze, kick and knee balls THEN THIS GUY IS THE MAN !! IRON BALLS !!! No limitation !!