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Like Standup Fights Kickboxing / Muay Thai. Also have two months practicing BJJ 5 days a week..



  1. USA - Florida, Clearwater
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Age: 35-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (177 cm), 188 lbs (85 kg)

Gear: shorts

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Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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ILFIGHTER Mike86 tlvalor



ILFIGHTER is recommended by milll36

Meet ILFIGHTER for some Muay Thai .. very cool guy,, till he puts on the gloves..! very technical fighter was happy to find somebody like that in meet fighter.. he was controlled but at the same way taking every opportunity he had..this guy is very good with his boxing and also with his kicks..! will repeat for sure.. real Muay Thai.. really worth it..!
See you for a rematch..!



milll36 is recommended by Mike86

Mill came over for some body boxing fun while in town and we had a good time pounding on each other. He takes the punches and keeps coming back for more. Definitely recommend him.



Mike86 is recommended by milll36

Met with Mike at his apartment.. Very cool guy till we starting boxing.. He is a powerful opponent.. we had fun I received lots of punishment also trow some .. ..Great guy, great host, ,would repeat next time im in Chicago



milll36 is recommended by tlvalor

First full stand up striking fight with a guy from, and it was an awsome fight. We met twice. Once for a short gut punching session in his hotel, and today at the park, for a full blown fight. Even though it was too short, we had a blast. Milll36 is as tough as they come. He can take hard punches and kicks and can definitely throw them. The fight went wilder and wilder as we continued, but due to other commitments we had to stop. I truly hope to meet this stud again soon and finish our job. Don't hesitate to meet this stud. Just prepare ice for the bruises afterwards lol. My highest recommendations.



tlvalor is recommended by milll36

Well meet tlvalor for a quick gut punching session wich was great way to warm up to whay was to come , then two days later we met at the park for some kickboxing. He is a tough guy who respect limits, we fought for 40 minutes (sadly worked called ) , he knows how's to trow a punch, and also his kicks are good..still feeling it on my left thigh. I can assure u he he is tough because I did landed a good few punches on him and continually low kick his leg, and he took it like a man. had a good time with him wilm repeat next time for another kickboxing encounter. Great guy, will recommend to anyone looking for a real fight.