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First of all, to clear the air, I am not trans, FresLuchador is just mad I got him to tap three times during our match so he's being his petty self and lying to you all.

Hi the name is Justin. I am up for all kinds of wrestling even if I am not familiar with it, pretty flexible in both senses of the word. Have had a few pro matches and must say that I enjoy it very much. I'm up to trying anything once so if there is a certain kind of match you like just let me know.



  1. USA - California, Lakewood
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I am willing to travel 30 miles
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Age: 26-year-old Male

Stats: 6'5" (196 cm), 220 lbs (100 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: open on gear

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justir is recommended by pidgeot123

Justir was great to wrestle with, especially for my first match in years! He definitely took it easy on me, yet at the same time, used his size advantage really well to keep me struggling and tapping out over and over - I was lucky to get in a few subs of my own :P He's super fun to wrestle, competitively and especially erotically. Thanks for the hot match and I'm already looking forward to next time!



pidgeot123 is recommended by justir

Pidegot was a great competitor, he's small but don't let that fool you, his tiny legs are a force to be reckoned with. But on top of him being a lot of fun to wrestle, he's also a cutie who is a pleasure to talk to off the mats, so if you get the chance take him on and see what he can do, he might surprise you.



justir is recommended by wrestle guy

I had tons of fun with justir. We have been talking for some time and we were never able to set a good date for a match but I'm glad we finally did. He is a strong opponent and even though he was taller I feel like i deliver a good fight. We were able to go back and forth but in the end i couldn't match his strength. Better watch out for those powerful legs of his. Very friendly, reliable, and respects all limits. I usually end up tired after a match but this match left me exhausted! Definitely reccomend this guy! I hope in the future we will be able to wrestle again and hopefully ill be able to top his strength next time. Of you are in the area and love a good challenge hit him up!



justir is recommended by de88dc

Great opponent. Big, strong, and a ton on endurance. Had an awesome match and would absolutely take him on again. He's also a great host and gave me some solid recommendations to check out while I'm in town.



de88dc is recommended by justir

Definitely had a fun time with this guy, his photos make him look way smaller than he is. He's strong and quick, definitely got me more. But I recommend having a match with him if you can, cool guy off the mat as well.



justir is recommended by Wrestling Banker

Justir is an awesome young man and easy to work with to set up a match. He is reliable and respects limits. This big guy is strong and knows his stuff. When he pins you using.his tall frame he's got you. The long reach and long legs work well with his big chest to take control. He adapts well to his opponent's skill level and match preference. He is a lot of fun, too, and he knows how to celebrate or reconcile after a great match! I definitely want to go at it again with Justir and wish that I lived closer in order to meet with him regularly. Glad to have the chance I got!



Wrestling Banker is recommended by justir

Matt is an awesome guy and total gentleman, he's very creative with the scenes he likes to play out. I had a great time rolling with him. He is definitely someone I look forward to hanging out with again in the future.



justir is recommended by Smgs6

Good roll around. Super nice dude... Way frickin strong... Couldn't even begin to match up with him. He knew that lol. Had a great time trading holds a messing around



Smgs6 is recommended by justir

Super fun guy, and a cutie, there was a size difference so he didn't stand a chance but had fun rolling with him anyways. Super friendly, I look forward to rolling with him again



justir is recommended by FresLuchador

Justin or Justina as she likes to be called, was the first transgendered dude I ever wrestled!! So glad shes able to take a piss at Target now 😂.
Seriously though Justin was a lot of fun to roll with and a very funny dude as you can see by the review I pressured him into writing. Justin was able to make me tap twice before I figured out how to pass his leg locks. Don't be fooled by his feminine looks and unisex clothing he wears , he's pretty strong and I'm not just talking about his BO ( I kid). Justin is a great guy that I'm looking forward to beating, I mean meeting again.



FresLuchador is recommended by justir

I am writing this recommendation for the sole purpose being that if I don't he will be petty and not want to wrestle me again, and I don't want to be another person he complains about, I know he is old but I am trying to keep him from being any more bitter than he already is, hahahaha.
I am kidding, I had an absolutely great time with this guy, he definitely is strong and knows what the fuck he is doing, he loves talking shit on and off the mat, be careful though because he tends start muttering to himself while he wrestles you, at first I thought it was him trying to cast some voodoo spell on me but turns out he was just trying to remember not to piss in his diaper, hahaha.
All in all, I had a great match with FresLuchador, and I definitely want to go at it with him again, he is tough, quick (for an old geezer), and definitely looks good in a singlet. oh and if he tries to say I didn't get any submissions he's lying to you, I got him to submit 3 times!



wrknprogress is recommended by justir

I had the best time wrestling with this guy, total stud in his singlet, he is totally strong and got me to tap a few times, but ultimately he got his ass beat, I look forward to wrestling with him again, once he gets more training he will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. if you ever get the chance to wrestle with him do it, he is a lot of fun and can take the beatings



justir is recommended by BeTrayedBetrayal

This kid is a tough cookie, and he owns me completely. We have actually been chatting and chatting back and forth for two years, and we finally met today. A talkative guy off the mats; a mean and aggressive guy on mats. Wrestle him if you have a chance.



justir is recommended by quasiotter

justir exceeded my already-high expectations of him in both form and content. Wrestling him was always fun and never easy; he really pushed my will and body's capacity well beyond what I thought was possible. He's a splendid wrestler, forcing me to better my techniques so I could keep up!

justir is an excellent communicator, very reliable, and most importantly, passionate. It doesn't hurt that he's a genuine human being. A choice gent I will wrestle any opportunity I have!



quasiotter is recommended by justir

Quasiotter was such an awesome guy to wrestle he is a little new but he is a quick learner. He may be scrawny but don't let that fool you he's pretty tough, and he's fast too. Best part of the match was getting him to fart...3 times. He was a great opponent and I look forward to taking him on again!



justir is recommended by Jimmy Elijah

Justir is fun, rough, and awesome wrestler. Don't let his sweet looks fool you, he's pretty rough and can hold his own. Get at him if you ever get a chance!



Wrestlejeff is recommended by justir

He had a gimp wrist which made his struggle even harder, he didn't stand much of a chance because of it. I'm looking forward to when he is in better health so he would be much more of a challenge. 10/10 would wrestle again.



oc wrestler is recommended by justir

Really great guy, super handsome and skilled, wrestled him once before years ago and he beat me, but I got my revenge this time ;) looking forward to another match