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Age 58
Height 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight 165 lbs (75 kg)
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  1. Australia, Sunshine Coast

I am willing to travel 50 kilometers

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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Not interested in cyber, Looking to coach

Specific wrestling styles: Arm wrestling, Pool wrestling

Miscellaneous interests: Friendship

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I would like anyone that's hanging for a wrestle to challenge me and we'll catch up and hit the mats, its that easy.

I can now host at my house and have large set up with proper mats *****
Strong fit active bloke been wrestling once a while and wanting to get some wrestling in on a regular basis.
Medium to muscular build very competitive and go for extreme long rounds.
I have a ridiculous amount of stamina and strength, so if your up for exhaustion rounds im your man.
Also like arm wrestling and other strength testing challenges!!!


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Fitguy is recommended by jobberasian

I had a great time with this lovely gentleman. We did a few bouts of freestyle wrestling and strength tests (something new for me!) and I had great fun. He toned down his skill level so we could have prolonged bouts. Unfortunately we couldn't find out who had more stamina as I had to leave for work after a few hours. He has a nice, toned body too! Look forward to meeting him again in the future.

Oh and he has a super cute well behaved doggy which I just adored!



jobberasian is recommended by Fitguy

Hi got to wrestle this smaller but very competitive fella back in Feb 2021.
He's strong and quite fast fir his size and puts up a relentless not giving up attitude and will just keep going and doesn't tap out easily.
Although I had some size and weight advantage, he was great to wrestle and I git an awesome workout out of him.
If your after a good long match, get in touch with this little power house !!!!



Southbrisban is recommended by Fitguy

We caught up for a very competitive hard 2 hours on the mats, very fit strong bloke who has great stamina.
He doesn't give up at all and trying to get a tap out of him is impossible, he literally won the first 2 rounds with me tapping out, which I very rarely do.
The third round thankfully for me, just went on and on with nether tapping and ended up being a stale mate....still i was dominated!!!
Awesome time with constant straining and locking up, he takes very good care of his body, great shape and hope we'll catch up again soon.
Nice guy and fun ti train with.....



Fitguy is recommended by matchest

after circling each other for months, we met for a size up, heaps of imaginative strength tests and some intense naked wrestling..we both agreed to go hard. Fitguy has more stamina than I had prepared for (after a break from wrestling due to Covid restrictions). We started with arm wrestling as an opener. He then challenged a "sumo- style" full body struggle , before ground wrestling intensely to exhaustion both acknowledging our opponents athletic physiques and flexing and exploring our bodies. we will take this rivalry to more matches. I strongly recommend this friendly eager wrestler



matchest is recommended by Fitguy

Finally got to meet up with this big fella, seen his profile for years and always wanted to take him on.
Both of us sized up same builds and weight, went at it hard, but strength was even and just locked up consistently.
Strengths tests/arm wrestling made for a extremely intense arvo, neither could get the edge, but I'll be up for a rematch when we can.
Take him on, but he can apply max strength and sustain it as long as I could, which is a very very long time.



Fitguy is recommended by Butane

after months of fight talk throughout covid, we finally managed to set a date before he disappeared up north. We both wanted a real match, standing start, only one winner. He had muscles, stamina and experience on his side. I had relative youth and trash talk on mine. Fitguy was the first man to face me on my mats, and what unfolded was an epic battle of wills, skills and spills. First pin to me, next few to him. He beat me at arm wrestling and I thought I was done. But somehow I wore him down and pinned him again. And again. Fitguy is a real bloke who likes a real wrestle. Strong, kind, tough, no-attitude sweaty fun. Highly recommended.



Butane is recommended by Fitguy

After some great chats with Butane, we finally got to catch up and wrestle for a couple of hours.
Its not often I get completely taken by surprise as I'm good at sizing up my opponents, both went in hard giving it our all, with even strengths and similar builds, but he definitely had the edge on me.
Ultimately after so many rounds, the scores went more to him, I was out skilled and wasn't able to prevent him getting me down to an eventual pin.
He's fast!!!!
Had an awesome time such a nice guy will be back for a rematch when back in Melb, strongly recommended both for reliability and an unreal workout; he will go the distance !



Fitguy is recommended by geewrestler

What a full afternoon! Easy to organise. Walked in expecting 1-2 hour match. 3-4 hours later I existed.
Sweat. Round after round. strength tests . Found a even opponent and was awesome! Found a new friend and this won’t be the last time we roll.
Guys go get him. You won’t be disappointed.



Fitguy is recommended by westsydwrestler

Leigh is a very generous host and a genuine nice bloke. Easy to arrange a match and was exactly as we discussed.
It was a long grinding match and I think I was fortunate to grab two early submissions before we had a draw and one arm wrestle. Then back to the mats for a final two rounds where his incredible stamina took over and he evened up the score.
I’ll be shattered a work tomorrow but it was worth it for the battle.
Highly recommended.
Thanks Leigh



westsydwrestler is recommended by Fitguy

Caught up with Rob hoping for a very hard strength focussed session which I definitely got.
Have to say he had me maxed out the entire time with power, he's a strong fella and literally tried to grind your strength down to depletion.
I was able to overall match him evenly, even though I'm a bit leaner and not as stocky as he is.
Very friendly and lot of fun to wrestle and even exchanged some holds and manuevours, great to catch up with.
You should get in touch with him if you want to really test your strength against such a competitive fella......



DynoMan is recommended by Fitguy

After wrestling this guy for an hour, he's one I those blokes that completely shocks you and takes you by surprise.
He's a lean and fit build and did not think it would end up being extremely difficult, but it was.
Not only could I not pin him down even once, I couldn't even get him down from.standing, so very strong, skilled and will test your stamina all the way.
I matched him but man he was tough!!!



Fitguy is recommended by Brawler

Great to see this past opponent returning and ready for a rematch. This is one tough guy. He was able to host and had a good place for a very rough encounter. It’s a while ago now but I haven’t forgotten the rough and aggressive fight we had after work and highly recommend this fit guy for a match. Easy to arrange and no bullshit.