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Returning to wrestling after covid

As I wrote in my most recent blog I had planned it so that while I was unable to do anything about the corona pandemic I could just as well make something useful with the months I would be forced to inactivity: my gym would be closed and I would be unable to wrestle because of the travel restrictions.

In the meantime I have had both my knee surgeries, this way solving the problems with my knock-knees, problems which have followed me for several years because of many years as a long-distance runner and even more years as a high-altitude mountaineer. I had the surgeries in October 2019 and March 2021 and was able to finish the rehabilitation four months later in the first case, the rehabilitation after the second surgery only three months later.

Obviously I also made sure that I got my vaccine jabs in time and was given my first jab of Pfizer-BioNTech on May 22nd and the second jab on June 26th. So I was fully vaccinated now, and this way my mandatory rehabilitation from the hospital have proceeded much faster than I had expected. Also my gym opened in time so I was able to go straight from my rehabilitation to my gym, which the pandemic had prevented me from doing after the first surgery.

Thus it seems that my plan worked well, as I principally could be able to wrestle already this July as my doctors okay'd my rehabilitation and I also have been vaccinated so I am allowed to travel abroad again as the only guys I have wrestled here in Copenhagen are persons coming here as tourists on vacation - and in these pandemic days no tourists were coming. So now I am allowed to travel I finally can begin working off the load of wrestlers I have had a good contact with and a positive impression of.

It was no surprise that I would be going to Berlin for my first wrestle in more than a year, as I knew that my usual wrestling partners knew me, so hopefully they would be a bit reticent on my, now as I had returned from the rehabilitation. In any case they would make me sweat, which was all right as I know that wrestling was the best workout for wrestling. But I had for a long time been looking forward to return to the mat again.

So tomorrow I will be taking the train to Berlin where I will be connecting with kleiner kerl who has his own set of mats. I will stay there the rest of the week, so I hope that there might come other wrestlers passing by to give me a nice sweaty match.

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daytonwrestler (19) 7/20/2021 7:39 PM

Good luck, and be careful!


Wrstlsport (88 ) 7/21/2021 9:26 AM

Unfortunely after Covid is...Covid