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Manc Man is recommended by Bringit (12/04/2022)

Great match, been out of it for a while, so was a tad nervous, but didnt need to be as he makes sure both are comfortable, and as it turns out was a pretty even meet. Manc has some great moves and uses the weight advantage, but nothing any guy can't overcome lol


Targarian is recommended by Male wrestler (12/04/2022)

Un luchador único y asombroso, además un plus ya que es una gran persona.

Tiene vitalidad, fuerza y un excelente gusto en las luchas, vendrán más luchas con este cabron.


BigBeast is recommended by grapplingguy (12/04/2022)

BigBeast is a true Big Beast! Big, strong and has decent wrestling and bjj skills even thought he does not want to admit it. Watch for his guillotine choke and very strong leg hooks which he puts as soon as he gets your back. On top of this he has perfect alpha attitude for a super rough and intense battle. We had 2.5 hr not stop action and it was extremely fun and enjoyable. I also found him as a smart and reliable guy and a great host. BigBeast absolutely deserves my highest recommendations and I look forward to round two!


Male wrestler is recommended by Targarian (12/04/2022)

Es un buen anfitrión, tiene buena fuerza y motivación, gusto por la lucha libre de verdad, igual ver luchas también, tiene bien equilibrio para las llaves y no dejarse dominar.


Wrstlsports is recommended by wrestlinaddict (12/04/2022)

What an amazing afternoon I had with this sexy wrestler. We met with Vincent741 as well and we wrestled for hours.

Wrestlsports is an absolute tank. Dont get fooled by his age, he is an absolute beast on the mats and will easily destroy you if you're not careful with those killer arms, which are as strong as they look. He loves choking his poor opponents a lot. Dont worry, he has years of wrestling experience, so he is safe, but still a bit rough 😜

All in all, I would 100% recommend this sexy guy. Just make sure you warm your neck well!


Bringit is recommended by Manc Man (12/04/2022)

We'd been messaging each other on/off for ages but finally sorted a date. With the weight difference I thought "no problem", but from the outset he side headlocked and hip tossed me then applied a headscissors that was still going strong about twenty minutes later. I was drifting in and out but finally managed to get out of it and subbed me laddo a couple of times, but a very even affair I thought and a really nice fella, no verbal, just two fellas dominating each other, the way it should be. Deffo rematch.


pro fan is recommended by Wrestleme (12/04/2022)

We have met a few times now and it’s always a fun match. He’s a big strong guy who knows how to use his strength. Always does great lifts. Here’s to many more.


wrestlinaddict is recommended by Wrstlsports (12/04/2022)

An excellent wrestler because he never gives up. He has the spirit of wrestling. Don't be fooled by his charming smile, don't be fooled by the fact that he is sexy, he is a real fighter. Never let him pin you between his thighs. We had a real good sweat.
Looking forward to get the chance to fight him back again. Of course, recommanded !


quadi1 is recommended by Nature boy (12/04/2022)

Spontaner geht's nicht. Keine 2 Stunden Vorlauf un er sagt prompt zu. Langes Planen vorher war weniger erfolgreich. Kaum da ging's gleich auf die Matte. Ein Fight gekennzeichnet durch hohe Intensität, starke Angriffe und fiese Pins. Er ist ein starker Fighter, der seine Gegner der einige coole ProWrestling Lifts beherrscht. Durfte im Bearhug mit Beinschere nach Luft ringen, mich im Torture Rack quälen und mein Rückrad im Back breaker manipulieren. Leider war die Zeit zu schnell vorbei. Freu mich auf den nächsten Fight, wo wir uns deutlich mehr Zeit nehmen.
Danke auch für die tolle Gastfreundschaft.
Wir sehen uns sicher wieder


Nature boy is recommended by quadi1 (12/04/2022)

Nach so vielen Jahren kam dann super spontan doch ein fight zustande und das hatte es echt in sich. Er kam in meine Wohnung und war sofort von seiner imposanten Größe erstaunt. Da hing ich auch schon im ersten bearhug xD
Kamen dann schnell zur Sache und ja war wie erwartet mega gut mit ihm, toller body, coole attitude, markante Stimme. Das hat richtig Bock gemacht. Das erste, recht kurze Kennenlernen ist damit geschafft. Als nächstes stehen längere sessions an und ich bin sowas von bereit für 🙃

87180 recommendations