The first session was yesterday.
Week 4 of a 7 week class. Then moving onto the next group before the gym properly.

Im becoming more relaxed in my stance. I'm doing OK with the drills but skipping, ducking etc. I am not sure I have the reflexes to do it properly.

Diet is going well. My fitness is still a lot lower than I would like. But starting to see an improvement.
I am feeling pretty confident in myself usually. Do sometimes doubt I will get fitter but that's because I want instant results. This is something I am going to have to work at and keep persevering.

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mdbxrwrslr (18 ) 13 days ago

Patience, brother...


DavidTRex (2) 12 days ago

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Thanks. I'm st the point where I'm frustrated with not getting it right. But I know from experience it will come


mdbxrwrslr (18 ) 12 days ago

It will indeed, at a moment when you least expect. Keep up the good work!


wrestlinaddict (1) 11 days ago

Hope you keep at it! Boxing may be hard and take time in the beginning but its well worth learning. You'll have tons of fun sparring with others and delve into all the strategy involved in boxing, just like a game of chess! I absolutely love the sport.