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ASNguyWLA is recommended by wrestlerdude31 (5/23/2019)

Strong fun good looking and great to chat with! We had a super fun match that was back and forth until he dominated me. Great trash talk too! Highlight of my la trip hope we get to wrestle again on the next trip out west!


wrstlarturo is recommended by Lutteurnurouen (5/23/2019)

Arturo possède une condition physique remarquable. Le combat a longtemps été incertain mais malgré mon expérience, il est parvenu à trouver une faille.
En dehors de l'aspect rencontre combat, Arturo est quelqu'un de très sympathique et enrichissant à écouter.
A refaire avec grand plaisir !


Lutteurnurouen is recommended by wrstlarturo (5/23/2019)

Un premier combat de gladiateurs dans la nature et avec fausses armes pour moi! Beaucoup de plaisir et de thrill dans cette mise en scène, qui reste un affrontement entre 2 mâles.
Nous nous sommes bien dépensés ! Lutteurnurouen est un solide gaillard, très fiable et sympa, il est bon organisateur et sait mettre à l’aise. Il a l’avantage de proposer quelque chose de différent et de le rendre possible. Donnez lui sa chance s’il passe près de chez vous!


bjames65 is recommended by NCJockstrap (5/23/2019)

We have been going back-and-forth chatting for many, many years! Finally we got to meet like real men on a real Mat and Wrestle!! He and I also exchanged some good fists to the gut and pecs! BJames is a tough opponent and puts up a good fight! He's strong, determined, and more skilled than he lets on. Off the mat, he truly is a great guy and I think a good friend. If you have the chance to wrestle this stud, I would give him the highest recommendation.


geordie is recommended by Flyer1 (5/23/2019)

Met Geordie today, as I am a novice in wrestling he was very good in teaching me some holds. I really enjoyed the time spent with him on and off the mat. A very friendly and nice man, highly recommend him.


Clin10 is recommended by Scissorloser (5/23/2019)

Update: May 22nd.
Second round with this guy was just as fun as the first . He is tough as nails and takes a lot to give in . He is learning how to scissor even tighter .

Even though he is short and thin, do not be fooled he has some great strong legs , packs a lot of power . We had a fun match both back and forth hold exchanges. Look forward to wrestling him again . Very nice guy


Flyer1 is recommended by geordie (5/23/2019)

Met Brian today for the first time for a gentle roll around He is stronger than he looks and picks thing's up very quickly.a great guy off the mats I would recommend you meet up with Brian asap as he will prove very popular


Jefffisher1999 is recommended by chzwz (5/23/2019)

this good looking stud is a GREAT wrestler. when we first met he only said he was new to this, and i took him to mean he was new at wrestling. when we start going at it and he clearly knows what he's doing, he clarified: "No I'm just new to the site... I was 3rd in the state" Whoops! I got my ass handed to me but it was still a ton of fun, felt safe and everyone's boundaries/limits were respected. Wrestle this guy if you get a chance. Lot of fun. Strong and skilled. Glad he's back on the site. We wrestled late last year.


wrestler86 is recommended by ratboy29 (5/23/2019)

really friendly chill guy, strong and helpful to someone new to wrestling like me. taught me a bunch of moves and we laughed and a had great time, definitely hope to fight him more.


ratboy29 is recommended by wrestler86 (5/23/2019)

I meet him today
He is a amazing guy and like to hang out with him
Also being good with use his tacts
Also nice of the mat hightly recomanded :)
Hope to meet with him much more

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