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Age 58
Height 5'9" (176 cm)
Weight 154 lbs (70 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Bisexual
Looking for Male or Female
Gear short or speedo
Languages spoken English, French, Spanish
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  1. Spain, Los Realejos
    Job once by trimester
  2. France, Paris
  3. Germany, Berlin
    Often for holidays
  4. United Kingdom, London
    (I'm here between 5/01/2023 and 5/03/2023)
    Holidays and wrestling

I am willing to travel 1000 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)

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Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
Judo Judo

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Tag team / group fights, Outdoors fights

Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling

Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches

Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, Relationship

Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, Cock fighting, CBT, Foot fetish, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Hello my fight club in Paris is becoming a reality ! Participants pics available on demand !
Any kind of match / mild to wild
I can train and coach you on my mats ...
As i am also back to an international function in a big account i am going to travel a lot and participate to training or tournament wherever there are opportunities.

I will often travel and organize fights wherever i travel... but i can also accomodate a week end in paris and i have good training mats.

I think i am fitter than ever as it can be obvious through my new pics.

Looking forward to meet YOU for fun competitive or rough, any style : let me know.
bring it on
Skype : Yann-wrestler


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Toughwrestler is recommended by Kevwt96

Combat parfait, j'ai beaucoup aimé affronter Thoughwrestler lors de plusieurs manches. Il s'adapte parfaitement à son adversaire. En dehors des combats beaucoup de discussions



Toughwrestler is recommended by Mike77ny

Thankfully got a chance to spend time rolling around with this strong, quick, and handsome man and his pics equally match what you would expect in a meetup 💪 He’s a great guy to know and talk to outside of wrestling and definitely makes safety a priority for everyone.



Mike77ny is recommended by Toughwrestler

Mike is the first guy i met arriving in New York to wrestlefest 2023, and it has been a passionate way yo begin.
even if he is very light he know a lot of wrestling and it has been a soft but intense match, with a lot of very various hols to share.
I hope we ll meet again perhaps next year in Wrestlefest... but in any case don't hesitate to meet him if you go to New York city.

we had also a very great moment after the match as he knows a lot about architecture and help me to understand some of the beautiful monuments around my hotel



Toughwrestler is recommended by IllWIll II

This man was an incredibly tough opponent from start to finish. Great stamina, power, and technique. Strong pressure, tight holds, and numerous tricks to pull from. Also easy to plan and communicate with, so I highly recommend going a round with him!



IllWIll II is recommended by Toughwrestler

a very good fight in New York and Wrestlefest2023 with Will.
Will knows a lot of grappling and we wrestled during almost two hours, a very technical and competitive match... with some rough moments.
i really loved to meet him, and hope we will have soon a rematch.
i highly recommend him if you go through New York, he is easy to date nad you will have an intense match with real stamina skills and competition.
Cant wait to meet him again



st7 is recommended by Toughwrestler

3rd fight over 10 years.
yesterday i couldn t get any submission ! i won the previous time ...
St7 has a lot of technics and he can fight as a streetfighter. but off the mats he is a great person.
Difficult to meet any one should try to enjoy pure fighting.

yesterday i had finally an opportunity to wrestle this st7 again, a very competitive grappling match with some very rough moment with hard slapping to face... it has been a lot of stamina and i can say that every time i meet him he seems stronger...

but i obtained one submission not that much but really satisfactory as he is a bit heavier than me.
thanks my friend and see you sooner that time:-)
still highly recommendable for those who like real hard grappling



AV-15 is recommended by Toughwrestler

What a wonderful surprise !
we have been in contact for a very longtime and finally this time we met !

this guy told me he didn't take classes of wrestling and i perfectly believe him, but he grapple like an expert with a lot of skills...
our match has been one of the best I had during these last months : up and down a lot...
fortunately i am much heavier than him so i finally won this match but what a good moment !

and after this very pleasant discussions.
i am looking for him to come to Paris and i highly recommend him if you have the opportunity to meet!
thanks mate sure you will be beat me completely ... soon :-)



Toughwrestler is recommended by tomphila39

WOW. I had a great match against this outstanding wrestler. He showed me some new holds and techniques. I enjoyed every minute of it. We had excellent discussions before and after our match. Toughwrestler is an incredibly nice guy - energetic, fit, friendly, superior wrestling skills, and strong. I hope there is another match in the future. He gets my recommendation!



Toughwrestler is recommended by Wresjohn

As said by many, he is strong and skilled and overall a very friendly and accommodating guy.



Toughwrestler is recommended by Stagony

A very nice and personable guy off the mats with whom you can have a great conversation. On the mats, he's very tough, skilled and with a lot of stamina. What I was most impressed by is his ability to adjust his strength and intensity to my level, so I always had to work hard and struggle, but never felt helpless or without a chance. Of course, if he wanted to, he could have squashed me, but he made it challenging and fun instead. :)
I hope we will have a rematch in Paris, or again in Berlin (whichever comes first). ;)



Un mec formidable, on s'est bien amusé tous les deux.
Très fort au combat au sol et connais beaucoup de prise. Faîtes attention même quand vous pensez que vous avez l'avantage
J'ai pu au moins tester des techniques et en même il m'en apprends davantage pour mes futures combats.
Il m'a légèrement fait apprécier le gutpunching et le facesitting.
Il possède des tapis donc c'est tout bénef.
En dehors du combat, c'est un gars sympa et patient, il a même arrangé son emploi du temps pour qu'on combattent ce n'est pas rien.



Aujourd hui deuxieme rencontre avec ce jeune Lutteur !
Il a deja bien progressé !
Nous avons fait un combat mma et pas mal de round de grappling !
Il a une force redoutable et est tres agile.
C etait super agréable, acharné et équilibré.
N'hésitez pas à le rencontrer dès que vous pourrez...
bientôt il sera imbattable a n'en pas douter !
Hors du tapis il est très intéressant et charmant...
a bientot Ari :-)



Toughwrestler is recommended by Chuy94

Excelente rival,puntual y muy fuerte lo recomiendo ampliamente,espero volver a coincidir con el si visitas su pais o visita tu pais no dudes en ponerte en contacto con el.



Toughwrestler is recommended by soxydogger75

Résistant, expérimenté mais surtout respectueux



Toughwrestler is recommended by AJ 87

Toughwrestler was very patient waiting for my long-delayed arrival, so I have to thank him for that.
He was friendly and welcoming, but once the match started it was full-on.
He’s a great opponent. Tough, persistent and a bit ruthless. Next time we meet I think it’ll be safer for me to not let go of the scissors ;)
I would definitely recommend a match if you get the chance.



AJ 87 is recommended by Toughwrestler

We had a very great match !
This guy is really very skilled and I loved to wrestle him rough and hard !
Was it an even match ?:-)
Who cares ?
The wrestle was really enjoyable !
Please don t hesitate to meet AJ if you have the chance of an opportunity
When our rematch boy ?
Highly recommended ***



Toughwrestler is recommended by ugo clever

Notre combat était à l'image des deux précédents, bref mais avec beaucoup d'initiatives. Concernant les qualités humaines de mon hôte je n'ai rien à ajouter de plus que ce qui a déjà été écrit.




ugo clever is recommended by Toughwrestler

I met this guy last year he was just beginning wrestling and It was already a good match !
One year later he improved his skills a lot !
We had a rough rematch ...
You lost boy ! But don t hesitate to tell me next time you are in paris we ll have our 3rd match ! Can t wait !
Highly recommendable ****



Toughwrestler is recommended by Sevilla

Una leyenda de MF. Coincidimos en su casa en París y en Barcelona.

Duro, hace honor a su nombre, pero siempre seguro, a pesar de los golpes mutuos.

Volveremos a coincidir en cualquier parte de Europa, y espero defenderme mejor de sus tijeras.



Toughwrestler is recommended by JuanMadrid44

Easygoing to meet him

Thank you for the evening and for the submit match

Tough and rough guy . 🥊



Toughwrestler is recommended by caribbeanman

Très bonne expérience et temps de combat, il a beaucoup d'expérience et de mouvements, son espace de combat est très bien conditionné pour les combats de soumission,



caribbeanman is recommended by Toughwrestler

Première rencontre avec ce nouveau combattant !
Il a de bons réflexes et de ressources, mais manque encore un peu de pratique ... pour l'instant !
Je pense que d'ici peu il sera difficile à vaincre ! Alors n'attendez pas .... très recommandable !



Toughwrestler is recommended by johnfrancis

Toughwrestler a eu la patience d'attendre que je sois disponible. Excellent partenaire pugnace.



Anr is recommended by Toughwrestler

I met this guy this summer.
Even if he is slim he has very good skills and we had a lot of fun !
He is quick, good and very agile !
I enjoyed a lot wrestling him and recommend to meet him if you go to munchen !
Hope a rematch in munchen or on my mats boy as soon as you want.



Toughwrestler is recommended by Gurgun

I had a chance to meet and fight this kind man in Budapest. We had a great hotel match together which i enjoyed a lot. Off the mat he is a very nice man, we had a great conversation.
Highly recommended!
Next time see you in Paris!



Gurgun is recommended by Toughwrestler

this summer for my last trip to Budapest, i had the opportunity to meet this guy.

we had a short but intense match in a hotel and i can say you that Gurgun has good skills and learn very quickly.

after the match we had a short moment in the city and i hope we can have a rematch in Paris in a near future

don't hesitate to meet him if you can...



Toughwrestler is recommended by milll36

Meet this tough guy for fighting , he was looking for some rough grappling mixing some body punches . We started BJJ using gi , then changed to no gi and added Body punches . He is a tough guy and can take a beating if that’s what it gets to .. I did submit him multiple times and beat him but he took it like a warrior he is !
Definitely work meeting him



milll36 is recommended by Toughwrestler

I met this guy some weeks ago...
he travelled several kms to meet and not sure i was at the good level for him.

He is very very skilled... i made a big mistake to accept a fight in GI ! i found him totally unbeatable !
i couldn't obtain any submission as he is so good and trained.

But i definitely want a rematch
a totally grappling match and perhaps i will submit you once :-)

a wonderful fighter to meet, don't hesitate if you can meet him



Toughwrestler is recommended by Leatherfight

Really good guy, good on the floor. But had him in the most round..
Fought him in stranding game With leather gloves so cool..
maybe an other time💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻



Leatherfight is recommended by Toughwrestler

It has been a real surprise to fight this guy !
Very skilled and strong.
Impossible to get a submission !
I enjoyed each part of our fight even if he easily beat me.
I still have to work my cardio and train in technical boxing but I promise I ll take my revenge !
Highly recommended if you like real fights.



Toughwrestler is recommended by ShortMick

I'm happy I was able to have an afternoon match with this great wrestler. He was a tougher opponent than I expected and even though I was able to hold my own at the start, he eventually showed me who was boss.
I'm looking for another round to redeem myself.
A great guy off the mats too.



ShortMick is recommended by Toughwrestler

I met Mick already 2 years ago !
It has been a very exciting match !
So much skills for his weight...
I remember this match as it was yesterday .... now the pandemic permits for some monthes to travel from paris to uk : I would like so much to have this rematch we talked about !
Do not hesitate if you have the opportunity to meet this guy !



Toughwrestler is recommended by sportifparis

Après une première rencontre sur les tapis en 2016, extrêmement brève, j'ai eu le plaisir de lutter à nouveau en juillet 2021 avec ce lutteur très expérimenté et très sympathique.

Bonne séance de grappling, avec à la fin la possibilité d'utiliser ses poings en mode mma... très sportif et intense. difficile pour moi d'avoir l'avantage face à un lutteur aussi technique que puissant.
Merci pour ton accueil et ta prévenance !

Highly recomended !



Toughwrestler is recommended by cub93100

Finalement! J’ai eu l’opportunité de rencontrer l’un des monuments de MeetFighters! Et j’ai pas boudé mon plaisir!
Un match plus fun que compétitif car 2toughwrestlers_in_1_team se récupérait d’une petite blessure aux doigts alors en lutteur aguerri il a bien utilisé ses jambes en déployant des ciseaux redoutables. Un accueil impeccable et pas de temps mort, une bonne suée, un super moment que j’espère réitérer un jour.
Plus que recommandé.



Toughwrestler is recommended by SileX

Yann and I have met a couple of times over the years of MeetFighters and before, first time over 10 years ago, and he hasn't lost his edge. He is strong, agile and knows what he is doing on the mats. He is highly recommended to anyone who likes to take on a lightweight opponent who can squeeze above his weight!

Please don't make me wait another 10 years for a rematch! :)



SileX is recommended by Toughwrestler

Yes it has been a very long time since we first met for a match with Sile in london !
I thought I could beat him at this time !
Since this period Sile has got bigger and bigger muscles and his skills have also incredibly increased.
So yesterday I just got 2 submissions and I lost the count of submissions he obtained !
But luckily Earth was there and he helped me a bit against Sile ...
But it has been not enough to dominate the Beast Silex ...
thank you my friend
I hope we won't meet in 10 years ... now I know better Budapest this wonderful and quiet city !
But you are invited to mine in Paris Center
Probably one of the most recommendable wrestlers of this site !



Toughwrestler is recommended by livingforfight

We had a hot match at my place and had much fun with this strong and fit man. I absolutely recommend him.



livingforfight is recommended by Toughwrestler

First time I meet Gyuri in Budapest ...
he is natural and like submission matches as I do !
It was technical but also very hot !
A pleasure to meet this guy if you come here.
A very rough and wild match with some submissions and a lot of fun
Very enjoyable young guy ***
Don t miss him !
Next fight on my mats in Paris, ok boy ?
Come and try our fight club !



Toughwrestler is recommended by DavidVdw

! 05/10/2019 !

I enjoyed a very nice encounter with Yann from 2thoughwrestlers_in_1_team.
The fight was very balanced and we made each other tap multiple times.

although i could see a pattern in our fights: i would win the first few rounds, stretching my force a little until i got tired and on that moment Yann would takeover the upper hand.
So even though we made each other tap more or less the same amount, i’d rate him the stronger oponent.

And as usual: after the fight we went for a drink and some simple food, i enjoyed the conversations i had with Yann. He is openhearted and Is not afraid of share some of his life experiences. I’d be happy to pay him a visit in Paris to get a rematch someday!



DavidVdw is recommended by Toughwrestler

Wat a grappler !

I met David 2 weeks ago and it has been one of my impressive match in life.
David is a wonderful grappler. 2 hours in the best conditions you can imagine : a huge matroom just for him and me.
it has been difficult to determine who was the best of us. For each bout, the result wasn't predictable and we won each of us several bouts.
It was as intense as i can like it and i think we both enjoyed it a lot until almost total exhaustion.

During lunch i also had the opportunity to discuss with a very sensitive young man, he must be great to be friend with.
i only regretted that all this was just a bit too short : would have fought and discussed for hours.

Don't miss him if you have any opportunity to meet David. One of the most recommendable wrestlers of meetfighters.

See you soon Boy !



Toughwrestler is recommended by munichsubfight

Met this guy many years ago, met him some years ago and met him now again.
Him being like an octopus ("whereever you want to do something, there´s an arm or leg bocking your way... That guy must have eight limbs!";) was an enlightening experience on our first encounter and opened my eyes to what the sport of grappling is about.

Now with years of training I know a bit better how to handle such an experienced and flexible grappler, and he can´t fold me up that fast anymore. Our matches are more sophisticated than on our first encounter, but equally funny.
Thanks for having shown me the way and thanks for checking my progress!
I hope I´ll get the next check of progress sooner than just in some years again:-)



Toughwrestler is recommended by scrappyone

Quite strong and makes you work to put him in holds. It was a fun and energetic match, though a bit short. I'm glad he made some time for me in his tight schedule.



Toughwrestler is recommended by fibri

yann est très sympathique, respectueux, technique et robuste au combat (forces et techniques bras et jambes)



fibri is recommended by Toughwrestler

excellente baston entre pote... j'ai adoré ! à rencontrer



Toughwrestler is recommended by Jackjamie

Meet the other day was really enjoyable great host very fit and knowledge and also thought me a few things I would definitely recommend him and hope to meet again



Toughwrestler is recommended by dan9692

Yann kindly hosted me at his hotel room in London, after a long time chatting it was good to finally meet!!!

There isn't much I can add to what others have said, Yann is a strong capable wrestler who certainly gave me a good workout!!! A really enjoyable match and I hope to meet him again soon!!

We were supposed to meet again the next day for a series of challenges, but I was too hungover!!! Next time you are here, I will make sure we do them!!



Toughwrestler is recommended by luttefrance

Yann s'est gentiment dévié de sa route pour m'affronter, et on s'est vite mis à l'épreuve, jjb contre lutte libre. Fort et tenace, il applique des prises fortes, surtout avec ses jambes. Malheureusement l'espace - et surtout la surface - n'a pas permis un bon rapport de forces et de techniques, donc à reprendre sur le tapis.



Toughwrestler is recommended by maeterwr

Quel plaisir de rencontrer ce lutteur qui malgre sa superiorite technique a bien voulu entrer dans le jeu sensuel ce qui m'a offert des moments memorables. En plus, cet homme charmant est d'une gentillesse attachante. Mes meilleurs recommendations en esperant de le revoir bientot!



Toughwrestler is recommended by Nicosoumis

Je dois devenir aveugle ... Car encore une fois je n'ai pas vu le jour ! 2toughwresters est puissant et technique, de plus il a bien plus d'endurance que moi. Très agréable en dehors du tapis également, à revoir avec plaisir :)



fighter961 is recommended by Toughwrestler

4 monthes ago I had a very interesting match with fighter961 !
He is very dynamic and learn very quickly.
I am sure he will be a very good fighter very soon if he isn t yet !
Looking forward a rematch since we first met
But he has a lot of other opportunities so I have to wait !
Highly recommended ****



Toughwrestler is recommended by markk

La moitié de l'équipe 2toughwresterlers_in_1_team avec laquelle j'ai eu un combat est un excellent lutteur. Il sait de la technique, il a de la force, et il résiste beaucoup. Il a préparé des matelas chez lui et on a eu un bon combat entre musclés. Il est passioné de la lutte et il cherche toujours mater son adversaire. On s'est bien amusé aussi parce que les deux nous nous sommes mis à se moquer de l'autre au milieu du combat et a chaque instant on a su diriger la lutte pour una submission totale de l'autre ou plutôt rigoler. En bref, j'ai beaucoup de respect pour 2toughwrestlers_in_1_team comme lutteur, comme personne et maintenant comme nouvel ami. Je tiens beaucoup à le rencontrer de nouveau.

The half of 2toughwrestlers_in_1_team that I met is an excellent wrestler. He has technique, he's strong and he's got stamina. He prepared the mats at his apartment and we had a great combat between two muscled guys. He's passionate about wrestling and he always wants to dominate his opponent. We had a great time in part because at one moment we were fighing to dominate the other and in the next instant were teasing each other. I have a lot of respect for this wrestler, for this man, and for this new friend. I will be very glad to see him again soon, I hope.



Toughwrestler is recommended by HardfightFfm

15/03/2019: I meet Yann this time at his place in Paris after 9 years between our last meeting in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. He's a still a very friendly guy and host. On the mats he shows that he still has his experience and we had a long sweat and hot erotic ending wrestling fight.. Best is his large wrestling room with excellent mats. Sad that we have so less time. Hope a rematch wouldn't take as long as this one. I can recommend him to all who ate searching a fit strong guy to have fun with!



Toughwrestler is recommended by Juan7593

Très bon partenaire de lutte.
Nous nous sommes rencontrés sur des tatamis une première fois en 2016 très brièvement.
Il aura fallut près de trois ans pour nous revoir et nous agripper de nouveau sur des tapis chez lui ; l'attente valait vraiment la peine.
Yann est combattif, endurant et possède une bonne technique pour vous soumettre si vous ne faites pas attention.
Pourvu qu'on remette ça très prochainement. J'ai hâte de rencontrer de nouveau ce bon lutteur pour m'entraîner et peaufiner ma technique.
Je recommande vivement pour ceux qui veulent lutter, et qui ne font pas semblant. A bientôt. 👍👍



Toughwrestler is recommended by softlutte

agréable rencontre avec Yann qui sait très bien adapter sa force, ses expériences et techniques au niveau de son adversaire avec ce gars très sympa on passe de bons moments à recommander



Toughwrestler is recommended by socalwrest

Very aggressive, puts up a good fight.

Met again,on his trip to LA. Had a very good match with Yann,;he still gives a good match, even though he was tired- Hope he comes back to LA someday, a nice guy to meet and wrestle.



Toughwrestler is recommended by wrestle guy

Yann was an amazing fighter. He is good looking and really easy to set up a match with. We had a nice back and forth submission match and he was really strong. Locking me in holds and pins. I was overpowered by his strength but i was able to get out of his locks once in a while. Nice guy off the mats but don't let his charm fool you on the mats he means business. I'm really glad i got to cross paths with this fighter while he visits LA hope in the future our paths will cross again and we will be able to rumble once more.



Toughwrestler is recommended by PATWRESLER

Que rajouter aux recommandations élogieuses de 2toughwreslers in 1 team. Tout est vrai, la technique, la force parfaitement maîtrisée et un super accueil permettant de faire un échange confortable sur de vrais tapis de lutte. Merci pour ce bel échange même si le rapport de force était déséquilibré !



PATWRESLER is recommended by Toughwrestler

Patwrestler est un adversaire qui débute mais sa force et sa volonté d'apprendre feront de lui assez rapidement un bon technicien.

nous avons lutté presque une heure et même sur ce court combat j'ai senti qu'il progressait et enregistrait quelques techniques que je mettais en oeuvre.

j'espère que nous aurons très vite l'occasion de remettre ça soit à Paris soit à Lyon pour que je mesure ses progrès,
et je recommande chaudement Patwrestler pour un bon moment de corps à corps.



Toughwrestler is recommended by albyboxfight

There isn't much that I could add to the hundreds of recommendations that Yann received in a fighting experience who led him to face over 350 opponents in about 800 matches. He is incredibly strong for his size. His muscles are very hard and give him power, endurance and strength in applying the holds. Every style of match we tried turned into a tough battle. We proved each other a lot in those matches.. He's tough, resistent and his wrestling skills are really impressive. And besides, a true gentleman!



albyboxfight is recommended by Toughwrestler

after a lot of time trying to organize to meet...
we finally had a rough night of fights yesterday....
different kind of matches and challenges to define who is really the box.
This guy is a real hard fighter..
i employed all my strength to batter him.. and i think his bruises will be there for some days but i have also been surprised by his vitality, his boxing skill which made me lose a very hard challenge.
i can just recommend him to whoever can catch him ! you will not be disappointed !
I will remind this fight one of my best wild one for a while
thanks man !



egyfighter is recommended by Toughwrestler

I met this guy several months ago !
He is a very good fighter and likes any kind of match ...
We had several fights and he has a lot of skills !
What is the most impressive was his capacity to host you and guide you in the wonderful city of Cairo
Highly recommended ****



Toughwrestler is recommended by pndfighter

A great mat setup in the centre of Paris and availability at short notice was what made a match possible while I was in Paris!
It was a hot summer day, so the mats were soon drenched in sweat and we needed every ounce of water we could get!
A great guy to meet and wrestle - don't look past him when you're in his area!



pndfighter is recommended by Toughwrestler

finally we met, after some years chatting on meetfighters.

and i can say that it was a very great match almost 2 hours of classical and less classical Grappling.
His technic is so good, and he is so difficult to submit :-)
it was very hot so almost an oil-match but it permits to measure all his skills and i am already waiting for a rematch : next time in Vienna.
very highly recommended - never hesitate if you can meet him



Toughwrestler is recommended by Rookie12

A great wrestle with this guru of submission wrestling who definitely had me locked up with his bjj technique. A fantastic guy too and we had good conversation after the match and over a pint.



Rookie12 is recommended by Toughwrestler

One of my best matches recently !
This guy has a lot of stamina and very good skills.
He learns quickly and put you in the same holds you used again him.
Don t miss him if you can meet him
And a great guy out of the mat.
Hope we ll meet again



This guy would have deserved to get a medal in his category in the freestyle competition and I had the chance to wrestle him !
He is so good although his weigh !
I got one or two submissions but because he had a lot of matches before !
Thanks for coming ! Thanks for the match !
Would love to meet again ! Perhaps in San Diego a next time :-)



Toughwrestler is recommended by niki-hh

We had wonderful, exhausting, intensive wrestling together, drenched in sweat. As it was so hot that day, it was like oil-wrestling. Great.
Is a wonderful guy, who is much better in wrestling than me, but could attune to my wrestling level. Althoug I had him sometimes in a good hold, when it got serious I had no chance.
I am very thankful for the time with him.



niki-hh is recommended by Toughwrestler

well this guy is incredible.
he is very light but can manage wonderfully a sub fight.
difficult to submit... he moves so quickly and have a lot of natural skills.
sure you will be surprised : don't miss him

we ll have a rematch soon in your place this time for sure.

        • recommendation



Toughwrestler is recommended by Lorax

Met this tough guy several years ago. He was my very first match and...well...he destroyed me. He got me in chokes time after time. Many lessons learned.

Off the mats, he’s a great guy. Made me feel comfortable on my first go round. I would definitely recommend him, especially for those who like a great competitive match. Hopefully I’ll get a chance for redemption next time we meet.



Lorax is recommended by Toughwrestler

o yes it was 6 or 7 years ago, he had already a great body :-)
we had a very good match i won but this guy had a lot of skills... moving quickly.. i am sure now it would be more difficult
let s try to meet soon man
i highly recommend you to meet him if you have the chance to be in the same place !



Toughwrestler is recommended by Scrapper147

Very Nice guy with a great wrestling set up in Paris! He was fun to meet with and very courteous. We rolled for more than an hour on a very hot Paris afternoon. Would highly recommend.



Scrapper147 is recommended by Toughwrestler

great to meet this guy who has a lot of skills for freestyle and has been winning our submission match.
It really enjoyed the match with him and hope i ll be able to have a revanche once !
hope he ll get good results in the Gay Games freestyle 2018 competition !
I highly recommend you to meet him if you can !
see you man



Toughwrestler is recommended by Trainsp

Cela faisait longtemps que je souhaitais rencontrer notre toughwrestler national. J'avais rencontré deux autres lutteurs avant et j'ai malheureusement été pris par la fatigue. Malgré cela j'ai pu goûté à la lutte avec lui et j'ai découvert une lutte technique avec une force étonnamment bien maîtrisée. J'ai hâte d'y replonger lors d'une prochaine session où je pourrai me consacrer entièrement à lui.
J'ai passé une excellente soirée avec cet homme également très agréable en dehors des tapis.



Toughwrestler is recommended by imthere

Kind senior in the site! Was able to accommodate me in my 2D 1N Paris holiday. I was always having good time in his house. Only had short match due to feeling tired cause we had match RIGHT when I just arrived Paris few mins ago, I arrived really late.

But his really great guy who still has interest to learn things and when I come back Paris, will teach you some boxing/muay thai 😁👍



Toughwrestler is recommended by damon

Eight years and more than 200 opponents (from his side) we met again. I was happy to find out that I can still challenge him! Yann is as all said a very tough fighter, he's very aggressive if you want him to be, but well aware of the boundaries and never lose control. Other than that, he's really a kind person, and a very generous host. Can't recommend him more.
He's stronger than he'll admit. he's quite good and knows how to fight, was a good fight. worth a try if you're around :)



damon is recommended by Toughwrestler

I met Damon 4 years ago and it was a great encounter...

Damon is really a great fighter he look slim but is really powerful and rough / either in oil or for submission bout he can give you a good hard fight... flexible on rule - looking for a rematch we will have soon

Highly recommendable↲



Toughwrestler is recommended by kimmetje

Bon les conditions n'étaient pas idéales même si on était logé au même étage dans le même hôtel. À la suite d’un diner copieux, mon adversaire a bien voulu me recevoir tard pour une lutte intense avec les codes de combat d'un site bien connu ! On a eu un échange bref mais d'une intensité incontestable. Une technicité et une capacité de force et de résistance remarquable. Mais en même temps une personne sympa en dehors des périodes de combat ! En tous cas, pour revenir au combat, j'étais déjà essoufflé après quelques ronds. On a terminé sur un ex-aequo, mais je pense que le prochain combat sera vraiment mémorable ! Au plaisir de la prochaine rencontre du coup !



Toughwrestler is recommended by militaire

Rien d'autre à rajouter. Fort, Fiable et très gentil. A recommander!!!



On s est bastonné dur entre mâle, tu étais très bagarreur, plein de testostérone, mas je t ai maîtrisé et soumis, te laissant au sol avec quelques bleus ! j en ai eu aussi !
Je t accorde ta revanche quand tu veux mec !
a recommander pour les vrai mâles qui acceptent les combats hard safe and sane mais hard



Toughwrestler is recommended by lemon881

Une rencontre tres attendue depuis quelque temps! Tres accueillant, sympa et paciente avec ma non expérience. A refaire bientôt !



lemon881 is recommended by Toughwrestler

It has been a very charming appointment
This guy learns very quickly
He is resistant and powerful for his weight and needs to train a bit to learn more and he will be one of the must in paris
Beside the mat, he has a very interesting experience in life to discuss and I d like to be his friend
See you soon man !



Toughwrestler is recommended by lutte 71

2ème recommandation :
Nouvelle rencontre en tag team. Un vrai plaisir de rencontrer Yann et Alex. Nous nous sommes bien amusés et les combats furent rudes et engagés et toujours fair play et respectueux. Yann est toujours aussi volontaire et combattif il y va à fond et pousse son co-équipier à vaincre ils font un sacré duo : redoutable sur le tapis et sympathique en dehors

1er recommandation
Un bon combat équilibré. Pour une reprise je me suis ien amusé et il m'a offert une belle résistance et de la difficulté. Je te donne ta revanche quand tu veux. Garçon tres sympathique et tres bon combattant



lutte 71 is recommended by Toughwrestler

il m'a surpris par sa force... je croyais que ce serait facile je me suis trompé : la prochaine fois on verra qui l'emporte !
bonne technique et beaucoup d'energie. De plus super sympa en dehors du tapis. heureusement qu'il n'a pas le temps de s'entrainer ! a rencontrer absolument.



Toughwrestler is recommended by Djay36

Excellent moment je pense que c'est bien résumé , Yann est fort et s'adapte à son partenaire donc Excellent ... + discussions des plus intéressantes avant et après .. Nous allons nous revoir , c'est acté .... !



Djay36 is recommended by Toughwrestler

un charmant combat avec DJay36.

il a peu de technique et nous n'étions pas dans des conditions idéales mais le combat fun était super agréable.

Il te reste beaucoup à apprendre mais tu es sur le bon chemin :-)

vivement un rematch



Toughwrestler is recommended by Fighter UK

Having been beaten a few years back I was determined the rematch was going my way

Yann puts up a really hard fight, he takes and gives a lot of punishment and will not give up without a long hard fight

I recommend Yann for his stamina and determination and excellent level of aggression



Fighter UK is recommended by Toughwrestler

the kind of fight which makes you feel proud of your week end and happy to be alive

we had yesterday a 2 hours hard fight - sub with body punches and this guy is really agressive and skilled

i thought i could beat him like last time we met, but he got back the energy he had 10 years ago when we first met and i didn't even get one submission... but i am already looking for our next fight mate



Toughwrestler is recommended by Mat74

Je brulais tellement d'envie de rencontrer cette veritable legende du site que, tout en etant blesse, j'ai decide de lui demander un p'tit round hyper-amical et sympa lors du recent meeting de Barcelone. Je remercie Yann d'avoir accepte si gentiment et j'espere bien de le retrouver prochainement pour un match plus serieux. Pour le reste son experience et sa maitrise parlent tout seules: il est un super adversaire!



Toughwrestler is recommended by Kaiser

Reco tardive mais obligatoire, même si Yann n'en a plus besoin. Un lutteur aux qualités humaines et sportives indéniables. Humble, prévenant et toujours prêt à partager son expérience il incarne les valeurs du sport de combat. Combat (trop) court mais intense contre cet adversaire très technique qui ne lache rien . Seule ma rapidité m'a sauvé de la branlée complète...
Sans compter son partenaire Alex, sidérant de force tranquille et de stratégie .
Une team qui va faire des dégâts !



Kaiser is recommended by Toughwrestler

Comment parler de cette passionnante rencontre avec Kaiser. Un combat qui a duré plusieurs heures et au cours duquel nous n'avons cessé de prendre l'un puis l'autre le dessus.

Ne vous fiez pas à son poids, Kaiser a énormément de techniques de grappling et surtout une rapidité incroyable : vous ne pourrez qu'être surpris par ses nombreuses qualités et son énergie.

J'ai l'espoir qu'il acceptera de nouveaux combats prochainement, car je suis sur qu'il ne cessera de progresser !

Rencontrez le dès que vous pourrez : pas sur que vous puissiez le soumettre encore longtemps quel que soit votre niveau !

Un de mes meilleurs combats sur ce site



Toughwrestler is recommended by Noby

I had much fun to wrestle with "2toughwrestlers in 1 team" he is a strong opponent and he is very fit for his age! Our fight was safe and sane. I can recommend him for everyone.
Maybe we can fight in threesome if we meet next time :-)



Noby is recommended by Toughwrestler

this guy is really incredible !

he is so powerful and and can do whatever he wants with his body !

impossible to get just one submission.

he is probably the best opponent i never met...
every body should try to meet him.

competition and fun : all in one :-)

see you soon for a rematch man



Toughwrestler is recommended by Alan2005sg

I will have no hesitation to recommend Yann. He was so skillful in wrestling which caught me into several locks. I was luckily to slip out because of my sweaty body. However, I still miss few & got into submission.
Outside the mat, Yann is a sincere person & he treats everyone as his old time friend. Don't miss the chance when you are visiting Paris, or when he is visiting your city.



Toughwrestler is recommended by duishoufight

like everyone else has said, Yan is an amazing wrestler. I was lucky to have him as my first match. Much more skilled than me and very strong. It was an absolute pleasure matching with him, and we would have gone all night if we weren't cut short by my clumsy knees. Thankfully he's forgiven me and next time we can have a marathon.



Toughwrestler is recommended by nicoss

Que rajouter de plus sur Yann !!! Cette rencontre c est fait très rapidement avec très peu message... Malgré l heure tardive je ne pouvais pas rater un combat contre Yann une référence sur meetfithers ... Mon manque d expérience à jouer en ma défaveur mais super moment beaucoups trop court à mon goût !!!! J ai vraiment hâte de remettre et se découvrir un peu plus... Hâte de te revoir Yann !!!!



nicoss is recommended by Toughwrestler

Un combat non prévu lors d'un récent déplacement à Bordeaux...

Nicoss m'a été recommandé lors d'un diner par un copain du site, deux échanges de sms et il me rejoignait à mon hotel pour un combat soumission improvisé et très tardif.

tardif mais intense ! heureusement qu'il débute sur le site, j'ai pu placer quelques soumissions et gagner la partie mais la lutte fut équilibrée comme je les aime.

moi aussi j'espère que nous pourrons prochainement remettre ça à l'occasion d'une prochaine visite à Bordeaux !
décidément cette ville compte de bien bon combattants !

Merci et à bientôt Nicoss



Toughwrestler is recommended by metuck12

So happy to have fought this legend. Easy to see why he has so many past opponents. Friendly and unassuming when you meet him he can be fierce on the mats letting no advantage slip through his hands. He was respectful of my injury and fought me despite having been worn out from a much tougher day at work than he had been expecting. I appreciate that he still was willing to give me a roll. Will look him up if I get to Paris (fingers crossed).



metuck12 is recommended by Toughwrestler

this guy is incredibly powerful.... he has basic training and very good skills and can make you submit in one minute with powerful and so quick holds.

our fight didn't last a very long time as i didn't have a lot of way to submit him...lets' say it also due to jet lack :-)
but i am really looking for a rematch as soon as it will be possible.

By the way metuck has a wonderful smile and will give you the idea you are strong even if he dominates during the whole match.

thanks for coming to Shenzhen i am so happy we have fought and recommend anybody coming to Hong Kong to meet you if possible ****



Toughwrestler is recommended by leeray

Enjoyed meeting with Yann. His recently injured shoulder prevented full on contact.
Hopefully this will heal soon and I will get more grappling experience to suit the style. Great guy happy to share his knowledge over a coffee (sorry about the milk Yann).



A really fun energetic match with this legendary wrestler
We actually think we met many years ago. So technically a rematch. Don't miss a chance to Wrestle him



Toughwrestler is recommended by MadGT

I fought this guy lots of time..
my FIRST OPPONENT here and in this city..
I still remember our garage fights and underground fights...
pretty strong and good skills..
he got better from the experience he got here..

We willl fight some day again manç
take care!!!



MadGT is recommended by Toughwrestler

this guy is one of my favourite opponent....

i had a lot of matches with him and each time he is even stronger with a wonderful technic !

difficult and almost impossible to obtain submissions... but i don't give up and want rematches and rematches...
looking forward our next one
if you can don't hesitate to meet him : highly recommended ****



Toughwrestler is recommended by MisterNoGi

J'ai rencontré une légende!
Sympa et très fort, il sait se mettre au niveau de son adversaire.
À recommander bien sûr!



Toughwrestler is recommended by luttesympa

Même si la rencontre fut courte car je ne lui avais pas proposé les meilleures conditions pour engager un combat, j'ai beaucoup apprécié l'approche de Toughwrestler. Un personnage très sympa, et je suis prêt à recommencer dès que possible. Mais il m'a l'air solide, le gaillard, et il ne semble rien lâcher ! A retrouver donc, dans les meilleurs délais !



Toughwrestler is recommended by schabernacken

Had the opportunity to wrestle this veteran of the site. Experienced, fast and a real gentleman off the mats. Always again!



Toughwrestler is recommended by skiwrestler

D'abord il faut souligner la grande gentilesse de Yann et tout ce qu'il a fait pour l'organisation de notre match; il aime lutter et il s' entraine régulièrement, ce qui le rend très efficace dans la maitrise de plusieurs techniques et capable de lutter sans interruptions pendant plus d'une heure; en tant qu'adversaire je n' étais pas du tout en forme (il faut le dire), mais je n'aurais jamais pu contraster ses attaques incessants qui m'ont laissé à bout de souffle à plusieurs reprises; faut que je m'entraine plus ( en suivant donc ses précieux conseils) pour ètre plus compétitif la prochaine fois!!! De toute façon, je voudrais le remercier encore pour la belle rencontre sportive que nous avouns eue et je l'ai déjà invité à remettre ça dès que possible! je ferai de tout mon mieux pour lui placer un triangle inattendu: promis!!!



Toughwrestler is recommended by ghostblinks

Haïku d'hiver
Transformé en torrent impétueux
J'ai rencontré le champion intercontinental.
Il avait la forme d'une mer calme
Dont le ressac, simple et puissant, a repoussé tout mes assauts.
Mon rugissement s'est dissout dans le silence des fonds pélagiques.
Encerclé par les vagues, puis absorbé par sa force,
J'ai été réduit en milliers de particules planctoniques.
Je réclamerai encore ce chant de l'océan que les étoiles de mer entendent tous les jours.



ghostblinks is recommended by Toughwrestler

Une rencontre agréable et inattendue.
Avant de le rencontrer vous pensez qu'il est frêle et que vous ne ferai qu'une bouchée de lui et alors la surprise ! ce lutteur est d'une rapidité incroyable. il a une énergie à toute épreuve et il vous surprendra par sa technique aussi d'un très bon niveau.
toujours près à recommencer, repartir dans un nouveau round : le soumettre n'est pas facile. Et j'ai vraiment adoré lutter avec lui.
Il est malheureusement rare mais je suis sur que nous aurons l'occasion de relutter et q'il me surprendra encore. Et si vous pouvez lutter avec lui n'hesitez surtout pas.
Super recommendable *****



Toughwrestler is recommended by Vpower

Great person and wrestler! Had a fun time wrestling with him. Love his scissors, damn!
I can finally say that I've wrestled the 300+ past opponents hahaha.

If you haven't met him already (not a lot of active people left I guess?), go talk to him and hope you two will be close enough to wrestle haha.



Toughwrestler is recommended by jacketwolf

2015-11-12, Madrid.
The second match with toughwrestler.
The fighter was powerful, fast, performing all techniques efficiently.
It was a really tough, competitive, and exhausted match with him. I enjoyed fighting with him.
Thanks for coaching me, appreciated. Expecting to fight him again, although we don't know which city will be.
Toughwrestler is very friendly off mat.
Thoroughly recommended.

2015-4-13, Paris.
An indeed tough match with toughwrestler. Toughwrestler is very powerful and well skilled wrestler. Praticed with him untill totally exhausted. So enjoyable to fight him, although it is impossible to win him at present. A strong opponent, highly recommended!



jacketwolf is recommended by Toughwrestler

second meet yesterday 12/11/2015
it was a second oppontunity in madrid to have a match
and like for the first one we had a good grappling match
rough and powerful, Jack is very good and I enjoyed wrestling him in a very intense way
looking forward our third match perhaps in China : who knows.
see you soon

To be chosen among the high number of wrestlers in paris by jack was already a chance.
But fighting him really a great happiness !
This guy although he is light is very powerful ! Never gives up always giving all his skills and power in a no mercy action!
It was a wonderful even match till exhaustion !
Come back jack wrestling you will always be total enjoyment.
Highly recommendable wherever you can meet him... He travels a lot :-)



Toughwrestler is recommended by scorpionet

Toughwrestler is a strong and tough grappler. He thinks as a wrestler and wants to wrestle above all. We had a great match: no words, only few square off seconds and fight. Then a relaxation: in that moment I could experiment how realaible, honest and intelligent he is.
Very Raccomended.
Hope to see him soon.



scorpionet is recommended by Toughwrestler

Scorpionet is a real opportunity :
not only to meet a very good fighter. He likes it hard and rough. and he knows a lot of technics. don t be abuse by his weight.
...but also a potential good friend.
no rush after the fight what is really exceptional.

you can have a talk and discover a very sensitive man...
looking forward our next match man.



Toughwrestler is recommended by Hslut75

Tres beaux biceps et vrai lutteur d'expériences...
Nous avons bien sués ensemble et je garderais un bon souvenir.
Malgré mon inexpérience jai vraiement aimé !!



I have to thank toughwrestler for everything.
It's my pleasure meeting him when he's in town. He's a very rough, safe player, and he's very skillful. Despite of my limited skills, I still enjoyed the match a lot. Hope to meet again in future.



elorian is recommended by Toughwrestler

He tenido ayer un primero combate con Elorian.
tomando en cuenta su peso estaba seguro tener una lucha facile, pero fue un error total. Elorian tiene una fuerza increible.
hemos luchado mas de una hora y muchas veces fui incapaz resistir a sus llaves.
es muy rapido y agile, y cuidado con sus piernas.
espero tener un re-match cuanto antes !
muy recomendable si pasan por Madrid



Toughwrestler is recommended by maddwrestler

Sorry - I owe you this recommendation for ages. Although this legend hardly needs one more ;) Everything is true what you read about him. A true fighter by heart and a really great guy! It was great to wrestle with you and I am thankful of having been able to wrestle the legend. You are great :)



maddwrestler is recommended by Toughwrestler

finally we met ! after several months trying to !

it has been worth. this guy has a lot of stamina : he is very strong and fight hard. a very intense match indeed.

we need to have a rematch in a matroom next time !

highly recommended.



Toughwrestler is recommended by lutteuractif

Que dire qui n'ait été dit par les précédents adversaires sur une légende du site ? Je confirme juste la puissance, la maîtrise technique et la sympathie de ce lutteur.
Un must meet pour tout lutteur qui se respecte sur MF.



lutteuractif is recommended by Toughwrestler

Premiere rencontre avec un heel determine !
D une force impressionnante malgré une blessure.
Il a beaucoup de technique et trouve toujours le moyen de reprendre le dessus !
J ai adore notre match même si je n aime pas trop perdre.
J espère un rematch bientôt
N hésitez pas si vous pouvez rencontrer Lutteuractif ****



Toughwrestler is recommended by Try2PinMe

given that there are 325 past opponents, I feel like the last guy who Yann had not wrestled yet ;-)
Well - given the other reviews it won't surprise you if I write how skilled and strong he is. But he's also great in adapting to less experienced opponents, making it safe and fun to wrestle this super experienced fighter.
thx for the great experience!



Try2PinMe is recommended by Toughwrestler

I have been waiting several years before getting the opportunity to wrestle steve !
Finally we met this week and we had a great fight to pin match.
This guy is strong and have good skills.
He knows how to wrestle and with more space we coukd have a quite rough match.
Looking forward a rematch !
Don t hesitate if you like school pins challenge you will enjoy to meet steve !



Toughwrestler is recommended by johnwhy

Super rencontre avec le lutteur aux 300 combats, qui m'a offert un festival de prises originales et redoutables ! J'ai du mal à croire qu'il a baissé sa garde par inadvertance, en me demandant vraiment s'il ne s'est pas plutôt laissé soumettre une petite fois. Une canaille donc, très aguerri et à l'écoute de l'autre, qui manie autant la pédagogie que le vice... avec générosité, sympathie et en toute confiance ! Vivement la prochaine fois, avec un peu plus de temps devant nous !



johnwhy is recommended by Toughwrestler

ça faisait longtemps que j'essayais d'obtenir un combat avec Johnwhy, dont je voyais les recommandations montrer des progrès constants....
et je n'ai pas été déçu au contraire.
il a l'air tout frêle mais ses muscles apparents ne trompent pas : Johnwhy a beaucoup de force, une bonne technique et est particulièrement rapide.

Même si j'ai un peu dominé ca a été un excellent combat plein de retournements et bien peu de soumissions !

vraiment si vous en avez l'occasion n'hésitez pas rencontrer cet excellent fighter.

ah oui j'espère que nous aurons rapidement une nouvelle occasion John !

great to meet :-) *****



Toughwrestler is recommended by Mark uk

Hit the wrong button today and removed the original recommendation by mistake however although the match was a few years ago it is one I remember very well.
Met in Paris early one morning. Had an awesome submission match. Super nice guy and in great shape. Def up to meet again



Mark uk is recommended by Toughwrestler

Mark is travelling a lot so you will have a chance to meet him once - he is a very good fighter and he totally beated me - strong and very skilled -contact him you will enjoy



Toughwrestler is recommended by Londonlatino

Yann continues to be a skilled and strong wrestler. He is a fighter who really could handle any opponent. Highly recommended if you are looking for an intense match



Londonlatino is recommended by Toughwrestler

i had a new match with Tony some days ago, after a quite long period... and he surprised me a lot !

Even if he is very light he has a lot of skills and we had a great submission fight.
I think he can handle any opponent and gives him a very enjoyable match.
highly recommendable



jblck74 is recommended by Toughwrestler

Ce combat était attendu depuis longtemps et je n'ai as été décu !
Jblck74 est un vrai pro du mma, il frappe très dur et n'a aucune hesitation.

Moment très agréable même si je n'ai pas été au niveau de son énergie et de sa technique.

J'espère augmenter mon entrainement en MMA et te proposer une revanche mec.

hautement recommendable pour ceux qui aiment les vrais combats hard



An absolute gentleman and extremely strong, do not underestimate this man! He was right on time and even helped me with directions, sight seeing tips and took me for a drive - truly great guy. Watch out for his scissors!



I had a great chance to meet this guy when he went recently to Paris.
we had a very interesting sub fight ! and he showed me how a guy who doesn't have a lot of experience can demonstrate his stamina and good competitiveness.
I absolutely think that in some time he will be very good and difficult to submit.
Beside the mat, it was very pleasant to share french culture with a young Aussie discovering the country.
don't hesitate to come back Marcus, i will like a rematch as soon as we can.
highly recommendable ***



Toughwrestler is recommended by wrestlerlutteur

I had the pleasure to meet Toughwrestler for a submission fight with strikes.
Although he is older and lighter than me, he put a great fight and showed stamina and technical skills. I had a lot of fun.
I recommend him, but judging by his track record, is it really necessary?



wrestlerlutteur is recommended by Toughwrestler

This guy is incredible !
We have been wrestling together for a long time !
Each time is a newness !
Our last fight was wild submission with hard strike ! No mercy fight until last man standing.
He definitely won but I am already training for an even more mercyless revenge :-)
A lot of fun



Toughwrestler is recommended by luttecombat

Après avoir réussi à caler nos agendas de vieilles connaissances se sont retrouvées, pour en découdre sur le tatamis. Ce fut une confrontation sans merci ou toutes les prises furent permises, je dis bien toutes, sans concession, ou chacun fit preuve d'imagination pour déstabiliser l'autre. Ce fut un plaisir de retrouver Yann et de s'affronter ainsi ou chacun pu dominer l'autre dés qu'il en avait la possibilité et de le soumettre parfois jusqu'à abandon. Nous avons passé un agréable nomment et je ne doute pas que la revanche sera prochainement programmée.



Toughwrestler is recommended by duellist

I finely meet Yann and he is a tough wrestler and experienced and knows the holds. He likes to punch hard too and I was happy to try some MMA and Wrestling with him even though my strengths are stand up fighting and boxing . I nice guy fights safe and I would recommend a meet.



duellist is recommended by Toughwrestler

Very good match yesterday in Glasgow... i am lucky we decided to begin on knees and add wrestling to punching...because in pure boxing this guy must be redoubtable.
we had a very intense match and out of the mat Mark is a very kind and pleasant man.
looking forward a new meet
highly recomendable



Toughwrestler is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

After speaking to Yann for a long time, finally able to meet up with him. His reputation on here is well deserved not only is he a strong experienced wrestler but he adapted to my lower level easily. Very friendly to talk to and great company afterwards.



Toughwrestler is recommended by NonoSubfighter

Très bon moment passé a lutter avec toughwrestler, un lutteur technique et pedagogue qui s'adapte facilement quelque soit le niveau de son adversaire.
Ne pensez pas que la différence d'âge jouera en votre a la fougue et l'endurance d'un petit jeune.



NonoSubfighter is recommended by Toughwrestler

rematch with Frenchjobber this week about 3 years after our first match !

this guy has become very very strong... difficult to escape his legs.

always i can get out of your holds and is very agile and determined !

one of my best fights for a long time... pehraps aan other match soon !

don't miss him if you come to paris : he is very great ******



this guy is really top !
a friend of mine we have been wrestling about 9 times during the last 10 years and every match is a surprise : he is very strong and loves to win. last fight was yesterday and it was very competitive and hot !
he is unbeatable for me on armwrestling and his skills in submission are top
i cannot recommend him enough don t hesitate if you can meet
looking forward next match !



Toughwrestler is recommended by Stefandelutte

Mon 1er défi a été pour Toughwrestler. Nouveau sur le site, je ne savais pas qu'en le défiant je m'attaquais à la légende. Tendu en début de rencontre du coup, Toughwrestler m'a rapidement mis à l'aise. Il est fort, tenace et technique : je garderai de cette première confrontation un excellent souvenir. Je recommande ce lutteur avec force. À une prochaine rencontre!



leofighters is recommended by Toughwrestler

one of my best fights last time i went to London...

Leo wrestles with the flexibility of a feline. difficult to get a submission and he is skilled.

I recommend any body to try to meet leo if he is available : great match you will get.

and do it now because when he has more experience i think he will win all his matches.

looking forward a rematch



Toughwrestler is recommended by francknord59

Rencontre brève mais sympa, motivé pour apprendre le pieds poings, et content d'avoir pu lui apporter des conseils et trucs en plus dans sa pratique, à la prochaine (et désolé pour le coup de speed)



francknord59 is recommended by Toughwrestler

c'est super agréable d'être dans la situation d'apprendre de nouvelles techniques.
Francknord59 est un excellent technicien et pédagogue. il permet de mieux comprendre son propre corps et de l'utiliser dans les techniques du pieds poings : un excellent moment.
je n'attends qu'une chose une nouvelle rencontre avec plus de temps et plus d'espace.
A rencontrer si vous en avez l'occasion sans faute car en plus ce jeune homme est vraiment charmant et a un sourire dévastateur :-)



Toughwrestler is recommended by VICENZAFIGHTER

Bon lutteur, sérieux, juste et équitable.
Nous avons passé une heure de bon combat.
Recommandé à tous



VICENZAFIGHTER is recommended by Toughwrestler

Rafaele est tres puissant et lutte avec beaucoup d'energie
cela a été un vrai bonheur de le rencontrer lors de son passage a paris
nous avions peu de temps mais notre combat fut intense et riche en surprise
n'hesitez pas à le rencontrer : recommandé ***



lutteurparis is recommended by Toughwrestler

Un des meilleurs lutteurs de la place de paris...

des techniques de lutte libre qui heureusement necessitent un vrai tatamis sinon j'aurais été éliminé en quelques minutes.

Très agréable, et sans indulgence : à rencontrer absolument dès que vous le pouvez



Toughwrestler is recommended by tapout

I guess I am getting the result of not having trained for the last 3 months: 6:6! Watch out the leg locks!



tapout is recommended by Toughwrestler

À very good fight to begin a day !
Very skilled and agile
Don t miss him if you can ! Before he goes back to training :-)
Looking forward a rematch !



Had a good match with ToughWrestler. He knows his stuff, quite good with submissions skills. Watch out for his powerful leg scissors and arm bar. He uses his legs, arms and torso at equal skills to get submission holds. We enjoyed a submission rounds for over 2 hours. I got some submissions out of him and he got a submission out me. We didn't keep track of scores. It was a good overall tussle between two guys of similar size, height and weight. He is good guy overall on and off the mats, we had decent conversations after the wrestle, over a cup of coffee and some snacks at the cafe. Highly recommend him to others. Hope to wrestle him again when he comes back to UK.



Met Ravi some weeks ago and we had a real rough and wild fight.
He is a great fighter and can adapt to any rules.
i hope i will have new opportunity to wrestle or fight him
don't hesitate if you are close to him



Toughwrestler is recommended by amateurwrestler

He was one of the wrestlers l wonder in the meetfighters and soon l wrestle with him. Our matches exiting and l loved all of them. I liked your wrestling skills and holds :)



amateurwrestler is recommended by Toughwrestler

Amateurwrestler is visiting Paris these days.
don't miss a match with him if you can.
he is very strong for his weight and seems to have been training if we judge his skills.
we had several bouts yesterday, from mild to wild and each time he surprised me !
Not easy to submit at all !
hope we ll meet again
don't forget to tell me if you come back
Highly recommendable



Toughwrestler is recommended by Vince

Un très bon moment de lutte passé avec toughwrestler. Endurant et technique, il sait aussi s'adapter à son adversaire. Et en plus, toughwrestler est très sympathique. Ceci explique sûrement ses nombreux matchs



Vince is recommended by Toughwrestler

Après un long moment loin des combats... mon premier match a été avec Vince. Et ca valait vraiment le coup !
Vince a une force redoutable, il a une très bonne technique et offre un challenge de qualité !
N'hésitez pas si vous avez la possibilité de le rencontrer : hautement recommendable.
D'autant que ses photos ne trompe en rien : il est sportif, super et très agréable à côtoyer : j'espère que nous aurons d'autres occasions....



Toughwrestler is recommended by dag

Toughwrestler est un mec bien sympathique avec un bon sens d'humour. C'est un des rares parisiens qui garde sa parole et fait tout le possible pour que la rencontre ait lieu. Il est agile et connaît bien les techniques. Il fallait faire bien attention pour échapper à ses prises. Merci pour être venu et pour cette belle rencontre.



dag is recommended by Toughwrestler

Daniel is a very skilled guy.

he knows a lot of any kind of fighting technics, as he speaks so many languages.
even if it was in a short toom, i enjoyed a lot feeling how strong he is.

couldn t do a lot ! but perhaps a next time it will be more of a draw !
highly recommendable if you find where he is :-)



Toughwrestler is recommended by grappleurd

Très bons fight avec un mec fort , sympa et qui met à l'aise, j'ai adorer te laminer, quand tu veus pour ta revanche, qu'il n'y est plus aucun doute à savoir qui de nous deux est le boss!!



grappleurd is recommended by Toughwrestler

2 fights with this guy in the last 2 years !
A lot of progress...
His stamina is incredible and he accepts very rough matches
Last time I lost as a bit tired by traveling and some other matches but be ready man
Next time you have no chance !!!
Highly recommendable ****



Toughwrestler is recommended by london sub

This chap is one of my frequent opponents. Over the years his skills have improved greatly and he's always up for tryin gnew stuff. Great attitude, great guy to mix it up with. and, like his name suggests - a tough wrestler!

There's a reason he's the most popular fighter on here. it's definately worth finding out...



london sub is recommended by Toughwrestler

Simon is one of my more regular opponent !
we have been fighting each other for ages and each time it is as intense and wild that you can imagine.
Simon is skilled and strong and we almost always get even fights with no rules until both of us are exhausted !
i can only recommend him if you go through london and have time !
see you soon



Toughwrestler is recommended by scotsgrappler

Met Yann yonks back at what was Hendon matroom. Tough, flexible opponent who gives as good as he gets. Recommended.



scotsgrappler is recommended by Toughwrestler

scotsgrappler is very strong. he knows a lot and is able to adapt to his opponent. a very good match some times ago. looking for a rematch in scotland i hope.
highly recommendable.



Toughwrestler is recommended by quadramuscle

Toughwrestler a su s'adapter à mon niveau de novice!
En vrai responsable mais passionné il m'a guidé (énergiquement) dans mon initiation.
Un combat enlevé, rapide, technique et pédagogique donnant l'envie de persévérer et de s'améliorer.
A découvrir!



quadramuscle is recommended by Toughwrestler

excellent moment passé avec François, poids très leger qui n'a pas d'experience mais il est pret à apprendre et apprend vite !
je suis sur que la prochaine fois ce sera plus difficile !
n'hesitez pas si vous passez dans le sud. et en dehors du tapis un homme cultivé et fort agréable...a bientot j'espère.



Toughwrestler is recommended by wrestlerplace

According to the name of his profile, he is really too tough,hard and very difficult to defeat him.
If you are looking a advanced and expert wrestler, I think he is one of best guys you can find with this characteristics. Out of the match, he is a nice and reliable guy and a great host too.



wrestlerplace is recommended by Toughwrestler

after several months of contacts, we finally met in Madrid.

he is good and knows a lot, he loves to win but sure he has to train a bit to get all the results he is targetting.

In any case a pleasant opponent you should meet if you have the opportunity to.

looking forward a rematch as soon as we can



Toughwrestler is recommended by Ricotewrestler

Toughwrestler is indeed very tough! Has great scissors almost inescapable and comes on to you like a runaway train! No wonder he has such a good record of past matches! Very polite and well mannered off the mats as well. Definitely recommend him to anyone visiting the Paris area. Although for competitive matches , a good space is required.That notwithstanding, we had a very tough and competitive fun match. Looking forward to wrestling him again!



Ricotewrestler is recommended by Toughwrestler

Pedro is probably the more powerful wrestler I ever met !
He is very skilled. Very technical. Knows a lot of BJJ and classical wrestling.

And submitting him is so difficult avoiding the word impossible.

He is really kind and have a great respect of his opponent !
So highly recomanded !

Don t hesitate to meet him if you cross his way !



Toughwrestler is recommended by luallavi

Jai rencontre yann ce soir pour un match de lutte.Il est trop fort et il faut faire attention au force de ses jambes et pieds :). Jai passe un tres bon moment et cest quelqu'un tres sympa! Je dois me amelliorer pour le deuxieme match! Merci yann!



luallavi is recommended by Toughwrestler

Luis is just beginning wrestling and learning a lot... but he likes intense scrap and can give you a very good match !
interesting guy out of the mat : meet him if you are in the same place : NL or France.
looking forward our rematch



Toughwrestler is recommended by ulises007

I met Toughwrestler yesterday , we had a great time together ,if you can the chance to meet him dont hesitated ,if you look for a tough fight and a good opponent
but he is not only a good wrestler he is a good person too ,and very funny ,hope to meet him again ,in Paris or wherever



Toughwrestler is recommended by TTG87auro

Il est très fort, mais s'adapte au niveau de son adversaire et respecte ses limites. Une personne très sympathique et enthousiaste. A rencontrer !



TTG87auro is recommended by Toughwrestler

let s take advantage of his short presence in Europe ! this guy is very strong and likes a lot of different styles.
he is just beginning to wrestle but in a few time he will be difficult to submit.
don t hesitate to meet if you have the opportunity.
looking forward a rematch



Toughwrestler is recommended by robin75

super match ! apres plusieurs mois de connaissance
Sensuel et endurant ,à refaire



robin75 is recommended by Toughwrestler

apres plusieurs mois nous avons enfin pu lutter... un combat lutte avec coups comme je les aime. robin75 est combattif, agile, endurant et apprends vite : j'ai hate qu'on se mesure de nouveau



Toughwrestler is recommended by Madinina972




Madinina972 is recommended by Toughwrestler

Un nouveau challenger à Paris !
Vraiment très musclé et très puissant. Rencontrez le vite il débute encore.
Dans quelques temps obtenir une soumission deviendra difficile voire impossible.
Fun et intense ; ***



Toughwrestler is recommended by JJAllen

Don't be fooled by this guy's gentle manner. He's a beast. He's got years of experience and a great deal of strength.



JJAllen is recommended by Toughwrestler

Quite an enjoyable match ! Luke is strong powerful resistant unpredictable ! He fights with all his youth and fights to win and to give to both of us the maximum fun !
One of the most recommandable opponents I have met ! Thanks and C U soon ....



Toughwrestler is recommended by neolutteur75

il est bon, sympa .. assez bon pour m'étrangler et me tenir en ciseaux comme il veut, assez sympa pour ne pas mettre trop de pression et s'adapter à mon niveau. j'ai passé un très bon moment et j'ai déjà envie de recommencer. on remet ça quand tu veux !



neolutteur75 is recommended by Toughwrestler

Tres fort neolutteur est un excellent challenger malgre son manque d expérience ! À défier si vous voulez une bonne bagarre. À très bientôt suis dispo quand tu veux.



Toughwrestler is recommended by antaeusX

wrestled in mud with this tough customer. very good and strong. he worked me over real good but it was worth it. Highly recommended and he is a gentleman.



antaeusX is recommended by Toughwrestler

had a very wild mud match with John yesterday.... it was great.
his installations permits such a match and his skills are worth a very hard or soft fight as you want so don t hesitate if you go to San Francisco : highly recommandable



aznfightr is recommended by Toughwrestler

aznfighter is much stronger that what his weight let s imagine.
don t hesitate to meet him. he can be rough and is very pleasant too.



malewrestling is recommended by Toughwrestler

I wrestled malewrestling a few weeks ago for the second time and it has been a real good enjoyable hard fight
he is very good and can offer you a fun or tough match
looking forward next meeting



Toughwrestler is recommended by Gforce199

Toughwrestler is a nice guy and strong, he makes me sweat, and the fight has been intense.I think that with a bit more of workout he can beat anyone he wants.
Out of the ring is a friendly person with wich you can talk.



Gforce199 is recommended by Toughwrestler

a real good fighter... he is strong agile knows some technics and is very difficult to make submit. the exact kind of fights i like ! he is traning now so will be unbeatable in a few months... looking forward a rematch then
to meet absolutely !



Toughwrestler is recommended by AyeAye

I don't think I need to say that I didn't have even a slight chance against him. You can instantly tell that he is very experienced. However, he is also very friendly and a lot of fun to wrestle!



AyeAye is recommended by Toughwrestler

Craig is nice and strong. he looks like an angel and has good power.
don t miss him if yu are close to him. You will enjoy a match. hope he ll give me a rematch !



Toughwrestler is recommended by luttenu

on a mis longtemps à pouvoir se battre,
la star des combats avec son expérience, technique et puissance.
il à une très grande force, un bon moment



luttenu is recommended by Toughwrestler

un lutteur sympa qui malgré son poids light a de bonnes bases ! un peu d'entrainement et il peu relever de nombreux défis ! n'hésitez pas si vous passez par paris.



Toughwrestler is recommended by valseb

Agréable et a conservé un très bon niveau.



Toughwrestler is recommended by boston kid

Very nice guy and a tough wrestler as the name says! Sane and friendly and I can guarantee a good match. Thanks Yann!



boston kid is recommended by Toughwrestler

My first pro match from ages : a good fight indeed. Looking forward a rematch in a Matroom: mike is skilled and good.



northfighter is recommended by Toughwrestler

Very good fighter who likes grappling and boxing ! We finally met in paris and it was a real pleasure even if we had so few time because it was intense and fun.
Will enjoy our re match as soon as we can meet again.



Toughwrestler is recommended by jaimemad

Muy bueno. Lo pasé muy bien. Espero que repitamos pronto y ponérselo más dificil. Un abrazo.



Toughwrestler is recommended by DaveLon

Experienced lightweight who only seems to get better. Have seen him fight in a range of styles and to suit different preferences. Well worth catching on his international travels, especially if you like it pretty rough!



Toughwrestler is recommended by adiboy

We had a hard but fun wrestle on the beach a few weeks ago. Toughwrestler is a strong, wel skilled but fair fighter. Hope we can meet eachother again and go for a few rounds.



adiboy is recommended by Toughwrestler

after a lot of time trying to meet each other we finally succeeded to be in the same time in the same place.
adiboy offered me a bench of youngness : fighting in the sand on the beach in spain a few weeks ago.
it has been a rough and hard fight as i like them.
long until we were almost both of us exhausted.
thanks for this : i will never forget it.
and i hope the rematch will come more quickly.
highly recommandable



Toughwrestler is recommended by Lugi

Très bon lutteur, excellent match, impec !
This guy is really worth wrestling. I recommend him!



Lugi is recommended by Toughwrestler

Apres 3 ans un nouveau match contre lugi m'a demontre qu'il avait encore progressé.. heureusement qu'il y a une difference de poids : j'attends la belle avec impatience.

Lugi est un excellent lutteur - un de mes meilleurs match que j'ai eu ces derniers temps souple, endurant et agressif... c'était vraiment intense : un régal



Toughwrestler is recommended by muscldfighter

good grappler, travels widely especially around Europe, and likes a good scrap.
wrestled a couple of times over last few years and has always been a good roll!
meet up with him when in Paris or when he's in your town!



muscldfighter is recommended by Toughwrestler

Je is one of the strongest fighters i ever met. skill and very efficient. he teached to me a lot of stuff. try to catch him for a match if you are close to him you will not regreet it. Highly recommended



Toughwrestler is recommended by Riviera Wrestle

Puissant, technique et enthousiaste en plus d'être très agréable.
toujours un grand plaisir de le rencontrer



Riviera Wrestle is recommended by Toughwrestler

sylvain fait partie de ces lutteurs que j'ai plaisir à rencontrer pour un plan regulièrement.
il est vif, possede de nombreuses technique et vous offrira chaque fois un excellent combat.
si vous passez dans le sud ne ratez pas l'occasion de le rencontrer. un ami.



Toughwrestler is recommended by frenchcat

Yann est super sympa et attentif aux autres car très musclé et technique il sait aussi s'adapter à son adversaire (je ne suis pas du même niveau :-) ) et à ses envies. A recommender sans modération.



Toughwrestler is recommended by pshawfocus

Met for a very brief gut punching session which wasn't really his thing. However, very nice genuine guy and I suspect he's a great wrestler so if you're into wrestling, you should check him out.



a very nice guy,intelligent as well and a strong wrestler! I enjoyed all our matches.



a very good opponent indeed - I met CJ several times during the last 10 years - he has a lot of technics and fight hard - enjoyed each of our matches a lot until the last some days ago : highy recommended



Toughwrestler is recommended by greekwrestler

Tough fighter, nice guy, offers you a great match. Highly recommended



Toughwrestler is recommended by dim127

very nice meeting .... hard match....
and many fun time...
see u Yann



dim127 is recommended by Toughwrestler

a very good fighter - strong for his weight and very gentleman
good technic and a lot of fun



Toughwrestler is recommended by wrestling coach

Yann is very wirey & tough. We had to fight in my small hotel, standing mostly.. pretty even niether getting advantage... We need a big mat to continue the fight to the ground. It will be a very rough fight as I can tell from his style. A perfect gentleman as well..



Toughwrestler is recommended by Glasgow

Tough fun guy! Very hard to beat - but I did each time!!! Well worth meeting up with.



Glasgow is recommended by Toughwrestler

Glasgow is a very tough wrestler... didn t succeed to get a submission from him during our first match. if you go in glasgow try to meet him you will not regreet it even if you lose : you ll like it a lot



Toughwrestler is recommended by pouochh

I met toughwrestler Oct. 2011 in Madrid, and although he is an extremely nice man and a kind person, he is indeed a tough one. He wrestled me straight after a match against another opponent, and he had the stamina to go at it for several rounds (before and after dinner). These rounds were all in good sportsmanship and great fun for me. I highly recommend you all to challenge him, even though I wish I had him all to myself...;)



pouochh is recommended by Toughwrestler

I met Pouochh in madrid, and i knew he was just a beginner so I went there very confident due to my long experience.... But Pouochh even if beginner is a wonderful wrestler. I had with him un incredible man to man challenge. A match i will never forget ! i am looking forward our next rematch i dont know where in the world but i definitely can t wait and will do all my best to cross his road again. try to do the same if you can find him !
Thanks man.



Toughwrestler is recommended by Guysmiley

After missing a chance in San Fran, TW and I met up in Madrid. An excellent fellow, generous in fact, but tough on the mats. Watch out for his legs. Later during our time, we were joined by a third wrestler for some 2-1 against me. Does anyone truly think that's fair? Of course you do, admit you wish you'd been apart of it.



Guysmiley is recommended by Toughwrestler

Guy is very strong.... he could be able to defeat anyone, very kind by the way he will adapt to your rules but believe me don t let him bearhug you !



Toughwrestler is recommended by Heraclius2

Toughwrestler is strong, experienced, technical and competitive but also reliable, fair and know how to adapt to his opponent.
On top of it he is a nice and interesting guy off the matt.
I lost but I liked it and look forward for the next match.
I strongly recomend him...



Toughwrestler is recommended by naokijudo

Toughwrestler is very skilled and technical with a good stamina. This was my first match and it was tough! He is respectful with his opponent and off the mats, he is a friendly guy. I recommend him.



naokijudo is recommended by Toughwrestler

even if it was his first private fight, wrestling naokijudo was a very new experience for me.... his tactics are very efficient and he is very skilled with a lot of stamina. don' t hesitate to meet him if you go through Grenoble. you will not regreet it. looking forward our next rematch !



Toughwrestler is recommended by SeattleFight

Tough and fun - my kinda guy. I am looking forward to the inevitable rematch.



Toughwrestler is recommended by matchup

I found him reliable, true to his word and a tough, skilled opponent with some good moves. We've had two fights. He will fight as hard as you like or tone it down. I recommend him unreservedly.



matchup is recommended by Toughwrestler

In the last days I had the opportunity to have a second fight with Chris : no face shot only rule scrap. It has been incredible rough hard and really intense : one of my best fights for a long time ... Great guy great body great skills. Try to meet him if you can. Thanks.



Toughwrestler is recommended by RoninWrestler

Very tough and competitive wrestler. Had a great match overall, learned a lot from him. Really knows his moves and submissions. Also a very friendly guy off the mats. Glad I got to have a match with him.



Toughwrestler is recommended by Superfly

Just fought toughwrestler today, and boy he was tough, very skilled and technical. His experience in wrestling shows how good he is. Had good stamina and great subs. Would def challenge him again. Off the mats, cool guy, good conversationalist and warm. I totally recommend him, mind you, I think everyone has challenged him lol.



Toughwrestler is recommended by StrikeFighter

The name says it all: toughwrestler is a tough wrestler, a real challenge, very skillful. Off the mats he's a great guy and - and this counts for much! - a pleasure to deal with when setting up a match.



StrikeFighter is recommended by Toughwrestler

Gutpuncher33 travels sometimes from brazil to europe... and finally we met this week...
we had a good man to man sub fight in paris. alex is strong like it competitive and don't give easily. Looking forward a rematch and hope you ll have the chance to meet and fight him in one of his next travel to our old Europe.



this is one tough guy, we had a good match which I lost! but it was fun I think!!!! wud recommend to anyone wanting a tough fight! cheers mate.



Toughwrestler is recommended by boine

Whats better then an early morning wrestle ? ;) Plenty of submissions and aggression. Real all sane guy with skills! Meet him!



boine is recommended by Toughwrestler

Peter is one of the strongest fighter i ever met a lot of skill and a real power... thanks he accepted cooler bouts to give some illusion of power too:-) meet him



Toughwrestler is recommended by ScotLaird1

Real good guy to meet and to wrestle-sporting and intelligent, skilled,aggresive and tough on the mats with a classic middleweight wrestler's physique. Lost this bout, but am keen to rematch with him.

ps Thanks for coming to Glasgow



Toughwrestler is recommended by dadwrestle

Great wrestler! Polite, off the mats, aggressive, skilled and fast on! Had been waiting a long time to fight this guy, and it was well worth the wait!



abyssguy is recommended by Toughwrestler

i had with ed a very fun and competitiv fight, very kind person who knows how to fight with a lot of stamina...



Toughwrestler is recommended by g6fighter

COOL have found you here. We have met and wrestled 28th Aug. 2008 in Paris. I have to say you are a very strong and hot wrestler, I've had great fun with you and hope to meet you again someday



Toughwrestler is recommended by Jorgefighter

Agressive and strong fighter, reliable and fun to wrestle.



Jorgefighter is recommended by Toughwrestler

Yesterday i had a second match with Jorge. I can tell that it has been one of my favourite fights ever.
Jorge is strong and tough and can give very intense man to man scrap challenge... a draw but we are both waiting for a revenge...
i recommend him for anyone visiting Barcelona ***



Toughwrestler is recommended by wrestling4fun

I've had a few encounters with ToughWrestler and always had lots of intense fun – from wild to playful wrestling. Thanks for the great meets.