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Zanybrawlr is recommended by UKSubsFighter (12/05/2021)

Well what a great encounter!
I cannot recall anyone I’ve met on here who had been such an easy pleasure to arrange a meeting with notwithstanding that he travelled a great distance to hook up.
And what an encounter that was!
There’s not an inch of him that isn’t solid! Big arms, chest, shoulders, and legs; when you lock up you realise this is going to be tough.
Tougher still as he has BJJ skills that make it a challenge to achieve anything with him.
Coupled with that are his articulacy, his charming character, and his being great company and a perfect house guest.
So a perfect encounter that I massively recommend to anyone lucky enough to get the opportunity to meet him as I was fortunate enough to do.
If you can meet him disappointment is not on the addenda and I firmly hope this is the first of many such meetings!
My highest recommendation!!


SlimScrapper is recommended by Thomaswrestlerny (12/05/2021)

Tony was reliable and as advertised. He's a great opponent if you are looking for a pro style match. He knows his holds and he knows how to sell which makes for a good opponent. Although a jobber at heart, he can certainly dish out his share of offense in a give and take style match. I echo the other recommendations and encourage anyone into pro to look him up if you are ever in Minneapolis.

Recently had a rematch with Tony and was another classic back and forth pro style match although I did prevail four falls to one. He has a wide variety of moves/holds at his disposal which makes for a fun match. Highly recommended.

Had another battle with Tony in Feb 2020 and again had a great time. He certainly can take and dish out a lot of punishment, but yet again I finally wore him down and ultimately took a couple of falls. You can't find a better opponent than him.

Mixed it up again with the Scrapper in Nov 2020 and as per usual had a great time in a multi-fall match, although this time he upped his game offensively and was more of a heel instead of a jobber, even throwing in a false pin in order to inflict more punishment. Looking forward to the next battle.


hrylegs is recommended by DCotter (12/05/2021)

Wow, that was fun. This man is solid and it’s very apparent that he’s been hitting the gym hard. He’s super muscled from that hard work and he’s also quite strong. He can outmuscle pretty much anyone with little work. His legs are deadly, though the profile name made that obvious haha. Fun to chat with, easy to communicate boundaries and limits with. A true highlight of my visit to San Antonio 😊


Philoufr is recommended by Paul Vincent (12/05/2021)

Prévu en mode cool, la lutte a pourtant été engagée car le bougre est très dominateur et emploi très généreusement ses muscles pour le faire. Il manque un peu de technique ce qui viendra et son cardio n'est pas (ou plus ?) à la hauteur de ses muscles ce qui n'est pas évident à corriger. Résultat je l'ai un peu épuisé. Pour la suite du combat il a des arguments très très généreux...
Et pour la cuisine de Franche-Comté c'est plutôt top ! il sait recevoir et est super sympas

2éme séance:
Son cardio est bien meilleur, la première fois il était sans doute fatigué. Cet adversaire, bien musclé, résistant, n'aime pas perdre. Par contre il lui faut un peu d'expérience en lutte car il n'exploite pas toutes ses possibilités physiques qui sont bonnes. Avec un adversaire de son gabarit un peu moins expérimenté, il aura le loisir et le plaisir de le dominer ce qu'il recherche. Partenaire recommandé !


DCotter is recommended by hrylegs (12/05/2021)

I recommend DCotter as an opponent, I had a lot of fun with him! Beware of his thighs, had me tapping in very little time. I did enjoy his flexibility. He’s a great guy both on & off of the mats— very easy to chat with & easy to communicate with. Don’t miss an opportunity to battle this sexy otter!


Wooffman is recommended by DavidVdw (12/05/2021)


Wooffman invited me to wrestle with him during his stay in Brussels. Not long before i arrived at his hotel room, we shuffled the table and sofa to the side to reveal a nice and big carpet to wrestle on.

Wooffman’s profile looks very promising and boy he did deliver on my expectations. First stating the obvious: he is very fit and has a well defined body. With his strength alone he can easily crush the average MF’er. So it was very pleasing for me to read the surprise on his face after our first round (when i still was able to catch him off guard 😈). After he tapped he praised me a lot, this shows how humble and relax this guy is. No machoism, just two people enjoying the competition and the game of BJJ.

After that Wooffman brought out the beast in him, making it much more difficult for me to control the game but at the same time it made him consume his energy very quickly. We ended having both one submission on our side. (Important note: Wooffman already undergoed a match a few hours before ours so extra points for him)

As this guy improves his game and discover his style, he will become a very strong opponent. I plan to keep up with him so that we can keep giving each other a good challenge when we do measure up. 💪🏻

Off the mats Wooffman made sure i felt comfortable all time, he is very kind and an open guy. We had some nice conversations about ourselves and I really enjoyed the time with him. So do take the opportunity to fight him!


AZBEEF is recommended by sfbeef (12/05/2021)

I had a fun three way match with this big man and Hacksaw. He looks great in his Speedo’s.


Skrappy is recommended by zetizef (12/05/2021)

I was very grateful that Skrappy could host me for a match, give me this opportuniy to finally leave the downtown area and more importantly to wrestle on real mats - such a delight after staying in this hotel room. We went competitive, with breaks chatting about everything in between bouts and after. Maybe I was just too enthusiastic - sorry for the bruises really, I got some too - but since he didn't seem be short of energy and kept coming back, in spite of his recent matches, why stop? Skrappy is the most gracious host and that was overall a perfect evening that I'm more than ready to repeat any time.


rowdybear is recommended by icejohn2 (12/05/2021)

Where should I start since there are so many positive things to say about Rowdy! First of all, he has those killer bearhugs that squeezed the heck of me that I had to submit! We had good sweaty back and forth submission matches and got each other to submit multiple times. We also practiced different moves and holds. Strong and a fast learner.

Out of the mats, he is one of the nicest person you will ever meet. Great conversation and I am happy to call him a friend and definitely will recommend anybody to wrestle him if you want some good matches!


Palaman is recommended by TNTitan (12/05/2021)

Finally, finally, finally! So glad this stud relocated to Florida and rolled out his welcome mats. He's a perfect host, awesome wrestler, and has a great sidekick for company. Oh, and his location is amazing. Not often I get a technical match, and it was fun hearing him call out all the names of all the failed setups I was working to execute–he knew what I was up to lol. Also appreciate his sense of humor, transparency, and the warm welcome to Ft Lauderdale. If he reaches out to you, jump at the opportunity!

80774 recommendations