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Yngrasslr00 is recommended by ImtiazAli (3/19/2019)

Met Yngrasslr00 on Monday 18th March at NickZ's place for some morning group grappling. I'm glad they invited me.

We did submission wrestling with body punches. He hits hard. He is strong, fast, learns quickly and good-looking.

He is such a cool cultured guy and great conversationalist. Highly recommended.


wdude77 is recommended by blacksocks108 (3/19/2019)

Very nice to meet this sympathic guy. Nice chat and a hot fight. Big fun


teemu is recommended by FightDi (3/19/2019)

Teemu is the tallest guy I've ever met so far. A friendly guy off the mats. He shared and taught me several moves on the mats which is very kind to me as a novice :) hit him up if he's around your city, you won't regret to wrestle him.


London1980 is recommended by DenverWrestler (3/19/2019)

It was a real pleasure to meet this friendly, sexy, fascinating guy. Like me, he's lived all over the world, and he is one of the most engaging, outgoing guys I've met and wrestled. I hope he doesn't mind me saying that he has a hot body, and even though we had a pretty small space, we managed to roll around and have a very good time. I did some gentle heeling, and he played a very convincing jobber. We struck up an instant friendship, and not only do a thoroughly recommend him, but I look forward to meeting him again in the near future.


solidguy is recommended by DenverWrestler (3/19/2019)

Sometimes a new wrestler (for me) surprises the hell out of me, and this guy certainly did. His pictures don't do justice to his excellent muscular body, especially his legs, which are some of the strongest and most muscular I have ever encountered. But his upper body is strong too – his grip is especially powerful, and he's very good at controlling an opponent's arms with his wrist strength. We mixed a training session into some submission grappling, and when technique is combined with his power, he is a real beast on the mats. Moreover, he's a very very nice guy, so the entire experience was positive and fun. He's a real diamond in the ruff, and I encourage any London guys or travelers who want a tough strong well-built opponent to link up with him. Without doubt, I totally recommend him


Mister80 is recommended by DenverWrestler (3/19/2019)

It was very easy to arrange a match on short notice with this strong solid guy. We were limited in space but still managed to have a pretty intense submission match. He's powerful, and even though he's had limited BJJ training, his skill shows through and he knows good holds and has an effective defense. After the match we had the chance to chat for a while, and he's a real friendly, outgoing, articulate guy. I highly recommend him and would certainly wrestle him again.


wrestleguy151 is recommended by ImtiazAli (3/19/2019)

Got to meet wrestleguy151 at my hotel setting (Stewart Hotel) on the evening of Sunday 17th March 2019. It was a rather spontaneous meeting but he turned up on time as agreed and kept with clear communication.

He has a strong man physique and tries his best to win when grappling. Eventually this fell into heel (me) and jobber match-up.

Nice guy.


ilgiova is recommended by sandro93 (3/19/2019)

ilgiova is a pretty cool guy to wrestle with. very well trained and he can definitely withstand whatever you can throw at him. his pictures don't do him justice (the guy's pretty jacked) and he won't submit until he's really done (he'll also try to fight back pretty hard !)
recommended ;)


bjjguynyc is recommended by ImtiazAli (3/19/2019)

We have been in touch via his group.

Got to meet and roll BJj at 3.16 NYC Triangles Everywhere open mat. Black belt level grappler so needless to say his skill, strength, speed and toughness is sky high. He worked at my pace and happily gave tips to improve my game.

Triangles Everywhere is a concept I've been looking for - thanks for starting it. Nice, organised, straight forward guy.


BIGguywrestlerBE is recommended by ImtiazAli (3/19/2019)

Spoke briefly before and all arrangements were set and he lived up to them. Met BIGguywrestlerBE on Friday 15th March 2019 at his place in Brooklyn for stay over. He played tour guide later that evening in Brooklyn and in the morning took me to the event (which I would of found difficult to get to):

3.16 NYC Triangles Everywhere open mat. We did some rounds of BJJ. He is a strong guy with good technique. He will only get better and I hope to train again.

He is a very sweet guy. Go meet him.

67350 recommendations