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Love wrestling, breath control, body contact and muscle worship. Love headlocks and scissors and long held holds. Can do competitive matches and/or erotic. Quick and flexible; a swimmer. I love muscle, so please have some! A hot set of pecs makes me melt.

Have some breath control videos (including a hot tub video) I made with Nick Harmon of fetishhunks dot com. Look up "The Last Gasp" on that site. It's pretty hot. Check it out!!!!

I had a profile with lots of recommendations (good ones too!) but then I deleted it instead of suspending it so it's lost. Oops.



Specific wrestling styles: Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling


  1. USA - New York, New York
  2. USA - Utah, Salt Lake City (I'm here between 11/26/2017 and 11/27/2017)
  3. USA - Wyoming, Jackson (I'm here between 11/27/2017 and 11/30/2017)
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Age: 44-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 180 lbs (82 kg)

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spbjr is recommended by Adrian

Spbjr is handsome, kind and a lot of fun. We had a long, physical, sweaty session and it was a great workout. He is very sexy and very fun to talk to as well. I definitely look forward to Round 2. His body is just incredible.



Swenrique is recommended by Adrian

Wow! Swenrique has one of the most impressive physiques I've ever seen up close in person and my best friend is a bodybuilder. But more than that he is fun to wrestle. He is powerful and skilled and patient. Talking to him is just as fun as rolling with him. We had a really great time together both on and off the mats and I look forward to the sequel. Wait, did I mention his amazing body? It's really a work of art.



Adrian is recommended by FresLuchador

I always have a great time with "Adrian." We've known each other since our Catholic School days! Adrian is funny and shares my dark sense of humor. Thankfully Adriain's job in the CIA brings him to California and we've been able to meet more than a few times. Super hot and super funny, what more could you ask?



FresLuchador is recommended by Adrian

FresLuchador is the coolest, hottest, funniest and most playful guy I've ever wrestled. We connect and always enjoy ourselves and the man has great skills and an even greater body. I highly recommend spending time with this amazing, handsome, strapping physical stud.



Adrian is recommended by makeyoutap

Adrian is great fun to wrestle. He was very accommodating as we scheduled our match. His chest and arms are impressive bricks of muscle. He is easy going and considerate of his oppentent. We had an awesome match followed by some good conversation. Highly recommended.



makeyoutap is recommended by Adrian

Makeyourtap is handsome, kind, sexy and fun to wrestle. He has a great body, is super personable and enjoyable to talk to. What a fun match! I can't wait to hook up with him again.



Adrian is recommended by Marcwrestler

We wrestled several times. Have always lot of fun to flexing and wrestling with this muscle stud! He have great hot big muscles; Big chest, nice butt, big biceps, strong legs. We did great wrestling body contact session with lot of holds and with lot of flex ingand posing! Forward to meet Adrian again next year when i will go back to NYC,



Marcwrestler is recommended by Adrian

There are not enough superlatives to describe marcwrestler. He is kind, handsome, built, easy-going and fun to spend time with. Oh and he can wrestle. He knows every hold imaginable. We had a great time pitting muscle against muscle and just struggling for the advantage. I can't wait to roll with this icon again.



Adrian is recommended by evenmatch

Besides his great pecs ceps delts and glutes, Adrian has some of the most impressive lats around. Wow! Super fun time sparring and seeing what this way hot muscle guy can take. He has a great attitude about wrestling, body contact and muscle worship. Off the mats, a way way nice guy.



evenmatch is recommended by Adrian

Evenmatch has a spectacular body, with muscular, defined pecs and peaked bicepts that definitely make me jealous!! He is also very kind and personable, warm and engaging off the mats. On the mats he is tough and skilled yet playful. I had a great time with him and hope we can roll again soon. What a find!!!



Adrian is recommended by Lkg2trn

Had a great roll with Adrian! Strong, fun and great muscles! And a great host to boot! I'm sure a round 2 will happen!



Lkg2trn is recommended by Adrian

Handsome, kind, fit, friendly and fun. Lkg2trn is a great find and a great match. I enjoyed every minute and hope to roll again.



Adrian is recommended by raslnbb

I had a great match with Adrian. He has a hot muscled body – better even than his hot pictures. He can effectively use many submission holds, and he ably tried to fight out of my holds (usually without success). He is very strong, and was reliable. A nice guy on and off the mats. I highly recommend setting up a match with Adrian if you get the chance.



raslnbb is recommended by Adrian

Built, kind, playful and strong, raslnbb lived up to my expectations and more. We had a fantastic wrestling session and were both left spent. There aren't enough superlatives to properly describe his body. It's just amazing. I can't wait to roll with this tiger again.



Adrian is recommended by slowsubs

Adrian is one of the rare guys that is the combination of a great wrestling buddy and a great friend. Hes built, strong, scrappy and just a pleasure to be around. A true new friend who Ive met multiple times despite the 2500 mile gap between us. Dont miss any opportunity to meet him.



slowsubs is recommended by Adrian

Slowsubs is awesome. He's got a great muscular physique, is playful and strong and off the mat he's a true, quality guy. I had the best time with him and he was a fantastic host. We even wrestled in the pool which was great. I can't wait to spend more time with him again soon. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite people.



Adrian is recommended by KickOutChamp

Adrian is a great guy - handsome, muscled with amazing pecs. quite skilled on the mats - we had a fun back and forth. Look forward to another match.



KickOutChamp is recommended by Adrian

Handsome, muscled and lots of fun to wrestle. I had a great time and would love a rematch.



Adrian is recommended by balanceofpower874

Attractive and hot dude. strong and skillful, yet smooth and friendly. Very hot, great body and easy to set up and communicate. Hope to meet up with him again in NYC or Cali.



Adrian is recommended by Kostas

Guys do not pass up the opportunity to wrestle this muscle beast! Great guy to talk with too.



Kostas is recommended by Adrian

Handsome, muscular, tough and fun to wrestle. I can't wait to lock up again. Very nice guy off the mats as well.



Adrian is recommended by raslinjock

Adrian's one of the friendliest men you could ever meet; reliable, straightforward, prompt and no drama. All redeeming characteristics when you're setting up a meeting online. The match with him went on for several hours, and was intense and fun. Adrian's a tough guy who wants to feel what you're bringing to the match, and then, if it's more than he's got, keep taking it. He fights back well, but his 'muscle ADD' kicks in when he sees your muscle react to his offense. He's easily distracted that way. Adrian's got a solid muscled build, and it's only getting bigger and better. If you're passing through NYC or Adrian's coming through your locale, get together with this man for a great match, that's guaranteed to make you sweat and bring a smile to your face.



raslinjock is recommended by Adrian

Where do I begin? Before I get to the match which was fun, challenging, satisfying and very physical let me tell you a bit about raslinjock. His body is sculpted out of marble. He's like the modern Hercules, with muscle in places that I don't even have places. When I met him he had clothes on like we tend to have when meeting folks. Then when he stripped down to his wrestling gear I let out an involuntary gasp. Now I work out regularly and train hard and I was seriously humbled just looking at this human anatomy lesson. Now on top of that he is kind, considerate, funny and humble. Off the mats. On the mats is another story as he is super skilled, strong, aggressive and has a delicious mean streak. This was a match but also an endurance event with his strength dominating my speed every time. It was the sweatiest, longest, most satisfying, most electric match I have ever had and I can't wait for a rematch! Time with this man is time very well spent.



Adrian is recommended by mattz4fun

Adrian is a blast on the mats. Great physique, tough, takes what i dish and not afraid to give some back. Creative, hot and fun attitude. Enjoyed the experience, and looking forward to finding new ways to work his muscled body.



mattz4fun is recommended by Adrian

We wrestled a little bit ago. Great guy, fun to wrestle, tough, skilled and a gorgeous body. We had a fantastic, sweaty time and I hope we can tangle again soon. He's as kind as he is ripped.



Adrian is recommended by pecs44

Great attitude, wiry and strong, Adrian enjoys the challenge of bigger guys, of which I am one! Polite, punctual and a pleasant guy to meet. In great shape, too.



pecs44 is recommended by Adrian

Great chest. Great personality. Friendly and tough. A lot of fun and I can't wait to wrestle him again!



Adrian is recommended by ArabianGuy

Adrian is a good friend and a great wrestler, we wrestled many years ago and I can't wait to work him on the mats again!!!!



ArabianGuy is recommended by Adrian

What I would give to wrestle this stud again. He is fun and muscular with killer legs and thighs. Easy on the eyes too. Definitely wrestle him when you get a chance.


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