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Shoulder is healed and back to the gym back in fighting shape soon. Looking for some light wrestling and body contact to start. Cheers men! Married man looking to meet other athletic men who enjoy body contact. Relatively new to this so very open to meeting guys who want to take sometime to teach some technique, let me practice then go full on match for Alpha status.



  1. USA - New York, New York
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I am willing to travel 10 kilometers


Age: 54-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 148 lbs (67 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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Adrian Antaeus Lkg2trn nycjock72


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spbjr is recommended by nycjock72

Recently had a fun give and take match with SPBJR, who really is a high quality guy. He's somewhat of a novice but has picked up a pretty good arsenal of moves and seems like a natural. He's also strong as hell and has a rocking bod. I'm looking forward to a rematch and give him my highest recommendation.



nycjock72 is recommended by spbjr

I had th opportunity to wrestle this man about a year ago and it didn’t happen. Tonight the planets aligned with a little planning. When he arrived at our scheduled time he was exactly as his pictures portrayed him. We had talked a bit about style, moves and that I would follow his lead. It was a resales give and take match. Both of us having the opportunity to really practice some move and maneuvers. Beware his scissor it’s intense. I was pleased to find an erotic experience with another man who was looking to get into trunks and just be physical. I am looking forward to round two. Thanks NYCjock72.



Antaeus is recommended by spbjr

I met Antaeus for a trading session. He is powerful and talented. He was patient and showed me some moves then took me down without breaking a sweat. I definitely need more practice before squaring off with this gentleman again. Cheers.



spbjr is recommended by Lkg2trn

I met Stephen on another site and he was interested in the wrestling thing. Eventually we met and boy was he interested! We only met for a short time but we had lots of fun, well I had lots of fun beating him! But seriously meet him now before he learns to much! He's strong and tenacious and eventually will be to hard to handle! Can't wait for round two!



Lkg2trn is recommended by spbjr

Very new to the site. Have chatted with Lkg2trn for a couple months on another site. Explained his interests and it piqued my curious side. We met and he was patient yet instructive. He gave me a submission match, which I lost. Showed me how much there is to learn. Thanks for the intro to the site. Had my second meeting with this beast. We have both gained some muscle since our last match. As usual he was charming before and after. The match itself was tougher, sweatier, and rip and tear naked submission. He is bigger better and stronger. I fully recommend him and look forward to our next meeting.



spbjr is recommended by Adrian

Spbjr is handsome, kind and a lot of fun. We had a long, physical, sweaty session and it was a great workout. He is very sexy and very fun to talk to as well. I definitely look forward to Round 2. His body is just incredible.