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never give up is recommended by Twowrestlers20-45 (10/17/2018)

lottatore dotato di tecnica e forza, disponibile, corretto, pulito e serio.
abbiamo lottato in un match molto equilibrato dove soltanto alla fine sono riuscito a portare a casa la vittoria con l'unica sottomissione dell'incontro. utilizza bene la tecnica e le gambe. consigliatissimo!


luckyalec is recommended by mattz4fun (10/17/2018)

This really was a lucky meeting for me. Just by chance, Luckyalec was referred to me on his visit to my city by another bud. It was a great fit both on and off the mats. While not highly experienced, he put forth a strong effort. He showed his toughness and did not hesitate to give it back and was happy to keep our match going. We also got to spend some time after wrestling. Felt like we had both known each other a while. I'm looking forward to our next opportunity to lock up!


Wrestle007 is recommended by chicagomuscle (10/17/2018)

I had the pleasure of meeting 007 through one of my best friend ChicagoPileDriver. Handsome, built and unassuming....he can kick some ass on the mats! He sure had this old man winded after a few rounds and I know he held back and took it easy on me. After our match he flexed for me and I realized he looks just like a young Thor with his beard and rugged good looks. I’m honored such a great guy would roll with me. If you get the chance to lock up with him don’t pass it up!


Ginler is recommended by Dirka (10/17/2018)

Ginler ist ein super sympatischer Kerl, mit dem Mann auch unabhängig vom Fighten viel Spaß haben kann. Wir hatten einen super tollen Abend inklusive eines coolen Kampfes. Er ist sehr stark und hat einen trainierten Body. Wir sind beide ganz schön ins Schwitzen gekommen. Ginler zur Aufgabe zu zwingen ist nicht ganz einfach, da er sehr viel einstecken kann und sich wirklich nur ganz spät zum Abklopfen entscheidet. Der Fight zwischen uns wird mit Sicherheit bei passender Gelegenheit und Zeit noch öfters stattfinden.
Als Anfänger wirklich ein sehr guter und ausdauernder Fighter.
Vorbehaltlos zu empfehlen und jederzeit wieder.


Prostylefan is recommended by ocmuscle (10/17/2018)

What a fun match I had with this guy. It was a total squash job, and he played the heel perfectly. He put me in some great holds, tested my limits, and he slammed me a couple times which was awesome. He knows what he is doing and it was fun letting him go to town on me! I thoroughly enjoyed the match and would definitely do another squash match with this guy anytime.

Update: I had another wonderful time with this pro heel, this time on his home turf. He graciously invited me for the weekend at his place, where we wrestled and once again he showed me his vicious heel personality which I enjoyed very much. He stretched me to my limits and I still feel it days later. After the match a very fun weekend where he was the most hospitable and welcoming host. Just a class act guy who happens to like to beat the hell out of me. :)


spiilitwill is recommended by SeattleWrestler3 (10/17/2018)

Frank is a great submission wrestling opponent. He is strong and determined and doesn't easily given up. I recommend him highly and look forward to a re-match. Thanks for a great time, Frank.


scubawrestler is recommended by hboxer (10/17/2018)

Met up with Scubawrestler while he had a layover. We boxed for a short time due to limited space. He is a tuff opponent enjoyed the match speaking of having more matches down the road when he is in Houston . Dont pass up the chance to glove up against him for he will give u a competitive match. Highly recommended


Muleman is recommended by Bikerguy516 (10/17/2018)

Met Muleman at my hotel while passing thru his area. I was a little nervous since he was mostly a wrestler and I was mostly into stand-up fighting, even though my boxing skills are still developing. However Muleman was very accommodating and we did a little of everything to keep it interesting. He showed me some wrestling moves and we rolled around a bit. Then we gloved up and exchanged some punches. That was my favorite part I think (of course 😈). Then I had him gutpunching me and after that we did a little more wrestling. We worked up a good sweat and both had some fun.

I’m not sure I will ever get the hang of all the different wrestling holds and when to do certain things and what to avoid, but I’m picking up a little each time. I’m glad Muleman was patient with me in showing me some wrestling things and appreciate his willingness to strap on the gloves with me even though that is not his thing. Nick is a genuine guy and you won’t go wrong meeting him. I’m glad we met and got a chance to battle.


Bikerguy516 is recommended by Muleman (10/17/2018)

I showed up 15 minutes early for our 7 pm match. We chatted a bit to discuss our interests. I am more of a wrestler and bikerguy being more interested in boxing and GP. We started out exchanging holds and working on submission holds. Then to the boxing, some sparring, trading hits with the gloves on then on to me gut punching him without and with gloves. This was my first all out punching exposure and it was very pleasant.i actually enjoyed it very much. Chaz showed me some basic body positions and techniques. I am so glad to have met him. He is a really nice guy, genuine and real.


Tanker is recommended by matmanuk (10/17/2018)

After a few years of chatting with Dave on Meetfighters I finally got the chance to meet up for a tag bout with him and his tag partner Bodie101.
I've heard that Dave was a strong guy and i was looking forward to finding out for myself, in the ring he was able to counter my takedowns as I countered his attacks, I also managed to escape a couple of his headlocks mainly due to having a really sweaty shaved head.
Found Dave and myself to be pretty evenly matched so I look forward to our next encounter in Manchester. Good wrestler, great guy and good laugh in and out the ring.

63222 recommendations