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Masculine, easy going, friendly guy with some experience in wrestling looking to have fun with other likeminded. Nothing too heavy. However, if I challenge you its coz I think I can take it on. I am not afraid of anybody, bare that in mind.
And, by the way, this is a wrestling site not a dating one. It seems like some guys on here are very peculiar about meeting up. Lets wrestle, I have got the balls...



  1. United Kingdom, London Borough of Wandsworth
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Illinois, Chicago
    (I'm here between 9/05/2018 and 8/13/2018)
    Chicago match
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I am willing to travel 150 kilometers


Age: 47-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (179 cm), 137 lbs (62 kg)

Languages spoken: Spanish

Gear: Speedos, Singlets

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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fran32sp is recommended by luttefrance

Having challenged me on another site fran was worried he might have bitten off more than he could chew! But we negotiated his limits carefully and kept the action fairly playful, though he felt comfortable enough to up the intensity and initiate some limited strikes.

Fit (looks great in his speedo), scrappy and energetic, once he acquires some grappling technique and gets more familiar with being on top he promises to be a challenge for his weight class.



fran32sp is recommended by Ricksf

Great guy to wrestle and fun to toss around.. Very strong for his size.



fran32sp is recommended by Aspen

A cool guy and a cool wrestler, we met at my hotel room and had lots of fun. Cute, funny, reliable and respects the rules. Thanks Francisco for a lovely evening!



Aspen is recommended by fran32sp

Aspen and I had a hot match a few weeks back, while he was in London for work. We spent a couple of sweaty hours of good wrestling. He is an aggressive competitive wrestler, but always play safe. Gentle opponent with a rough side. Very friendly guy. Easy going off the mats. I highly recommend you Aspen, but be aware of his powerful legs!
Big hugs!



fran32sp is recommended by matslam

I wrestled this guy when he visited Athens and I’m glad he made time to meet me.
He’s a strong,tough,passionate wrestler and looks great in his gear.
All in all, he is a reliable,decent opponent and you will be pleased with your match with him. A+ from me..



matslam is recommended by fran32sp

I met matslam on my first visit to Athens. He is willing to accommodate in his flat where he set a room with mats. We had a great match, safe and sweaty. I advice you to contact him if you are planning to visit the city. Friendly guy with lots of skills, highly recommended.



fran32sp is recommended by Jim fit

Strong and confident guy who definitely knows his moves, I had really good workout. Nice guy to talk to and on fire in the match, would recommend.



Jim fit is recommended by fran32sp

Fit, friendly, punctual guy. Willing to learn from guys with more experience. I really enjoyed having a sweaty match with Jim fit, who I highly recommend to anyone.



fran32sp is recommended by wrestlesweat

Fran32sp is completely reliable, friendly and very punctual. He's really strong despite being tall and very lean. But don't let his lightweight status fool you. He can totally hold his own on the mat and is very scrappy and fights hard. Great match, highly recommend.



wrestlesweat is recommended by fran32sp

Had a fun and enjoyable match with this lean muscley guy.He was willing to accommodate me at his hotel room for a match, which was very big, enough space to wrestle safely.We had a quite rough fight, which we both enjoyed it. Friendly and reliable guy, capable to teach you some good wrestling keys. I definitely recommend you wrestlesweat for a man to man brawl.



fran32sp is recommended by Jagoan

6/7/2016 - It was well worth the trip to have a long rough fight with this fit guy. Fran32sp is very strong and has high endurance level, If only we live closer, it would be easier to get a rematch. Surely, in my next trip we would wrestle again! He comes highly recommended.



Jagoan is recommended by fran32sp

Friendly, fit and very punctual guy. We had a long fight, always safe, but he likes it rough, and so do I. I would highly recommend this sexy fella to anybody, I am already warning you of his powerful legs. And I am pretty sure we would wrestle again.



fran32sp is recommended by FitScot

A totally charming and handsome man! Great company as well, respectful of boundaries and fun to fight with! Hope he stays in touch.



FitScot is recommended by fran32sp

We had tried to meet before without any success, but I finally met this great guy two weeks ago. He is very fit and strong. Always willing to play safe. I still have a bruise under my right arm, nothing serious, though. I def want to keep in touch, hunk!!



fran32sp is recommended by MUSCLEHEEL12

I met with Francisco after a couple of months warming to the task
Don't let his size fool you.what he doesn't have in weight he makes uo for in speed and agility.he has a high weight power ratio and took some time to break down.we wrestled semi stripped in our hotel room in a brawl style set up.i hope he'd agree that after some time absorbing the stern defence he mounted there was really only gonna be one superior weight and power was always gonna b difficult to defend against and I was able to wear down his energy level and his credit he mustered what he could and even managed one threatening attack though that was first him all she wrote. Yeah I won but u guys should know it's not all just about that.tge camaraderie both on and off the mat was a significant and much needed comfort giver.a lovely guy to spend time with and a gentle. .tell u what though although he got no submissions during the match he did later afterwards get me on my back...that was to give me a great deep tissue massage which I had earned as the this guy if given the chance!



MUSCLEHEEL12 is recommended by fran32sp

I managed to meet J in Manchester as agreed. We had a stroll around the CC and a couple of drinks before heading back to the hotel. I attacked him by surprise, I could not help it. We were both in jeans. J is a friendly and good fun guy to hang out with, but, when it comes to wrestling he is very aggressive. I didn't give up easily, making him getting a bit sweaty too. He is a very powerful and strong muscled guy. Do not miss the chance to wrestle him, but be aware of his size. Bring it on hunky monkey J.



fran32sp is recommended by Perseus

Despite being a lightweight he is strong and in excellent shape. He is very enthusiastic and is keen to learn techniques. As he learns more he will become a force. Off the mats nice interesting guy to chat with and very punctual so give him a go.



Perseus is recommended by fran32sp

Great host. Excellent wrestler with lots of technics, also a good guy to get down on the mats with. I have really enjoyed it. Thanks beast!!

Francisco x



fran32sp is recommended by calad100

Fran and I had a good grapple, he's a strong guy and liked coming out on top. Really enjoyed wrestling with him and will no doubt meet him again soon. He's also a very genuine, likeable guy.