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  1. USA - Maryland, Near Annapolis
    Place of residence

I am willing to travel 100 miles


60-year-old Male / 5'7" (170 cm) / 140 lbs (64 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Gloves, cups, headgear, mouthpiece, singlet, trunks, shirts or not.


Bearded, tatted, southpaw amateur boxer with 4 fights, looking to hook up with other like-minded boxers who want to gear up and go a few rounds. Appreciate all the challenges but prefer that we be fairly close in stats, (+/- 20 lbs.). Always up for meeting new people though, and learning new things provided that we are both safe and sane about it; no hang-ups about sexual orientation. Will "battle it out" or box just for fun. All limits repected and expect the same. HMU if you're headed my way. Thanks for reading my profile.

Added Notes:
1) Real only please, I DO NOT do cyber. And please DO NOT contact me if you're not serious about meeting up; it's a waste of your time and more importantly, mine...

2) Have been getting a bit more into wrestling lately, so if you would like to roll on the mats, let me know.



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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Online chatting, Competing (tournaments)
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Going to matches
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship
Fetishes: Boxing gear, Gut punching

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mdbxrwrslr is recommended by Letstangle

Had a great time with mdbxrsrslr! He spent time generously reviewing and practicing punches, using the mitts and checking stance/foot work with me–if you can't float like a butterfly, it's pretty hard to sting like a bee! He is a certified boxing coach so he knows his business! We sparred with head protection and I had a super time. A great teacher, very friendly and flexible. If you want to box with someone who knows that art and the science behind it all–he's your guy! Would love to box with him again.



Letstangle is recommended by mdbxrwrslr

Have chatted with Letstangle for a few weeks now, and finally to set up a meet with him today. We're going to work on polishing up his boxing skills, but he's aggressive, eager to learn and a lot of fun to work with. Has a great little gym set up, too, so look him up with when you're in town! So looking forward to our next meeting!



mdbxrwrslr is recommended by Boxer VA

Finally was able to meet up with MDBxrwrslr. A great guy and great boxer. Skilled, sane and a whole lot of fun. Highly recommended!

Updated 7/8/2018. Sparred with MDBxrwrslr again. Even better and his skills are superb. Looking forward to our next time.

11/18/18- Another great session with mdbxrwrslr. 7 x 2 minute rounds. Great guy and look forward to our next time.

7/14/19 - Another great session with mdbxrwrslr. 11x2 minute rounds of intense, yet controlled sparring. He also reminded me about the power in his left hook.

9/29/19 - another great session with mdbxrwrslr. It keeps getting better each time.



Boxer VA is recommended by mdbxrwrslr

After months, maybe years of chatting with Boxer_VA, finally got the chance to glove up with him. Great guy/great boxer (watch out for his jab/cross!), and look forward to meeting again soon. Would highly recommend that you glove up with him if you get the chance.

07/08/18 - Sparred again with Boxer_VA, and got in some good work. Great guy, both with and without the gloves on; only regret is that we don't live closer! If you get to the DC Metro area, be sure to check him out!

11/18/18- Another great session w/Boxer_VA; 2 rounds of mitts followed by 7 2-minute rounds of boxing. Terrific guy, and look forward to squaring off with him again soon....

06/23/19 - Another great session with this guy; 8 2-minute rounds with 8oz. gloves, and I was able to host this time, so maybe there's hope for me too, LOL! Anyway, if you plan on coming to the DMV area, be sure and set something with Boxer_VA….

07/14/19 - Cannot write enough good things about this guy. Dependable, tough, skilled and controlled, not to mention just an all-around great guy. We both landed since nice, solid shots and got some good rounds in. Make sure that you hhu if you're going to be in the area.

09/29/19 - Another great session with Boxer_VA, they get better and better!



mdbxrwrslr is recommended by joewrestler

12/9 — Round two with mdbxwrslr. Longer, tougher sweatier for the rematch. We are well matched and can wrestle for hours if we don’t watch the time. Next I will enter his boxing realm and see how I do. Always a pleasure getting together with this boxer/grappler friend.

One of the nicest grappler/boxer you will meet. This guy is in great physical condition and overall great shape. Strong legs :). He knows a lot about boxing and now dabbling in sub/promission, and he does have the basics down. He knows very well how to keep himself out of trouble. Overall just a great guy to hang out, wrestle, chat, and sweat. We will be grappling/boxing plenty.



joewrestler is recommended by mdbxrwrslr

He may be small, but he's strong, scrappy and tough! Although I don't have much wrestling experience, he adapted to my level and we both got some great work in. Highly recommend that you connect with him if you're coming to the DC area. Nice guy on and off the mat, and we are already working on our next meeting. Looking forward to sharing some muscle and sweat with him again.
12/09/18 - Second meeting with joewrestler today and it only reinforced what I wrote above. Truly a great guy and looking forward to rolling with him again soon.

01/06/19 - New year, but another great roll on the mats with this guy, he is one tough dude, LOL! Appreciate that he came out my way this time, and happy that my limited space did not limit the action! If you don't hit this guy up when you're in the DMV, you don't know you're missing!

06/30/19 - Not sure how it's possible, but every roll on the mats with this guy gets better. Great wrestler, great host, all-around great guy...



Skrappy1 is recommended by mdbxrwrslr

"Skrappy" doesn't do this guy justice! Taught him a little about boxing, which he took right to, and then he proceeded to "school" me in wrestling. Tough, strong, and takes as good as he gives; great attitude and fun to work with . Definitely recommend that you meet up with up with this guy, but be prepared to be humbled. Look forward to our next meeting!



mdbxrwrslr is recommended by dcgrappler

Endless energy and solid skills. This guy is loads oun whether boxing or wrestling. Very confident, he also has a pleasant personality. I look forward to many more sessions. Take this guy on when given the opprtunity!



dcgrappler is recommended by mdbxrwrslr

Had several matches in dcgrappler's mat room, but this was first time we ever met one-on-one, and it was a great experience! Nice guy, and fun to work with; we wrestled and boxed at a level that we were both comfortable with. If you get to the DC Metro Area, would HIGHLY recommend him...



mdbxrwrslr is recommended by AussieBoxer

Another southpaw - and someone I don't need a stepladder to reach! Actually, reaching his chin is not that simple - he is well trained, keeping it tucked in, and behind a glove or shoulder. Fast too, and can move in-and-out all day, as befits a Masters boxer.
Have enjoyed a number of sharp, competitive rounds together in the magical mat room and we both want more so we can figure out the double-southpaw conundrum and really land some good ones on each other!
One of the good 'uns - a top-level recommendation.



AussieBoxer is recommended by mdbxrwrslr

There is nothing worse than a southpaw boxing another southpaw, but AussieBoxer is my favorite southpaw to box with by far! Although he is tough and aggressive when the gloves are on and he throws a mean cross - just to let any prospective opponents know - he's a great guy outside of the ring, and someone that you would definitely want to box with and have as a friend. If you get the chance to glove up with him and don't take it, bad on you...



mdbxrwrslr is recommended by btler

mdbxrwrslr was a great guy to spar with. Well trained, great shape, moves well and we did a number of spirited rounds. Also easy to set up meeting with, came into DC to meet and got down to business sparring. Well muscled, tough but sane, athletic and a all round nice guy.Highly recommend and look forward to next time.



btler is recommended by mdbxrwrslr

Great time boxing with btler. Don't let the age fool you, he's a skilled boxer, moves well, hard puncher. Easy to work with - we set up the match in 2 maybe 3 messages and 1 phone call. Great guy on/off the mats, would definitely recommend meeting with him if you get the opportunity. Look forward to gloving up with him again!



mdbxrwrslr is recommended by HarborFighter

I've been wanting to box Mike for a long, long time. I was finally able to glove up with him while on my third big boxing trip across the US. Mike was an awesome opponent. He has that fire inside him that I like in a boxer. He has excellent punching technique and great defensive skills. He's quick, sharp, and uses his southpaw style extremely well. I love to box. I love to punch a man. But I also love to feel another man's power as he punches back. I felt that power from Mike and had one of the best matches I've had in a long time. I recommend him highly. Get in the ring with him. Glove up with him and trade some leather. He's an awesome boxer he'll give you a great fight!



HarborFighter is recommended by mdbxrwrslr

The inimitable HarborFighter; what can I write that hasn't already been written? Great guy, really fun to box with, can adapt to any skill level and willing to coach those with less experience. My thanks to him for including me in his latest tour, and look forward to gloving up with him again.



mdbxrwrslr is recommended by fig4man

Excellent time with Mike...Really nice guy..Very very fun to spar and...looks hot as hell in gear to boot..Look forward to making him suffer more very soon again



fig4man is recommended by mdbxrwrslr

Had the opportunity to meet up with Fig4Man today, glad I did. Great boxer and as tough as a bull. Great to meet/glove up with a guy my size, and look forward to meeting with him again soon.



mdbxrwrslr is recommended by samfighter

Had a great match with mdbxrwrslr. Cool guy with great hand speed and combinations. Not afaid to mix it up. Can't wait to glove up again with him.



samfighter is recommended by mdbxrwrslr

Met Samfighter through a mutual friend and had a great time boxing with him. He's got good skills and he's not afraid to get up in your face. Highly recommend him and look forward to gloving up with him again in the very near future!



mdbxrwrslr is recommended by BoxerCoachinmd

Had a great time with mdbxrwrslr when we met. He's shorter than me but has an awesome right jab, since he's a "southpaw." Really enjoyed sparring with him since I don't get to work with many "lefties," and I look forward to meeting him again soon.



BoxerCoachinmd is recommended by mdbxrwrslr

Had a great time with Jack; friendly, knowledgeable, adaptable, has a great space to box in, and just all-around great guy. Look forward to gloving up with him again in the near future.