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55 year old short stocky male.
New at wrestling as an adult,
was a pretty good high school wrestler.
Enjoy learning about different types of man to man combat.
Into erotic as well if you are into that



  1. USA - Tennessee, Nashville-Davidson
    (I'm here between 6/14/2018 and 6/13/2026)
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 58-year-old Male

Stats: 5'5" (165 cm), 180 lbs (82 kg)

Gear: Shorts

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission

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privateguy55 is recommended by liketowrestle

Met with privateguy55 while I was in Nashville! Super friendly guy and eager to learn some moves holds and technique! We had a very small space to work with but we made the best of what we had! Would enjoy a rematch with him and hopefully with a better space to wrestle! Highly recommend him to anyone who has the chance to meet and wrestle this great guy!



liketowrestle is recommended by privateguy55

Had the opportunity to meet this strong skilled and very nice guy when he was visiting the Nashville area. Wish we had a bigger space to wrestle , but I was able to learn a little about BJJ(he is very skilled ), and realize that I would have been owned if we were going at it competitively😉
Safe, sane , thoughtful and a lot of fun, I hope he finds his way out this way again soon.
Recommended without any Liketowrestle if you get the chance!



privateguy55 is recommended by A Wrstle-bear

Wow, What can I say about PG55!!! He is just an awesome guy to hang with and to wrestle. He is a very strong guy and he has a very good skill set for wrestling, so don't let down your guard. He knows very well what to look for in a weakness with his opponent and how to work his size and strength to his advantage. I had a great time of wrestling with him as we went back and forth working each other over in sweaty multiple matches. He is very difficult to get a tap from, but that makes it all the more fun. Lots of action and full body contact wrestling. What a great time we both had together. I just wish we lived in the same town.



privateguy55 is recommended by athletic bud

Privateguy55 is a stocky, technical muscle bud. Great match, I was tired out trying to get a submission, or get him at least on his back! He’s a force. Great southern charm off the mats, great competitor on the mats. Looking for a round two!



athletic bud is recommended by privateguy55

Athletic bud lives up to his name: tall strong lean and muscular. We managed to make 2 very busy weekend schedules mesh, and a great match ensued . Strong arms , strong legs and good stamina led to a sweaty and fun match- good thing I had a little more experience or I would have been in trouble.
Great fun on and off the mats , and I hope a round 2 is in our future..
Wrestle this stud if you get the chance!



privateguy55 is recommended by bamabull

I met this compact dynamo and wrestled a folk style match with him around 4 years ago. I was invited up to Nashville to join some buds in a round-robin group wrestling weekend. This former hs wrestler and I was the first match of the afternoon. Powerful, quick with great technical skills. Enjoyed sharing a meal afterwards and getting to know him. Good guy that I consider a bud. Hope to grapple him again whenever schedules allow.



privateguy55 is recommended by ac64

After extensive conversations, I had the pleasure to meet and host Privateguy55 while on vacation in Nashville. What a strong, technical, fast, and skilled wrestler. What a phenomenal guy on and off the mats. He showed me a few holds, we wrestled for a few hours, and enjoyed our conversation and time spent together. If you have an oppurtunity to meet and wrestle this powerhouse, jump on it.



ac64 is recommended by privateguy55

We have been talking for a while and didn’t know if we ever would have a chance to get together..
But good luck and some planning brought us together and all I can say is” boy , was he worth the wait!”
Strong solid and tough , competitive ,sexy (loved that singlet!)
But safe and sane and fun...we rolled , we rested and talked , rolled some more, and just had a great time.
Do not miss an opportunity to spend some time with this wrestler.....



privateguy55 is recommended by avidwrslr

Enjoyed the match very much. Privateguy55 was skilled and strong and a pleasure to roll with. Nice to find someone who can wrestle both freestyle and submission.



avidwrslr is recommended by privateguy55

Nice to catch back up after a few years.
We met and wrestled when I was still pretty new at this as an adult, and man the match helped get me hooked. I had a great time with this strong and skilled wrestler .He taught me some things about submission as that is not my strength...
Can’t wait until we find a way to connect again!



privateguy55 is recommended by wrestleinsocks

Privateguy55 and I have talked for a while so when the opportunity arouse to meet I jumped at it. He is a lot of fun to roll around with on the mats and is much more skilled then he lets on. He was also great to talk to off the mats and a pleasure to meet. If you get a chance to wrestle him it is definitely worth your time. I look forward to future matches.



wrestleinsocks is recommended by privateguy55

I have been enjoying his videos here for a long time and they clearly show how strong and skilled a wrestler Wrestleinsocks is, and how much he enjoys himself during a match. Well now I know how much fun it is to also be his opponent...
The opportunity to meet in Nashville kind of happened out of the blue , and I am so glad we made to effort to find some time to meet
He is big , he is strong ,he is handsome and he knows his stuff..and he is also a wonderful friendly guy who was easy to talk to....but as his videos show he can also be dominating and relentless on the mats. Fortunately for me he also knows how to rachet it down to his opponents level so a great time can be had by all. I only wish I was in better shape and could have lasted longer against him(man I gotta work on my endurance!)
He was a great host, safe, sane , and even though I knew I was in over my head, I also knew I was in safe hands...
Wrestleinsocks is also an excellent teacher- after the match he showed this newbie in the submission side of wrestling a few good moves..
Bring your best game, and your socks, and wrestle this man anytime you get the chance. I hope this was the first of many matches!



privateguy55 is recommended by Leanwarrior77

I've wrestled privateguy several times and was never disappointed. He's a great guy and very strong. I hope to lock up again in the net future. Highly recommended!



Leanwarrior77 is recommended by privateguy55

Have met this great guy on a couple of occasions.
We had a fun wrestle, and then some good conversation....
Highly recommended - don't miss a chance to meet this lean strong and muscular man....
And he has put on some muscle since our last out!



privateguy55 is recommended by DenverWrestler

A very tough grappler with a strong background in freestyle – he has excellent balance and body control, and uses his skills just as effectively in submission wrestling. He's a good guy, totally reliable, and there was no difficult at all in setting up a match with him. I highly recommend him and am very glad we had the chance to wrestle.



privateguy55 is recommended by freewrestler

Great wrestler and fantastic person. A true class act. We had a great match, be careful with his strength, he can lift others much heavier than him. Cant wait to have a rematch.



freewrestler is recommended by privateguy55

i have been chatting with this strong athletic Swiss man for quite a while, never really thinking we would have a chance to meet. But the opportunity did occur and it was everything i had hoped for..he was strong ,fit and a great guy. Enjoyed some wrestling, some tests of strength,some bearhugs and i even got him off his feet and up in the air when i caught him off guard.I only wish we had more time to spend...



privateguy55 is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

Strong wrestler and a great guy. Highly recommend



privateguy55 is recommended by WGA-Rassler

Where to begin. First I would like to say what a great guy Privateguy is on and off the mat. Second, do not underestimate him by his size. He knows what he's doing and I had to work for everything I got. This was a great match and one I hope to have again and again. If you have the chance to wrestle and chat with him, you will not be disappointed.



WGA-Rassler is recommended by privateguy55

Knew that I was probably biting off more than I could chew when we starting talking and even trash talking a bit...
When I met this mountain of a man in person, I knew I was in for it...
He is big, he is strong, he is skilled and he is relentless.
He is also safe and sane and knew how to make this match something we both could enjoy.
A new friend has been made....
If you have any chance to meet WGA-Rassler, go for it...
He is a great guy on and off the mat, and even taught me a few things about pro..
Can't wait to roll with him again...



privateguy55 is recommended by nycjock72

Recently had a very fun match with privateguy when I was in Nashville for business. He's a short tank - tons of power and some good collegiate skills. Highly recommend him for anyone looking for a sane, sweaty and athletic match. Hope to wrestle him again!



nycjock72 is recommended by privateguy55

Had a chance to meet NYC jock when he was traveling my way. Jock definitely belongs in his name great build,strong, nice definition...handsome as hell too!
We got down to some good sweaty wrestling and a great time was had by only regret is that we are so far apart- I want to wrestle this stud again!



privateguy55 is recommended by Wrestlstev

Had a great match with Privateguy. Remembers a lot from high school! Strong, competitive and fun to roll with. Will meet again!



Wrestlstev is recommended by privateguy55

Had a great time tonight meeting and wrestling Steve. Lots of fun using some high school type moves on someone much more skilled in the submission side of things( worked most of the time😉) . I had some scheduling difficulties but he was able to accommodate and make this happen .
Looking forward to his next trip to Nashville!



privateguy55 is recommended by hobbitbear

Very nice and very skilled guy. Knows his amateur/collegiate style especially. Would love to get him on actual mats some day. Safe, sane, and highly recommended.



hobbitbear is recommended by privateguy55

Finally got to meet this great guy after lots of Messages and chat here .
Wow, definitely worth the wait! The two of us short stocky guys enjoyed several hours of trying to get the better of each other. Similar skills and similar size led to a great night of wrestling! Can't wait until the rematch!



privateguy55 is recommended by leanmachinetn

Privateguy55 is a strong bull of a man, an excellent wrestler, and good friend of mine. I'm always ready for my next match with this stud!



leanmachinetn is recommended by privateguy55

I have wrestled this tough, fit dynamo several times and it is always a great challenge and a great time. I wish I had his workout ethic!
He has been a great guy on and off the mat , and I appreciate how he has adjusted his game to compensate for an injury of mine-still allowing us to have quite a go at it..
Don't miss an opportunity to roll around with this leanmachine!