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UPDATE: I live in Palm Springs, California.

Gut puncher here into punching guys in the stomach. Not a receiver, only a puncher. I am not into any other type of fighting or wrestling. I am only a gut puncher and I only punch, I do not receive.



  1. USA - California, Palm Springs
    (I'm here from 6/15/2016)
  2. USA - Georgia, Stone Mountain
    (I'm here between 4/17/2019 and 4/23/2019)
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I am willing to travel 100 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 48-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 178 lbs (81 kg)

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malegutpunching is recommended by funfghtr

Malegutpunching is awesome. If you're into getting gut punched, he's your guy. Hot but also safe/sane and very generous in terms of giving you what you want. The best!



funfghtr is recommended by malegutpunching

Worked with funfghtr plenty of times. Great jobber!!!!



malegutpunching is recommended by gutsplitter

Malegutpunching is a true gentleman, 100% respectful of all limits and I trusted him completely

INTENSE, FOCUSED session completely dedicated to gut punching
He and I challenged RUFFBOY to a Two on One EXTREME GUT PUNCHING, starting on RUFFBOYS GUT, one fist per punch which led to each of us dual punching RUFFBOYS gut, RUFFBOY would not let up until we called a time out.. then the tables were turned on my gut...My gut took deeper punches than I thought was possible ...Took me into a literal trance...More to follow



gutsplitter is recommended by malegutpunching

I had been talking to gutsplitter for over a year and schedules messed up our opportunity to meet the last time I was in Atlanta. This year, we were able to make a meeting work with Ruffboy as the receiver. gutsplitter and I worked Ruffboy over 2 on 1 for a good hour or so. Our chemistry was spot on working him over. Towards the end, gutsplitter allowed Ruffboy to restrain him and let me work his hairy gut. I really enjoyed working his stomach and dominating our sub. He's a really nice guy and I liked his energy with doing a real gut punching scene. I look forward to our next meeting together. Awesome hairy chest and stomach that I can't wait to play with again.



malegutpunching is recommended by Ruffboy

Freaking love playing with this dude... very masculine and very knowledgable.. really knows what he's doing... Intense as hell but safe.. With the gut punching and gut play has taken me to some amazing places. Can not really describe what its like but it can get to a place that is very intimate and can even put you in a zen like state... Love me opening my abs and totally relaxing while he works me over.. holy crap... he does the regular gut punching too, but get him to train you for the relaxed kind...Wow! Its about trust.... and you will find you can trust him. Cant not recommend him enough...



Ruffboy is recommended by malegutpunching

Ruffboy has been a great receiver for me in the past. He is always willing to make himself available for a work over. Will continue to work him over when I'm in the ATL area. You should try him out.



malegutpunching is recommended by pshawfocus

What a great guy - does exactly as he describes on his profile. Very good, smooth delivery, mixes it up a little, hard through to softer tactile. Definitely someone you can trust, even during the first meet. Genuine, humourous, 'nice guy' - meet with confidence, highly recommended if you're an in-shape gut punch receiver - you'll have a great time.



pshawfocus is recommended by malegutpunching

I love meeting guys who are genuinely into the gut punching fetish. Very nice guy and is very accommodating with being a receiver. Can take punches flexed and unflexed. Looking forward to our next encounter. Thanks for a good session!



malegutpunching is recommended by GutPunch562

This guy is an amazing puncher. Very skilled at gut punching, and is quite the dominator if you are looking for more than just GP. His punches feel amazing. He is one of the best punchers I've met. Highly recommended.



GutPunch562 is recommended by malegutpunching

Have gut punched with GutPunch562 several times. One on one and two on one sessions. Recommended.



mattz4fun is recommended by malegutpunching

Great person and fun to play with. Mattz4fun is definitely recommended. He's fuckin' strong as hell!