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Drake-fighter is recommended by wolfmad (9/22/2017)

He is so strong built! Not only his upper body, also his legs are powerfull, so he is always dangerous and hard to submit. I don´t know how many times we have met, but I´m always looking for the next one. Not missing a single chance to meet this stud


wolfmad is recommended by Drake-fighter (9/22/2017)

Wonderful fighter, strong, determined. Our fights were 100% enjoyables. Off the mats, he is a very good person, 100% reliable, polite & charming. Totally recommended.


glenscot01 is recommended by Jotakle (9/22/2017)

It was really great wrestling with David this afternoon, whilst he had a weight advantage and both of us lack experience, we were a very good match for each other. We both managed to get in some submission holds during the wrestling and we practiced others holds which were new to us.
We had the gloves on as well which was a blast, and David was able to teach me a lesson, that once the heavy guy gets on top and starts pummeling me with punches, there was very little I am able to do about it!
David he is a gentle guy, so easy to get on with, he is a strong fit bloke and I truly recommend him
I look forward to meeting him again,


big fighter 93 is recommended by Hotfighter85 (9/22/2017)

Er ist ein sehr lieber und zuverlässiger junger Mann, man kann sich gut unterhalten merkt jedoch schon etwas den Altersunterschied, was aber absolut nicht schlimm ist!
Beim fighten ist er aufgrund seines Gewichtes und seiner Größe nicht einfach als Gegner, jedoch weiß er Stellenweise nicht (noch nicht) wie er Griffe durch zieht oder seine Kraft einsetzen soll!
Auch wenn er kaum eine Chance hatte war es ein angenehmes treffen, gerne wieder.
Er wird im Laufe der Zeit sich deutlich verbessern und wird irgendwann ein harter Brocken werden


Swenrique is recommended by TallWrestlerLA (9/22/2017)

This guy is the best. So nice and sweet. I felt a little mad having to rough him up. He can take it like a champ.

Love wrestling him.


polyethylene33 is recommended by valdo59 (9/22/2017)

Très bonne rencontre avec polyéthylène.
Adversaire redoutable et expérimenté. En dehors de cela, garçon très sympa.
A bientôt.


Rusnak is recommended by dtwwrestler (9/22/2017)

I had a great time meeting with Rusnak and was able to both work up a good sweat and learn a lot. He's a strong, big mound of a guy who will frustrate you easily just because of his sheer strength and size, but knows how to give and take. Really glad that I met up with him and look forward to learning more and continuing to get sweaty.


Renerene is recommended by corpoacorpo (9/22/2017)

i wrestled him many years ago, but cant forget. thanks and hope to meet you again


Scissornz is recommended by marato (9/22/2017)

Scissornz, when he got me down on the mat,three times and I couldn't get out and finally had to submit. He really made me feel very frustrated with his skill and determination.


noir243 is recommended by Landshark (9/22/2017)

Noir's knowledge of several martial arts disciplines is impressive. If you can set up something with him try to allow a little extra time and ask him to demonstrate his skills. His flexibility and ability to control his movements to maximize the power of the techniques he has mastered will amaze you. However, don't let that intimidate you. While I'm pretty sure he could outfight nearly everyone on the site, he's not on it just to locate guys who might give him real competition. Even if you suck at wrestling and aren't in great shape, he will do everything he can to make meeting up a memorable experience. It's amazing what creatively used scissors holds can do. He will only apply the amount of pressure you are comfortable with. He will let you do the same to him, and although it's kind of scary to make someone who could easily destroy you groan in agony, it's really hot fun and since he wants that, he doesn't retaliate. I have had two matches with him. Despite his obvious superiority, he somehow finds a way to make you feel like you had something close to a competitive match with an elite fighter, how cool is that? He's smart and has a great sense of humor, and you can trust him to do what he commits to doing. That's what you want from a site like this, and if you are compatible you will have made a good friend.

50870 recommendations

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