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I am so looking forward to this.

Eight weeks until Thunderdome VI.

As things stand now, there are 44 wrestlers listed as attending some or all of this four day event, and there another 61 thinking about it. Can you say big time wrestling party? Can you say you are now one of them? Sure hope so, because this is going to be an over-the-top good time. So if you haven't responded to the newsletters yet, now would be a good time. If you are still in the "uncertain" category, now would be a great time to throw caution to the wind and move yourself up to "participant".

And I also need a favor: for last minute contact and information purposes, it is helpful to have everyone's cell number. Amongst other reasons, if you need to reach me last minute, please know that I don't answer calls my phone doesn't recognize. So if you think I may not have your number, send it as a message to my profile here, or to chuckleheadjoe@gmail.com (for privacy reasons, I would not send it as a response to this blog). If you are not sure if you've given it to me, check your phone: if you don't have my number, odds are I don't have yours either.

There will be a couple more newsletters to everyone on the email list (if you aren't already getting them, send me your email), but wanted to re-iterate: any questions or needs for additional information, please ask away.

Am so looking forward to this. Hoping you are too.

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Thundersome is coming guys.
July 13 - July 16.
We are looking at a record crowd of attendees - and it is an awesome group of guys. If you believe that you're awesome, then you had better be one of them.....:)
If you are reading this, and are not yet signed up on this site, you are completely falling down on life, LOL.
If you need more info, just ask me. Also, take a look at www.thunderdome.boston.
Be thinking about sun drenched, sweaty days full of all the wrestling you can handle, mild and fun-filled summer nights, a hot match followed by a refreshing dip, good fellowship, great music led by talented musicians, wrestling, wrestling, and even more wrestling.
Good food, good drink, good friends.....good times.
If you plan to be somewhere else, you're nuts....:)

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