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Age 37
Height 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight 170 lbs (77 kg)
Gender Male
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  1. USA - California, Los Angeles
  2. USA - Oregon, Portland
    (I'm here between 9/15/2022 and 9/19/2022)

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wrestlestud is recommended by Jeremy Tyler

Wrestlestud is definitely a stud so the name fits him well. We had a great match. I dominated and showed him who the real alpha stud was that day. Hope to meet again. Definitely worth it to meet him.



wrestlestud is recommended by effigy

Had a fun time making this guy submit multiple times to me ;) he’s friendly and easy to meet up with. Wrestle him if you get the chance



wrestlestud is recommended by testofstrength

We finally got to wrestle after chatting on and off for over a year. He was cocky and all too eager to show me his skills. He managed to get the first submission, his only submission, with those dangerous thick legs of his. After that, I was in control and made him submit more than a handful the remainder of the match. I might have bruised his ego a bit ;). Overall, he was a nice host.



wrestlestud is recommended by nyjock 24

one of the hardest fought matches that ive had from MF. all i can say is my ribs are going to be very sore tomorrow! had a great time fighting and hanging out with this stud (except for the feathers #insidejoke). very even match-up and i definitely look forward to going at it again.



nyjock 24 is recommended by wrestlestud

Tough, fun, skilled opponent! Great guy... Definitely meet up if you can.



wrestlestud is recommended by wrestlejock

Tough even match with this guy who is pretty strong and has some skill. Definitely would wrestle him again since he is one of the most even matches I have had.



Antaeus is recommended by wrestlestud

Good, tough matches. very skilled, great set up, highly recommend



wrestlestud is recommended by dster

Strong and aggressive wrestler. Also fun and friendly off the mats. Definitely a great guy to wrestle!



wrestlestud is recommended by DrStrange97

Friendly guy, and very strong. But we learned together we both need to up our cardio to last a bit longer lol! You wont be disappointed if you fight this handsome bro.



wrestlestud is recommended by Flexforme

The name says it all. Love this guy's aggression on the mats and his body is to die for. The best legs I have seen on this site and they are very powerful too - he knows how to use them. In addition he is handsome and has a powerful upper body. Great to wrestle. Just wish he would move to UK so we could spar more often.



wrestlestud is recommended by pshawfocus

Real nice, friendly, smart guy. We had a brief gut punch session which was fun; he's in great shape and has a solid set of abs.

If you're into wrestling I don't doubt you'd enjoy your match with wrestlestud (on both parts, the profile name is pretty apt).