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I'm one for horsing around boxing. really interested in frottage. clinching or frott in gear is hot! Guys in boxing gear is woof! safe sane fun with the right person nothing insane. though fantasies of having my own personal human punching bag is HOOOT! Explore some darker fun. One sided boxing and ballbusting a guy. typically just backyard or basement with no observers just friendly fun mostly unless more wanted. Messing around with a guy in gear would be alot of fun.

not trained at all just a Hobby level southpaw chunky but energetic geek. lol Still easing into this so bear with me sometimes. Hobbies include gaming, anime, reading, writing, hanging out with friends, movies. shrug. someone interesting in boxing, the gear, to hangout, talk, roughhouse boxing for fun.

So far in the collecting of gear, taking it slowly. 2 pairs of old 9oz fight gloves and 4 fairs of 16oz gloves. any suggestions on where to get good gear for the larger guy welcome.

Looking for innocent? fun or more , friends or more depending. shrug i hate filling these out. ask if you have questions. Bear with me as i fill this out as time progresses.

not really interested in anal, blood [ but it can happen roughhousing but mainly mine. Lol] or scat. thats not for me.

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  1. Canada - Saskatchewan, Regina
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Age: 41-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 250 lbs (113 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: 16oz and 9oz gloves, mma gloves to break in, mouthguard, headgear if needed. clothes vary.

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Boxingisfun is recommended by Boxmyfacein

Boxingisfun is one intense opponent! He definitely dishes out VERY hard hits & I was really feeling it! Great guy & equally good host. Don't let his playful demeanor fool you; he'll punch the snot out of you until you drop to the floor! Exactly the kind of challenging fighter I crave!



Boxmyfacein is recommended by Boxingisfun

Met today and had a freaking blast.
Boxmyfacein is a bloody wolverine! Our 3 rounds were like two waves crashing against each other. No letting up. Intense fun and he's always coming back for more. Great hangout all around.
He definitely brought out more in me.
Will be doing more rounds in future for sure.
Great guy.