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Age 34
Height 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight 240 lbs (109 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
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  1. USA - Texas, Austin

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Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Like cyber wrestling

Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission

Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches

Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats

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On here looking for fun matches! I coach a local LGBT freestyle class, so if your in town you should come train with us!


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Yusufu is recommended by ProWrslYVR

Sometimes I go into a match knowing I’m going to get clobbered which is fine as long as I have a good time. It was clear from the outset YuSuFu was going to clobber me but boy did I have a good time. This guy not only has an impressive build, but a great personality and he’s a perfect gentlemen. We wrestle different styles but we were able to make the match work and have fun without getting hurt.
The guy is strong. Think strong and then multiply that by ten. He tossed me across the mattress effortlessly. It was awesome. I tried my be best to get a hold on him but between his strength and the size of his arms and his legs I just couldn’t do it. That said, we wrestled for a good hour or so and I kept going back for more. He used his weight advantage on me, but he knew how much pressure to apply to get me to submit without wrecking me.
YuSuFu is easy to communicate with. We set up the match with zero hiccups. He’s smart and funny and easy to get along with. And he looks like a young Rick Steiner in his black trunks and pro boots. Looking forward to wrestling and hanging out with him again.



ProWrslYVR is recommended by Yusufu

For me, its always the best treat when someone i have talked with for a long time turns out to be a great time in person! ProWrslYVR made everything of me being in town great. He gave me a ton of information i needed for non match things, was smart, funny, and can hold a conversation. an added bonus, has some skill on the mat(tress). I am quite excited to work with him in a proper ring set up or mats. Its clear he has quite a bit of skill and knows what he’s doing. With an impressive build to boot! He is not one to be missed and talked with, was my absolute pleasure



Yusufu is recommended by monkeybro

What a sweet, strong and skillful wrestler. Kind and patient teacher, handsome to boot. Fully intend to fight this beast over and over until I can pin him.



monkeybro is recommended by Yusufu

monkeybro is a damn delight! Very fun to talk with and has some great skills on the mat. Hes also very very strong! Dont miss out on him!



Yusufu is recommended by njcougar

Yu is a rambunctious guy, but his energy is infectious! If you pay attention when taking him on, you'll learn something. He's a delight of a person and I highly recommend.



njcougar is recommended by Yusufu

njcougar is a delightful fella on and off the mats. Very smart, adaptable, and communicates! Will be a great meet for ya



BoxingBear is recommended by Yusufu

A delightful person in and out of the ring! Quite the impressive boxer. And amazing to hang out with at the pub too!



Yusufu is recommended by hunk10

Well let me start by saying best time ever!We had waited a long time and finally made it happen and certainly well worth the wait! Not only does he look damn good in his gear but man can he take the punushment and give it back.All I can say is don't let his smile fool you!! Ive never meet a nicer guy! We had three matches and for the first time he got me in the last one. I took a good beating but ready for more and im postive the next match I will get it.I suppose be careful for what you ask for. World class all tne way around and I can't wait for round 2!



hunk10 is recommended by Yusufu

Took a while to get a meet up planned, but we'll worth it.

Hunk is a great time. He's fine to talk to, wonderful manners, and more importantly a good time on the mats! He's impressively strong! And he's gonna wanna choo your chest till its raw. Highly suggested to lock up with, am looking forward to the next meet!



Yusufu is recommended by rasslin bodybuilder

talk about having a muscled, skilled guy with holds, solid muscular pythons of arms and legs and muscled ass, i have just get jobbered by this heel under 1 hour and it was one hell of a beating that i received non stop leaving me gasping for breath and he grinning ear to ear looking at the muscled meat that he has beaten to submission. he looks great in his tights though i insisted that he will look even greater in shiny black trunks (which he has now), he knows most of the pro moves like figure 4 leglock, super tight smothering RNC, and put me through one of the tightest camels that stretch my pecs and traps! if only i had that captured on camera, he left me with wanting more matches with him, a brilliant guy off the mats (if you have only known how much contributions he has done for our society today), and making me wanted to train harder now before the next meet with him. i just hope that i did not disappoint him with my poor skills



Yusufu is recommended by gutcheck

What a great, friendly guy. Yusufu has the perfect mindset and physique for pro (and looks great in full gear). Wish there had been more time to roll with him because his creativity made the match electric. He unleashed just the right amount of roughness, making me want to collide with him over and over. His arsenal of moves and selling ability were top notch — one of my most enjoyable matches of 2018 and need to get this bruiser in a ring in 2019!



gutcheck is recommended by Yusufu

Gutcheck was amazingly fun! he was very kinda enough to give me some much needed instruction in pro wrestling before you hit the mats. Hes crazy strong and wonderfully fun! Will be harassing him every time im in the same area as him!



Yusufu is recommended by Gabe Steel

Man had a great time wrestling this stud . A group of us met and had some awesome matches that weekend . We were evenly matched he’s very knowledgeable on his holds and has lots of charisma in the ring we rolled for a while some good give and take and had some tag matches as well . I enjoyed this match a lot and highly recommend. He also does submission but i know for a fact I would get my ass kicked lol



Yusufu is recommended by t dawg

This guy is a beast. He’s the skill and the power to wrestle for a long time. Definitely someone u want to meet on and off the mat. Great guy look forward to seeing him more in the future



t dawg is recommended by Yusufu

Dont miss a chance to have some fun withtdawg! he knows what he is doing! We had a fun freestyle/greco match. hes rather strong and has skill!



Yusufu is recommended by ukwrestler

One of the best wrestlers I have had the opportunity to grapple with.

Skilled in many disciplines, understands pro, very strong, great body, fab attitude. He made sure we both had fun.

Highly recommended!!



ukwrestler is recommended by Yusufu

ukwrestler was a fun meet! He knows what hes doing on and has the fitness to keep things fun! Hes a do not miss if were in the same town again for me!
Also worth just hanging out with fantastic guy with great stories and taste in things



Yusufu is recommended by redlandguy

Finally met Joe when I visited Denver this week. I knew he would be strong, but his photos don't do him justice–he is a fit, powerful guy. Also, he learns very fast, so whatever trick you have for him... it won't work the second time.

He is the kind of strong, athletic, intelligent guy that reminds guys like me to keep training hard, keep strong and keep learning... can't wait to wrestle him again.



redlandguy is recommended by Yusufu

i should start by saying redlandguy is SO MUCH DAMN FUN! didn't have as much time as i wanted with him, but it was great! If your around him or he's going to be around, do your self a favor and have a match! Next time im gunning for him for sure!



Yusufu is recommended by Denver1

Just had another match with this muscle stud and had to update this rec. He's put on serious muscle and is tougher than ever! An even better man! Can't wait till we roll again!

Strong, tough and knows his stuff. Get ready for a full work out if you take him on. Definitely a guy not to miss for serious grapplers.



Denver1 is recommended by Yusufu

This guy is FUN! totally worth taking on! very strong and has some great wrestling moves!



Yusufu is recommended by throw

Wrestling Yusufu was an experience. He is lighting fast and he flows from one hold to another seamlessly. He fit and strong and well versed in variety of holds. Wrestling him was like sparing a black belt. He was controlled and careful as he kicked my ass. He was an extremely patient teacher and kindly taught me a few things. He also a rather funny guy.



throw is recommended by Yusufu

This guy is fun! has a ways to grow in skills, but learns very fast and can go forever! defintly a meet again!



Yusufu is recommended by wrknprogress

It goes without saying, this fella is a beast. Strong, controlled, solid, helpful and probably one of the reasons I started taking bjj classes. I'd call him a nemesis, but that would put me near his skill level. Nevertheless, if you're looking for someone to push you, challenge you and make you sore for a good two to three days, Yusufu is your man. Thanks for helping me get out of my head brother. Until the next time me meet on the mats.



wrknprogress is recommended by Yusufu

Work is a beast! learns very fast, strong as fuck, and in no time will very easily be one of the best grapplers on this whole site! also PRETTY, woof



Yusufu is recommended by BullCop

Have some fun rolling with this big, strong young man. Meet was shorter than ideal but I aim for another go at him. Very nice man off the mats as well. His skills are moving past formidable so catch him soon or you won't stand a chance.



Yusufu is recommended by TobyCarter

I met up with this stud a couple of times during my travels through Utah. He's one tough and cocky fighter, and he made me work for every little bit. Super nice guy and it's been great seeing him expand and develop his skill over the years. Highly recommended!



Yusufu is recommended by BeTrayedBetrayal

There's a lot that I want to say...but let's just keep it short... start of our common past opponents has already warned me about his toughness, but I thought it's not really that bad..and before the match, we did exchange messages for days, and he also warned me that he's gonna be tough..and I still thought it's not really that

I finally got a chance to meet him yesterday morning...and with the smile on his face, I still thought that I might still have a chance...and then, I trashed my thought moments after the door was closed.

He's still smiling when we were about to roll..and then right after seconds, i was put on a painful hold already without knowing exactly what happened...and this didn't stop at all for the next hour. Though I got tossed harshly, I am really thankful to have the chance to meet him, and I know he has held back a lot of power when he faced me (thanks for that).

Off the mats, he's a really really smart guy and easy to chat with (He got a lot of wonderful ideas that I never think of before on whatever issues we chatted on). Wish the time can be longer...

Overall, it's a super memorable experience, and I'll wait for him to return to give me another big lesson.

BTW, I started to feel sore after an hour of match.



Yusufu is recommended by ColoWrestler

Yusufu and I had a great match. He is very strong and skilled and has a great attitude both on and off the mat. His submission skills are very impressive and I am looking forward to getting some instruction from him.



Yusufu is recommended by DenverWrestler

VERY skilled, VERY strong, and a VERY nice guy. It was a real honor for me to meet him and experience his skill and strength on the mat. My only regret is that once he gets used to the thin Colorado air, his cardio will be equally impressive I won't have a chance to even make him sweat. Highly recommended to anyone who wants a serious submission match with an incredibly nice tough guy.



DenverWrestler is recommended by Yusufu

This man is a complete joy to wrestle! some of the best defense game i have seen!



Yusufu is recommended by flscw

One of the best wrestlers you could meet. Fast, technical, and a ton of fun to wrestle. A great guy too. Don't pass on the opportunity to take him on.



Yusufu is recommended by Australian Wrestler

A well skilled grappler.May talk the talk but skilled flexible and high pain tolerance.Welcome the chance of taking him on again but next time wouldnt under estimate him so much



Yusufu is recommended by scubawrestler

Don't miss out on this one, gentlemen. He's honest, fun, and skilled, and you won't walk away feeling left out! He'll work you over, and after he's made sure you've had enough, and that it was fun, he'll offer you more of the same.
He's the real deal.