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UncutWrassler is recommended by Louie (8/08/2022)

It was an honor to wrestle UncutWrassler. He is strong, energetic, and a great challenge. I enjoyed getting the opportunity to wrestle this stud. He was a perfect host, showed me his town, he had events planned for my weekend stay. It was awesome time.
If you get an opportunity, he is worth looking up.
Proud to call him a friend. We most defiantly will meet up again.


Tiedupgear is recommended by NL070worstelen (8/08/2022)

Net als eerder, had ik TiedUpGear (TuG) op een andere website gescout voor een fijn partijtje worstelen. Dat kwam mede door zijn foto, die wel wat weg had van Sem Schilt. In vechtsportkringen beter bekend als meervoudig wereldkampioen K1, dus dat leek mij een mooie uitdaging! Gelukkig voor mij was TuG - niet net als 'Semmy' 2.12 meter lang (zie Maar TuG is zeker ook goed getraind, getuige zijn indrukwekkende borstpartij.
Nu ben ik ook niet één van de kleinsten, zelfs nog wel in het voordeel door mijn gewicht, waarbij het natuurlijk ook pas de 1e stoeipartij voor TuG was met deze ervaren MF-er ;-). Dat ging dus heel behoorlijk en TuG is zeker een aanwinst voor MF, waarbij hij met nog aan te leren technieken, zeker een geduchte tegenstander voor een ieder hier zal zijn.
Naast de heerlijke lange stoeipartij, is TuG trouwens ook een gezellige gast, waarmee het goed toeven is. Sterker nog, bij afscheid bleek de tijd ongemerkt dusdanig voorbij gevlogen te zijn, waardoor TuG voor de volgende keer een pizza van mij tegoed houdt! :-)


Sydneyguy is recommended by cyclone74 (8/08/2022)

Love ever match with this guy, hopefully to get a few more now he is back online


Adri1952 is recommended by Cratos (8/08/2022)

A is a really nice guy, friendly and easy going. He is very reliable.

He is nimble and agile and makes a challenging opponent. He was keen to learn and we spent a lot of time practising new moves and holds on each other.

We had a lot of fun, on and off the mat. Would be happy to wrestle him again and can recommend him to anyone


Cratos is recommended by Adri1952 (8/08/2022)

Really a good session with a lot of fun for both.,practicing holds and submissions
He knows good grappling techniques
He is a genuine and reliable guy,on and out the Matt high recommended


mrmouskouri is recommended by wrestlinaddict (8/08/2022)

Had the chance to meet mrmouskouri on my Barcelona wrestling trip and had a great time fighting him.

I did my best to teach the little I know about grappling and he really impressed me with his intuition and fast grasp. We did submission and he did submit me some times. Something tells me he already has some experience in wrestling 😉. His legs are pretty strong and definitely can give some good headscissors (err. I mean strong 😛) and I bet we will be able to submit anyone quickly if he keeps training his scissors.

Outside the mats, a great person and great company. We shared a beer and even had time to go for a walk in Barcelona where he showed me a bit of the City.

Definitely want to meet him more times and see how he will improve to be a great wrestler. Muchas gracias amigo!


Naotarou is recommended by KEN wrestler (8/08/2022)




Skrappy is recommended by Bigbad187 (8/08/2022)

Skrappy is exactly what his profile name is … scrappy as fuck was a little nervous despite the size difference because how experience he but once we started um ….. well I wasn’t nervous no more 🤣🤣 he took a hell of a beating from me I was damn impressed how much punishment he took and still had plenty of energy and fight in him
… This for damn sure won’t be the only time we roll and I can’t wait for round 2 !!!!!!


Freddy-Germany is recommended by musclefan (8/08/2022)

Hey zu Freddy
Gibts wohl nichts zu sagen, was nicht schon gesagt ist. technisch sehr versiert und stark wie ein Bulle. Äusserst interessante, vielseitige Persönlichkeit, super Gesprächspartner, unkompliziert beim abmachen. Jederzeit auch für weniger starke empfehlenswert, ausser vielleicht für Leichtgewichte, die geniessen ihn besser als Gesprächspartner.


muscleluv is recommended by Clouds (8/08/2022)

Muscleluv is a sexy man who puts up a good fight, he certainly goes for it and tries his best and will leave you sweaty and wanting to make him tap more and more :) I enjoyed rolling around with him and locking him in few positions and making him tap; want to meet this sexy man again and get him to work hard trying to free himself from my grip! Thank you again, was real pleasure to have you as the opponent :)

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