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  1. USA - Maryland, Windbrook
    (I'm here from 11/04/1995)

I am willing to travel 300 miles


77-year-old Male / 6'1" (185 cm) / 250 lbs (113 kg)

Gear: Singlets, nude, boxing trunks, boxing shoes, headgear


have had some no gi grappling training but little experience. Am training at a Title boxing club. into man to man, sweaty sane action with give and take. love singlets and shoes but not necessary. Love boxing gear. Like body punching. don't have mats and can't host. can travel. retired. in pretty good shape for my age. Finished 40 round/3 hour continuous heavy bag boxing class. lift weights regularly. don't smoke. no drugs. Love cops and military.



Submission Submission
Boxing Boxing

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Phone chatting, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Going to matches
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Muscle worship

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usmcwrestler is recommended by Bikerguy516

After a busy Wrestlefest weekend, had a nice exchange of punches with USMCwrestler. We did several rounds of body boxing then several rounds of gutpunching. He's a lefty so watch out for that left cross, lol. Very easy to set up a match with and he drove to meet me at my hotel in north central Maryland. Had a lot of fun and we are planning a rematch in mid-May when I am back in the area. Nice guy out of the ring as well.



Bikerguy516 is recommended by usmcwrestler

Had a nice 2 hr gutpunching session with a few rests with Chaz. He has a pretty strong right and gave me many solid punches. No sparring this time, but i expect to meet him again and hope we will. He is very personable and i enjoyed his company. Looking forward to other meetings and sparring/gutpunching sessions with Chaz.



usmcwrestler is recommended by samfighter

Had a great time gloving up with usmcwrestler. He's a great guy in and out of the ring and a really good counterpuncher... Be careful of his body shots - they come fast and hard. Looking forward to boxing with him again soon!



samfighter is recommended by usmcwrestler

Samfighter is a tough puncher and good boxer. We did three rounds and a good gutpunching session. Want to spar with him again. I need to learn how to avoid his jabs. He is a great guy outside the ring, too.



usmcwrestler is recommended by FightNut

Had a great meet with USMC today. Game for anything and never back down attitude. Boxed, grappled and gut punched. By the way, he has one heck of a straight left.

All business in the ring, nice guy outside. Don't miss a match with him.



FightNut is recommended by usmcwrestler

had three sparring rounds and a gut punching session with fightnut. Then we grappled lightly. He is a tough nut and a good opponent. Not afraid to mix it up. I am looking forward to other sessions. He has a great gut to hit. Lol.



popeyebxr is recommended by usmcwrestler

Had great match with Popeyeboxer march 29, 2017. Solid, skilled boxer who can take good gutpunches as well as give them. Hope to meet him again for some more gutpunching.



usmcwrestler is recommended by nhctjobber

Tom is a genuine guy - meaning he was up-front about everything and everything he said was true. I completely enjoyed meeting up and hope to again as soon as able. He's fun to fight and a good guy afterwards as well.



usmcwrestler is recommended by Spruceman

May 28, 2017 Got to spend almost five hours of wrestling, gut punching, and boxing with USMCwrestler. He was a lot of fun to wrestle, a great gut puncher (also solid punchee with a gut as hard as Gibraltar), and skilled at boxing (which I have durn little skill at). He put up a good defense on the mat–very strong arms; a hard hitting gut puncher; and gave me a number of boxing tips to move me along in that sport.

An important note is that he is a great person. Met him socially a couple months ago. He is every bit a good natured, fun person on the mats as he is off the mats. Today, we agreed to meet in the future so we can improve our wrestling and boxing skills and work over each others' gut muscles. I recommend him highly



Spruceman is recommended by usmcwrestler

Had a wonderful gupunching and wrestling session with Spruceman. He is a tough old bird with a hard gut that can take a good pounding. Solid wrestler, too. Worked me good on his mats. He is not out to prove anything but just to have a good roll on the mats and a good gut pounding. We put on gloves for a sparring session also. Spruceman is a great guy and enjoyable company. I want to have many more meetings with him. I know he will improve my wrestling skill. No one should be wary of his age. I also know that when we set a date, he will make it.



Jerseygrappler is recommended by usmcwrestler

Jerseygrappler is a tough opponent but is not out to kill anybody. He loves a good sweat and give and take. All business on the mat but a great guy off the mat. Have wrestled several times and always enjoy it. Hope to wrestle many more. He is a real gentleman.



usmcwrestler is recommended by ctrwash

Tom is a strong puncher! We did some training and gutpunching, and he delivers hard and deep to the belly. He's also a very nice and interesting friend, and I hope to wrestle him next year. He's a real gentleman, and I feel I've known him for many years. He's an up-and-coming boxer, and I recommend him for a great time!
Thanks, Tom.
Update 2017: Tom and I got together with BoxerCoachinMD again for sparring and lunch. Not only that, he, I, Spruceman and Spruce's husband went out for dinner. What a great group of friends! Tom continues to be a wonderful man. I suppose this sounds like anything other than a recommendation, but remember that the success of a meetup also depends on the openness of those involved. Tom is playful, strong, and clever.
Hopefully next year again!



ctrwash is recommended by usmcwrestler

Had great time gutpunching Bob. Takes a good shot. Gives good ones, too. I hope to meet him again for some more gutpunching. Fine and considerate man.



usmcwrestler is recommended by Boots Hartman

USMC Wrestler is a generous, gregarious guy I can recommend not only as a cooperative, vigorous opponent but as someone who had become an outstanding friend in a short time. He is welcome here as a guest and as an opponent.any time - insightful, articulate and rugged as a bull. It's a privilege to know him..



Boots Hartman is recommended by usmcwrestler

Boots is an attentive, wonderful host and interesting man. We established a rapport very quickly. Enjoyed my stay with him a lot. He is a fine gentleman. I look forward to meeting Boots again.



usmcwrestler is recommended by bearany

Had an excellent match with usmcwrestler. Tough and strong...just the way I like 'em.



bearany is recommended by usmcwrestler

Had a great match. He likes punishment but can dish it out when he wants to. Just the right intensity. Wonderful guy and great build. Hope i can wrestle him again.



usmcwrestler is recommended by DCJobber

Don't underestimate this Man. He might underestimate his skill, but I did not and
he can still get submissions from me. USMC wrestler is big, skilled, STRONG, and
a really nice guy. I have known him for years. If I were to sum up our recent match in one word it would be "WOW" !!



DCJobber is recommended by usmcwrestler

El is fine person and very good wrestler. He was perfect for my limited experience and did not try to overpower me but did put up resistance. Exactly what i was looking for. Has mats and good area to wrestle. Have known El for several years.



ats is recommended by usmcwrestler

Great guy. Solid body. Rough and tuff wrestler. Want to wrestle again.



usmcwrestler is recommended by BoxerCoachinmd

Had a great session with USMC Wrestler, gave him some boxing lessons and then we sparred. He's a quick learner, and also a great guy out of the ring. Since he is fairly local, I'm sure we will have future meetings.



BoxerCoachinmd is recommended by usmcwrestler

Boxercoachinmd is super coach and gentleman. He gave me my first boxing lesson and first sparring session. Very patient but tough. Hope to have several sessions with him.