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*My sponsor for Toronto pulled out. Unfortunately, I have to yet again postpone my visit to Toronto to a later date.

*My April availability is filling up very fast. As a result, I will not be able to travel to Boston or Singapore as I had originally planned. Those trips are also now postponed.

Confirmed trip to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (April 3-9).

Yes, this is a new profile. If we have met up in the past please send me a "past opponent" request. Its going to take a while to find all of my past opponents and favorites.

Experienced with BJJ (submission wrestling), boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, pro wrestling, and various other styles of martial arts and wrestling. Open to a lot when it comes to combat and fun.

I have access to a ring and mat, located in Claymont, DE about a 30 minute drive or train ride from Downtown Philadelphia.

Personally, I prefer guys near my stats but, I do sometimes make exceptions.

Travel wise, I do have a car but can only drive for a limited amount of time before I become too tired. Nearby cities such as NYC, DC, and Baltimore I prefer to take public transit to get there. National and International travel is hard for me to accomplish for financial reasons.

I am a busy man with multiple jobs and a fluctuating schedule that changes week to week, so please be patient and hit me up for my availability.

I am also on Trillian, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



  1. USA - Delaware, Claymont
    Place of residence, mat, and ring.
  2. USA - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
    I am able to travel here easily.
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I am willing to travel 75 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 33-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 165 lbs (75 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Singlets, speedos, tights, jockstraps, nude. Open to anything really.

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Sumo Sumo
Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
Judo Judo
Just watching Just watching

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MoonKnightFighter is recommended by face to submit

We wrestled a few years back when he visited NYC. It was a great match. Both worked each other and taught new things during our private match. Must recommend if he is in your town !



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by ImtiazAli

I got to meet MoonKnightFighter on Wednesday 6th March 2019 for filming for Fight Finder and UCW.

They have great facilities at UCW, and we did promission wrestling. He transitions through moves so fluently. I saw him do pro-wrestling with another and he is great at that too. We didn't get to do anything competitive but it's obvious he is strong, tough, very skilled and well-versed wrestler/fighter (he's not just a pretty face!).

Safe and sane. Cannot recommend him enough.



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by scoopslamme

Always have a fun time practicing holds and moves with Ethan. Fun guy and very strong



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by RelentlessRival

Fun fighter and able to do a lot of different martial arts. Always a fun meet up. Has a fun darkside too but over all good guy always enjoy challenging this stud



RelentlessRival is recommended by MoonKnightFighter

The last time he and I wrestled he had the upper hand on me which is pretty rare. Crazy skilled grappler and I imagine his Muay Thai has gotten better too. He is still fun to roll with and bounce new ideas, drills, and techniques off of. Fun off of the mats too.



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by longlimbs16

MoonKnightFighter is very talented in the ring and is a very kind and gracious host. He has a great skill set when it comes to professional wrestling and you'll never know what he has in store for you next. Highly recommend.



longlimbs16 is recommended by MoonKnightFighter

A sexy guy in some gear and a great jobber as well ;). He is fun to work in the ring and a good sport about it all. It only took us several years to finally be able to meet up.



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by GlovesUpGuy

MoonKnight is the real deal. Trained, rough, and ready to throw down. We have fought numerous times and he's basically beaten me everytime. (Especially the last time we met.) He's strong, kind, and able to match his opponent's skill level. I'm gonna fight him again and finally get my victory!🥊 Definitely recommended highly.



GlovesUpGuy is recommended by MoonKnightFighter

My lil brother. He is a good kid with a good heart and head, and a strong jaw as well. I've thrown some hard shots at him and even IF I knock him down he still gets up ready to fight some more. A true alpha fighter at heart. Now we just need to get him to pack on some muscle lol.



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by gpme23

I have never been hit harder in my life! This guy is TOUGH and he is as hot as he is powerful (very!). We played a game of GP "HORSE" where we had to match the same blow the other did and if you drop, you get a letter. I spelled my letter QUICKLY with this guy's biceps controlling his punches. It wasn't too long before he used me as his gp slave. Hot match, great time, and wonderful guy to chat with! He is very experienced, incredibly nice, and a good time. Can't wait to pay him back!



gpme23 is recommended by MoonKnightFighter

We met over a year ago. I have to say that for a guy with not a lot of experience he can certain take a lot of punishment, and also be a pain in the ass when it comes to dishing it out too ;p. I look forward to our next meeting and seeing how much more he can take.



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by tap out tyler

He's really an all around awesome guy! Very much experienced and skilled, and also highly versatile and adaptable to different kinds of wrestling styles and interests. Off the mats, he's a fun conversationalist and is just great to hang with. Have a match with him if you get the chance!



tap out tyler is recommended by MoonKnightFighter

Tyler is a very nice and gracious host in San Francisco. He has a decent skill set to start with and it was fun to show him how to refine some of his moves while showing him some new ones.



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by Wrestlg

Been talking to this guy forEver!!
Finally met up, and we Just Hit it Off!
He knows the wrestling business, I know the wrestling business!
We even wore similar Gear! Independent of each other!
Tough and skilled guy on the mats, definitely a Challenge for me, I Admit it!
So envious of his wrestling and wrestling opportunities!
Can’t wait for more mat times And some definite pro ring times!
I hope This Old Guy Can Still hold off more possible tap outs!
He got me multiple times, but it was not Just easy for him, so Even That felt good!



Wrestlg is recommended by MoonKnightFighter

I've lost count on how many years I have been talking to this guy. We finally met at my open mat event and even though we talked a lot more than wrestle, it was still a fun experience. He is a flexible and resilient grappler. A few times I was afraid he would pass out on me or I'd bread a limb but he is just that tough when it comes to grappling. I hope to make it up to NYC and test him on his own turf, and soon!



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by Evangelleon

A great fighter and a good man. If you ever have the opportunity to fight him, I highly recommend you do so.



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by MascJock717

Holy shit. That was almost TOO much fun. Had a blast with this guy. Amazing wrestler, knows his stuff, i didn’t even know half the holds he got me in! Haha I’m def gonna use some of those moves in the future. Haha! Rematch ASAP.



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by phoenix

First met this one for the first time years back. This time, took it to the mats and the ring (first time for me!). I don't have to tell you about this guy: the proof is already out there. Incredibly skilled grappler, super safe & willing to teach in the ring, and just all around nice guy... who one day I will beat, heh. Top-rank recommendation.



phoenix is recommended by MoonKnightFighter

We wrestled something like 5 years ago and it was a close fight. This time we were both sober lol. Now a few more years of training and a little more muscle than last time and I beat Phoenix pretty soundly. However, that shouldn't detract from the fact that this guy is tall and strong. Don't go into it expecting an easy match-up. A great time and can't wait for another rematch.



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by CentralFL

This guy's a legend in the wrestling world for good reason. I was a novice when I met him, and learned a lot from him. He's fully versed in a wide range of styles. Great guy and definitely worth the time to go see!



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by Scissorloser

A very nice and muscled wrestler . He is very skilled and beat me so badly . He is indeed a real wrestler and knows a lot of techniques. I hope to wrestle him again . His scissors were lethal and his chokes .



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by ncusa0313

Absolutely amazing and sexy as fuck. 10/10 would roll again.



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by Kayden

As many will tell you, the man is nigh unbeatable. If you're looking for a real hell of a fight, or just looking to get your ass kicked, then look no further. That said, I still plan to close the gap, in time ;)



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by chigrapple

He is one of the most skilled fighters you will ever meet. He's also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I am no competition for him, but he always makes it fun and safe. He is truly the man of 1000 holds. If you ever get the opportunity, go for it.



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by jeffjcao

Moonknightfighter is one of my favorite guys to wrestle on here. He’s really skilledand just a fun time to roll around with. Really nice guy to just chat with too. Can’t wait for him to come back to Chicago again!



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Meeting this wrestler was a dream come true. Although he absolutely wiped the floor with me, it was a really fun experience to grapple with one of the bigger names in our community. Super accommodating and great conversation too. Thanks!



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by edscissors

This guy is the real deal! He is kind and reliable, a total expert and so strong! I've met him twice and each time he turned up exactly as arranged. Good, straightforward communication. He's charming, friendly and easy-going and ready to work to your level. We had good chats too, discovering all sorts of shared enthusiasms. Recommended without the slightest hesitation. I'm looking forward to meeting him again next time I get to his fine city of Philadelphia.



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by Bucks grappler

What do you say about a guy like this but WOW! Extremely skilled in all facets of combat sports
Very easy going good looking and fills out a singlet perfectly! Don't let the boy next door looks fool you, he's quick strong and super smart on the mats. All in all a complete BEAST!! GREAT host and super good guy. If you miss out on him you've missed out on a great time and learning session
Highest reccomendation!!