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6'0" (183 cm), 194 lbs (88 kg)

  1. Switzerland, geneva
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English, French, Italian

singlets, bikeshorts, jock-strap, nude

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swiss-italian wrestler, intermediate level, athletic and strong, into hot man2man submission challenge, musclematch and even safe and sane erotic wrestling , all limits respected.

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wrstlarturo is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (3/18/2015)

After a lot of years i had the opportunity to meet w.arturo absolutely a great guy.
He is a very excellent and competitive wrestler.
We had rough and agressive fights. Hw is skilled and with good agility.
No one won but the fight was intensive.
He is a nive guy on and off matts.

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by wrstlarturo (3/14/2015)

After so much time spent to chat together, to argue and to challenge, we finally met! AND it was really worth waiting for it!
Ragazzoboyitaly is a tough wrestler, short and powerful like a bull, always challenging, who like to grapple and roll hard and tough on the mats! That was a real pleasure to fight man2man and to try to submit each other! We had things to settle and it was good to do it that way! But we'll need another meeting and titan fight to see who's the best between him and me!
So bello, really looking forward to another round!
Highly recommended for those who like it rough and aggressive!

wrstlarturo is recommended by in genuine (3/16/2015)

meet wrstlarturo now for the second time, he was my second or third wrestler i ever meet on meetfighters. this means a lot, because i prefere more around my size.
reliable man who knows how to fight. he is skilled and also strong with good strenght and endurance. nice and friendly person outside the mats. an animal inside the ring, but always safe and sane, a wrestler who knows to fight with cautions and knows to adapt. i do and did precious that. i recommend him to everybody no matter how skilled you are.

in genuine is recommended by wrstlarturo (3/14/2015)

In genuine is a nice and reliable guy, small in size but tough, aggressive on the mats. He likes to roll with his opponent and will take the lead if you don't counterattack! He has to work on his breath and he'll just go fine!
I really recommend him, on and outside the mats!

wrstlarturo is recommended by aton2001 (3/16/2015)

20150314 - after years of challenges by chat and cam finally we were fighting!
Face to face, skin to skin, muscles against muscles.
What a great fight! Two warriors on the mat sweaty and aggressive!
WRSTLARTURO is a great fighter and a very pleasant person in every sense and I am sure that we will still have hot struggles together in an engaging and infinite challenge.
totally recommended!

aton2001 is recommended by wrstlarturo (3/14/2015)

A real warrior on the mats,who knows to adapt to every opponents!
Aton is absolutely hot, very reliable and combative and knows his skills! Everything that has been said on here is true.
We had a real tough time together, wrestling man2man, and a pleasant time afterwards and i'm really waiting for our next meeting. I definitely want some more of you, bello!
Very highly recommended!

wrstlarturo is recommended by wrestlemat2001 (3/02/2015)

Wrestlarturo is a skilled wrestler and, perhaps more importantly, he is much stronger than he looks. He trains regularly and it shows. He is a lot of fun as well and a genuinely nice guy. I hope we can meet up again sometime soon.


wrstlarturo is recommended by peloenpecho00 (2/02/2015)

Arturo is a great fighter ... big and strong in the fight without a break for the opponent. Any confrontation with him will be a hard fight, but he adapts perfectly to the level of his adversary. We will meet again.!! ;-) Highly recommended

peloenpecho00 is recommended by wrstlarturo (2/01/2015)

Strong latino guy with a defined upper body section!
We had a sweaty machos grappling, chest to chest, with lots of competition and stamina.
Ricardo is a nice wrestler, very willing and with strong bear hugs! His arms and shoulders are powerful, so be ready to resist and fight back. A real pleasure to duel with him!
Outside the mats, a nice uncomplicated and trustful guy who deserves to be met.

wrstlarturo is recommended by dundun (2/02/2015)

Arturo is a very nice and reliable guy who knows his moves and is always tuff but safe and sane.
It was real fun to meet him.
Meet him if you have the opportunity!

dundun is recommended by wrstlarturo (1/25/2015)

Very nice guy to meet, cool and reliable out of the mats
Tough wrestler with skills and technique, very hard to attack and hard to resist on the mats!
It was a top meeting, very pleasant and safe! I'm looking forward to learn a bit form him :-)
hope to meet you soon, my friend!
Highly recommandable

wrstlarturo is recommended by learner71 (1/22/2015)

Arturo est un Grand : grand par la stature, mais aussi par sa volonté au combat. Il ne lâche rien, tenace, coriace, généreux dans l'effort, bref tout ce que l'on peut aimer dans la lutte privée. Entre deux mâles transpirants, la rencontre a fini par ressembler à de la lutte à l'huile, du coup il faut modifier et adapter les prises ! Un homme costaud, aux bras très puissants. Un superbe moment de lutte et une revanche s'impose. Ses belles recommandations sont amplement méritées. Allez-y vous ne le regretterez pas !

learner71 is recommended by wrstlarturo (1/23/2015)

Un vrai lutteur comme on aimerait en rencontrer plus: un contact fiable au préalable, un abord très sympa à la rencontre, un physique très excitant et viril à la découverte et... enfin... un affrontement corps à corps sans concession: Il est fort et apprend vite le bougre, il en veut et sait aussi en donner...Entre lui et moi, c'était une guerre d'ego et de macho, tout en sueur et en grognements, et du muscle aussi!!!!
Dépêchez-vous de le dominer si vous le pouvez car il va progresser et ce sera très très dur de le vaincre!!! Vivement recommandé sur et en dehors du tapis..
vivement un rematch entre machos, mon gars!

wrstlarturo is recommended by olivier3721 (9/28/2014)

Arturo is a very tough wrestler Who does not like to be dominated. He is strong, reliable, experienced, motivated and vers nice at the same time. He knows how to apply holds and further more how to get away from mine. Excellent fight. We had a very good time on the mat. Arturo respects limits too. You can trust him fully. I Will meet him again for sure. Do not hesitate to contact him.

olivier3721 is recommended by wrstlarturo (9/25/2014)

Olivier is a tough wrestler with good technique and great resistance. He knows how to apply holds and he really wants to dominate! You'll have a great time with him, as i had during our combat. We struggled hard and exchange lots of holds. He is totally reliable and he adapts himself to any level. Very nice out of the mats too! I warmly recommend him !

wrstlarturo is recommended by VDA NORD (9/01/2014)

Finalmente ho avuto l'occasione di incontrarlo. Un grandissimo Lottatore che unisce tecnica,forza,serietà, correttezza, simpatia e disponibilità.Fin da subito si è creato un ottimo rapporto interpersonale e un grandissimo divertimento durante l'incontro. Sperando vivamente di incontrarlo nuovamente,e per quanto sopra scritto raccomando fortemente wrstlartuto.

Ps:Grazie wrstlartuto per i tuoi consigli !

VDA NORD is recommended by wrstlarturo (8/29/2014)

A very willing and combative guy, full of resistance and stamina. With practice and time, he'll grow his skills and strenght and will become very powerful on the mats.
Out of the mats, a perfect gentleman, very reliable.
No hesitation to recommand him if you go to Val d'Aosta!

wrstlarturo is recommended by Loter (8/31/2014)

Un lottatore con grande forza e super corretto, sa mettere a proprio agio l'avversario, senza che la sua esperienza e la sua mole ti abbatta immediatamente, quindi ci si può divertire liberamente insieme, anzi io mi sono divertito un sacco. É un lottatore con tecnica e molto disponibile anche a insegnarti. Per me che sono un principiante é stato un grandissimo onore confrontarmi con lui e spero di rivederlo presto un altra volta. Fuori dal tappeto da lotta é una persona eccezionale simpatica e leale e sicuramente una con cui passare piacevolmente del tempo libero.
In poche parole in una scala da 1 a 10 io lo paragono come ad un 10 quindi io lo raccomando vivamente.

Loter is recommended by wrstlarturo (8/29/2014)

Loter is a tough, well-built and solid opponent, with lots of stamina and combativity. He doesn't give up easily and is really full of energy, which means that you're never sure the match is over...he can always surprize you!
Out of the mats, a perfect guest, highly recommandable, clever and always interested in other persons. An opened-minded guy! Developing his strenght and skills, he will become unbeatable!!!
Fully advisable!

wrstlarturo is recommended by enthusiast (8/31/2014)

Enjoyed my match with him - got all sweaty and exhausted! Solid guy, strong - try and keep him off you, because once he gets on top, very hard to dislodge. Really a lot of fun to wrestle, and to have a drink with afterwards.

enthusiast is recommended by wrstlarturo (8/31/2014)

This guy really deserves his nickname! Completely enthusiastic about wrestling...
A nice and reliable wrestler, a resistant opponent, with a solid and powerful body.
Don't get fooled by his age, he is quite combative on the mats and is worth a good match!
Out of the mats, reliable and a true gentleman. Completely recommandable!


Madeinportugal is recommended by wrstlarturo (7/07/2014)

I met Madeinportugal during a short stay in Lisbon, and it was a real nice and hot surprise!
First of all, this guy is a true gentleman and is perfectly reliable. He is very friendly and respectful, he knows what he says and what he does!
Second, even if he claims to be a beginner, he's a strong and tough wrestler, full of stamina and challenge. He never has enough and is always competing...i really loved our grapples and battle for top. He's one of the two unforgivable matches i had in Lisbon and i fully recommend him. Hope to see you really soon and fight it out again, my friend! :-)

wrstlarturo is recommended by lusowrestler (7/03/2014)

I've known wrstlarturo for some years, but we never met, we only talked online on various sites. We became "best rivals" :-)
But it finally happened, we were able to meet for a match.
And what a match!
Even if he wasn't at full strenght, wrstlarturo is not an easy opponent. He is big and very strong, one of the strongest guys I've met. On top of that, he has some skills and knows how to use his weight and size. And he's not afraid to get a little rough (but always safe, sane and respectful).
Although I'm sure he can adapt to lower-level opponents, this guy is a great challenge to anyone.
As with many guys here, he's a perfect gentleman off the mat. After our battle we went for a drink.
Can't wait for his to be at full strenght so I can challenge him for another match.
Highly recommended.

lusowrestler is recommended by wrstlarturo (7/05/2014)

What can i say that has not been already said on Lusowrestler...
I finally met Marco after some years of chats and contacts. It was really worth waiting for it to happen!
Marco is a top guy, very tough and strong, with lots of skills, coming from his Jiu-Jitsu training.
A real pleasure to challenge him and to struggle man2man with him on mats. But be prepared to sweat a lot and to work your way for some results...this guy is a rock, self-confident and very skilled. I loved each minute of it!
But he can also adapt to everyone's level and is full of respect.
Outside the mats, he's a true friend, very kind and reliable! I'll meet him again and again with great mutual pleasure, i think
My best recommandation to him

wrstlarturo is recommended by Versus (1/16/2014)

We had a great and though match together.
He is really strong. We could fight for a long time;)
Hope to meet you soon too man!!!!

Versus is recommended by wrstlarturo (1/15/2014)

What to say that hasn't already be said!?
Versus is a top warrior, with a strong upper body and deadly legs, incredibly efficient when they put you in a mortal scissor. Be very careful with his arms too, strong enough to crack your ribs and put you in a very bad sleepers...
A real must! hope to rematch with you again, really soon...

wrstlarturo is recommended by male2lyon (1/13/2014)

Un combat prévu de longue date. Une baston ou chacun a laisse de la sueur et es larmes. J ai adorer me pogner avec ce mâle. Aucun cadeau une baston de guerriers. Coups et prises vicieuses un plaisir de se latter comme ça. Dommage que mes dispo ne soient pas plus fréquentes

male2lyon is recommended by wrstlarturo (10/03/2013)

Un vrai mâle, un taureau de combat, avec qui on s'empoigne et on se relâche uniquement lorsque l'un rend grâce ou abandonne...c'est un vrai plaisir que de lutter avec male2lyon, dans un commun élan de force, de challenge et de désir mutuel! on s'est bien fighté et j'ai adoré!
je le recommande très volontiers, il est fiable et très correct, bien sympa hors du tapis également!
sur le tapis c'est un adversaire de grande valeur, costaud et teigneux! a la prochaine GGRRRRR

wrstlarturo is recommended by Bourges18 (11/22/2013)

Un très bon accueil de la part d'arturo, un combattant puissant et qui le prouve. Une bonne rencontre musclée comme on les aimes.
A refaire dès que possible ^^


wrstlarturo is recommended by Alonzo (9/11/2013)

J'ai eu un très bon combat avec Arturo. Il est fort et sympathique. Garde à vous car il sait profiter très bien de sa force et de son envergure physique pour vous planquer au sol... J'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à lutter avec lui car en plus d'être un bon lutteur il est très gentil. Le seul regret est que dû à nos horaires respectifs nous n'avons pas eu beaucoup de temps pour lutter... j'espère donc le rencontrer dans un futur proche pour un autre match... Ciao bello.

Alonzo is recommended by wrstlarturo (9/12/2013)

J'ai rencontré Alonzo lors d'un de ses passages en Europe.
C'est un lutteur tonique, volontaire et bien est rapide et sait profiter de la moindre opportunité. Nous avons eu beaucoup de plaisir a nous mesurer et a en découdre, même si le temps nous a fait un peu défaut...a remettre donc a la prochaine occasion et avec grand plaisir!!!
Recommandé donc en toute confiance!

wrstlarturo is recommended by Luca (8/21/2013)

Hot, strong, experienced, reliable, it's been a great pleasure to meet him.

Luca is recommended by wrstlarturo (8/21/2013)

very nice and masculine guy, kind enough out of the mats, a real macho fighter on the mats.
A tough and sexy wrestler, strong and combative. I just like his kind and love to grapple man2man with him for a tough macho fight!! Very recommended!

wrstlarturo is recommended by laufentaler (6/01/2013)

Was an intensiv fight in his hotel room. At the end we hadnt a winner. Beside the mat he is verry simpatic. hope we meet us soon again

laufentaler is recommended by wrstlarturo (6/01/2013)

Michael is a hot wrestler; we fought hard against each other in a very motivating fight! and we finished it in a tie....hope we rematch soon for the second round!
A nice guy too outside the mats, respectful and reliable! very recommendable!!


jnlutteur74 is recommended by wrstlarturo (3/21/2013)

Super rencontre avec Jnlutteur74! un gars très sympa et fiable sur et en dehors des tapis...
mais ne vous y fiez pas, il est coriace, très fort physiquement et batailleur car il n'aime pas perdre!
un lutteur puissant à rencontrer...
à la prochaine pour ma revanche!!!

wrstlarturo is recommended by asiart (12/12/2012)

Une rencontre qui a fait des étincelles et feux d'artifices ! Arturo est un lutteur généreux, volontaire et conquérant. C'est aussi un mec super, avec une qualité d'écoute et une grande droiture. Bref, soirée intense, à remettre au plus tôt

asiart is recommended by wrstlarturo (12/13/2012)

Une superbe rencontre! Une bataille intense au corps a corps, technique force esprit rassembles l'un contre l'autre!
J'ai adore ce bon moment de partage viril! En plus, Asiart est un gars très sympa, correct et respectueux hors du tapis! Je me joins a ses autres fans! Chaudement recommandable!!!

wrstlarturo is recommended by uniqlo (11/15/2012)

Super rencontre avec Arturo, mec sympa et attentionné!.. au delà de ça, un grand gaillard bien massif et endurant qui aime lutter.. Si vous aimer les corps a corps "punchy" il est pour vous!
Comme on est de la même région, je pense que l'on va se revoir... ABE!...:)

uniqlo is recommended by wrstlarturo (11/14/2012)

Une super rencontre avec un mec bien mâle, viril, poilu et costaud à souhait, combattif, endurant et qui aime l'intensité d'un combat sans cadeau!!! J'ai vraiment adoré...en plus un gars vraiment sympa en dehors du tapis, fiable et respectueux!
Je le recommande vivement et sans restrictions...
au plaisir de nous affronter a nouveau, bello!!

wrstlarturo is recommended by goliatch (10/15/2012)

This guy is as strong as a bull and very competitive on the mat. It is so hard to make him submit but it is worth trying! Beware of his hard bearhugs and immobilizations! Highly recommended if you like to have a long sweaty match. Nice and reliable guy. Try him!

goliatch is recommended by wrstlarturo (9/28/2012)

Goliath is a true giant, built as a tower, strong and determined. A hot and tough wrestler in the ring...where he'll give you a hard match...but a real gentleman outside the ring, reliable and very kind!
He really deserves to be discovered, if you have the opportunity, don't miss him

wrstlarturo is recommended by JasonOG (6/03/2012)

strong man, who gives all to win the match. we've had a hard and sweaty match - as men like it. fight him. you wouldn't regret it. guy, you'll get your revenge...;-)).

JasonOG is recommended by wrstlarturo (5/25/2012)

A tough and determined opponent, skilled and strong, who will give his best to dominate. He is definitely a dominator! But a nice and kind guy out of the mats, respectful and reliable!
Fully recommended!! You prevailed this time and i'll get my revenge, my rival!!!!

wrstlarturo is recommended by lutte dij (2/08/2012)

Arturo est un lutteur puissant, énergique et efficace sur le tapis! un superbe gabarit en plus, et un gars fiable, super sympa avant, pendant et après le match... à rencontrer absolument!

lutte dij is recommended by wrstlarturo (2/08/2012)

Un super lutteur, puissant, très technique! il est redoutable en corps à corps avec une belle volonté de vaincre et des etranglements terribles. On a lutté jusqu'à l'épuisement...le premier match lui revient, le deuxième était plus 50/50! J'ai hâte de le retrouver pour un troisième round!!
De plus, un mec très correct et sympa en dehors du tapis!

wrstlarturo is recommended by pimousse (6/14/2011)

ARTURO ,mec a rencontrer en toute confiance,conviviale serieux et bonne presentation en civil,en combat loyal et honnete cache beaucoup d atouts de lutteur,et je pense que vous voudrez 1 revanche a affronter si vous venez en suisse

pimousse is recommended by wrstlarturo (6/09/2011)

Leo est un concentré de force pure,de volonté et d'esprit combattif. Massif, avec un centre de gravité bas, il est très fort au sol. C'est egalement un gars correct, respectueux et fort sympa. A recommander a ceux qui veulent des sensations fortes et un bon combat loyal!

wrstlarturo is recommended by jeunesoumis (6/10/2011)

A very strong and skilled wrestler, with a lot of stamina. And much more muscular than he looks on his profile! He is also a real gentleman, handsome, nice and respectful. If you have the opportunity to wrestle him, don't miss it!

jeunesoumis is recommended by wrstlarturo (6/11/2011)

Nice hot and young straight wrestler, full of stamina, combative, who will give all he has in a match! He's a nice guy, respectul and friendly too, outside the mats.
Give him the opportunity to progress and get the top position he ambitions. Sincerely recommanded!

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