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Solid and experienced wrestler. Prefer competitive matches, but able to adjust intensity to suit. Will also consider playful wrestling and roleplay. Prefer masculine opponents. Can host on clean 10'x10' mats, near Washington DC.



  1. USA - Virginia, Huntington
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I am willing to travel 50 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 58-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 195 lbs (88 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlets, trunks, jocks, wrestling/boxing shoes or boots

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dcgrappler is recommended by atlantawrestlerruss

Really enjoyed our mat time. He's a great heel and a gracious host. I highly recommend a match with Chuck if you're in the DC area.



atlantawrestlerruss is recommended by dcgrappler

Thoroughly enjoyed rolling with Russ and hope he'll come visit again soon.



dcgrappler is recommended by Ricotewrestler

Chuck(Dcgrappler) is simply like a young godfather to us all!, He have also hosted and let us all use his great wrestling mats!. More importantly, he’s a great skillful wrestler, very knoelageble of many techniques and the nicest guy yo could ever meet. I doesn’t hurt that he’s not harsh in the eyes either. The legend needs no recommendation yet I’m giving him the highest one. If you have the chance don’t you dare miss out on it.



Ricotewrestler is recommended by dcgrappler

Spirited and energetic competitor! Ricotewrestler possesses good freestyle wrestling skills and he's strong and fast too. Lots of fun on the mats. Travels often, so keep an eye out for this guy when he comes calling.



dcgrappler is recommended by WrestlingFL

If you want to meet a great guy with a great wrestling set up - this is him! We met at his place for a match in his large mat room on the lower level. He's a very skilled fighter who despite my larger size was easily able to take me down and make me submit multiple times. I did get a few submissions in return, but I have a feeling he was going easy on me! A great experience for me and I would highly recommend connecting if given the chance.



WrestlingFL is recommended by dcgrappler

I thoroughly enjoyed rolling with WrestlingFL. He's a nice guy with a solid build; knowledgeable wrestler too...all together, a great package. Wrestle him if you're given the opportunity. I am looking forward to a rematch in the future.



dcgrappler is recommended by Stompmenow

dcgrappler is a man with a big heart. He is very hospitable, kind, and generous. He is a very skilled wrestler and applied different moves on me. I had fun with him on and off the mats. Never miss this guy when you are in DC area. I look forward to our next meeting.



Stompmenow is recommended by dcgrappler

What a fun little spunky wrestler! So glad this guy invested the time to come get sweaty on my wrestling mats. He claims to be a jobber, but I think he relishes the opportunity to take charge too. Lock up with this guy when you get the chance.



dcgrappler is recommended by mdbxrwrslr

Had several matches in dcgrappler's mat room, but this was first time we ever met one-on-one, and it was a great experience! Nice guy, and fun to work with; we wrestled and boxed at a level that we were both comfortable with. If you get to the DC Metro Area, would HIGHLY recommend him...



mdbxrwrslr is recommended by dcgrappler

Endless energy and solid skills. This guy is loads oun whether boxing or wrestling. Very confident, he also has a pleasant personality. I look forward to many more sessions. Take this guy on when given the opprtunity!



dcgrappler is recommended by bowolverine

Dcgrappler the coolest guy.
He is a fun wrestler and strong like a bull plus a real nice guy !!! He is a very generous host and has an amazing setup. My buddy Bluecal and I really enjoy our time with dcgrappler and his friends at his cool place.
If you get the chance to wrestle dcgrappler, you will have a great time I guarantee it !!!



bowolverine is recommended by dcgrappler

What a beast!
Impressive strength and skills piled into that solid frame. Lots of fun off and on the mats. Hope to get the chance for a rematch or two.
Highly recommend that you lock up with this grappler!



dcgrappler is recommended by Spruceman

What a great time meeting and wrestling with this skilled, strong, sociable, man. All those good things already said about him are true. From the first few seconds meeting him at the Metro station, I knew I have a new friend. A perfect afternoon.

Friend or not, in the matroom, he can be ninety-nine, and forty-four one hundredths percent pure wrestling, making me tap quite a few times compared to his sole, solitary tap – Not bad, having thought the ratio would have been many-to-zero–and it took him some time and strong effort at that :). . But he can do it in a fun way There's a learning curve; and I think some of the tactics were to let me know where I need to improve.

Recommendation is: If you ever get the chance to take him on – DO IT!! He's among the very best in the DC area. You'll enjoy him, I did, even if you are tapping like a woodpecker.



Spruceman is recommended by dcgrappler

Spruceman is a gracious host and spirited competitor. Very nice guy on and off the mats. Knowledgeable and fearless, he's a load of fun and is well-informed about our wrestling community. A keen and insightful grappler, he's also surprisingly strong. I highly recommend a trip to Spruceman's wrestling room when visiting the nation's capital.
Looking forward to future rematches with this guy.



dcgrappler is recommended by Perseus

Super host with a fantastic mat setup makes this lad a must to visit if youre near DC. He’s a true gentleman with great wrestling skills in good shape with fun banter on the mats and great fun to hang out with. Top recommendation .



Perseus is recommended by dcgrappler

Great guy on and off the mats. I thoroughly enjoyed wrestling this grappler and getting to know him. Good strength and solid skills. I highly recommend this man as a wrestling opponent and all around good guy.



dcgrappler is recommended by njmuscguy1

dc has some real quality guys and this guy is def one of them ! such a gracious host great set up and tough wrestler and off the mats a pleasure to hang out with I will def be back for more ;)



njmuscguy1 is recommended by dcgrappler

Always a great roll with this talented grappler! Gracious in victory, he just lets you work, work and wear yourself out, before pulling off a coup-de-gras. Wrestle this man when the opportunity presents itself. Great guy off the mats, too.



dcgrappler is recommended by ScrimmageJock

Really enjoyed rolling with dcgrappler this afternoon! I have wrestled at his place several times with other wrestlers and some of you will recognize his hot gear in a few of my pics, but hadn’t had the opportunity to hit the mats with the man himself...finally!

He is strong and physical and a lot of fun to wrestle and chat with. I enjoyed his gut punches and well...other holds! Great host and I can’t wait to meet up again. Meet him if you can!



ScrimmageJock is recommended by dcgrappler

I really enjoyed meeting up with this athlete. Great personality, impressive strength and boundless energy. Loads of fun on the mats.

I look forward to many more bouts to come and I highly recommend that you schedule a match with this guy when he's available.



dcgrappler is recommended by GrappleViking

April 2018
Had the opportunity to meet and wrestle this tough man!

He is loads of fun on the mats, very hot, great body, and a total gentleman. He got me in some good holds, too! Watch out for his... Well, you'll find out.

A pleasure to be with off the mats. Can't wait to meet him again. Don't pass up if you get the chance!!



GrappleViking is recommended by dcgrappler

What a pleasure it was to meet and wrestle this Viking berserker! This beast sports a loveable personality, solid grappling skills, and impressive strength & stamina. He's definitely a guy to meet and wrestle. Don't pass of the opportunity if it presents itself.



dcgrappler is recommended by Redmond40

Great time wrestling the master grappler on his mat. Very gracious to host. Skilled and strong, loved his tenacity and drive. Even though he was giving up many pounds he kept bringing it. Muscle battled for a few brief hours. Grapple with him any time.



Redmond40 is recommended by dcgrappler

I wrestled this big brute last week. What strength! Great attitude. Loads of fun. I look forward to many more bouts with him. If you're in the area, I recommend that you contact Redmond40 for a great time.



dcgrappler is recommended by AussieBoxer

What we in Australia call a "total legend". I actually fought several guys from the DC area a couple of times in his mat room before I actually met the man himself the third time round. Then off came the shirt and on went the gloves - can't get better than that! Top-of-the-line recommendation.



dcgrappler is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

Great guy and host. Strong, skilled and fun. Five stars. Highly recommend and looking forward to our next match



dcgrappler is recommended by PacNWBulldog

D.C. Had been on a bucket list for a few year. He was a gracious host and worthy opponent. Strong as an ox. Great skillls, fun, nice pythons and developed legs. A mini Ivan Putski!!!



PacNWBulldog is recommended by dcgrappler

Long wanted this beast on my mats and we finally made it happen. The match was well worth the anticipation and I hope we can lock up again much quicker this time. Enjoyed wrestling this experienced man. Great guy all around. Highly recommend scrambling with him.



dcgrappler is recommended by Hymalayan muscle

Had a good time meeting up with DCGrappler. He is a great guy both on and off the mats. Strong as an ox and immovable on the mats and also a very skilled wrestler. Off the mats he is a great host and awesome person to hang out with. Highly recommend if you are ever in the area.



Hymalayan muscle is recommended by dcgrappler

Highly recommend a match with this wrestler. He's loaded with natural instincts, possesses impressive strength and is nice guy to boot. Definitely hoping to square off against this talenter athlete again.



dcgrappler is recommended by BullCop

Round 2. If it gets any better for round 3, I will explode or something. Mat work was fluid as the intensity rose and ebbed repeatedly. Hard to find a better fit for me. Off the mats, I have run out of gold stars for the exceptional qualities of this awesome man.

Great muscled and skilled wrestler who is patient and considerate while rolling, Enjoyed every minute we were locked up and want some more. A fantastic host who is open, charming, relaxed and welcoming. Wonderful few days I got to spend with this A-list man..



dcgrappler is recommended by Mainewrsl

Grappler is a ton of fun in a match. He's strong and skilled, has plenty of gear and looks great in it, and has a really nice set-up for wrestling. We went back and forth, and he went easy on me. If he'd gotten serious about taking me down, I would have been a goner. Next time we get serious; I want a rematch. And he's interesting and gracious off the mats. Highest recommendation.



Mainewrsl is recommended by dcgrappler

Great guy with loads of stamina and fun disposition. Highly recommend this wrestler for those looking for a good time. Looking forward to our next match!



dcgrappler is recommended by guresci18

awesome host, incredibly strong competitor, and a really great guy off the mats as well. as fun an opponent as he is a conversationalist. fantastic guy all around. highly recommend!



guresci18 is recommended by dcgrappler

Bundle of energy and loads of fun on and off the mats. A great guy. Hope to have future rematches when our paths cross. Soon to relocate so keep an eye out for this hot wrestler!



dcgrappler is recommended by sleepermuscle

Very skilled guy and a pleasure to converse with on and off the mats. Would definitely take a roll with this guy again. Good times!



sleepermuscle is recommended by dcgrappler

I finally got to lock up with this stud! The match was years in the making and was well worth the wait. I hope rematches will occur on a more regular basis, however. If you're looking for a fit and talented opponent, I highly recommend sleepermuscle.



dcgrappler is recommended by reep

Had a great match with Dcgrappler, nice guy with a great knowledge of pro. Looking forward to a rematch!



reep is recommended by dcgrappler

Great pro enthusiast. Lots of fun on the mats and personable off the mats. Quite reliable, too. He arrived as scheduled, ready to roll. Highly recommend this wrestler for an energetic pro experience.



dcgrappler is recommended by jcripe03

Got to cross one off my "wrestling bucket list" when I was lucky enough to host dcgrappler. We had a built in rivalry based on the fact that we went to rival college, though at much different times ;-) Unfortunately, I let my alma mater down as I didn't stand a chance against this guy. Along with being a phenomenal wrestler, he is a good looking guy to boot. Off the mats, he was as easy to talk to as anyone I have met. What more could you ask for? Had an absolute blast, and hope to be able to meet up again.



jcripe03 is recommended by dcgrappler

What a gracious host and feisty competitor!
It was well worth traveling all of those many miles to finally lock up with jcripe03. We worked one another over for a good long while, before my years of mat experience and wily ways finally prevailed. I am excited at the prospect of a rematch sometime down the road (but before he gets too much more experience).

If you get to jcripe03's neck of the woods, I highly recommend that you give him a shot. He's a good solid competitor and gentleman.



dcgrappler is recommended by ironranger

A true gentleman and gracious host. This experienced wrestler was good enough to explain exactly how he was in the process of turning or was going to turn me into his chew toy. Massive legs just meant for squashing unsuspecting heads. I learned a lot in our 90 minutes on his mats. This is a man you must not miss out on. I definitely look forward to Round 2.

ETA: Round 5? 6? Every time I wrestle this Master I appreciate just what a fine, quality, Man he is. Truely one of the best people I've had the honor to know. And with whom to get sweaty.



ironranger is recommended by dcgrappler

Genuine fella with great attitude and matching strength and stamina. Get this guy on your mats as soon as he's available! Looking forward to many more matches with ironranger.



dcgrappler is recommended by BoxerCoachinmd

Finally got to meet dcgrappler after knowing about each other for a number of years. He's the real deal, an amazing and crafty wrestler who can hold his own with the boxing gloves too. He's also a lot of fun outside of the ring as well.
Definitely look forward to our next meeting. Highly recommended.



BoxerCoachinmd is recommended by dcgrappler

Finally, arranged a long-overdue match up with BoxerCoachinmd this past week. He's a crafty boxer with great stamina and attitude...loads of fun in the boxing ring and on wrestling mats. He's a gracious host. I look forward to many rematches with this man and encourage others to link up with him when in the mid-Atlantic area.



dcgrappler is recommended by pbalestra

This guy is top notch, great fighter, strong, very skilled, safe, and friendly, lots of fun! Don't miss a chance to wrestle him, I definitely look forward to a rematch.



pbalestra is recommended by dcgrappler

Fun loving and strong opponent. Great stamina. My abs hurt for days after our grueling session. :) Can't wait for a rematch!



dcgrappler is recommended by WrestleBob

Glad to finally wrestle this icon of the DC wrestling scene. Super nice guy, perfect host with a marvelous mat room. Great gentle touch for a big boy and definitely enjoys his pro. Gear for days. Meet him.



dcgrappler is recommended by restlerva

Great sub matches with dcgrappler. He is strong and skilled. He has a mat room and is a terrific host. I highly recommend him for a competitive match.



dcgrappler is recommended by sfbeef

When I saw him in person my first thought was, "fuck, he looks like a wrestler." We had a good rough match, he can take a lot and come right back to dish it out. And he's damn hot.



sfbeef is recommended by dcgrappler

Every bit as tough as he looks on the mats, and a great guy off the mats. Strong, skilled, and scrappy, sfbeef is also a gentleman. I look forward to locking up with him again, and again.



dcgrappler is recommended by Celticgrapler

Dcgrappler is awesome. He will give you work out and a half. Perfect gentleman before and afterwards. But during he brings it to the mat. So if you are looking for a great match, he's your man. I plan on meeting up with him again and again.



Celticgrapler is recommended by dcgrappler

Big strong ox of a wrestler. Great guy. I highly recommend Celticgrappler for those seeking a competitive match or just for grab-ass recreation.



dcgrappler is recommended by London2013

Nice man with a great deal of wrestling experience. His hot passion for the sport dates back to his childhood enjoying those sexy men of tv. His body is thick and he has huge legs which can envelope you with warmth and power. He has a great collection of wrestling parapanelia



London2013 is recommended by dcgrappler

Fine gentleman and wrestler. Enjoyed our matches and conversations. I look forward to his return and more sweaty action on the mats.



dcgrappler is recommended by fig4man

Chuck is really nice guy. Great to wrestle and hangout with. I look forward to seeing him again on my next trip out to DC area



fig4man is recommended by dcgrappler

Great guy and fun wrestler. He can adjust match intensity to suit. A real pleasure to host. Loads of fun off the mats, as well. Looking forward to meeting up again.



dcgrappler is recommended by carolina wrestler

Met and wrestled dcgrappler for the fourth time in June 2013. We had a great match testing the skills of each other. He is very skilled and I have enjoyed my matches with this guy. He is a great person on and off the mat, and I recommend him highly!



carolina wrestler is recommended by dcgrappler

Great guy. Spirited pro wrestler. Looks great in gear and is always loads of fun.

carolina_wrestler is also highly reliable, as he's always on the mats as scheduled.



dcgrappler is recommended by HeadSqueezeKing

Had a match with dcgrappler a few years ago. He is one of the nicest guys you'd ever hope to meet. But watch out. He's strong and knows his moves. He'll take it to you before you know it. Respectful of limits but definitely knows how to have a good match. High recommendation!



HeadSqueezeKing is recommended by dcgrappler

It has been awhile since I wrestled this lug, but I do recall that it was a lot of fun. Like me, he enjoys a good competitive match, and doesn't mind mixing a bit of give-and-take. Hope he gets back this way again soon.



dcgrappler is recommended by Roughmatch

Wrestled on the mats at Hillside wrestling. This guy is one tough fighter. We wrestled submission and he is very good. I've seen him wrestle pro but I like to think of him as a submission fighter. I think he might go NHB but those types of fights were not allowed during the Hillside Wrestling Weekend.



dcgrappler is recommended by riwrestlebuddy

An amazing wrestler and more amazing man. Strong and nearly immovable. Can't wait to get on the mats with you again. Thanks for hosting; twice and on short notice. You are the best my friend. Highly recommended gents.



riwrestlebuddy is recommended by dcgrappler

Highly recommended! A bundle of pure energy! Wish I could bottle it...I'd make a fortune! Always welcome on my mats.



dcgrappler is recommended by superltweight

Chuck is a great wrestling experience. With a large weight and strength difference, Chuck was able to adjust to me and make it an enjoyable time. Looking forward to our next match.



dcgrappler is recommended by WrslMscl

Chuck can choke chuckling. Or laughing. Or being totally serious. His mat prowess and confidence are high, and since he usually has the advantage of his home turf mats, challengers beware. You have been warned. But if you like grappling, you will not be disappointed. Just disheveled and discombobulated.



WrslMscl is recommended by dcgrappler

I've rolled with WrslMscl a couple of times over the past few years. He's a spunky competitor and a gentleman. I highly recommend this man to any who want a good match and fine company.



dcgrappler is recommended by tightbriefs4u

i meet this great guy to wrestle, he is very skilled and strong wrestler but can adjust to opponents level. safe and sane time. Off the mat he is a awesome guy with great personality and a good time. He is worth the time to meet in all aspects. nice solid beefy strong guy.



tightbriefs4u is recommended by dcgrappler

Fit and fun wrestler. Nice guy off the mats. Highly recommended.



dcgrappler is recommended by muscldfighter

highly experienced and very skilled. Strong fighter and adjusts level to his opponents. Great guy and friendly personality. An awesome guy throughout.
Definitely highly recommended as 'the guy to meet' when in-and-around the vicinity of Wash DC!



dcgrappler is recommended by Jedi

I first met DCgrappler in 1999, had a fantastic match (in which he dominated), and began a valued friendship. Solid man worthy of trust, generous, thoughtful, and very skilled on the mats. Strong as anything, but always safe! Put this man at the top of your wrestling list guys: he's one in a million.