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Short Heel into fun pro wrestling –unable to do competitive matches due to medical reasons
I like to heel in pro matches -respect jobber's limits
safe sane fun wrestler
love to get in ring and have matches taped
Guy on fav list are guys I want to wrestle and move to past opponents

*unable to do full on competitive matches *
more pro fantasy as heel – light submission/oil/erotic

Back wrestling –looking for jobber's/wrestlers to do pro fantasy matches and to film them
You Tube channel stelutte

Visiting London Weekend 20th to 23rd October 2017
looking for light wrestling heel/jobber hotel match



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Online chatting, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to a ring, I have access to mats, Friendship, I'm a heel
Fetishes: Jackoff, Spandex, Leather, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, CBT, Face sitting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship


  1. United Kingdom, Morley
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I am willing to travel 200 miles


Age: 53-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'1" (155 cm), 155 lbs (70 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: boots pads speedos trunks

Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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Start of membership: 5/06/2009 11:35 PM

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Interest Groups:


Steve Shock is recommended by BRIT PRO HEEL

met steve shock many years ago at pippas during a meet , he is a strong, wrestler HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, great guy off the mats , hope to meet in the future



Steve Shock is recommended by MuscChamp

Steve was my last match of the day during the Pippas Wrestle Meet in Manchester. By then, I was pretty exhausted and had to fend off Steve's constant aggressive attacks. It's a good thing I used my secret weapon – my skimpy poser wrestling speedo! It distracted him enough to get a few submissions. Although the Champ had to use tricks and draw on fumes, he had a terrific time with this wonderful grappler. We will do it again on my next UK trip! Highly recommended!



MuscChamp is recommended by Steve Shock

Well what can I say !!!!!
Went to wrestling meet just to see the guys I've known over the years
Wasn't planning to wrestle but seeing MuscChamp he got me to enter a mat room near end of the meet
What a great guy !!!! He took into account my medical problem and adapted to make it a fun wrestle– what a great body on him and his verbal during wrestle was fun was a pleasure to meet him and great to get to have a fun wrestle def recommend him and look forward to another wrestle when he gets back to UK or me to states



Steve Shock is recommended by NorthNotts

Met steve for a match in leeds. Great guy - especially great to make him submit 😀



NorthNotts is recommended by Steve Shock

Second time met North Notts and second ass kicking i got lol
I'm not a submission wrestler and he adapted to my level
(Basically I'm crap lol)
Nice guy off the mats great wrestler short and compact strong and fun to wrestle



Steve Shock is recommended by Steeleyes

I felt like a wobbly tower block when JCB, Steve requested a session;as we both have have neck disc problems we really should have started sat down(hehe).He was very fair considering his experience;but we both worked hard and sweated buckets.Heaven help me when he is fully fit again !Thanks Steve



Steeleyes is recommended by Steve Shock

After recovering from surgery I attended wrestling meet for first time back
Both aware of each others neck problems we got into mat room to wrestle
Was a great wrestle !!
I loved wrestling this guy
Great guy off mats and so much fun on the mats
Hot sweaty safe sane fun wrestling
Can't wait till I wrestle Steeleyes again



Steve Shock is recommended by walsallgoodguy

9/2/16 met steve at pippas organised meet 5 of us.what can i say legend, our ring match was the toughest and best match ive had i was totally destroyed by this heel slams,knee backbreakers dirty moves really had my left leg and back in so much trouble,first time ive come out of ring hardly able to walk was stunning as are you mate next time ill be ready for you lol roger. xxx.1/7/17 another bruising from Steve in tag match at Pippa's,but my team won by double dq top heel and awesome guy xxx



walsallgoodguy is recommended by Steve Shock

Met Roger (or his ring name for our match Ripper Rogers ) at small group meet
nice guy to talk to off the mats
loved wrestling this guy gave me a great match !!!!
this jobber can take punishment and works well with you in the ring
look forward to another match !!!



Steve Shock is recommended by matslam

I was so looking forward to get worked over by this well-known heel and my wish was granted in NY wrestlefest two years ago.A real powerhouse,he put me in a series of holds and he relentlessly dominated me throughout our match,all in a safe and sane manner.I'm so eager for round 2..Steve is A Must meet for everyone!



matslam is recommended by Steve Shock

Met Nikos at NYC wrestlefest 2014
this hot stud jobber can take some punishment
makes you work for your win !!
great guy off the mats and a pleasure to meet
I look forward to wrestling him again in the future
you like a tough jobber this is your man



Steve Shock is recommended by PJ1

I have met Steve at Pippas ring in Manchester, it was a great action! He is safe and sane wrestler, at the same time, he is experienced and he knows how to punish... He showed me many pro-style tricks and manouvers, it was very helpful. I can definitely recommend him! And I hope to meet him again next time I travel to UK.



PJ1 is recommended by Steve Shock

Met PJ at Pippas for a good wrestling session
Nice guy off the mats
Great wrestler who looks the part great body and tough jobber
Had a great time wrestling this guy
Def recommend him and hope to meet him again



Steve Shock is recommended by ATONMAN

18.10.2015 - I was really happy to have rolled with STEVE_SHOCK. Knowing that he is not a sub-wrestler was very kind for him to challenge me in a field not ideal. The fight is still been exciting and fun, and Steve is a valid opponent safe and sane. I am sure that we will have new opportunities to meet. very recommended



ATONMAN is recommended by Steve Shock

great to meet this wrestler at a recent meet
Altho I'm not a submission wrestler he gladly stepped onto the mats with me
This wrestler is awesome great body and great wrestler
safe sane and respectful of limits
A pleasure to meet him
great guy off the mats
look forward to wrestling him again in the future –if you get the chance wrestle this man you won't be disappointed –even if you do submit over and over to him



Roundtwo2 is recommended by Steve Shock

Met Al at meet on Sunday 18/10/15
nice guy off the mats
knows how to wrestle– a good slow sweaty match
look forward to meeting him again for a longer wrestle
I'm ready for round 2



Steve Shock is recommended by wrestleruk1

Had a great match with Steve today...just a light subs match but was fun. Love to get in the ring with him next time and do some pro. Don't really need to say what a nice genuine bloke he is, as all of his many reccomendations will testify to that. Anytime you want another meet just let me know Steve.



wrestleruk1 is recommended by Steve Shock

Met John today for a light sub wrestle –had a blast. this wrestler knows his stuff -altho not much of a submission wrestler he wrestled to my level and ability– A great relaxed easy to talk to guy –strong, safe great wrestler . Can't wait to meet him again–look forward to getting in the ring and doing some pro –will gladly recommend him to for a great wrestle. Thanks for meeting John



Steve Shock is recommended by THEIRONMAN

04.04.2015 I had another great prowrestling match with this man and another time he destroyed me.
Soon another match will tapped and put on the site.
This man is incredible very strong and With Great experience in pro wrestling we had a very hard match in a ring more them 30 minutes i tried to defense myself against his attacks but Was impossible he dominated me all the match i Was completely in his hands soon Will be available the videos on youtube tks my friend want wrestle u another time wrestlers meet this man



THEIRONMAN is recommended by Steve Shock

Met Emmanuel at Pippas 14/11/2012
lovely guy !! what a body !!
this Hunky hairy chested wrestler is a pleasure to wrestle
great Pro match in the ring this wrestler made me work for the whole match can't wait to lock up with him again



Steve Shock is recommended by Wrestlg

This lil guy was a Blast!
We did some Fun, rough Pro!
Great attitude, gear and heart!
Wrestle him today!!



Wrestlg is recommended by Steve Shock

When you have wanted to meet and wrestle someone for such a long time
you have an anticipation that it might not go as you well as you thought.
Glenn has the attitude that whoever you are you are gonna have a great time.
This wrestler is what wrestling is all about !!!!
He will wrestle to your abilities no ego no bragging this wrestler can wrestle !!!
a pure pleasure to wrestle I had a blast
a genuine guy who love wrestling and such a great guy off the mats
I can't wait to wrestle him again whenever that may be



Steve Shock is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

Wrestled this experienced wrestler earlier today and Steve proves that you should never judge a book by its cover. Despite the difference we had a powerful, sweaty wrestle. I would recommend Steve to anyone because hes safe,sane and very skilled. I look forward to meeting up again sometime.



MEGRAPPLE is recommended by Steve Shock

Met Phil today great guy off the mats great wrestler on the mats safe sane wrestler had a hot sweaty wrestle
adapted to my level of submission had a great time
hope to wrestle this wrestler again !!



Steve Shock is recommended by Squashlad

Always a big ask to take on a super-experienced guy with 134 past opponents and this was as one-sided as was expected. (But then that's what us jobbers like.) Don't let his diminutive size fool you, this is a strong bloke who knows his stuff and is able to change tempo effortlessly and take complete control of a match. He was willing to work with my lack of knowledge of pro and switched instinctively to promission, but it was no less punishing for being largely on the mats. Always safe though, he was clearly looking out for my welfare while he was working me over. Altogether a fantastic experience that I'm very keen to repeat.



Squashlad is recommended by Steve Shock

Met squashlad in Manchester for a Pro style match in the ring at Pippa's
bigger wrestler who loves to job
this jobber can take punishment and is great to wrestle lots of sweat and long holds was so hard to make this jobber submit
A great guy to talk to after and have couple beers with
great company can't wait for the rematch
If you like a jobber who makes you work in a match this is one jobber you've got to meet !!



Steve Shock is recommended by titchbear

met steve few year back grat guy beat me up
look forward to next time



Steve Shock is recommended by Lomandlad42

Great guy to wrestle, fast and strong, had me sweating buckets :-) real nice fella too highly recommended

Rematched with another of my favorite guys to grapple with at the weekend......he's still as much of a pocket rocket as I remembered and fun too had another great wrestle :-) one of the nicest fellas on this site



Lomandlad42 is recommended by Steve Shock

met Jay at grapevine meet
don't let the name fool you
this wrestler is no jobber
fast,strong great guy to wrestle knows his holds
pleasure to wrestle him even tho he kicked my ass LoL !!!
look forward to wrestling him again

Met Jay again at meet at Pippa's
just a great wrestle again !! and yet again kicked my ass !!!
just love this guy's company great to talk to and wrestle
can't recommend him enough to meet



Steve Shock is recommended by Scrapmerchant 1

I met Steve at the Grapevine event at Pippas yesterday and although more into Pro wrestling, Steve was happy to do submission with me. We had a great hard sweaty bout- Steve is skilled and strong and in my opinion looks the business in the gear. We have unfinished business and I look forward to the rematch!



Scrapmerchant 1 is recommended by Steve Shock

Finally met Scrapmechant
Well worth the wait !!!

a great guy off the mats
altho not into Pro we met in mat room for a submission match
this wrestler is strong skilled and great to wrestle
aggression but safe on the mats
def can't wait till we can wrestle again



Steve Shock is recommended by Sir David

Finally got to have the meet with Steve Shock that we had both been waiting for. What a bloke. This guy is brilliant. We both worked up a sweat. He had me sweating in this wrestle more than I have since I started doing this.
Had a great time. Cannot wait for the next. Steve Shock is a legend. He is the legend and no one will ever take his place. Cheers steve for a great meet.

Update 11 sept 14
Met steve again for a 1 on 1 pro battle at pippas. Fantastic meet once again. I must be doing well in pro circumstances as both thoroughly enjoyed. Great give and take. On occasions lol.
Round 3 wont be long. Cheers for a good bout Steve.



Sir David is recommended by Steve Shock

after long time wanting to meet Sir David and I met and wrestled !!!
Well worth the wait !!!
this wrestler is tough a great match both lost sweat a great wrestle
can't wait till we meet again nice guy off the mats


Met Sir David for a one on one wrestle
first was light subs match in mat room both working up a good sweat
Second pro match in ring
love wrestling this guy safe sane fun guy to wrestle
look forward to wrestling this guy again and again



Steve Shock is recommended by SubguyUK

Meet up with Steve again yesterday, after far to long, for a Pro fantasy / Heel Jobber session at Pippa's. Steve is a great guy, with a lot of knowledge and experience. Had a great time. Thanks Steve.



SubguyUK is recommended by Steve Shock

Met Andy again after long time

good to wrestle and heel this big man again
This jobber can take some punishment and made me work for my submissions
looking forward to next time we get hot and sweaty
a nice guy off the mats safe sane wrestler



scotpal is recommended by Steve Shock

Finally met Scotpal after long time chatting about wrestling
Well worth the wait
loved wrestling this guy !!!
small but great body his pics don't do him justice !!

would love to meet this guy and wrestle him again and again



Steve Shock is recommended by CTbruiser

Great heel competitor. A great guy. Juiced me too.



CTbruiser is recommended by Steve Shock

Big guy strong powerful wrestler
can take some punishment
nice guy off the mats



Steve Shock is recommended by little Tony

Steve is a right powerhouse for his size and knows alot of holds. Great wrestler and great host. Hope to meet up again sometime for round 2



little Tony is recommended by Steve Shock

Met Little Tony after a long time trying to arrange a meet
had a great wrestle with this wrestler
small but strong able to take holds without submissions made me work to get him to tap
can't wait for another match with him



Steve Shock is recommended by Essex

What a great wrestler this guy is.
After months of chatting i got to find out what a proper little pocket rocket he is and he knows his holds and can hold his own in a match.
Had a great give n take meet with him.
Experienced, safe n sane and a lovely guy both on and off the mats.
Highly recommended



Essex is recommended by Steve Shock

Finaly got to meet Essexwrrestler
Well worth the wait !!!!!
this wrestler is great to wrestle great stamina flexible guy who can take some holds without submitting just a great time wrestling with him
great guy off the mats friendly
if you can meet this guy then do def recommend him
Can't wait till we wrestle again Sparkler !!!!



Steve Shock is recommended by Ringwrestler

Steve was everything I hoped he would be. Know's his way around the ring - a very feisty and fun pro styler - can't wait for a rematch !



Steve Shock is recommended by rassler 315

The GRIZZ met the UK Steve Shock...was supposed to be in a ring, but time restraints complicated matters, so the GRIZZ showed up at SS's hotel and pile drove him, tossed him around, slamming him repeatedly across his bed...just when he was about to cover the for the cocky 'five' count, SS pulls out a low-blow, turning the tide, relentlessly working over the Grizz...chokes, chops, and dirty tactics, not to mention the incessent trash-talking...for a little guy, he TALKS BIG...end result? the war betwee the USA and UK is very much alive, begging a rematch - and i hope, very soon.
Steve is a true gentleman, but crafty not underestimate him, or he'll have you pinned, pummeled, and prone.



rassler 315 is recommended by Steve Shock

What can I say
Met the Grizz on latest trip to US
phone call to my hotel room and match was set up
a pleasure to meet the man great wrestler can take the punishment as well as give it out
plenty long holds sweat can't wait to meet this wrestler again
genuine nice guy off the mats

glad to know this wrestler can admit when he was beat
another match is def on the cards
just loved wrestling this guy !!!!



riwrestlebuddy is recommended by Steve Shock

What can I say about his wrestler ??
great guy off the mats
on the mats he can take all you got to give
this wrestler is so flexable
can't wait to meet him again



Steve Shock is recommended by Perseus

Met Steve in a tag match today and if u like Pro he's a must to wrestle. Very tecnical skilled and energetic and he has this heel streak so be warned. Had a lot of fun and re- match will happen for sure.



Perseus is recommended by Steve Shock

Met Perseus in Tag Match in Manchester
great wresle this wrestler has strong legs can take the punishment from a heel.
Great guy out of the ring
look forward to wrestling him again



Steve Shock is recommended by Wrestlertoo

Got together with Steve today after a long wait...Great bout at Pippas and fortunately he went easy with me. A strong bloke!
So good to have grappled with him as he is a patient teacher and great fun off the mat, Thanks Steve!



Wrestlertoo is recommended by Steve Shock

Finally got to meet and wrestle Jon
lovely guy off the mat

made me work for a wrestle good strong light built guy
fiesty wrestler had fun wrestling this guy
well worth the wait



Steve Shock is recommended by ProTrunks

I had some fantastic wrestling with Steve as part of a small group & coaching session. He's got a vicious heel streak–he'll work you up one side of the ring and back down the other, so be prepared when you step through the ropes with him! He's friendly and sociable, too; I look forward to locking up with him again soon.



ProTrunks is recommended by Steve Shock

Met ProTrunks at pro trainning session
lovely guy to talk to looks great in pro gear
had great bout with him great wrestle
look forward to wrestling him again



Steve Shock is recommended by Col Rich

What can I say that hasn't been said already. Met the great Mr Steve Shock or as I know him by his real name (INFRA SHOCK) in the british championship title match. (just go with it guys-trying to make it as real is it can get)
Seriously though
Steve is a gentleman and a scholar and a mean mean wrestle machine in the ring. Knowledgeable, courteous and a real expert in pro. Had a great 12 -5 minute round pro match. Anyone who hasn't wrestled this wrestling GOD then you really have to get around to it. Thanks for a great time Steve and look forward to it the next time and again and again and again.
Colin Steele.



Col Rich is recommended by Steve Shock

Well what can I say about Colin Steele ??
This wrestler says he's new to Pro, This wrestler knows some stuff, knows how to keep you in a hold A great wrestle
with this guy..
A gentleman ,easy going,polite,great sense of humour !!!
off the mats
Once wrestling this guy it's business !!! you will have a great bout with this wrestler.
Look forward to many more bouts with Colin Steele
win or lose you will know you have had great match !!!!



SE Wrestler is recommended by Steve Shock

Met for a good old WoS pro bout.
just loved wrestling this guy !!!
I hope our next match is as good as first
no attitude just a great sweaty back & forth wrestle
Sells the holds great & great at applying
Will lace up the boots & gear up anytime for this guy
Great guy off the mats easy going great to talk to
Look forward to wrestling again .



Steve Shock is recommended by grovelad

We've wrestled a couple of times. Steve is a great technical pro wrestler who is really passionate about his wrestling and knows his stuff. He's also a really nice guy and fun to be with. I've had a great time and I'm looking forward to our next bout. I have no hesitation in recommending him.



grovelad is recommended by Steve Shock

Met Grovelad in Aug had a great wrestle !!! he may be small but a great Technical wrestler knows his stuff
A great jobber but don't underestimate his size can give as good as he gets
A guy who just loves his wrestling
Met Grovelad for another great wrestle yet another good sweaty pro wrestle look forward to our next bout already
Good guy off the mat too
I look forward to our next bout & may more in the future



silverbulletuk1 is recommended by Steve Shock

Met Silverbullet at open wrestling meet
nice guy
good safe sane wrestle a newbie but great to wrestle him
look forward to wrestling him again



Steve Shock is recommended by oldscrapperderby

Met Steve again at a Manchester group meet, had a good scrap, always fun to wrestle, little guy with a big heart! I'd recommend him to anyone.



oldscrapperderby is recommended by Steve Shock

Wrestled Den again at wrestle meet
always a good wrestle
great wrestler with lots of technical ability
nice guy who loves his wrestle & wrestle to your ability can take the punishment as well as dishing it out
all safe sane wrestle with an edge



Steve Shock is recommended by NW UK WRESTLER

Hi Steve is a reliable and skilled wrestler. On every occasion we have wrestled it has been a great time on the mats.



NW UK WRESTLER is recommended by Steve Shock

Met Daz few years ago for good wrestle
good wrestler with knowledge of holds
nice paced wrestle



Leanmachineuk is recommended by Steve Shock

met Kewrestle at meet
lovely guy
good hard strong wrestler some of the hardest abs & pecs ever
kicked my ass but what a pleasure to wrestle with him



Canadian Pro Wrestler is recommended by Steve Shock

met Scott couple years ago at pippas
Great guy had 6 hour of trainning & wresting with this guy
very technical & loves his Pro
a pleasure to meet & lock up with the hot stud



musclebear2b is recommended by Steve Shock

Met musclebear2b few years ago
nice guy had a good fun wrestle with the big guy heeling me



Steve Shock is recommended by Cymrofight

Steve is a tough, skilled, enthusiastic technical wrestler who gives and takes well. We had a great match at Pippa's and a great sensual session afterwards. I look forward to the rematch.



Steve Shock is recommended by grappleian

Wrestled Steve at Pippa's, a friendly guy / good personality - had a good grapple, maybe a short guy but has strength and the moves. Hope to wrestle again



Steve Shock is recommended by Tyger

Wrestled Steve today and had a great time! He may be short but he really knows his stuff. I was very impressed and would fight him again any chance I get.



Tyger is recommended by Steve Shock

Met Cybertiger today
good wrestler who can take & dish out some punishment
hot sweaty wrestle great guy after bout too



ian is recommended by Steve Shock

Just met Ian
great guy with a great body
only a novice but has the ability to be a great wrestler
strong & tough
looking forward to our next wrestle



Steve Shock is recommended by musclemarkuk

I wrestled Steve a couple of years ago in the ring at Pippas. Great guy and pretty fast around the ring. Would gladly meet again and recommend .


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