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Located In the west burbs of Chicago and South Haven, MI.Travel often. Into sub/pin/pro/erotic wrestling in speedo's, briefs, jocks or nude. Safe, sane and fun. NEG, D&D Free, non-smoker. Hit me up men and lets rock-n-roll. Lets chat if you think we are a match. Married here so can’t host at home, but happy to pop for a room to romp in. Hopefully we can connect for some mat time. Be safe.



  1. USA - Michigan, South Haven
    Summer place Here often from May thru October
  2. USA - Illinois, Oak Brook
    Home Location
  3. USA - Indiana, Decatur
    (I'm here between 6/24/2019 and 6/27/2019)
    Business trip
  4. USA - Ohio, Ohio City
    (I'm here between 6/24/2019 and 6/27/2019)
    Business Trip
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 59-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 198 lbs (90 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedo's, briefs, jocks, singlets or in the buff.

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submit2me is recommended by dg duffy

Submit2me answered my call for matches in the Chicago area. He always kept me posted on his schedule and arrived exactly when he said he would. Given the fact that we only had a hotel room, we had a great time and a good tussle. I need to get this big guy on some mats.



dg duffy is recommended by submit2me

I was able to meet Ringmaster for a sweaty 2hr battle. Great fun, great host!



submit2me is recommended by ordjbr

Had a great time with this guy. Reliable, strong and we worked up a really good sweat by the time it was over. Kind of match you feel good for a Few days later it was that good!



ordjbr is recommended by submit2me

What a great time wrestling this jobber. A fun fight. Don’t underestimate him though. He’s got some moves. We wrestled for a good time, back n forth, but in the end, I prevailed...BUT he made me work for the win. Until next time jobber!



submit2me is recommended by NEwrestler84

I'm glad this man took a chance to meet with a new member. He was polite, clean and gave great advice. Also very safe, sane, and most importantly, a fun guy to wrestle around with. What more could you ask for in a first time match? I was feeling quite sore myself the next day. Hoping for a repeat in the future. Don't pass this man up if you find yourself in the Chicago area.



NEwrestler84 is recommended by submit2me

The planets aligned and I was able to meet up with this new wrestler as he passed thru Chicago. What a pleasure it was to meet and wrestle. Great body, great personality, good looking and muscular. He may be new to wrestling, but you couldn't tell that from his holds. I won't tell you what to stay away from...that would take all the fun away. We wrestled for about 90 minutes. I haven't been this sore (a good sore) in quite awhile! I HIGHLY recommend meeting if your paths cross. Definitely on my repeat list!



submit2me is recommended by Navyguy

So, finally, after years of talking, the moon, sun, stars, and yesterday's random comet aligned and Submit2me found ourselves in the same zip code and we got on the mats for a marathon wrestling session. We wrestled for about 4 hours, multiple submission, back and forth, evenly matched, two older guys banging each other hard, the best kind of fight. We each got three submits, then exhaustion prevailed and we called it a draw.

Submt2me is a strong, agile and tenacious wrestler who just keeps coming at you. Knows his holds; he immobilized me with a combination choke and scissor hold that had me trapped and tapping. He's a great guy to hang with: professional, smart, funny, and respectful of limits.

This was the one of the two best wrestling matches I've had in years. I had a blast spending most of the day with Submit2me. I was exhausted, sore and completely spent at the end of the day. We will meet up again soon to resume the battle and determine the winner.

Take my advice and wrestle him if you get the chance. Two thumbs up. 🤼‍♂️



Navyguy is recommended by submit2me

After several years (4+) of chatting back and forth, Navyguy and I found ourselves in the same place at the same time. We set up a time for our very long overdue fight. We tangled for "HOURS"! I can honestly say that I haven't had this much fun, OR, felt this much pain (the good kind) in a long while. Navyguy and I went back and forth, he submitting me and me submitting him. The score is even and we need a repeat to determine the true winner of this contest. He's a nice guy, professional, knows his way around the mat and put me in some holds that the hulk wouldn't be able to get out of. A true pleasure to meet and I'm so glad that this finally happened. Navyguy---you're on notice....I'm coming to get you to claim my title! :)



calilee is recommended by submit2me

Met this jobber and had a blast. Great guy, great personality and an all around fun guy. Definate repeat when im in the Bay area.



submit2me is recommended by antaeusX

Had a second match with this guy. Well he worked me over real good. 4 - 1. Very sttrong and knows his moves. It was all good and would recommend him highly.



antaeusX is recommended by submit2me

8/21/16. Had the opportunity to meet John again and give his mats a workout. Fun time. Strong, skilled and a great host. Thanks John!



submit2me is recommended by jcripe03

Great time wrestling with submit2me. We wrestled for about 90 minutes and it was one of the best workouts I have had in a long time. Perfectly safe and sane, but very strong and skilled as well. He knows his stuff, so he made a great coach, but he talks just enough trash to motivate you to use what he taught you. Highly recommended.

5/18/15 - Met up with submit2me again for a rematch. Second time around was every bit as fun a workout as the first. One of these times I may actually get a submission. ;-)



jcripe03 is recommended by submit2me

Met JCRIPE03 and what a blast. Beginner, but very anxious to learn. Aggressive, fun and strong. Excited to wrestle. I still kicked his booty! Super nice guy, personable and a great host. Definitely a repeat and soon.....before he learns enough to kick my booty! :-) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

5/18/15---Met again. Great fun and a great guy! Wish we were closer. 😄



submit2me is recommended by hellcatedy

Submit2me was coming back from a trip. We met on his RV, and had a hot match. He's a gentleman, but a good wrestler. Good match.



wrestlestowin is recommended by submit2me

Great fun with him. Strong and aggressive.



submit2me is recommended by riwrestlebuddy

Good wrestler, wonderful attitude on the mats. Relentless, strong and doesn't give it up easily. I'll get on the mats with him anytime. Highly recommended gents.



riwrestlebuddy is recommended by submit2me

Great guy, great host...greater wrestler. Strong, swift and knows his way around the mat. Very flexible dude! Definitely a repeat!



Syrwrestler is recommended by submit2me

Great wrestler, nice guy. A lot of fun.