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Age 38
Height 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight 160 lbs (73 kg)
Gender Male
Gear Gi
Languages spoken English, Portuguese, Spanish
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  1. Panama, San Francisco

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Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
Judo Judo

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Online chatting

Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu

Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches

Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats, I'm a heel

Fetishes: Boxing gear, Gut punching

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Hey I train BJJ daily looking for competitive fights not into fantasy .. Also into kick boxing / Muay Thai and MMA travel frequently to Europe and the USA .


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milll36 is recommended by sicwre88

milll36 and I have similar stats, we planned a semi competitive fight and I was sure I could get some submissions out of him. I was so wrong: he's strong, flexible, knows a huge amount of holds and can neutralize any pin or hold attempt in a matter of seconds. Safe and sane, strong and a great man to talk off the mats!



sicwre88 is recommended by milll36

Meet with him in Bologna , very easy to set, nice mats , strong wrestler .we went for a few rolls ,I controlled the match , submited him then some pro moves to finish it



bjjfighterpilot is recommended by milll36

Very quick to setup , nice to roll with someone who trains BJJ !! Super sane great roll , sharing techniques, impressive physique , great setup … AAA guy



milll36 is recommended by SePH14

Milll36...... this guy is a chill beast. Planning a match with him was no problem. We did hit a setback on the day of our planned match, but we were able to fight the next morning. I wish I can say that he had an advantage because 1) I am NOT a morning person (in all aspects of life), 2) I was on vacay and wasn't able to train and 3) because of the heat, but no...... he definitely is that good. He definitely is skilled and takes BJJ seriously; you can see the dedication and motivation in him (kinda infectious actually; I definitely wanna step up my game now).

I had NO chance against him. I did learn a lot from him, on and off the mats. It would definitely be cool to meet up with him again.

We do have to try stand up fighting though next time. And maybe, just maybe, I could get a point when we do 🤣

Goal for our next meet is to make him feel the pressure at least once and to get at least one tap (gonna have to work extra hard for this though).

Thanks for the great time bro 🥋💪🏽💪🏽
And yes, I admit, I got beat badly 😅

P.S. take his recommendations for things to do in the city; I don't regret it.



SePH14 is recommended by milll36

Meet this guy , very easy to schedule .. sadly first day didn’t workout so we try today morning , grapple for 1.5 hours was fun , I was the better one but he took it like. A man . Cool guy , recommend meeting him ..



milll36 is recommended by schabernacken

Extremely technical, agressive, agile and super fast fighter. His years of Bjj fighting experience definitely show on the mats. I had a blast rolling with him, although I was clearly outclassed.
Off the mats a nice and easy-going guy.
100% recommended - looking forward to a rematch.



schabernacken is recommended by milll36

Strong guy ,great spirit ,one of those that love to fight to the death. Very easy to fix the meet , came on time , and took a beating like a champ.
Strongly recommended



milll36 is recommended by MoonKnightFighter

This guy is the total package. Definitely one of the top guys on meat fighters in terms of skill. I had a great time with him and not only learned a lot but also got my ass kicked in jujitsu. We were more evenly matched in kickboxing boxing so I don't feel too embarrassed lol. Do not pass up the opportunity to meet with him because like me you will most likely learn a thing or 2 after rolling with him. A great guy all around and a great conversationalist off the mat.



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by milll36

I had to travel all night , take a train later to go meet this legend . Very cool guy, loves all kind of fighting like me . He has access to mat/ring to make things much better ! We grapple first BJJ /submission with gi and no gi , I was the clear winner in this part of our Match but he gave a fight .
Then we proceed to do few rounds of kickboxing, we traded some good punches , kicks and knees , great clinch action , this was very tie . This guy is build as a rock , and is not scared to get hit in the face or anywhere lol ! Can’t ask anything more from our meet ! Highly recommended like it’s have been said !



milll36 is recommended by azknockout

Every once in a while, I’m reminded that there’s always someone bigger and/or badder out there and am humbled. This guy isn’t bigger, but he sure is badder. He had his way with me most of the match after I got the first tap out of him. Quick, skilled, and some of the best defense I’ve gone up against on the site. Also a cool guy to chat with off the mats. He let me pick his brain about some of the positions we ended up in afterward, so he was willing to share knowledge as well. Highly recommend for a great, hard fought and sweaty match!



azknockout is recommended by milll36

This guy is a very good wrestler he has great control and is able to dominate the positions, he got me one tap then I controlled the whole match landing sub after sub. Very cool guy, easy to settle , highly recommend will give a good hard fight , one of the best fight till today on the site



milll36 is recommended by Klassysax

This guy is too good. I was tapping so much it felt like drum practice.



Klassysax is recommended by milll36

Meet him while a trip to Panama . He is a cool guy easy to meet , he tried his best but got man handled ! Great guy will repeat for sure



milll36 is recommended by Toughwrestler

I met this guy some weeks ago...
he travelled several kms to meet and not sure i was at the good level for him.

He is very very skilled... i made a big mistake to accept a fight in GI ! i found him totally unbeatable !
i couldn't obtain any submission as he is so good and trained.

But i definitely want a rematch
a totally grappling match and perhaps i will submit you once :-)

a wonderful fighter to meet, don't hesitate if you can meet him



Toughwrestler is recommended by milll36

Meet this tough guy for fighting , he was looking for some rough grappling mixing some body punches . We started BJJ using gi , then changed to no gi and added Body punches . He is a tough guy and can take a beating if that’s what it gets to .. I did submit him multiple times and beat him but he took it like a warrior he is !
Definitely work meeting him



milll36 is recommended by JiujitsuNewaza lover

I can honestly say ive never seen so many fightin in three days in my life 🤷‍♂️😋 had a blast with Milll36, he is way good in groundgame, never tires out and superb teacher for a noob like me 😅😋 way glad he tought me some moves wich i wont soon forget 😏 rly this guy breathes fighting 😏
Also off the mat he is way chill to hang out with and easy to talk with.. I hope to get at least a tap next time he showes up in Europe, for now the difference was huge 😅 but he showed me weight doesnt count for much if you have technique down 😇
Thanks again for a great weekend of fighting man! Defenetly highly recommended 👍



JiujitsuNewaza lover is recommended by milll36

This guy is great .. he is still learning but he loves to give a fight … also learns quick. We met twice and he did his best and give me a good and fair fight . Most important he is a great host , very cool guy hosted me for few nights at his place really worth the effort to visit him … hope to meet again !!



milll36 is recommended by francknord59

J'ai pu rencontrer Milll36 lors d'un de ses déplacements en Europe, et ça valait le coup d'organiser la rencontre. Il s'entraîne énormément, et est passionné de sports de combat. Trois sessions en un jour et demie, juste génial :). Excellent au sol et extrêmement pédagogue, il m'a donné envie d'en refaire. On s'est aussi bien éclatés en pieds poings, et même si je l'ai beaucoup plus embêté :) , il n'a pas à rougir de ce qu'il sait déjà faire.

En plus, très gentil, très intéressant, ouvert et cosmopolite, et souriant régulièrement, un bonheur. Je le recommande fortement, croisez le.

I could meet Milll36 during one of his trips in Europe, and it was worth the effort to organize the meeting. He trains a lot, and is passionate about combat sports. Three sessions in one day and a half, just great :). Excellent on the ground and extremely educational, he made me want to do it again. We also had a lot of fun in kickboxing, and even if I annoyed him more (he he :)), he doesn't have to be ashamed of what he already knows how to do.

Moreover, he is very nice, very interesting, open and cosmopolitan, and smiling regularly, a real joy. I strongly recommend him, just meet him.



francknord59 is recommended by milll36

Meet this great fighter in his place near lille. Great host , but better sportsman .. he has the perfect prívate dojo , great mats and every gear you can think off..he is well trained in the standup arts with experience in karate , Tks and kickboxing.. we Fought a few times then he helped and teach me some new kicks and combos then we went at it again … his kicks are too good lol . We trained 3 times . Also did some submission grappling with him , thought him some basics and wrestle with him a few times .
He is a great host , great martial artist for sure will go meet him again !! Tks



milll36 is recommended by st7

Extremely competitive, takes his training very seriously (blue belt in bjj) and clearly loves to fight. Had an amazing fight with milll36 and looking forward to more bouts. He’s also easy to deal with, prompt in responding and quick to arrange a meeting, which is always a plus. Also just fun to be around, willing to teach a few tricks and a good guy all around.



st7 is recommended by milll36

Meet ST7 at Madrid , he has a great setup to wrestle we did some competitive submission grappling , he is very strong guy , which doesn’t surrender easily , at the end I submitted him .. but was a good fight … great host highly recommend to meet him 💪💪💪



milll36 is recommended by Edubcn

I met mill in his visit to Barcelona. He is big and strong, with a good bjj game, a true challenge. He asked for a fight in Gi, and we rolled for an hour. His fine technique got me tapping at the end, but I think I defended myself pretty good and surprised him a couple of times. It was a good fight, safe and sane. A nice guy in and out of the tatami.



Edubcn is recommended by milll36

I met with edu on my Barcelona trip, very easy to set our match. We wrestle at a friends mats. Edu is training Brazilian jiujitsu which it shows right away. He is a warrior , and doest surrender, and give the max he can when fighting. We wrestle for an hour, I got a few submission on him, but had to work for it.. Great guy ,great spirit, great fighter.!! will be a force to reckon ..!! would love to wrestle him again.!



milll36 is recommended by MadGT

Milll36 is a tough fighter... nice looking and easy to arrange..
We set the time and he showed on time
We talked a bit and once we got in the matroom.. it became a battle to control each other.. he's stronger than he looks... don't let him fool you... he is skilled even for his rookie level as he says... pay attention he's not a rookie...
We had a good exchange of submission holds.. and dominating positions.
I expect we meet soon again



MadGT is recommended by milll36

I met with MadGT at his place in Madrid, very easy straightforward setup for the meeting. Its hard finding really fighters that train Brazilian jiujitsu, and MadGT is a brown belt. We roll for around little more than an hour, No Gi, he is strong guy, with great technique. He was superior to me , but I still gave him a good fight.. He takes care of his opponent ,took time to show me some moves I he used on me, would love to fight him again, totally worth the time!



milll36 is recommended by subbud

We did a few rounds of grappling at his hotel. I was mostly on defense and he managed to get me a few times. His blue belt definitely shows.. 😀
Great guard game, knows how to control his opponent and eventually gets what he wants but surely I made him work for it. He gave me a few tips as well which I will definitely use in my next matches. Super chill and great guy off the mats. I would wrestle him again anytime.



milll36 is recommended by bowolverine

Had a awesome time with milll36. Super nice guy and easy to set up a match with. We challenged each other and 4 hours later we roll at my house. He is very skilled fast and a great fighter. In the beginning I could keep up with him but over time he wore me out. He blue belt me muscle . Was a great back and fourth but on the end he got me . Definitely looking forward to many more fight with him. I highly recommend him ,if you’re looking for a real long exhausting fight.



bowolverine is recommended by milll36

BO is a great guy, super easy to arrange the meet-up, just a message and we were wrestling few hours later.. This guy is full muscle, his arms are big!!! But I play the fight my way and tired him out of then was able to land some submission on him ! Great opponent, Great guy, good mat area, what else to ask!! will love to roll again for sure



ILFIGHTER is recommended by milll36

Meet ILFIGHTER for some Muay Thai .. very cool guy,, till he puts on the gloves..! very technical fighter was happy to find somebody like that in meet fighter.. he was controlled but at the same way taking every opportunity he had..this guy is very good with his boxing and also with his kicks..! will repeat for sure.. real Muay Thai.. really worth it..!
See you for a rematch..!



milll36 is recommended by Mike86

Mill came over for some body boxing fun while in town and we had a good time pounding on each other. He takes the punches and keeps coming back for more. Definitely recommend him.



Mike86 is recommended by milll36

Met with Mike at his apartment.. Very cool guy till we starting boxing.. He is a powerful opponent.. we had fun I received lots of punishment also trow some .. ..Great guy, great host, ,would repeat next time im in Chicago



milll36 is recommended by tlvalor

First full stand up striking fight with a guy from, and it was an awsome fight. We met twice. Once for a short gut punching session in his hotel, and today at the park, for a full blown fight. Even though it was too short, we had a blast. Milll36 is as tough as they come. He can take hard punches and kicks and can definitely throw them. The fight went wilder and wilder as we continued, but due to other commitments we had to stop. I truly hope to meet this stud again soon and finish our job. Don't hesitate to meet this stud. Just prepare ice for the bruises afterwards lol. My highest recommendations.



tlvalor is recommended by milll36

Well meet tlvalor for a quick gut punching session wich was great way to warm up to whay was to come , then two days later we met at the park for some kickboxing. He is a tough guy who respect limits, we fought for 40 minutes (sadly worked called ) , he knows how's to trow a punch, and also his kicks are good..still feeling it on my left thigh. I can assure u he he is tough because I did landed a good few punches on him and continually low kick his leg, and he took it like a man. had a good time with him wilm repeat next time for another kickboxing encounter. Great guy, will recommend to anyone looking for a real fight.