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Age 28
Height 5'8" (172 cm)
Weight 187 lbs (85 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Looking for Male
Gear Don't have gear, so underwear. If one can borrow, singlets, too.
Languages spoken English, Greek
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Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Arm wrestling, Going to matches

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Miscellaneous interests: Friendship

Fetishes: Don't want sex, Not interested in fetishes, Muscle worship

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Hello, fellow fighters! Thanks for visiting my profile!

I'm a typically trained person with no formal experience in martial arts, but love all of them, from simple boxing or grappling to MMA/Street Fights! Every martial art has its own charm! What I love the most is intense submission with gutpunching (kneeing & elbowing as well), and generally intense, tough, rough, hard as fuck fights with difficult opponents, Alpha VS Alpha. Don't be scared, though, always happy to adjust the intensity and rules! The most important for me is both of us to have a good time!

As you can see, my legs are quite strong and I love crushing my opponents between my thighs (headscissors, bodyscissors, triangles, you name it)! Let's see how much you can take! 😈

I also like the fun part; strength comparison/tests, give and take, armwrestling etc.

I have the burning soul of a fighter and I'm able to give you a rough time on the mats! Let's fight! 😉👊🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👊

Don't hesitate to contact me! ^_^


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AsPalepsoume is recommended by Ferrero83

Aspalepsoum is a very strong wrestler, he is very skilled and his muscled body is made of steel. We had a very fast but athletic fight. He is a formidable opponent in arm wrestling. I was very happy to meet him. He is a reliable man, very friendly and caring. It is also very pleasant to talk to him because he is interested in many things. I would highly recommend him.



Ferrero83 is recommended by AsPalepsoume

I met Ferrero during my visit at Lyon! And I don't regret it! ;)

A really nice person, always with a warm smile, easy to talk with and kind enough to suggest me stuff that I could do while I was there!

On the mats, he shows a nice skillset and he's not easy at all to handle, something I really enjoy! He's strong and can use it to trap you in a hold or to pin you down!

I really enjoyed my meeting with him! Definitely recommended!



israeli 28 is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Met israeli 28 when we were both in Madrid!

He's a very nice guy, coming off as shy at the beginning, but talkative and expressive once he is feeling comfortable! Very easy to find a topic to talk about and nice exchanging opinions!

On the mats, the skills of his training do show and is difficult to handle him! Don't underestimate his strength, he knows how to use it! I really enjoyed my fight with him!

I hope I meet him again! Recommended for sure!



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Perseus

Sometimes on your travels you encounter a special talent - this is aAsPalepsoume. A true warrior.
Firstly it was easy to arrange a bout with him no dramas.
Secondly , his build is perfect for a wrestler, strong arms shoulders core and legs pretty much all over he is muscled and super fit with no body fat.
Thirdly, he tells me he is untrained officially just learnt his moves through practice with friends and other warriors.
Well he is a natural fighter then , gliding seamlessly from one hold to another until u cannot move and have to submit.
I was really impressed with his skills and recommend others to contact him and fight him - you will learn lots as to how things should be done.
Off the mats charming eloquent intelligent individual whose devotion to the art of wrestling is only to be respected.
One definitely to meet if Athens is your destination



Perseus is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Well, after some months that we met and even though he doesn't need my recommendation after so many past ones, I want to say my thoughts!

Very easy to communicate, we found the day and time without a fuss! As a personality, he's a very kind and easy to talk person, I'd say a gentleman, with whom feels really nice to have conversation and be around!

On the mats, you can easily understand that his experience has equipped him with lots of skill that is not afraid of using and, as you can see from photos, he's very strong and resilient, a definitely strong opponent!

Definitely recommended and can't wait to meet him again! ^_^



AsPalepsoume is recommended by boxingfan89

AsPalepsoume is one of the most friendly people I've met on the site but that ended the instant we started rolling on the mats. Many have testified to the power in his legs and I can count myself among the lucky few that have experiences his scissors. He has stamina for days and the strength to ensure you'll tap long before that. Going up against him is a challenge, but one you'll emerge better from. I also enjoyed chatting with him before our match and he is great about communication and scheduling.



boxingfan89 is recommended by AsPalepsoume

After a year, at last...
I was very happy to meet boxingfan89! Nice and enjoyable personality and easy to communicate!
We didn't have the gear to box, so we wrestled and exchanged some gutpunching! His energy was nice and he has a strong body, I suppose stronger by now!
I look forward to meeting him again, so we have both a wrestling and a boxing match! 💪💪



AsPalepsoume is recommended by bullwrestler

only just a few words ... very strong, strong...strong... powerful legs ... and he says he doesn't know about fighting, ... do you believe it? Jeje



bullwrestler is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Was about time after 1 year! :P
Very good wrestler, really enjoyed our fight and our talk!
Hope we meet again! 💪💪



AsPalepsoume is recommended by TTG87auro

The Meetfighters experience hits home run again.
Everything was smooth from the very beginning: Easy contact, setting match-es was straightforward and overall we had a great greeeeeeeeeeeat time.
AsPalepsoume is a powerhouse. He's built like a tank, solid and resistant as I've never seen. He also got seriously good techniques worth years of formal training, and is extremely dexterous in using his body. Combined with his impressive muscles–literally outpowering everything I tried to do–, you've got a fighting machine ready to give you a hard time. We also did some give&takes later, and it was a great fun as well.
Off the mat, I had the great pleasure to know this genuine man; easygoing, positive, very open minded and with a great hospitality. We've spent long time hanging out and exchange so many things. I really appreciated his company.
Yes, I highly and genuinely recommend him as wrestler and a friend. We've agreed to do the whole thing twice during my short stay in Athens. I'm sure it explains why.
Looking forward to our next episode!



TTG87auro is recommended by AsPalepsoume

After so much time, I leave a recommendation for this very kind and outgoing person! I've already met him twice in Athens and I had really lots of fun with him, both on and off the mats!

He's a nice person to be around, always finding subjects to talk about and exchanging opinions! We hanged out and went on the beach together, where we really enjoyed ourselves!

Without a fuss arranging the day and time, we met and fought on the mats! Even though when we fought he had been out of training for some time, he gave a good energy and you could really see his skills! Also, his limbs are long, since he's so tall, and his legs (and especially his calves) are big!

Looking forward to meet you again, my friend! ^_^



AsPalepsoume is recommended by AlphaBetaX

I was lucky to spend a few days with ASP when he came to Nantes for his holidays. As we both have big legs and that we are both into headscissors, I was pretty sure we would have fun.
ASP is very strong, with a great body, which actually counterbalances his lack of brain when wrestling... 😏 my plan was to build up a devil and smart strategy to overcome him and his tiny little muscles, a plan which actually failed miserably^^
It has been said in the past: he is a sweet mixture of beast on the mat and super, super friendly out of it, with a funny personnality. Like him a lot.
THAT IS WHY, today, I can say that ASP has the 2nd strongest headscissors of at least Europe...after me. Congratulations, buddy 😌.



AlphaBetaX is recommended by AsPalepsoume

I was very happy to meet AlphaBetaX and spend some time with him during my vacations in Nantes! He's a very kind, definitely smiley, with a great sense of humour person! He was kind enough to show me around his city, which I very much appreciate!

His last trait, the humour, was especially obvious when he thought he could resist my scissors! 😏 I think he was a bit too overwhelmed by my legs around his neck! 😇 That being said, his legs are also thick and quite strong and MAYBE someday he has a small chance of being stronger than mine! 😜

Can't wait to meet you again, my friend! ^_^



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Kubaw466

Such a nice guy. We had very nice time with a lot of talks and exchanges during my stay in Barcelona. This guy is talkative and nice before you meet him at the mat.

As we began to fight I realized how strong and talented he is. If we had more time, we would have continued our fight until there would be only one of us on top at the end but it was enough to experience his stamina, technique and strength. Hope to meet you very soon my friend. My fully recommendation.



Kubaw466 is recommended by AsPalepsoume

A nice guy that you can have a good conversation with, exchanging opinions and culture, outside of the mats!

On the mats, Kubaw is an energetic and competitive wrestler, with lots of energy and always willing to continue fighting! His experience shows from his technique! I liked fighting with him and hope to do it again soon! 💪💪



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Amateur Fighter

After a long wait I had finally the chance to meet this strong Greek wrestler. It was an amazing experience fight with this Greek muscular machine. All previously reviews cannot really described the strength and ability that he possess . One cannot believe he has no formal wrestling Training. His moves, agility and flexibility are precise applied, as I'd he had been training for years. We had a lot of fun and I cannot wait to meeting him again very soon.



Amateur Fighter is recommended by AsPalepsoume

It was really about time to meet with Amateur Fighter! What can I say that's not been said or even seen in the pics...?
He's a beast of a fighter, very strong and nicely technical! His BJJ practice really shows on the mats! Our rounds lasted really long and enjoyed it to the core!
Besides fighting, he's a very kind and expressive person, really enjoyable to be around!
Can't wait to meet you soon again, my friend! 💪💪



AsPalepsoume is recommended by MadGT

He is a fighter who comes from Olympus.. he is as strong as people say.. he keeps saying he has no formal training so he is a natural fighter with pretty good skills..
His body is solid as rock.. and his soul is kind... photos don´t make him justice.. he looks so much better now
ON mats he becomes a beast.. he just has one detail and we worked on it.. I am sure if he decides to start to train some martial arts he will become soon a Titan.. he already has the attitude and the strenght for that role.
Assaults were the best of the time we spent
I am glad we got time to meet and fight
No doubt we will meet again in the future..
Have fun in the rest of your holidayssss



MadGT is recommended by AsPalepsoume

I've had a great time with MadGT on my visit to Madrid!

First of all, a very hospitable person, who was also kind to show me around the city and walk for few hours and also tell me some of the most important sights to see there! Was a pleasure to have talks outside of the mats!

On the tatami... Well, I can't say something that others haven't already said! We wrestled many times during my stay there! His longtime training of BJJ shows a fighter that definitely has the knowledge and ability to move, apply and escape from holds, give you a VERY difficult time on the mats, but also respect of your level and not completely annihilate you when you fight on the competitive part! Of course, as you see by the pics, a strong body and quick on the mats! Also, a very patient teacher, that not only explains lots of stuff and lets you apply them (that I deeply appreciated), but lets you find your mistake for some time until you do it correct and talks about it!

We'll certainly meet again! Many regards from Greece! 💪



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Traveller

This guy is a true gentleman. Sociable, polite, accommodating and a great host!
He has a great physique, he is really strong, fit and an eager wrestler.
He happily adopted to my lack of experience and the result was a wonderful session. Not to mention that he is a wonderful lifter too. Do not miss him if you are in Athens!
I look forward to our next meeting, dear friend!



AsPalepsoume is recommended by slowly

AsPalepsoume and I, we wrote much before we met. Finally it came up to meet. We talked quite a lot and I enjoyed trading minds and words. On the mats he showed me a mix of kindness and strength. We shared some holds. I guess he could have made this match last much longer than I had time or stamina. His legs are just lethal. Would have enjoyed to spend some more time together. Who knows when we meet again? Recommended.



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Antton64

“Greek rising star” of the website.
I heard a lot about him and was very curious to see him in action on the mat...and I wasn’t disappointed!

We agreed in a rough merciless competitive submission match and it was a total war on the mat. Well, it was one of my most aggressive fights these last 3 years.

This 85kg muscle guy fights hard, very hard. He has incredible strength (especially the legs), already acquired good knowledge of wrestling technics and has a winner s soul. If you think you can beat him just because you train bjj, you may get a beating you will remember. I had to turn myself in “beast mode” to get submissions from him :)

Outside the mat, such a lovely guy with who it is easy and nice to talk. You won’t believe it was the same guy on the mat!

Last thing, his profile pics do not give him justice at all. He is a stud with great muscle body and outstanding legs (twice bigger than mine).

So, totally recommended if you want a good challenge and only if you are ready for real brawl.



Antton64 is recommended by AsPalepsoume

I don't think my recommendation is needed, but let's start!

The meeting started off when i picked him from a subway station. Very willing to keep up a conversation, well-educated and mannered, with whom you could easily chill for a drink out!

I knew I was going to have a really tough fight with him, due to his experience, that's why I wanted a competitive... and I wasn't wrong at all! 😉Really skilled and knowledgable, with a strong body that keeps up the pace, no matter what, and always with safety! But as he says... a war on the mats, something I love! 💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👊

Of course, I fully recommend him and I must say I'm honoured to have the recommendation he left me!
Oh! I have to thank him, as well, for taking me a pic in speedos which I'll upload at my profile later on, so it gives me justice! 😉

Really looking forward for our next match! 👊👊👊



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Waldmeister

AsPalepsoume - the scion of Ares


I feel honored and lucky to have met AsPalepsoume. The time spent together was a blast for me and will be repeated many times for sure. To be honest I could complement this list with a lot more traits. This is just a short classification from my perspective.

Strength: The body of this beast is very well trained overall. There are no weak spots which can be exploited during the fight. Even with technique you are good at you will have to invest a lot of work for any result. I cannot highlight enough those amazingly trained legs. One of the things I remember the most is the burst of power I felt when trying a body scissor just for fun. Even more amazing is to feel this burst of power radiating from his whole body once the battle starts.

Passion: I was literally able to see the flame of passion burning in AsPalepsoume`s eyes. While talking about fighting it is already easy to see this flame. The thing which impressed me the most was the moment when the eyes of AsPalepsoume started to blaze from the moment our match started. That is the reason to have chosen the title the scion of Ares.

Willpower: I hardly know anybody who has as much willpower as AsPalepsoume. This characteristic has a huge impact on anything what he is doing. It enables him to push his body to its limits. Whether it is training or fighting – or resisting a hold. It feels like fighting an unstoppable force, which is pushing its advantage to victory or fighting its way out of disadvantage.

Harmony: AsPalepsoume is one of the most chilled, easy going and charming persons I know for sure. Easy to approach, talk and hang out with. He understands how to interact with his body and soul. I am exceedingly impressed by his general urge of learning new stuff and showing things to others, which ensures a strong connection and closeness from the start getting to know him in person.

Commitment: No matter what AsPalepsoume does, he is doing it right. He is reliable, dependable and trustworthy. He is responsible and will adjust to the level of his opponent. Be warned – if you agree on a hard version of give and take, better be prepared to get crushed by true power!

One of my best encounters!!!

Kali orixi.



Waldmeister is recommended by AsPalepsoume

I'm really impressed and happy, that I am the first to leave a recommendation for this beast of a fighter! Where to start...?

Off the mats, Waldmeister is a kind-hearted and outgoing individual with a genuine smile! It is a pleasure hanging out and talking to him for everything you can imagine!

On the mats, though... The calm, chilled and kind person will disappear in an instant when the beast from inside emerges in the competitive mode. Be aware... don't challenge him competitively if you think you can't take it, he's not for the faint-hearted! ;) It may not seem from first sight, but once you lock bodies with him the first thing you notice is power! It was probably the first time that I'm at close terms with power, something that made it even more interesting for me! Difficult to control him even if you're in a seemingly advantageous position. Also, the training he has done definitely shows; his moves are extremely efficient and on point, you have to be careful not to spare any energy with unnecessary moves, or you'll find yourself in very difficult positions that you'll have a really hard time getting out of. The whole energy he emitted burst my own fighting beast against him, something I love and crave to feel in my fights!

After the competitive part, we had some give and take in which -surprise!- you can see the resistance he has and the real strength of his holds. I, of course, will mention his scissors which are destructive, you can feel true power at your neck and body!

Overall, one of the best encounters I've ever had! On the mats he made me feel the flames I would love to always feel when I fight an opponent and off the mats we chilled, talked and had fun!

Recommended with absolutely no second thought! Can't wait for out next meets! 😉👊🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👊



Bav is recommended by AsPalepsoume

I was really happy to meet Bav, a very warm-hearted and intellectual individual with a charming smile! Off the mats one can have a genuinely nice conversation and good time with him!

However, don't let this charming smile of his fool you! On the mats, Bav knows his movements really well and can give you a difficult time both in his attacks and defenses! His weight, also, helps him to be speedy and fast-reacting! Do you see his legs and calves at the photos? They are definitely real and even more impressive live! He knows how to pull off scissors and show his lower limbs power!

A great experience overall, I had a great time both on and out of the mats! Definitely recommended!



AsPalepsoume is recommended by sicwre88

AsPalepsoume says he has no formal training, but I can assure you he is way more prepared than several fighters I have met with years of courses attending. If you think he's strong by watching his pictures, you are right. He's strong, has a very high stamina, can relentlessly go on for hours without getting tired at all and getting you in every bad position his brain can think of. Once you get caught in his holds is done, without any chance to break free: if those tree-trunk legs wraps around your midsection you can stop struggling because it's impossible to get free, you just delay the inevitable tap! I had an hard time resisting his force, and I realized he wasn't putting 100% of his power.

He has a very nice carisma, will make you feel very comfortable and he's very nice to talk with! His kindness off the mats is very well balanced by his predator instict on the mats. Don't get scared about that, he adapts to his wrestling opponent and makes sure both parts have a great time! Very much recommended, don't miss the chance to fight him.



sicwre88 is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Sicwre88 is a kind and laid-back person, at first not talking a lot, but once the thing gets going, it's really nice to talk with him! Smart and calm, there can be both funny and serious discussions outside of the mats, trading opinions and having fun!

On the mats, one can see that sicwre88 is a trained individual and, albeit he's lightweight, it's not easy to handle him! He can find ways not to fall in the holds of his opponent and uses his defenses efficiently! See his legs at his pictures? Well, they are real and they are strong! If they get you, it's really hard to get away from them! At first we had the competitive part, with which we honed our skills and tested our perception and power and then we had give & take! He can resist quite a lot of pain and he can, of course give back, having a vast knowledge of pro and non-pro holds, with which he can make you suffer! 😈

All in all a very good experience and time with him! Recommended! ^_^



AsPalepsoume is recommended by pndfighter

This is long overdue! - AsPalepsoume (and this'll be the only time I actually write down that name!) is great in all matters. You'll quickly realise that just from chatting with him. It didn't take a long time to see that you get the whole package when you meet him.
When wrestling, he makes use of strength and seemingly limitless stamina to tire you out and overpower you that way! He's also an avid and determined learner when it comes to new techniques or improvements to old ones! I don't think I have to say that his legs are top notch!
Aside all things, he's a great guy to spend time with. His charming personality is paired with a positive outlook on life in general. It was great discussing serious and ridiculous topics alike.
If you're looking for a strong fighter and a charming talker in a single person, don't look any further and hit up AsPalepsoume, because he's definitely the guy you're looking for!



pndfighter is recommended by AsPalepsoume

A big pleasure to meet this witty, outgoing and giving person! We had been talking quite a lot before we meet and I was certain I'd have lots of fun! Had a high-quality time off mats, talking for a vast variety of things and chilling together!

As for the fighting part... Well, do I have to say after all his recommendations? ;p We fought both Gi and no-Gi and I loved it! During most the endurance of the fight he keeps his calm and may even smile, but don't let yourself be fooled... His technical knowledge is vast and he definitely uses it both for defense and attack! One must always be careful of his movements, because you might find yourself from an advantageous to a really defensive position in a matter of seconds! He was also kind enough to show me some things that I will definitely use in my next fights! ^_^ 😈

I was extremely lucky and happy to have had such a great time with this genuine guy! Recommended with no second thought! ^_^



AsPalepsoume is recommended by FightLover

AsPalepsoume is a great guy and you understand that from the first moment you chat with him: he is kind and funny, someone with whom you can talk about everything and have real fun.
The expectations were high and I wasn't disappointed at all when we met.

We spent some days together in which we chilled out together but especially trained hard and fought, both in boxing and wrestling! Yes, AsPalepsoume loves so much fighting that he is open to try and fight in every styles you could suggest him and believe me, in boxing he is really good and can throw a punch!
He was also kind enough to show me some holds in the wrestling part...really good on teaching and adapting to the opponent's level when we decided to wrestle for real! He is a beast: he knows how to move and how to react every time finding the best way to reply to your attacks.

He also gave me a taste of scissors (one of his specialties), both on the receiving and giving side...first time for me on this kind of holds. I could say that he is really strong: those legs aren't just to walk or just show off!

I totally recommend this true fighter, if you can, meet him without thinking. He is really worth and you would be so honored to meet a fighter like him.
Can't wait for the next meeting that I'm sure it will be tougher on every aspects...Be ready man! 😈



FightLover is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Where may I start with this wonderful person and flame-souled fighter... First and foremost, FightLover is one of the most warm-hearted and kindest individuals one can meet! At first glance he seems close, but once the ice is broken everything eases up! Always happy to discuss everything, from the funny to the serious discussions, one can have a quality time with him! Also, an easy-going personality and knows how to have fun both indoors and outdoors!

As for the fighting part... For the word "amateur" in Greek we have a non-directly translatable word, ερασιτέχνης (erasitechnis), which directly means "Lover of art"... And indeed, he's what his nickname says, a fight lover! It was my pleasure to meet him more than one day, where we trained hard and sparred/rolled both in boxing and in wrestling! Don't be fooled by his kindness... He always tries his best in the fighting field and pushes himself more and more, persisting. His fighting soul burns really strong, something that I personally appreciate! He's got a really good movement and perception in boxing, which is his main passion, and a big will to learn more in the submission part and -surprise!- he learns very quickly! ;) What impressed me the most was the power that his legs bear... even though he has never done scissors before, once I showed him how to apply them, he could definitely make you feel it quite well, especially the headscissors!

I'm really looking forward to meeting him again, because I know next time will go harder at each other, since we both will have progressed! 😈
Needless to say... Definitely recommended! ^_^



AsPalepsoume is recommended by scrappyone

AP is really cool. Beyond being seriously strong, he seems to have unlimited energy. All of my attack attempts were deflected, while he slowly but surely pushed through my defense and my exhausted my stamina.
He also has a welcoming personality, very warm and all smiles. Nice guy. Totally recommended.



scrappyone is recommended by AsPalepsoume

A genuinely kind and goodwilling guy, scrappyone was a pleasure to meet! You can see his calm personality both outside and inside the mats!

When you fight him you'll realize that he strategically and analytically uses his knowledge to wear the opponent down or put him in a difficult position. He has one of the most impressive grips I've even experienced in my life! Really difficult to get out of it once he grabs your head, wrist or anything!

A pleasant meeting overall! Recommended!



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Gilles Limber

AsPalepsoume and I had spent a lot of time chatting beforehand about wrestling, but also literally everything. I had a clear enough vision of his very pleasant, positive and optimistic personality already, and I had little doubt our meeting would be a blast in many ways. Real life did not disappoint and it has been a pleasure to have him around for some time.

Wrestling wise, oh god, it was a blast indeed. On the competitive part, I must confess I couldn't do much against him. I couldn't make him tap and I all the time found myself on the receiving end of his precise moves. But he has this way of wrestling that makes it incredibly enjoyable. He does let you look for solutions and escapes, takes his time, adjusts to you level... Of course it's not *only* to be nice to you, that's also the way he observes and learns your moves, your patterns, and use this knowledge at a later stage to pin you and destroy you more easily in the blink of an eye and the flex of a muscle. I had the opportunity during our 4-way match to watch him take down all of us and emerge as the undisputed champion of the group... On top of that, AsPalepsoume is as eager to share as he is to learn. Even though he can wipe the mat with me or lock me for hours in unbreakable holds, our fights have been a great source of enjoyment, but also of motivation for further training, physical and technical.

And then, the sweet cherry on the gargantuan cake - unless it's the opposite: the scissors Master Class :D. It's not often that you meet a guy with such interest for and knowledge of the detailed control of every muscle activation that makes great scissors. Not that he would need that; his massive steel-hard thighs and glutes must be twice the size of mine and could probably crush most guys to submission just with raw power, without thinking too much. But he loves it so much, both on the giving and the receiving end, that we spent hours practicing on each other in all kinds of variations, getting into details, pushing our limits, to a point I had rarely done before. After several such sessions, we parted with the feeling that it could have gone on an on for much longer, which speaks for itself on how good and fruitful the experience was.

As if he needed it, I can fully recommend him without hesitation, and I'm certainly ready to meet him again any time with equal pleasure.



Gilles Limber is recommended by AsPalepsoume

I had the awesome luck to meet zetizef while we were in Spain! What an experience!

First of all, he's a kind-hearted, intellectual, witty and outgoing individual who's not afraid to have fun and talk seriously, all to their right moments! A really pleasant person to be around! ^_^

Let's go to the fighting part now! I first met him on my first day in Spain, on the 4-way wrestling meeting with Edubcn and Jorgefighter! In no way should you underestimate him because of his light weight! You'll be the one on the difficult position then! On the risk of repeating what others have said, he's extremely limber and quite fast-moving on the mats, with a very good intuition of danger. That being said, he can freely move his legs around, don't make the mistake to be caught in them... (more on this below) Also, if he gears in the competitive mode, he really fights till he cannot move... As long as he moves he'll keep on fighting, don't be surprised if he finds that one defense hole to get away and turn the tables around!

After that ended, we managed to meet again the following days! Since our space was limited, we started competitive and then it gradually became a give & take Scissor Masterclass! ;p As I said... if you get caught in his legs, 99% it's over for you. If he decides to destroy you, he will. His legs may not be the biggest ever, but he knows how to use them perfectly and efficiently and they're rock-hard. His scissors and triangles are definitely the hardest I've faced up to my current past opponents, because he knows how to recruit and activate each and every muscle needed to make these holds unbearably strong!!

In total, I had an excellent time with zetizef, definitely worth meeting!

Recommended with no second thoughts!! ;)



AsPalepsoume is recommended by MisterNoGi

AsPalepsoume. What a fighter !
Where can i start?
At first, he is a very nice, easy to talk, very interessting, funny and good looking guy.
Preparing to fight, you face a perfect athlete with a great shape muscular body, still calm and smiling.
On the mats you won't be surprised, he is powerfull and skilled (who said he is a beginner? LOL). With him, each move is dangerous and you have to be prepared for very long exhausting assaults where you will pay your mistakes.
AsPalepsoume is a perfect opponent. He shows you that you have to never stop to train.
I definitively enjoyed our long fight and I officially ask for rematch !
100% (at least) recommended ;)



MisterNoGi is recommended by AsPalepsoume

MisterNoGi... When you meet him, you meet his calm side; a not so loud voice, a beautiful smile, an educated person and an excellent sense of humour! We had a really good time together off the mats!

Be careful, though... On the mats he's no game! Really strong defenses, quick reflexes and knowledge make him a really worthy opponent! He's not one you can spend a move on or move recklessly, he'll definitely take advantage of it and get you in a really difficult position to get out of! Stronger than he looks, he'll give you lots of trouble, but you'll certainly enjoy the match with him, as I did!

Great person, great wrestler... Recommended, of course! ^_^



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Jorgefighter

For sure, one of the strongest guys I have ever met, and yes, the legs are as powerful as the legend says. He claims to have no training but he knows to perform (and apply) some really advanced moves, holds and counter attacks. It is not often that I can do nothing against an opponent but that was the case: anything I tried on him just made him smile. I can't imagine what a beast he can become...



Jorgefighter is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Such a great pleasure to have met Jorge! A very kind and nice person and host, who allowed us to use his mats for a 4-way fight with Zetizef and Edubcn!
He's really strong and difficult to handle, proceed with caution, because a wrong move will cost you much! His fighting experience over the years has definitely offered him lots of techniques and insight for adjusting his game depending on the opponent!

A real pleasure to have met him, I'll love to meet him again!
Definitely recommended! ^_^



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Edubcn

First of all, Niko is way bigger, muscled and hot than you can tell by his photos. His two legs makes one me.... However I never refuse a challenge, so we take a couple of competitive rounds...

Call it competitive, call it a "muscle god beating and playing with me"... He was safe and sane all time, let me some space and some play before crushing me, and was kid enough to no rip mi head off... But no way to make him tap.

After that we did some 2 vs 2 with Zetizef and Jorge, where I could sneaky attack him as vengence... At the end I could not resist to try his scissors and we exchanged some moves till we got exhausted.

Niko is a awesome guy, muscled, hot, sexy, but also chill, relaxed and down to earth. So funny to wrestle and play, I can't wait to repeat!



Edubcn is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Edu is such a great guy with a sincere and beautiful smile! Outgoing, easy and nice to talk with off the mats, an awesome character! Had a great time chatting with him! ^_^

Don't be fooled that he passes himself as a jobber, if you read on his profile! Not at all, this guy knows very well how to move on the mats! He's quick, agile and flexible, with strong legs! He defends really well and can escape from difficult positions if you take your advantage for granted! Afterwards, when we exchanged holds, it definitely shows he has a really good pain tolerance! ;) If he keeps up, he'll definitely become a really threatening menace, because I see the spark in his eye, the true love for wrestling! ;)

Definitely recommend this great and upcoming wrestler! ^_^



AsPalepsoume is recommended by JUDOMARS

This Guy is A BIG SURPRISE... And a full good one! Thanks to Alain (IDF, a so rough judoka and grappler, test him! and the best host on Earth), I met Nicolas. We fight like two Lions, believe me, I gave all my forces et technics against this new one grappler.... He is a supposed beginner... I submited him 2 times, and he submited me 2 times... a Perfect match! he is a dominant male, sure and he always focus on trying kill me, and I will just love him for that.... cause I wanted kill him too... ah God, was a crazy rolling, in GI and in NO GI. A real swimming pool of males sweat just appears on mats after only one hours of rolling and we fought 2h30 in hard way. He is a straight mate, and dont be let him seduce you by his hot muscular body and clear eyes, you must keep in mind this guy can strangulate you very quickly, and he got the best killer Legs I ever seen.... I could write so long about him. I like him a lot. I want meet him, again, and again. Nicolas just gave me my best fight since years... and I say him a big THANK YOU... so now is my best RIVAL, and I want kill him next time, sure!!.... Chris80 (the so HOT one....!) from Athens says Nicolas is a "new star", and I think is true, ASPELEPSOUME is a new star ! out of mats, he is smart, smilling, kind and cuddling, clever, he got all this bastard!.... BIG HUG from me, dear brother.



JUDOMARS is recommended by AsPalepsoume

One of my best, if not the best fight I've ever had so far!

We indeed attacked like beasts to each other, he gave me the intensity I was literally looking for a really long time! It was so fuckin' great to feel the flames burning inside of me and emitting his as well! Attacked to each other with everything we had, both in Gi and without, we fought mercilessly for 2,5h. This guy is powerful, technical, persistent, everything that makes a fight interesting and exploding! Careless moves are completely off the chart for this guy, because you'll certainly pay dearly for it!

Off the mats such a kind-hearted, smily and outgoing individual, with which I had a great time! ^_^

Remember my rival... This time it ended in a tie... Next time, I'll have a clean victory over you! 😈😈

Recommended with absolutely no second thought!! ^_^



AsPalepsoume is recommended by ROULE44

A possible meeting ,thanks to AD idf, during the travel of AsPalepsoume in France. Super fights with a very powerful fighter, it is difficult to believe that he has no experience in combat sport, but he has already meet good wrestlers
But he's so muscular,perfect, hard to hit him when you get the chance ;-) and he's also very tenacious
Great sessions engaged in NOGI and GI with a fighter who has a sacred fighting spirit, but always safe
Out from the mats, a friendly and nice person, even if my level of English is a little limited :-)
Maybe we will see you again ,on your next return to France?



ROULE44 is recommended by AsPalepsoume

I was really happy to meet Roule44 for a fight at AD idf's place! What a kind and talkative person, with a genuine smile! Although my French are like a second grader's, I had a great time off the mats talking with him! ^_^

His slender stature should in no case be a reason to underestimate his abilities on the mats... A really fiery fighter with a great soul, he has an awesome drive for fighting! Really resistant and difficult to make him submit! I have to note the really strong grip and the limber body of his... Be careful, because he can grab you tight, curl his body and move like water on the mats! A well trained individual with many tricks up his sleeve! I loved both the fight in Gi and without it! Although he usually trains in Gi, he can definitely stand up to a fight without it!

Had a great time with him, hope to meet again! Recommended without second thought! ^_^



rcyan is recommended by AsPalepsoume

An excellent personality I met while in Paris! Very kind, educated, extremely easy to talk with and with a charming smile that can break the ice and make you feel comfortable!

As for the fights I had with him... First of all, anyone can see from the photos that he's a beast of a man, and even more when you meet him, with giant calves. Even though he's very recent to the fighting scene, he learns really fast, it's hard to get him in the same trick twice! Very difficult to handle in any position and you'd better not get in his side or full mount... the chances of getting away will be most probably slim! ;p
I also showed him some scissors, which he got quite fast... 😈😈

Can't wait to meet him again to have a rematch with him and see how he progressed! Definitely recommended! ;)



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Rem001

I had the pleasure to meet this solid chap! On the floor, it was intense (only for me ;) ) and outside it was a real pleasure and very pleasant to discuss and exchange with him. He has a deep passion of wrestling and I am glad to have been on his way. I recommend him for sure.

Be careful to remove any lamp around him ! ...
And maybe if you are lucky you will discover one his hidden skills ...(no no it is not probably what you are thinking ... ;) )



Rem001 is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Rem001 is a very nice and educated person, with whom you can easily talk and have fun off the mats!

As everyone can see through the pictures, he has a really well-trained and strong body, which he definitely knows how to use on the mats! Don't let him lots of space, he's bound to exploit it!

It was definitely a pleasure meeting him! Recommended! ^_^



AsPalepsoume is recommended by AD idf

I have the pleasure to receive aspalepsoume for a.week at my home. He is a friendly person. Easy to discuss, pass some times out of mats.

On mats he is a strong skilled fighter. He like play little hard but always safe and sane. He know how use his strengh to defend and know some good technics to make you tap if you let him to much space to take the lead 😉. Dotn let them arms put around your neck because he likes and knows how choke you if you don't take care enough. Really good time on mats with him.

Hope meet him again soon.



AD idf is recommended by AsPalepsoume

AD idf had the courtesy to host me in his place for a week! An excellent and very hospitable host, educated and interesting to talk to! ^_^

On the mats, as others have noted, a very skilled and smart opponent, who you have to be very careful not to do unnecessary or non-strategic movements, because he can get you in a really difficult position! Also, very good educator, from whom I've picked up some new skills and I still use! 😈

Definitely recommended, you'll have a great time with him! ^_^

I hope I meet you again, as well! Take care!



AsPalepsoume is recommended by SmartFighter

I had a great match with AsPalepsoume We fought, boxed, wrested and trained for several hours. With boxing he learned quickly and we had some cool and hard rounds.

On the ground he is a great coach and showed me cool things.

Very cool condition. Well trained and strong body. We had many exhausting hours. A lot of sweet and ambition and exhaustion - like in a training camp.

Thanks a lot - anytime again.



SmartFighter is recommended by AsPalepsoume

His nickname says it all; both Smart and a Fighter! We had such a great streak of fights, both in wrestling and boxing and a great time off the mats!

I believe SmartFighter is one of the best boxers on the site. Having a very long experience, I was very happy that he showed me some things and then went on a hard boxing fight, as I wanted. And, man, was that tough! I'm happy that at least I tired him there!

As for the grappling part, he says he doesn't have any experience, but be careful, don't take him lightly at all! He learns quickly, moves fast and can give you a hard time there, as well!

Outside of the mats, a really educated person with which you can have a great conversation and laugh!

Thanks a lot, as well, fellow fighter! I'll definitely meet you again! 😉



tomtom16 is recommended by AsPalepsoume

It was such a great pleasure meeting tomtom16! A really nice, smiley and educated guy that is very nice to talk with and have some good time! He showed me around his area andwe went for a nice long walk in the nature!
As for the fighting part, tomtom16 is a well trained individual who, even though he was saying that he was out of shape due to the quarantine, he gave me a hard time on the mats!
I'll definitely be back for another fight when we'll be both even better and stronger! 😉
Definitely recommended!



AsPalepsoume is recommended by sonicgr

AsPalepsoume is young, muscled with great wrestling skills, extremelly strong but safe and respectful. Outside the mat polite, educated, great conversationalist. You have to fight him. Most likely you are going to lose but you will enjoy the fight.
I wish to meet him many times in the future. I can learn a lot from him!!!



sonicgr is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Met this guy some days ago... Where to start...? First of all, such a great, smily and kind person that instantly makes you feel comfortable! After some talking and getting to know each other, we prepared the field for the fight.

He had very few matches when he confronted me. I must say and underline that for such an amateur, he has a VERY good perception of what's going on in grappling! Strong, quick with his reflexes, correct defences. Knowledgeable with attacks, as well, that once he gains some more experience, he's totally bound to be a big menace!

Final verdict? Definitely recommended! And I certainly want to meet him again for more fights and training! ;)



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Greekboy2

A very smart and painstaking fighter. He never gives up and knows how to make his opponent suffer. We had a very nice and interesting fight, which confirmed everything that has already been written about him.



Greekboy2 is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Long overdue, but better late than never!

Greekboy2 is a very kind and thoughtful individual, always making you feel comfortable. Also, smart and intellectual, you can talk with him for a long time! On the mats, he's a strong fighter that, if he gets some more experience, I'm sure he'll be lots of trouble! Especially if he learns to use the legs of his! 😈

Definitely recommended for a good workout and a good talk!



AsPalepsoume is recommended by greekwrestler

Cant believe I am writing this so late, its the virus that hit my brain cells!
One of the strongest guys in here, beginner when I met him but still a very good and promising wrestler. He progressed a lot after and I think I will be in trouble when we soon meet again (sounds hot to me!!). Very determined, very strong and most of all he picks up tricks fast (maybe I shouldnt have showed him so many, he is nasty enough to put them on me!!). A real challenge, fun to wrestle and only for the very brave!
A very nice guy, great company, easy to arrange (SORRY for my difficult arrangements!!), wish I' d wrestle him every day.
Will ask him to be my tag partner to beat them all!



greekwrestler is recommended by AsPalepsoume

After talking for a long time, we met! What can I say that is not said before...? I think my recommendation is not even needed, but, I want to express my thoughts! ;) First of all, he's a well-educated person that is very kind and thoughtful of others! He always wants to make you comfortable, so a gentleman per se! But then the fight starts... He can adjust to any level, from a completely amateur opponent (so, extremely gentle) to the competitive side, in which his evil side can appear! Although I'm an amateur, he respected my choice of wanting him to make it hard for me, and man, it WAS hard! Do not even think of underestimating him, not for one second. One mistake and you're down and out! Even if he lets you get a hold on him, his neck is that of a bull and his resistance to pain sky-high, so it's almost impossible to make him tap! I picked some moves and tricks by him, that will definitely be put to use on my next fights! ;)
Recommended without a second thought! ^_^



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Wrestler0004

Once I first saw AsPalepsoume, it was obvious that this guy is trying to maintain a low profile on the site. Fighters out there note that he is a hidden gem, being way stronger and well-built than his pictures may imply.
Before wrestling, we had a get-to-know talk which lasted more than 2 hours without even noticing. He is an educated person, very friendly, pleasant and easygoing.
On the mats (mattress in our case) he is a real beast that loves wrestling, fighting with soul and full energy. He has self-developed impressive wrestling skills combining strength, technique and endurance. Taking into consideration my experience with AsPalepsoume and his existing recommendations, this guy is a strong nomination for the top Greek Fighter title. You think I am exaggerating? Challenge him and I bet he will prove me right 💪🏻

Always willing to share the wrestling experience he has gained and thirsty to learn more. We have already wrestled-trained a couple of times and there is for sure much more ahead.

Can’t recommend him enough, throw him a message and find out the rest on the mats 💪🏻



Wrestler0004 is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Where should I start...?
First of all, a gentle, hospitable and easy person to talk to! A very kind soul that alwas wants to make you feel comfortable! ^_^

Now that we're talking about souls... Let's go to his fighting soul. I found in his eyes what I always look for... The burning hot flames of a REAL fighter! It doesn't matter that he's new to the wrestling scene, you'll definitely see it in his eyes: the passion, the intensity, the determination! These, being said, aren't alone, they come with a powerful and thick body that can give you quite a lot of trouble if you're not careful enough! Once he gains some experience, he'll definitely be an extremely difficult opponent!

All in all, a great person, a great fighter! I enjoyed each and every bit of our meet! Highly recommended without any doubt! 👊🔥🔥🔥👊



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Belgianjudoka

Sometimes it crosses my mind to give up this odd wrestling hobby and leave Meetfighters for good. But then a guy as AsPalepsoume turns up at the doorstep and brings me to wrestling heaven and you know again it can't be wrong if both people enjoy so much a hard fought fight as this. This experience was awesome. A pure greek warrior with amazing muscles and very deadly head scissors. We fought for hours and I enjoyed any minute of it. Highly recommended. And the best case is even that after your have being worked over AsPalepsoume is a master in reanimating your aching body by even cooking for you. My future opponents should know now that I have been spoiled and expect the same :-).



Belgianjudoka is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Was late again to write this recommendation, but better late than never! ;p
I was so lucky to meet Belgianjudoka when I visited Belgium!
First off, he's a very kind-hearted, smily and highly-educated person, with whom I could talk for hours!
Going to the wrestling part... This guy is definitely an experienced judoka! I had the honours to fight him both in gi and without and, since I always enjoy an intense and hard fight, he totally gave me one! We had lots of hours of wrestling action and I had an excellent time with the intensity I love! He also taught some stuff that I'm going to use quite efficiently! ;)
Recommended with no second thoughts!
Be sure I'll meet you again! ;)



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Headscissorfan

AsPalepsoume gave me a really good match. He is very welcoming, chatting and makes you feel very comfortable. We startet with a good stretching before the match, safety first.
He is very muscular, skilled and got a lot of stamina. Very impressive body, his arms are big guns, his legs are big crushers. Once trapped in a hold it was impossible to get out.
He is a very nice guy and he respect your limits. Totally safe, friendly, pleasant guy, 100% recommended.



Headscissorfan is recommended by AsPalepsoume

This recommendation was a bit late, too, but...
It was a such a pleasure to meet Headscissorfan! He came in shy, but as we started talking he revealed himself to be a very fun and kind-hearted person with a warm smile!
Don't let this shyness fool you! He's a very strong and energetic individual, as you can see by both his arms and legs! Durable during fighting, doesn't give up easily at all and if you're not careful you're in for an attack that will most probably submit you!
After the actual match, we, of course, exchanged headscissors and triangles (since I also love scissors)! Let me tell you one thing... His legwork is not for the faint-hearted, he can give you pain! Especially when he applies his full power, as I wanted! Be careful what you wish for, because if you fall victim to his rock-hard legs, he will keep you there, smiling and you will be unable to do anything but tap!
Definitely recommended for all and especially for leg-lovers! ;)



A bit late, but better late than never! Where to start...?
What an excellent personality and host! Such a warm-hearted, educated and friendly person with a nice smile that was so nice to hang out with and have the fun parts and the serious ones!
On the mats, he's not a guy that should be underestimated at all! He can make you work for every hold you want to give him and he can put you in quite some difficult situations if you're not careful enough!
A fun person and a very good wrestler you should definitely meet! ;)
Recommended with no second thoughts!
Thank you for everything my friend! ^_^



AsPalepsoume is recommended by fightertofight

Incredible guy to hang out with. Great sense of humor, educated and a very interesting person.
In fighting he is very technical and has really done his homework. All kinds of wrestling holds and lethal scissors is his area of expertise. All that combined with the fact that he is one of the strongest by far Greek fighters makes him a league of his own.
I have already made a great new friend. Take care buddy.



fightertofight is recommended by AsPalepsoume

After a long time I should have written a recommendation...
An incredibly warm-hearted and educated person and an excellent host! It was nice to have a chat with him and a fight afterwards! Even though you can't see it when you just hang out with him, he can give you a hard time on the mats! He's a strong opponent that doesn't give up easily at all! ;)
Definitely recommended! ;)



AsPalepsoume is recommended by dundun

I had the immense chance and pleasure to get to know AsPalepsoume. Actually, his name says it all: it is as hard to pronounce for any non-greek-speaking human being as hard and strong is this guy. The name brings his essence right to the point, it means, "let's fight". And he definitely has a real fighter's soul.
Extremely strong, well coordinated, smart, technically very good and quick as hell, he has everything to give you a though time on the mats. Outside the mats he is the most charming guy you could find. Honest, warmhearted, sympathetic, intelligent. He has absolutely everything. I spend a fantastic time with him.
I can only tell you, if you ever get the chance, you have to meet this guy!!!



dundun is recommended by AsPalepsoume

How glad I am that I got to meet dundun!
The first thing that someone notices is an extroverted and warm-hearted person that is always smiling! Truly an excellent recipe for making someone feel comfortable, as it was my first trip abroad and was a little anxious! A great host as well, since he had planned some things for me! ;)
As for the fight... Oooh, man, get ready for an incredibly difficult time! Not only his body is very strong, but his long experience in the wrestling scene makes him a perfect opponent that will give you a roll to remember! He analyzes the situation calmly, while getting out of your holds or cranking up the power of his! I enjoyed every second of our fights and I learned quite a lot from him! ;)
Overall, an extremely strong fighter with a great personality (and a teasing sense of humour that I love :P ), knowing how to hold a conversation and have fun both in and out of the mats! Wish he was closer! ;)
Definitely recommended!
Merci pour tout que tu as faire pour moi, j'ai eu un week-end excellent et inoubliable! Je me souviendrai chaque seconde tu et les autres avez donner moi et je certainement veux refaire ça dès que possible!



AsPalepsoume is recommended by aiadasgr

Πάρα πολύ καλό παιδί. Συζητήσαμε αρκετά και πέρασα καλά γιατί έτσι γνώρισε ο ένας τον άλλον.
Όταν ξεκινήσαμε την πάλη είδα ένα μπροστά μου ένα κορμί όλο μύες με δυνατά πόδια Η πάλη μαζί του είναι ευχάριστη αν και δεν μπορείς να τον κουμαντάρεις. Προσεκτικός και ευγενικός



aiadasgr is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Ένας αξιόλογος, πολύ ευγενικός και φιλόξενος άνθρωπος, με τον οποίο θα μπορούσα να μιλάω ώρες! Μετά που συζητήσαμε , αρχίσαμε την πάλη. Μην τον υποτιμήσετε καθόλου! Παρ'όλο που δεν του φαίνεται, μπορεί να σε σηκώσει και να σε πετάξει σαν πούπουλο! Ακόμα κι αν έχει έναν τραυματισμό στον ώμο, μπορούσε να με σηκώσει εύκολα! Και είχε την ευγενή καλοσύνη να με μάθει πώς να σηκώνω τον άλλον και με άφησε να τον πετάξω κι εγώ λιγάκι! Και για τους λάτρεις των ψαλιδιών, έχει καλά ποδάρια! ;)
Τον συστήνω ασυζητητί!



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Zürich

Unforeseen circumstances led to a weekend completely packed with fights with this incredible chap. Some guys got it all. AsPalepsoume has a very warm-hearted personality, a fiery soul for fighting and legs as hot as hell to crush you in between them. His strength is unmatched, and he has huge muscles everywhere. And boy, does he know how to use them....a dangerous combination, especially since he knows how to fight.
His skills do not stop on the mats. He is so incredibly human in many ways, knows how to laugh and have a good time and foremost hold a smart conversation with good reflections. A maturity way above his age.
I feel lucky to have met him and spend a beautiful weekend with him and some other friends in a perfect atmosphere. Can’t wait until our paths cross again. Definitely recommended to anybody out there who wants to spend a good time and have an intense fight.



Zürich is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Hmm... How can I start my recommendation for this wall of a man...?
Zürich (with umlaut, yes! :p) is an excellent host and an awesome person! When we arrived, we started a conversation so we get to know each other! Not only intellectual, but a good sense of humour, too!
Don't be fooled by his smile and kindness, though... he's a beast on the mats! If you want a challenging fight, he can give you one for sure! Strong, persistent and technical, he can definitely give you an excellent fight! He's got many ways to break a hold and, of course, many more to get you in one! After the fight, he offered us home-made food, incredibly tasty may I say, and we had lots of fun!
Overall, an awesome fighter and an incredible personality who knows how to have fun both in and out of the mats! I wish he was closer! ;) Definitely recommended!
Comme je dit avant, je n'oublierai pas que tu et les autres avez fait pour moi et je certainement veux refaire ça dès que possible! Nous devrions remercier qui-tu-sais! ;)



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Nonofight

Il est impossible de regretter une rencontre avec AsPalepsoume , dès le premier regard on sent immédiatement que l'on a à faire à un homme sympathique, souriant et aimant la vie.
Arrivé sur le tapis j'ai découvert un corps impressionnant, solide et bien musclé, et je me suis dit aïe aïe aïe ! Ça va pas être facile.
AsPalepsoume lutte avec beaucoup de plaisir et d'énergie et malgré son jeune âge il possède déjà très bien les techniques d'immobilisation et de soumission.
C'est très intéressant et enrichissant de lutter avec lui car il maîtrise parfaitement sa force et il combat toujours en respectant son adversaire
Je ne peux que le recommander fortement aussi bien pour combattre que pour passer un bon moment de convivialité.
Quand tu veux Nikolas on remet ça 💪 👊



Nonofight is recommended by AsPalepsoume

What a pleasure it was to meet Nonofight! We arrived quite late, so he had the kindness to offer us home-made food, which was excellent! Such a warm host and a kind-hearted person, always having a smile! He even had it when he tried to understand what I was trying to say with my rusty French! :p
As long as it concerns the mats... Oh, don't underestimate him at all! Despite his age, he can give you a very hard time! The training he does in BJJ does show exceptionally when fighting! Quick on his moves, knowing how to attack and defend very well, and his grip is very hard!
It was so nice having the chance to fight and have fun with this guy along with the others! Every second of the meeting will be kept deeply in my heart!
I definitely recommend him, it's totally worth meeting him, he's both an awesome fighter and an incredible person!
Je n'oublierai pas que tu et les autres avez fait pour moi et je certainement veux refaire ça dès que possible!



The Beast is not recommended by AsPalepsoume

  • Unreliable / no show



AsPalepsoume is recommended by lipardonios

What a great wrestler!
As I am not experienced, I had the opportunity to wreslte against a very strong guy...I really enjoyed the match and his powerful legs...
Moreover, he is a very friendly and high educated person
Totally recommended!



lipardonios is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Even though very new to the wrestling scene, he has quite a good perception in wrestling! He can take more than you might think... If he gets some experience, he may become a threat! Otherwise, a very polite and smiling person! Recommended!



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Zepheshow

Well ...where to start. Sometimes you meet people who have the admirable philosophy- it is more important to take part than to win. Often this is said by people who have lost. This gentleman embraces the philosophy, but very rarely loses! He has an an amazing honed physique, muscular arms and torso, and legs that I insist could only belong to a rugby player. He fights to win, often by a killer head scissor submission,but generously adapts to his opponent. It is the struggle that he enjoys. There is no attitude, just a modest warm smile that never disappears from his face. He took part in a four way meet, and immediately connected with the other guys. He had his first excursion into lift and carry , and was predictably amazing. I was glad of a high ceiling. - The evening flew by - enjoyed by all. Athens is a great city but as with all the guys I have met here, the most important asset this city has is the warmth and generosity of its people- embodied in this wonderful wrestler. Thank you.



Zepheshow is recommended by AsPalepsoume

It was more than unexpected to meet Zepheshow! He sent me a message yesterday morning and it happened that I did have my afternoon/evening free! Before I visited his room, I thought that I wouldn't stay, since lift and carry is not the main thing I am looking for. We started chatting and I was sure I was going to have fun with him! Zepheshow is such an incredibly fun, warm-hearted and hospitable person that it feels like you've known him for years! When all 4 of us were gathered, we started our bout! It was mostly lift and carry, with which we had so much fun and a little of submission wrestling! Don't underestimate his age or body, he can lift you in quite a lot of positions (he taught me some, too)! He also is quite a pain-resistant individual and doesn't give up easily in your holds! I had an incredibly fun time with Zepheshow and the others! I really can't wait to meet him once again! Definitely recommended for every person who wants to have fun!



AsPalepsoume is recommended by musclechris80

A new star in wrestling has born in Athens.This man is the strongest greek wrestler I ve ever fought. His body is much more muscular than he looks in his profile photo, covered with thick, solid, bulged muscles. He is a smilling beast, with tree trunk legs.
High stamina and his awesome agility makes him move very fast on the mats.
We had a dad vs son match, very competitive and full of pure wrestling action from the very begining. I m afraid I couldnt feed his apetite for real wrestling action, but at least I managed to make him sweat.
In one word he had the upper hand and he made me tap more than I did...(actually I think he let me do it a couple of times to make the fight more interesting).
If you re looking for competitve but always safe and sane wrestling meetings this is one of the best fighters in Athens.



musclechris80 is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Don't know what to write that hasn't been written for this man before... Although a short match, it was enough to know that I could wrestle this guy every day! ;)
First and foremost, a very gentle and cool guy. He respects limits and is safe, there is no reason to be afraid with this beast... or is it? ;) In terms of safety of course not! However, once you lock hands with him, be prepared to really work for a tap! I love competitive submission wrestling and he can sure give you competition! He has admirable strength and, once he gets you, it's very difficult to get away from his grip! He knows how to work around you to get a tap! I totally loved that we were soaking wet from our sweat literally 10 minutes after we stayed with our gear!! He can give it his all, if you wish, but it's totally not for the faint-hearted!
Recommended without second thought! ;)



AsPalepsoume is recommended by nigre

I love wrestling with this guy, he respects boundaries while at the same time he is competitive. He was an excellent communicator and a very good wrestler. I would definitely recommend him.



nigre is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Got the chance to fight this guy! He may be an amateur, but he's soul is burning for difficult fights! He's persistent, strong and quite durable! Besides wrestling, Nigre is a gentle and smart person that you can talk to and easily have a conversation with! If he keeps up, he'll become a sure threat! Recommended! ;)



AsPalepsoume is recommended by matslam

I couldn’t ask for a better way to kick off the New Year than a match with AsPalepsoume ( Let’s Wrestle,in Greek).He went to the trouble to come over on a chilly day-much appreciated- and the experience was fantastic! A physique to die for,he’s a young beast on the mats/bed mattress in our case,wink wink.Inexhaustible energy,thighs made of steel,superior strength, I was turned into a pretzel in his scissors(heavenly).He’s a rising star so catch him while he is still slightly beatable!
Ever in Athens, skip the Acropolis visit and clear your schedule for a match with this great guy!



matslam is recommended by AsPalepsoume

After over 200 opponents in his history, I got the honour to become one of those! Matslam is definitely one of the most kind, hospitable and genuine guys one will ever get to meet! His smile will make you feel like you have known him for years! After chatting for a while, we got to wrestle! Do not even think of underestimating him just because he states he's a jobber! We had a normal fight first and then trading holds. Not only can he bear quite a lot of pain, he can dish it out as well! He says that his legs aren't strong, but his headscissors aren't for the faint-hearted! ;)

Recommended with absolutely no doubts! ;)



AsPalepsoume is recommended by MusculaDos

This fighter is very strong. He loves all Type of technique. Its a pitty Do not live near to teach more things. Huge and muscular body. He is a Good conversation, friendly and polite. Very elegant person in both parts. Recomedaded ;)



MusculaDos is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Two very gentle and hospitable guys that are very fun to talk to and exchange opinions! Both are new to the wrestling scenes, but do not underestimate them, as they're not so easy to handle! They're off to a good start and if they keep it, they'll become a threat!
Recommended! ;)



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Dsna

I had the chance to wrestle with this impressively strong guy and definitely I didn’t regret it. This guy is strong as hell with a very good sense of wrestling. I am wondering how good and unbeatable wrestler can become if he starts a formal wrestling training class. We had a long sweaty wrestling match that I will never forget. Fast strong and technical is a combination that can put you in big problems. His holds, especially his bodyscissors are extremely strong and if you get in there either you have to strangle with all your strength to get out or option two is to tap before you get crushed between those calves. One more plus is that he fight safely and no matter how intense the fight is you feel safe when fighting him. Out of the mat, aspalepsoume is a very sociable, educated and easy-going person. We had a long and interesting conversation and for sure I am looking forward for our next fight. Highly recommended!!



Dsna is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Χμμμ... Τι να πω γι'αυτόν τον άνθρωπο...; Εκ πρώτης όψεως φαίνεται ένα ήρεμο, ήσυχο και ολιγομίλητο άτομο... μέχρις ότου να αρχίσει η πάλη!! Ένας παλαιστής με πολύ καλή τεχνική και σθένος στην ψυχή! Όποιος νομίζει ότι μπορεί να τον ελέγξει εύκολα, ας ξανασκεφτεί λίγο καλύτερα, γιατί αν και ελαφρύς ξέρει πολύ καλά να χειρίζεται το βάρος του! Γνωρίζει άψογα το πώς να σε σταματήσει και να σε βάλει σε πολύ δύσκολη κατάσταση! Επίσης, παρά το γεγονός ότι μπορεί να πει ότι δεν έχει αντοχή, η αντοχή του είναι πολύ καλή και συνεχίζει μέχρι τελικής πτώσεως! Ακριβώς επειδή είναι τεχνικός, έχει πάντα υπ'όψιν το περιβάλλον και είναι προσεκτικός στους τραυματισμός! Εκτός πάλης, ένα πράο και ώριμο άτομο με το οποίο μπορείς άνετα να μιλήσεις! Εννοείται πως περιμένω την επόμενή μας μάχη!
Σας τον συστήνω ασυζητητί! ;-)



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Lowerhold

Strong guy with nice techniques and ways to make you pain and suffer. A kind fighter who doesnt give up easily. Be well prepared and trained before you meet him. Nice person to have a normal chat before the match.



Lowerhold is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Ένας φιλόξενος και ανοιχτός άνθρωπος! Παρά το γεγονός τραυματισμού στον ώμο, ήθελε να παλέψουμε χαλαρά και το κάναμε. Αρκετά επίμονος αντίπαλος! Μου ζήτησε ρεβάνς όταν καλυτερεύσει και, εννοείται, πως θα του την δώσω! ;)



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Poggybacklove

Words can’t describe what an nice person he is. After we chatted for some time,we finally met and man it was awesome. He is one of the most smart, fast and strong opponents I have ever met, not to mention an amazing guy. I strongly recommend and really hope to meet this great guy again.



Poggybacklove is recommended by AsPalepsoume

A very kind and hospitable guy that I could talk with for hours! Maybe he needs a couple workouts more, but he's definitely worth meeting! With no second thought, I'll meet him again and give him a workout he'll remember, just as the one he took today! ;) :p
Ένας πολύ ευγενικός και φιλόξενος άνθρωπος με τον οποίο θα μπορούσα να μιλάω για ώρες! Ίσως να χρειάζεται λίγες προπονήσεις παραπάνο, αλλά σίγουρα αξίζει να τον συναντήσετε! Χωρίς δεύτερη σκέψη, θα τον ξανασυναντήσω και θα του δώσω μια καλή προπόνηση που θα θυμάται, όπως ακριβώς αυτήν που έλαβε χώρα σήμερα! ;) :p



AsPalepsoume is recommended by PowerAndControl

A great fighter! This guy is made of equal parts endurance, stamina, constitution and strength, while also being extremely thoughtful and careful during fighting. I'm a complete amateur, so can't really speak for technique, but he definitely taught me a few tricks. What is more, he's an extremely easy going person, with a positive attitude and a genuine kindness. Looking forward to kicking his ass (on Tekken :-p) next time



PowerAndControl is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Ένας άνθρωπος πολύ ευγενικός και φιλόξενος, ο οποίος είναι απίστευτα ευχάριστος στην συζήτηση! Όσον αφορά το κομμάτι της πάλης, αν και αρχάριος, είναι ένας δυνατός αντίπαλος (πάντα προσεκτικός), με ενέργεια, έτοιμος να αντέξει τα επίπονα κομμάτια της (ξέρει τι εννοώ) και πρόθυμος να πάρει κι άλλο! :p Ανυπομονώ να με δείρεις στο Tekken! :p



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Eitanr

AsPalepsoume is a really nice guy. Before the wrestling we had a really intresting conversation that show me the good qualties of this great guy.
After we start to wrestle and i am really impresed for the pation he have for wrestling and for quick way he improve his skills.
Apart this he also a great wrestler-strong, skilled,flexable and really resistant.
I was really impressed of the way he wrestle,even that this guy didn't practice bjj he has a really good technique and he think and get into coclutions that i only realised after a year of training.
If this guy is going to start bjj i don't think that someone here will have a chance against him.
I totally recommand to meet this if he is around.
Thank you very much



Eitanr is recommended by AsPalepsoume

I'm so glad I had the chance to meet Eitan! First of all, he is a very smart, kind and hospitable person, that he's always nice to talk to. After introducing ourselves and chatting a bit, we wrestled of course! Don't let his small weight fool you! He's a very strong and quick fighter, but always safe, and if you're not careful enough, you're going to be in a very difficult situation! He's very persistent and doesn't give up easily! BJJ has equipped him with a lot of techniques and he was kind enough to show me some details. If I had the chance, I'd wrestle him every day!! Don't miss him if you ever have the opportunity! Definitely recommended!



AsPalepsoume is recommended by extralarge

AsPalepsoume is a young opponent who is strong, stocky and determined!
It’s obvious he spent many years hitting the gym and he’s got paid off very well! His is impressively built with broad shoulders, rock hard arms and huge legs and a very good stamina.
He can absorb tons of pressure and punishment before submitting!
I locked him twice in a very tight triangle and both times, due to his superb upper body strength, he managed to resist for more than twenty seconds, before tapping out! The same happened when I applied my chokes and joint locks on him. He tried very hard to break the holds and he only tapped out, when he was about to faint!
He is also capable to set some good attacks. So, he gave me a serious competition when he attempted to sweep me and put me in his own triangles, chokes and scissors holds. He couldn’t complete these submissions, but he sure tried!
He is a very quick learner. He studied the submission holds I applied on him and instantly tried to use them against me!
He only needs a little more practice in order to improve his technique and he will be unbeatable!
He is also a very polite and cultivated person, very smart, very pleasant and a force of nature, at the same time!
Totally recommended!



extralarge is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ για τα καλά λόγια. Εγώ θα είμαι πιο λακωνικός...
Ένας εκπληκτικός παλαιστής με φοβερή τεχνική και ασφάλεια. Ικανός να προσαρμοστεί και σε αρχαρίους και σε προχωρημένους, σε χαλαρή και έντονη πάλη. Κατάφερα να τον παραιτήσω... και μία φορά! :p Έχει πολλές τεχνικές στο μανίκι του (και στα πόδια του, επίσης...) και δεν θα βαρεθείτε καθόλου! Όντας αρχάριος, έμαθα πολλά πράγματα από αυτόν. Πάνω απ'όλα, είναι ένας ευγενικός και καλλιεργημένος άνθρωπος με τον οποίο μπορεί ο οποιοσδήποτε να μιλήσει και με την φιλοξενία του να σε κάνει να αισθάνεσαι άνετα. Τον προτείνω ασυζητητί. Extralarge, αυτήν την φορά δεν τα κατάφερα, αλλά, επειδή ξέρω ότι θα ξαναπαλέψουμε... την επόμενη φορά να προσέχεις τα πόδια μου! ;)



AsPalepsoume is recommended by Palaistis

A nice guy with a very worked out body and very powerfull legs. His karate backround came in usefull. A very strong athlete that fights with all his strenght. We had a nice sweaty fight. Recommended.



Palaistis is recommended by AsPalepsoume

Τι να πω γι'αυτόν τον άνθρωπο που δεν έχει ειπωθεί...; Παλαιστής με όλη την έννοια του όρου! Δυνατός, τεχνικός, προσεκτικός και με υπομονή να διδάξει κάποια πράγματα στην τέχνη αυτή! Είναι ένας άνθρωπος πολύ φιλικός, ευγενικός και άνετος και χάρηκα πολύ που τον γνώρισα. Εννοείται πως θέλω να τον ξαναπαλέψω. Παλαιστά, αυτήν την φορά ήμουν κουρασμένος, την επόμενη φορά θα επιστρέψω δριμύτερος! ;)


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