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submissiowrestling is recommended by SubmissionMSCL (6/24/2021)

This guy is gentle giant, and a BRUISER. His scissor holds lived up to their reputation: Long held and like a VICE.
Better still, he took punishment as well as he doled out. Recommend 100% and hope he passes through town again soon.


Daddygrappler is recommended by BOXERMAN (6/24/2021)

This man is the REAL DEAL.. grappling, boxing and some fistfighting mixed and and Im pleased and SATISFIED with our fight. I hold him in high regard and am happy to cal him one of best fights Ive had post Covid.

Shows up, gear ready and a fighter who throws a good haymaker. Excellent guy/ FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS.

Bob Butts


Wresrick is recommended by oc wrestler (6/24/2021)

Wresrick is a great guy and I recommend meeting up with him if you have the chance. We chatted ahead of time about our match and used the hotel gym to warm up and work out before wrestling. The match did not disappoint and I'm looking forward to round 2.


SuperEvil is recommended by luttesympa (6/24/2021)

Une superbe rencontre avec SuperEvil. Combat acharné mais bienveillant. C'est le combattant avec qui on peut apprendre quelque chose et dans la bonne humeur. L'après-match est tout aussi agréable, autour d'un apéro et d'un repas. Et on n'a pas envie que cela se termine tant le moment a été fort. Je te recommande chaleureusement et espère te revoir très vite !


Wrestler29 is recommended by stockyfr (6/24/2021)

I met Wrestler29 in Dublin and we managed to have quite a long session of wrestling. In life, he is a really nice person, smiling and enjoying a good laugh.
When it comes to wrestling, he is a beginner but seems passionate about it and willing to learn and improve. Despite a lack of skill, he's got an overall good strength and capable to give a challenge to anyone, and even pin down inattentive smaller opponents.
I'm recommending Wrestler29 for anyone looking for a good wrestling match.


ForrestTaylorWrestling is recommended by bababooeyyy (6/24/2021)

Forrest Taylor was an absolutely amazing opponent. I was a little nervous since it was my first match, but Forrest met up with me, practiced a bit with me beforehand, and we had some great matches!! He's extremely friendly and a very good wrestler. I'm really looking forward to being his jobber again and I'm glad to have had such a wonderful experience.

His scissors are pretty wicked, so be careful! ;)


liftandcarry is recommended by Londonlatino (6/24/2021)

A strong and handsome guy who knows how to take control. Highly recommended if you like lift and carry.


switch4gp is recommended by ForrestTaylorWrestling (6/24/2021)

Switch4gp is a new friend of mine and I’m glad we find had the chance to meet. He’s stronger than he looks and knows how to pack a punch. Loved guy punching with him and enjoyed chatting both before and after our gut punching session. He’s down to earth and kind hearted, definitely recommend meeting up with Switch4gp if you get the opportunity.


bababooeyyy is recommended by ForrestTaylorWrestling (6/24/2021)

Bababooeyyy is new to wrestling but he’s a quick learner and doesn’t go down without a fight. I enjoyed meeting him and show him the ropes, especially making him tap in my scissors 😈 He’s a cool kid and I’m looking forward to wrestling him again and helping him get some experience under his belt.


Londonlatino is recommended by liftandcarry (6/24/2021)

A very nice guy and a pleasure to lift and wrestle.

77645 recommendations