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Age 72
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight 190 lbs (86 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear Low rise briefs. Speedos. Thongs. Nude.
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  1. USA - Delaware, Dover
    Clayton, Delaware
  2. USA - Nevada, Las Vegas
    (I'm here between 5/09/2024 and 5/11/2024)
    Visiting. On the strip.

I am willing to travel 200 miles

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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Just watching Just watching

Match structure: Give and take, Play wrestling, Online chatting, Phone chatting

Miscellaneous interests: I'm a heel, I'm a jobber

Fetishes: Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Time to update my profile.
1. I would change my profile picture if I knew how. That is what I look like.
2. Started wrestling in my early 60's. Enjoy holds exchange, role play, scenarios, scissors, headlocks, pec claws, stomach claws, face claws.
3. Except for wrinkles and a "turkey neck" I look decent for 72.
4. Do not lift me. Not looking for a broken hip and a stay in a nursing home.
5. Prefer hotel matches. Split the cost.
6. Wrestling mats are fun but will need help getting up from the floor.
7. Prefer men in my age range, although younger is certainly fine. Just don't call me Daddy or ask for money. I am daddy to two people who share my last name and I have no money.
8. Like to be semi/playfully competitive with men my age as a way to test myself. (Refer to number 4.)
9. My nipples are wired. You either understand that or you don't.
10. If I reach out to you, please respond. Yes. Maybe. Hell no. I want to wrestle you, not date you.
11. The picture of me in the blue shirt was taken about 8 years ago. I was close to 300 pounds. Currently at 190.
12. All around decent man. Teach part time. Involved with non-profit emergency shelters. Grandfather. Most days I have good mental health.
13. I have met all those listed and actually many more, who have left the site. That doesn't make me special, it just means I am available. Have been known to drive 4 hours to meet someone. Counting those who have left the site, I would be at 92 past opponents.
14. Up to date on all Covid vaccines as of 10/26/23. Flu shot. Shingles shot. Also tested at State Public Health for HIV and STD's and all came back negative. September 2023.
15. If this hasn't been too overwhelming, feel free to reach out.


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