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israeli 28 is recommended by Cet03 (5/23/2018)

The guy is a solid and powerful rock, has impressive stability on his marble legs by which he can control the fight easily, calmly and relentlessly for hours as we had the chance to. This guy brought me to exhaustion and tough I made him sweat a lot, I could never force him to tap.

His presence is intense and irresistible on and out of the mats. I enjoyed our time together really a lot and can’t wait to meet him again. 200% recommended.


Ringo is recommended by Judopete (5/23/2018)

A big hunk of a man capable of pins and chokes!
Sane and safe!
Looking forward to a re-match!


satap is recommended by Laune (5/23/2018)

Satap ist ein starker Gegner, der seine Kraft einzusetzen weiß. Zudem ist er ein sehr zuvorkommender Gastgeber und sehr angenehmer Zeitgenosse. Wir haben uns mittlerweile schon öfter getroffen und es ist jedes Mal ein Wiedersehen mit Freude. Eine uneingeschränkte Empfehlung meinerseits also.

Satap is a strong opponent and he knows how to use his power. Furthermore he offers warm hospitality and he is simply a nice guy. It’s always nice to meet him again. Thus: Highly recommended.


Emperor is recommended by FightingCologne (5/23/2018)

Met Emperor today. We did not fight, but we had a good training session. Enjoyed the talks off the mat. Hope to train with him again soon.
Very recommendable!


vitawd1 is recommended by Scissorloser (5/23/2018)

What an incredible opponent. I wrestled him several years ago . He is relentless fighter . Keeps coming back for more . Hope to face him in the future. We had a fun time and competitively even .


Torrnado is recommended by Sam London (5/23/2018)

He was way better than me, but not at all full of himself. Patient and happy to explain holds.

What was especially annoying was that he was way stronger than me even though we weigh the same !

We had a drink after and he had plenty to say for himself, but was also a good listener.

Looking forward to the next time.

Cheers !


latestarter is recommended by WeeJimmie (5/23/2018)

He may be a late starter but he's making up for that mighty fast and travelled a long way to give me a match. A fit guy with a leisurely approach but one who knows how to go for real subs when the opportunity presents itself. He doesn't tap easily. Great company too. Heartily recommended to anyone looking for civilised wrestling and conversation.


SammyUSA is recommended by headlock07 (5/23/2018)

Sam is a great guy with a very athletic body and super nicely chiseled chest, who is genuinely into wrestling and who can endure a lot. Moreover, he is a most likeable person to go out with, chat ad eat... all that after wrestling, of course. If only this site had more guys like him...


Lookintowrestle is recommended by TheBulldog (5/23/2018)

I'm just getting back on the wrestling scene after a few years of being too busy with other
things but that is changing now. Loookintowrestle was my first apponent in quite a while
and was reliable, very safe, yet rough the way I like it! WOOF!I definately recommend him
to others and will go back to rechallenge him in the future.


boston kid is recommended by Chris Flashman (5/23/2018)

Sometimes in life, things just feel "right." So it was when I contacted the Kid. With our shared passion for his part of London and, of course, wrestling, I had a hunch we would get on. And I wasn't wrong.

Such a super host, and really, really nice on and off the mats. A flipping good wrestler too! He patiently put me through my paces, teaching me new holds, applying them on me and letting me try them on him. And yes, it was easy to arrange the meet: it took all of two minutes.

You'd be daft not to hit him up, but form an orderly queue behind me. Because already I want to wrestle him again. Thanks, Kid!

58868 recommendations