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Age 50
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight 238 lbs (108 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear leotards, singlets, briefs, trunks, tights, jocks etc
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  1. Canada - Ontario, Mississauga
    (I'm here from 10/11/2020)
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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Looking for coach

Fetishes: Wrestling gear, Gut punching

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A big fan of old school pro wrestling right from the 50s - early 80s. I try and keep my look and gear like a old school heel.

I am new to wrestling and learning the ropes, Enjoy safe and sane wrestling and also like to talk and discuss limits, match style, gear etc with my opponent before a match.

Trained by " The Badger" for Pro Wrestling and I like playing the Heel.

I am also into erotic submission wrestling If the chemistry is right, no injuries. All safe and sane A good hot sweaty fun match is what I am looking for.

I can't host but willing to explore feasible options to wrestle up

I always respond to messages.

Send me message if you need to know more about me.




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HandsomeHeel is recommended by operationscwspa1

Had my First pro match with handsome heel a great guy and a friend. Warm and welcoming. As we locked up we develop a great wrestling chemistry did some give and take matches and one sided ones and he knew his holds and executed them perfectly like a proper pro wrestler would.

Hope to train more with him .



operationscwspa1 is recommended by busted open

it was my pleasure to do some pro wrestling with Operationscwspa1. He is a very strong man and knows how to use his size and weight to his advantage. A great guy off the mats and a good wrestler on the mats. We both had a good time and I highly recommend him.



busted open is recommended by operationscwspa1

Had a great match locking horns with Busted Open . An experienced wrestler who shares common interests in old school pro wrestling who knows his wresting well.

Hope we can continue to wrestle old school style more in the near future.

An awesome person and great to talk to.



operationscwspa1 is recommended by tokenotter

It took a long time (pandemics don’t help) but I finally wrestled operationscwspa1! This guy is big and tough and man he can move and keep you down. He’s also a super great guy to chat with get to know. Generous and understanding, this guy is someone everyone should get to wrestle. He even travelled to visit and wrestle. I couldn’t hope for a better afternoon on the floor.



tokenotter is recommended by operationscwspa1

Finally after going back n forth for a year had my first match with Tokenotter. He's a strong and well built bloke. As a host he's very welcoming warm n friendly .A great guy to hang out with.

His wrestling style is flexible and he's likes to mix it up and knows how to tackle his opponent and make his way back in the match.

We wrestled chatted and had a wonderful wrestling experience.
We plan to wrestle up again .



operationscwspa1 is recommended by SalzPeter

Operationsscwspa1 and I finally had an opportunity to arrange a hotel match near his place. He has a busy schedule and can only meet on weekends. He is a powerful, burly bearish wrestler who lives to dominate his opponents which is great for Jobbers like me.
Off the mats, he is an affable bloke and easy going with interesting life experiences.
I highly recommend him and looking forward to our many more matches.



SalzPeter is recommended by operationscwspa1

Salz has been in touch since the past year to wrestle up. When he initially asked me for a match I was excited and eager to wrestle a man with such a vast wrestling experience.

We finally wrestled at the hotel and he let me play the dirty heel, we had a couple of rounds with close body contacts. Salz has great skills and stamina and went straight for the attack without waisting any time .

After the match I loved talking to him about current affairs, Canadian culture and man to man wrestling. he has so much knowledge and I felt like a student eager to learn more.

We plan to wrestle up again and I will not miss any opportunity to flex up with the great Salz Peter. A great man a great wrestler




operationscwspa1 is recommended by The Badger

"Operationscwspa1", or "The Bear" as I am going to call him here ( that's my pro wrestling handle for him), is a great student (and a nice guy), who wanted to learn about classic pro wrestling. He has that classic heel look, and was very attentive and eager to apply his new knowledge. I threw a lot of information at him, and we practiced various holds and moves throughout our session. We also discussed pro wrestling psychology, and worked on selling and applying various holds and moves.
Check out some of the photos from our matches on his profile page.
I'm looking forward to our next session!



The Badger is recommended by operationscwspa1

The Badger is a great host, has a great place and setup for a good wrestling workout.
It was a first hand learning experience, learnt a lot of holds and how to execute moves and was able to understand the true value and nature of Pro Wrestling, Had an awesome time.


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