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Looking to wrestle now and take on anyone, in anyway style, and gear. Bring it on!!



  1. USA - Ohio, Obetz
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 46-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 180 lbs (82 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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meturmatchoh is recommended by Grapplefighter

Good guy. I enjoyed working in the ring with him. Thanks!



meturmatchoh is recommended by Mason314

After a week of heavy trash talking I finally met up with MYMOH for a battle. Just as I thought, I completely dominated the match tapping MYMOH over and over! Completely made him my jobber. MYMOH is a super nice guy off the mats and a pleasure to hang with...definitely up for a rematch....once he gets some practice in! :)



Mason314 is recommended by meturmatchoh

So I finally was able to meet up with Mason after his work caused him to cancel. Mason is much tougher than I expected. He knows what he is doing and actually has stronger legs than it looks, haha. He is also a very nice guy to hangout with afterwards. He is definitely a man you want to meet up with, if you some competition with a good guy. I already claimed a rematch.



miznew201 is recommended by meturmatchoh

Met Miz for a late night headlock session. If he had to tap out, he had to kiss my ass. Needless to say, I got my ass kissed 3 times. He wanted to a triple or nothing, if he tapped again, I would sit on his face for a minute. So he knows my ass very well. This guy is a great guy and follows through with whatever the challenge is agreed to. If you challenge him, be sure to have your ass ready for his lips .



meturmatchoh is recommended by bjames65

Met up with Meturmatchoh in Pigeon Forge. He is an absolutely awesome guy to hang out with. While our match was brief due to limited space, I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have some fun on the mats!



meturmatchoh is recommended by DonovanOH

had a great hotel match with meturmatchoh. He was very kind and accommodating to my busy schedule and limited transportation. Very easy (more so than me) to schedule a match with. I got the better of him this time but he's a very handsome man who suffers beautifully ;),



meturmatchoh is recommended by wrestlefight

Strong, tough, and a mean streak on the mats. A great match and a great guy!



meturmatchoh is recommended by bearohio

Had an opportunity to wrestle this great guy. Dave is solid, strong and fun to wrestle. Highly recommend.



meturmatchoh is recommended by CRedfield

Strong, handsome guy who can take and deliver a beating. Meet him if you get the chance!



CRedfield is recommended by meturmatchoh

This guy is slim and attractive, but don't that fool you. He is a lot stronger than he looks and experienced. Well worth your time.



meturmatchoh is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

Strong fighter and a great guy. Highly recommend



meturmatchoh is recommended by iowawrestler

Meturmatchoh is a fun guy on and off of the mat. He is very reliable and a good trash-talker and a strong, skilled and challenging wrestling opponent. I definitely want to meet and fight Meturmatchoh again! I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in a challenging and fun wrestling match.



meturmatchoh is recommended by wrestler ferndale

Dave is a cool guy, and he is great at trash-talk. He was a fun match, and I'd recommend him to others.



meturmatchoh is recommended by Jdawgoh

He's a man of his word. Good tussle. As part of our match 12/29/13 - I agreed to post that he bested me 5 straight times. GRRRR. - jay - jdawgoh



meturmatchoh is recommended by MuscChamp

"Meturmatchoh" definitely "met his match" today! Dave is a reliable, mature and strong guy! He has great arms and legs, and good cardio endurance. He fought long and hard, but could not match the strength, skill and fitness of the Champ! Despite giving way "a quarter century", I dominated the boy, forcing him to call me "Master". In the end, I straddled him and forced him to worship my muscles. Dave is a super guy, and I highly recommend him to beginning and intermediate grapplers. He will give you a good challenge, and be lots of fun!