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Looking for wrestling matches. Open to host or travel. Please be between age 19-40s, fit, with intention to wrestle, win or attempt to beat me. Nothing fake. Open to heel/jobber matches too. I am a very competitive person and like competition.

Some experience in Greco roman and freestyle wrestling. Limited submission training/experience but learning.

Please also be fit/in shape.



Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats


  1. USA - Washington, Seattle
    Home City - greater Puget Sound area.
  2. USA - Oregon, Portland
    live near here
  3. Canada - British Columbia, Vancouver
    live near here.
  4. Hong Kong, Hong Kong (I'm here between 6/26/2018 and 7/01/2018)
  5. China, Beijing (I'm here between 7/08/2018 and 7/12/2018)
  6. China, Shanghai (I'm here between 7/02/2018 and 7/04/2018)
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I am willing to travel 200 miles
I am willing to host.


Age: 37-year-old Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 165 lbs (75 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Speedo, Compression Shorts, Spandex, Singlets, no shirts.

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred

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wrestlerpnw360 is recommended by GoldMember

Nice guy. Very chill. Very experienced and incredibly strong for his size.

I'd fight him again, after a few more training matches



GoldMember is recommended by wrestlerpnw360

GoldMember is a tough dude with a good physique who is getting stronger. He has the potential to be a good wrestler/fighter down the road and someone to keep an eye on. Reliable and showed up/competed.

Match wise I controlled most of the match with multiple submissions. Let up my guard one match to see what he could do and to my surprise GoldMember did a nice arm bar!

This was the first match on my new mats at my home ;-)



wrestlerpnw360 is recommended by wrestlerplace

Strong upper body and good and technical wrestler. it is not easy to submit him any time. We had a short match but fun and enough to wrestle.



wrestlerplace is recommended by wrestlerpnw360

Wrestlerplace is a strong guy who can take a good beating and not want to stop/tap out. I like his toughness.

We wrestled for three rounds; I had the upper hand on all the matches. It was a fun fight and recommend.



wrestlerpnw360 is recommended by wolfmad

Very fit, not only a strong upepr body, also nice legs! also skilled, mostly takddown, so, donñt expect to get afat upperhand on him. We had a good sweaty time, good struggle. Very reliable guy also, so... good to have a good time going at it.



wolfmad is recommended by wrestlerpnw360

Very friendly and competitive. It was my second opponent of the day so we limited to just eight matches greco-roman/free style wrestling (first to pin). I was impressed he didn't get thirsty and he had a lot of energy in him.

Overall, I controlled most of the matches but had to stop on some; particularly when my elbow scrape was bleeding.

Thanks for the match!



wrestlerpnw360 is recommended by sam fisher

He's patient and strong. A good opponent.



sam fisher is recommended by wrestlerpnw360

NIce guy. He is very new to wrestling and learning.

Match wise it was a total domination by me but he was trying his best not to submit. As he increases his fitness and gets more experience may be a tougher opponent in the future.



wrestlerpnw360 is recommended by Mad Grappler T

Nice guy.. strong upper body and good wrestler..
If he decides to train some BJJ & Submission grappling he could be a tough fighter..
In the meantime he's undercontrol at Submission style.
Thxs for the visit man



Mad Grappler T is recommended by wrestlerpnw360

Mad Grappler T is very tough and skilled in BJJ and it shows. He has a nice physique and mat room at his home for fighting. Might be one of the best in Madrid from this website. Overall a good host.

Fight: After about 10 matches I got owned. He had no trouble making me tap and the relentless arm bars and choke holds were wearing me out. His BJJ skills were far superior than my greco roman wrestling skills.

Good for me: I had a couple of take downs and near falls but that was about it. Overall coming into the match I was tired from lots of traveling/walking, running and hiking the previous days. But overall I was owned the entire match .

Overall highly recommend if you're looking for someone who is very competitive and experienced in BJJ.



spiilitwill is recommended by wrestlerpnw360

Nice guy, wonderful host with his own mats. Looks good in a singlet. Overall he moves well on his feet and great with take downs. Skilled wrestler! Overall I had the upper hand each match with more endurance and strength. This dude has a lot of potential if he starts a weekly fitness routine. Highly suggest.



wrestlerpnw360 is recommended by Starkie

wrestlerpnw has a hot, strong and muscular physique, he's also trained in graeco roman wrestling. we had an awesome sweaty match and competitive too in his large spacious room, with numerous pins and submissions, I think I had more of. After which we had a dip in the hot tub and a swim. all in a most hospitable and sexy host, we had lots of fun together.



Starkie is recommended by wrestlerpnw360

Starkie met up with me during a visit to Malaysia. He is one of the skillful, good looking and strong fighters I met knowing various MMA holds. My body took a lot of punishment from his strong legs crushing me during our several matches which was wearing me down after a good hour or two of intense competition. He was tough to pin/hold down and I'm glad I found someone on here that was a serious challenge to me. We also went out to dinner afterwards and hope someday to meet him again if our paths cross.



wrestlerpnw360 is recommended by jpboxer

Thanks for hosting! Had an intense wrestle with him at his hotel room. Is reliable and has strong upper body. If you're looking for a tough man-vs-man session, he's your guy. Recommended!



jpboxer is recommended by wrestlerpnw360

Despite being a little stronger than him he showed up as expected and put up a good wrestling match. Has some good moves too just when you think he is pinned.