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Hello. Friendly guy with a competitive streak. Enjoy pro wrestling, particuarly that involve lifting or being lifted by my opponent. Have developed a lift and carry style of wrestling. All safe and sane. Important for both parties to enjoy. Not interested in sex but find genuine guys have a natural connection and make good friendships.



  1. United Kingdom, Altrincham
    (I'm here from 5/15/2019)
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 183 lbs (83 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French

Gear: Speedos

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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Zepheshow is recommended by fitguy2

One of the easiest matches to arrange with minimal back and forth to schedule it. Zepheshow is keen that both people enjoy the match, hence he tried submission wrestling, and he showed me a bit of pro. Easy going guy on and off the mats, no hesitation recommending him



fitguy2 is recommended by Zepheshow

Met Mike in Manchester

He was kind enough to host. It took very little time to establish that all the great comments in his recommendations were only too true. Despite his slim build he is very adept at working over bigger opponents. In particular his holds are applied like a
boa constrictor- and any weight advantage is turned against you. It's like being in quicksand, the more you struggle the quicker you go down! Even resisted my rack until he was happy to be lifted. Really nice guy and heartily recommended.



Zepheshow is recommended by musclechris80

Met this guy some days ago. Very easygoing to set up a match. We had a wonderful pro style match with a lot of lift and carry action. He had many times warned me that he could easily lift and cary me but I didnt believe him... until he made that happen.
He has my respect as a pro wrestler.
A new match has already being arranged between him and me!



musclechris80 is recommended by Zepheshow

Met this guy for a mid morning wrestle. Chris is a very easy going guy. He has a great physique but is willing to adapt his style to his opponent.

We enjoyed some pro-wrestling . Chris uses his power really well, and is fully engaged in the fight, and can give and sell a move really well but makes sure that it is fun for both parties.

Particularly enjoyed his lifts and slams and took great pleasure showing him that no guy is safe from my rack!

You will enjoy meeting this great guy.



Zepheshow is recommended by fighting spirit

It was a fun experience, getting introduced to this "lift and curry" thing, by such a nice guy. With patience and friendly attitude, he showed me new ways to test my strength and stamina. The outcome surprised us both!



fighting spirit is recommended by Zepheshow

Met Fighting Spirit in his home City.

He is a very thoughtful opponent who enjoys his wrestling and makes sure his opponent does too.

Had a session of sub wrestling where he used his weight and advantage very well, before I introduced him to lift and carry. Managed to make him dizzy with my "rack" even without the helicopter spin!

He showed a lot of fighting spirit at the end!

It was a very enjoyable encounter with this sociable man, and look forward to seeing him again when we visit Salonica.



Zepheshow is recommended by extralarge

Zepheshow was a very pleasant surprise!
Very kind and polite, before and after the match and surprisingly strong during it!
He is a lot lot stronger than he looks and he can resist and block his opponent in a very effective way!
Although he prefers pro style, we wrestled submission!
I realised how difficult it was to tap him, due to his powerful resistance and his impressive strength! He also likes to be lifted and carried, which was very fan, also.
Apart from that, we had coffee and a very nice chat, before and after the matches.
It was a pleasure to meet him and I can't wait for the next time.



extralarge is recommended by Zepheshow

A wonderful experience meeting this big, strong guy. He has knowledge and technique that belie his two and a half years in the sport. He willingly passes,on his knowledge to help you get the most of the encounter, and improve your skills and he constantly encourages.

Although his expertise was in sub wrestling, he cheerfully embraced lift and carry, demonstrating his considerable strength to carry me with ease.

Great to talk to - it was a pleasure to entertain him, and hope we can meet again.



Zepheshow is recommended by Palaistis

I met this very kind and polite guy for a session of prowrestling. I was picked up and thrown down multiple times. He is strong enough to manage my weight and it all went great. Very easy going and accomodating. Happy to have fought him.



Palaistis is recommended by Zepheshow

Met Palaistis on a visit to Athens with Imtiaz.
He was kind enough to adapt to a pro-style to give me some sort of chance and we had a gentle grapple. He has the most awesome upper body strength with arms as strong as many people's legs. He was great company and very considerate.
Not sure what I enjoyed most...being scooped up like a feather...or turning the tables and racking him followed by a helicopter spin. Needless to say he retaliated with effortless ease.

If you get a chance to meet this great guy in Athens...don't let it pass you by.



Zepheshow is recommended by Yorkshiredad

My first wrestling meeting and I couldn't have had anyone better to wrestle with than John. He completely put me at ease and made me feel totally relaxed putting my initial nerves quickly to on side.
Thank you John for a wonderful morning and teaching me some wrestling moves, hope we can do it again soon.



Yorkshiredad is recommended by Zepheshow

Met Simon for his very first wrestle on the site. Very easy to arrange. Simon is very friendly and approachable. He enthusiastically threw into the bout, and picked up the moves really quickly. He even proved to be a natural lifter despite his modest demeanour.

Was a most enjoyable session and will certainly be meeting this great guy next time I cross the Pennines.



Zepheshow is recommended by NorthNotts

Met this great guy for a wrestle. One of the most kindest and caring people i have met. We wrestled for an hour and had a sub match with a few lifts thrown in. He is very much into lift and carry. Genuine guy who i fully recommend



NorthNotts is recommended by Zepheshow

Met North Notts tonight and my pro-style was engulfed by the strength and speed of this pocket powerhouse sub wrestler.

Was completely owned by a guy that has an impressive arsenal of moves, and goes for it 100%.

Very engaging and personable guy outside the fighting arena but transformed inside into a fierce competitor that can toy with a weaker opponent.

Very enjoyable experience although I will pay tomorrow!

Will need to up my game when hopefully we meet again. Thanks mate.



Zepheshow is recommended by ShortMick

Just such a great experience!
Not only was this one of my favourite matches, it was my first time fully exploring Lift and Carry with a fellow L&C fan!
Zephenshow is a wonderful gentleman who is easy to talk to and seamlessly adjusts himself to fit all abilities. Not only a great wrestler with plenty of moves, he also has a lot of lifting strength (watch out for his infamous rack!!). Also a very good coach, he enlightened me on various techniques for lifting and we were both surprised at what I could do!
for any L&C fan, this is your man, honestly, I need not say any more, just talk with him or his passed opponents, you will see what I mean!
Both a great heel and has high resistance when the tables are turned. I would highly recommend Zephenshow for a great fun match and an all-round fantastic time! Outside of wrestling, he is also a true gentleman, very polite, friendly and extremely easy to talk with.



ShortMick is recommended by Zepheshow

Very easy to arrange, Mick honoured our meeting despite a punishing schedule.

What followed was a thoroughly enjoyable session. Mick has no fear in giving away lots of weight to his opponents, and early exchanges led to him being lifted, racked and pinned with regularity.

However, there is a tenacious streak in this gentleman, and when the time was right he struck with an impressive display of power. Despite the huge 30kg weight difference - he was able to scoop me off the ground and parade me around as a trophy. He also demonstrated admirable leg strength and is dangerous in close combat regardless of the size of the opponent.

Outside the ring, Mick is a delight to talk to. Positive and engaging, a thoroughly nice guy. Just don't underestimate him. Looking forward to locking up again with Meet Fighters Sampson and his biblical strength!



Zepheshow is recommended by bburn95

Met John tonight at Preston and even before we met, from the chats i sensed a really good vibe around him which proved to be true as he is a nice lovely bloke who knows how to use and utilise many holds,pins and lifts in which I enjoyed throughout.

Really great guy can't recommend enough and can't wait for round 2!!!



bburn95 is recommended by Zepheshow

Adam was excellent in keeping in touch and a match was arranged in Preston. Had a great session of lift and carry wrestling. Adam proved to be a great jobber. Took a lot of lifting, slamming and submission holds without submitting, although I did discover his weakness! As the session went on he grew in confidence and used his powerful footballers legs to good effect. He then defied his huge size and weight disadvantage by lifting me and parading me around -surprising himself in the process! A fantastic fun night with a thoroughly nice and sporty guy. Hope for Round 2 soon!



Zepheshow is recommended by tzitzi

At the end of a busy scheduled day we met for a friendly match with this Gentleman. I immediately realizez that he is surprisingly strong , expeert in lift and curry pro moves . I was on his back for a long time while he was doing squats!!!
On the other had he can accept all different kinds of moves and keep going.
As a person , he is talkative, smart, social, smiley. Very kind and polite. Of course I can recommend to anyone , especially guys who like to exchange lift moves.



tzitzi is recommended by Zepheshow

Met tzitzi at the end of a very long competitive day for me, and a very long working day for him. Despite fatigue from both of us we had a safe and sane grapple. He has some great holds and strong legs and sound technique.

Just as important he has a mischeivous smile, and is very interesting to talk to.

Hope we can meet again on a future visit.



Zepheshow is recommended by Dsna

I felt really lucky that I had the opportunity to fight with this interesting person. Fighting with him was a pleasure and a good opportunity for introducing me to the world of lift and carry. We had a lot of practice and a long fight that was also including competitiveness and submissions. Everything in a safe and sane way.
Out of the mat, he is such a lovely person that you can discuss with him for hours. I am looking forward for our next meeting.
Absolutely recommended.



Dsna is recommended by Zepheshow

I had the pleasure of meeting Dsna on a recent visit to Athens. It was very easy to make arrangements, and he indicated that he would be happy to try a "lift and carry" style of pro-wrestling.

He is a very quick learner, and very soon his 12kg weight disadvantage counted for nothing, as his surprising power kicked in, and I was racked with the greatest of ease. He is fast, and uses this to gain great technical submission holds.

Out of the "ring" he is extremely personable, and is one of those people you can meet once and feel you have known for years. A thoroughly memorable evening, and one I hope very much to repeat soon.



Zepheshow is recommended by matslam

What a charming man.It was a splendid experience to meet him during his stay in Athens for some wrestling with lifts holds. He is patient.considerate and surprising strong,have to give him credit for this.Off the mats a genuine, relaxed,friendly guy who puts you at ease, a real gentleman. I would recommend him to anyone !



matslam is recommended by Zepheshow

Met Nikos whilst on a recent visit to Athens. A jobber who has a very combative streak. Easy to meet, and even easier to get on with. He enjoys his wrestling and makes sure that his opponent does too!

Don't be fooled into thinking that you are going to get an easy tap from him though. You have to work hard for a submission and he can surprise you if he chooses.

A thoroughly nice guy I look forward to meeting him again.



Zepheshow is recommended by Glasgow1971

It was great to meet up with Zepheshow as he stopped off at Newcastle on his way home. We had a few drinks and a chat about tactics etc.
The match was a very enjoyable give and take session, both having chances to dominate. He also introduced me to the lift and carry side of things that he enjoys and although the size and weight difference he managed with ease, a lot stronger than he looks. Hope to catch him again on his travels, really nice guy



Glasgow1971 is recommended by Zepheshow

Had the pleasure of meeting "Glasgow" on a recent trip to Newcastle. Was really easy to talk to and make arrangements with. Great to wrestle ...had a lovely even contest with lots of lifts and pins. He is a very modest guy who uses his strength in a very measured way. He also ensures that both parties get something out of the contest. A challenge to take on....but very safe and sane. He's a canny lad. See you again in "toon"!



Zepheshow is recommended by ImtiazAli

Zepheshow arranged to meet, had great communication and turned up as planned.

Met at his Hoilday Inn (Guildford) on Sunday 4th March 2018. For lift and carry wrestling (my first time), but Zepheshow made it clear... What was to be done, and how to perform the lifts and carries. The two hours of session and chatter flew by... He's strong and knows what he is doing... He is a kind-natured, lovely man. I have absolutely no reason not to recommend him to others. Completely safe and sane.



ImtiazAli is recommended by Zepheshow

Met Imran in Guildford for a bespoke session of lift and carry style wrestling. He was extremely engaging from the start as we mapped out our rules Although he was giving away a massive 22kg in weight, he was able to dominate not only through his peerless technical skill but also through his astonishing strength. He was gracious enough to allow me to "switch" and played "jobber" so I could get a good workout too. A thoroughly enjoyable two hours with one of the nicest guys you could possibly wish to meet. Thanks, mate.