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wrestlermuc74 is recommended by WreslATL (3/24/2023)

Wrestlermuc74 is an excellent wrestler! I thought our weight difference would make it easy, but I was very surprised how strong and quick he is! He has amazing stamina and an incredible lean muscular body. Once he gets you in a hold, it is very difficult to get out of that hold. I loved every minute of our bout and highly recommend him if you want a fun hot sweaty match!! i'm looking forward to our rematch.


BrooklynFighter is recommended by Wrestlg (3/24/2023)

I was chatting with this guy for a While, but our schedules to wrestle, just wouldn’t line up, till recently. Im so glad we finally hit the mats together! We had a blast on his mats (great set up)
Fit, muscular framed guy, but not above learning new moves, even being put in Painful holds!
I am looking forward to more bouts, even regular ones to see his progress!
Great Guys make Great Wrestlers in my book!


sportsman17 is recommended by OceanWrestler (3/24/2023)

I was really excited for this match since we had been chatting and trash talking for weeks leading up to it, and I was not disappointed! Sportsman is strong and dominant, able to throw me around without much trouble. Plus he’s really creative and a great heel, I had a blast! Although it won’t stop my trash talking, I can’t wait for round 2!


matchup is recommended by Jayboy (3/24/2023)

Third fight with this hard lad yesterday. Intense and aggressive. It was a proper fight. He won again but made him tap a few times. He’s a fantastic meet - strong, fit, aggressive and skilled. What’s not to like.
Looking forward to the next one.

Wanted to fight Chris for a long time and finally he agreed and it happened today. Easy to arrange in the end - even though he doesn’t do a lot of chatting.
Well worth the wait - but why did we wait so long! An absolutely awesome scrap with a top lad.
Chris is a proper fighter. Amazing ripped body, technical, skilled and incredibly aggressive. I just about kept up. We even managed to start fighting before we stripped down to gear.
Was intense and incredibly enjoyable.
Meets like this and lads like this, make all the useless time wasting on here worth it.
A privilege to get on the mats and go toe to toe with this great lad. Praying there’s a rematch soon.


nycguy86 is recommended by SPEUROPE (3/24/2023)

Easy to communicate with beforehand to set up match, punctual despite his busy travel itinerary, and a very enjoyable match. 10/10!


ExploringGuy is recommended by Melbournian (3/24/2023)

Just had a great time Pro Wrestling with ExploringGuy.
FYI: he’s profile pics don’t do him justice !!

EG hasn’t done a lot of Pro but he picked it up really well. The intent was to show him some Holds / Moves and I did a little bit. But he slipped into the role play really well.

We started out sort of back and forth, but as the matches progressed his inner Heel came out and he got right into dominating me. He wasn’t shy trash talking either.
My face spent a lot of time smothered in his well filled out speedos with his legs wrapped around my neck. Very HOT stuff for this Jobber Boy !!

EG is a Handsome, tall slim Dude who really enjoyed himself Pro Wrestling. He looks great in a par of Speedos!!

I believe he likes other styles of wrestling too, so if yours and his interests line up I strongly recommend him!

He was easy to chat with about the match and our expectations beforehand, the hook up was also easy and went as planned.

I look forward to a rematch !


Peeke is recommended by SPEUROPE (3/24/2023)

Good communication, easy to set up match with, wonderful host, and a very enjoyable match. 10/10


calad100 is recommended by SPEUROPE (3/24/2023)

Good communication before the match, a wonderful host, and a very enjoyable match. 10/10!


cravoverde is recommended by Bamm-Bamm (3/24/2023)

What a pleasant experience: not your typical newcomer.
Cravoverde is positively determined and very easygoing in setting up a meet. He communicates very clearly about what he thinks he wants, but also about things he acknowledges not to know much about.
In our meet he was a blank canvas that got a considerable share of teasing/beating/pleasing/slapping/ suffering/laughing/restraining/ grappling/tapping. And he took it all surprisingly well. It was lots of fun!
Apart from all that, he’s a very entertaining person to be with. Good conversations and company.
In this phase of his journey in this community, he is a very welcome exception to the jobber/heel/dom/sub/alpha types that have grown to become a standard.
Instead cravoverde is a very open minded person, experimenting with what this community has to offer, and very much willing to explore and please in order to maximize the experience.
For me, it was a very spontaneous, probably somewhat eclectic, and mostly experimental meet out of the ordinary. And I enjoyed every moment of it 😊


Zepheshow is recommended by Traveller (3/24/2023)

A true gentleman and an excellent host, Zepheshow is a rare gem. He is strong, enthusiastic, reliable, very friendly and polite, and a big fan of both wrestling and lifting. His sessions are usually legendary. A guy not to be missed.

89229 recommendations