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  1. United Kingdom, Flintshire

I am willing to travel 40 miles


34-year-old Male / 6'2" (188 cm) / 185 lbs (84 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Shorts, vest, singlet.



Thank you for all the interest recently however due to personal reasons which I won’t go into on here I’m cureently not arranging any meets - I’m happy to chat but unfortunately will not be meeting up just yet. Thanks for stopping by!

New Videos now uploaded to WatchFighters with multiple REAL KO's.

- sleeper holds
- headlocks
- scissorholds

Happy to give and take, or just give, or just take - whatever happens. I know my profile showing boxing gloves - I box for fitness, I don't actually spar! Sorry!



Submission Submission

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach, Looking to coach
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Modeling, Photo swapping, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber, Stakes
Fetishes: Wrestling gear, Face sitting, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 9/09/2021

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ukmark is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Jesus. I think it'll take me a few days to recover from those ridiculously huge arms of his. Once they're locked round your neck it literally is lights out. He ko'ed me several times before I knew what was going on. Super nice guy, and great to be around. Looking forward to round two!



Wrestlingguy is recommended by ukmark

A great meeting with this guy; can really take some punishment. Withstood my arms and legs for an impressable amount of time before I decided to crack on the pressure and put him out cold.

Was a pleasure to be the first to put this guy fully out cold and guide him through what was gonna happen before surprising him with a couple more. Just to make sure he got it ;-)

Overal a great meeting and highly recommended for all you heels out there who like to work over proper little jobbers ;-). Thanks for a great meeting and I hope that neck isn't too sore.



ukmark is recommended by Prosubswrestler

Had a fun 3 way match with Mark and Slpt! Completely unplanned and spontaneous. Mark is a handsome and built lovely guy who gave me the best sleepers I have ever taken. I like to think that I responded with some tight Headscissors on him that had him moaning ;) A really hot afternoon and if you get chance to wrestle Mark, don't miss it. A great guy and we hd a really hot match. Can't wait for round 2.



Prosubswrestler is recommended by ukmark

Was a pleasure to finally meet this sound and strong wrestler after a while of chatting. Whilst his work schedule made it difficult to meet to start it was definitely worth the wait.

Opppournity arose whilst I was hosting a meet with slpt and Andy came over to join in and help destroy slpt.

I managed to sample a couple of his sleepers and scissors and I can tell you, this guy isn't to be messed about or u underestimated. The legs can inflict some serious damage and those arms would have you out cold in seconds. It was an incredibly good match up and well worth the wait.

Bring on the next meeting mate; just me and you! Likewise if anyone else gets the chance to meet this guy, do not miss it... You'll regret it.



ukmark is recommended by Mike721

I met Mark on an improptu trip to Cardiff and I have to say that it was an excellent decision as we spent a great amount of time in back and forth holds crushing each other considerably.

Mark was kind enough to show me the proper application of the rear naked choke and the figure 4 choke holds which I plan to use in future matches and we tried them out a lot.

All in all, he was an amazing tutor and opponent and his calm and chilled demeanor are very deceptive to his true talents and strength and it was worth the trip to meet this open minded and versatile guy.



Mike721 is recommended by ukmark

Had the pleasure of meeting Mike recently... A really nice friendly guy, but don't let this fool you, he's got a lot of strength behind him and not to be underestimated!

We swapped some holds for a bit, there was some power struggles and mild competitiveness, which was fairly even matched although I think I had the upper hand ;-)

Heel vs Heel was fun, however the hold swapping was fun both ways. Helped to tweak some of Mike's moves just to make him that bit more dangerous for his next challenger - you're welcome guys ;-)

All in all a great guy, and highly recommended!! Can't wait to meet up again!



ukmark is recommended by coedyuk

Finally met after years of chatting and was definitely worth the wait. Much better and more competitive than I was expecting and loved the challenge of getting him to tap (i think the score was even).
Great guy, great body, looks great in a singlet and tough as hell. Highly recommended and looking forward to many more matches.



coedyuk is recommended by ukmark

Finally got around to meeting up with coedyuk after some time of talking, and now I feel a bit stupid for delaying the match for so long!

Coedyuk is a great guy both on and off the mats, accommodating and pleasant. On the Mats he's a beast! Those legs are lethal, watch out for them!

We had a fairly even competitive match, and safe to say both pleasantly surprised with how it went, ending fairly equally.

Pleasure squaring up with you mate, and look forward to many more matches to come!



ukmark is recommended by OliLifting

Mark and I had been in touch for a while, and the battle was already well underway before I travelled to Blackpool to see him at his hotel. He's an experienced guy with a few fights under his belt, and I'm a returning novice with a powerlifting background. We're both pretty cocky. It was gonna be a good fight.

When Mark answered the door it became apparent to me that I hadn't fully appreciated his size from his pics. He's an imposing 6'2" and really broad. I was beginning to regret my earlier confidence.

Mark took the first round with a powerful sleeper; I tapped and promised myself I'd try not to get in that position again! He's got that position down to a fine art. So I got more aggressive in the following rounds, and got a few taps out of Mark.

We took a break for a while and had a chat. Mark is a really welcoming and friendly guy and I'm pleased to have travelled to meet him.

Round 2 saw Mark claim the first victory again, followed by a few holds delivered by me. Overall, I'm claiming this as my victory, but it was hard-won and Mark is a powerful and skilled guy. He's a big, strong lad with some good experience - he gave me some pointers to improve my technique and I'm grateful for that.

I would definitely recommend meeting and fighting with this guy. He's a handsome, powerful, friendly, skilled fighter and you'll have a great time!



OliLifting is recommended by ukmark

I don't even know where to begin with this recommendation.

I've been talking to Oli for a while now with the intention of meeting up for a head to head. Finally the chance came on saturday and Oli happily travelled down to see me at my hotel, when visiting in Blackpool. He arrived, and the first thing you notice is those arms and that chest... jeez!

Oli and I had discussed how it would be fun as we both tend to heel our victims, so it would be interesting to see what happened, and that it was!

I don't wanna brag too much about getting the first tap with my arms, as Oli then continued to get the next 6 or 7 before we took a break to dry off the sweat. During the break I tweaked some of Oli's techniques, just to make his already deadly arms and legs more so! Something I wish I had have left to the end, as we rolled into Round 2! Another taps on both sides in this round... the man is a beast I'll give him that!

I won't say it was an entirely even match, but by no means was it all one sided! Oli is a great guy, friendly, muscular and talented (more so now ;-)) and is a pleasure to throw down with!

I look forward to many more matches to come with him!



ukmark is recommended by switchko

I met Mark for a meeting at rather short notice. Upon first seeing him I was struck that his photos didn't do him justice. Sure, I thought I was doomed before I arrived, this notion was re-enforced the instance I saw him. This chap had clearly been working out.

For a good hour I was essentially at his mercy, and he really cranked up the pressure as time went on. Mark took no prisoners, I was knocked out a couple of times, well I'm convinced there were a lot more occasions where I went out. Everything went fuzzy and then I couldn't remember much, so who knows! However, he always relinquished when I tapped and was respectful of my bounds and limits. He was very friendly even when trying to knock me out. He also taught me quite a bit, so as one of my first sessions with guys on this site it couldn't have gone better. Highly recommended.



switchko is recommended by ukmark

I finally got round to meeting submissiveko at the weekend after traveling arrangements permitted!

A very nice, genuine guy who held his own pretty well! He took some punishment from my arms and legs for a good hour or so before we were joined by another fighter. Submissiveko held his own again against him, and then teamed up with me to take the other down.

Submissiveko even delivered his first ko's and has a surprising amount of strength in those legs of his; don't let him fool you!

It was a pleasure to meet, and I hope we do again in the near future.



ukmark is recommended by Lpoolsub

So, a week on and my neck and back have just about recovered from the merciless working over I got from this adonis. He takes care of his body and is working hard on getting bigger. He looks awesome in his own skin and boy does he know it!!! He loves flexing his arms and legs to intimidate his opponent (or should I say victim?!) and more so, to put them out cold! Once those thick and bulging biceps lock around your neck theres no escape, and he just has to flex his bicep on and off to keep you on the brink… To say he has a sadistic bone in his body is an understatement! If you suggest to him he ignores your taps, he’ll willingly do so (still safe and sane though).

All that said, Mark is a great guy and probably one of, if not the best I’ve met on here so far! A welcoming host, charming and friendly. He even showed me some of the sights in Cardiff… before going back to his for another round and put me out one last time (or maybe a few times, I lost track!)

He even let me put a couple of holds on him. I got him to tap in my legs more than once, and almost (ALMOST!) put him out in a sleeper - but my arms, unlike his, need quite some work!

In summary, a must meet if you’re a fan of any variety of sleeper hold, or just want to meet one of the friendliest guys on here.



Lpoolsub is recommended by ukmark

Met this guy a bit ago now, but what a time we had! This guy does not give in easily, in fact many holds taken to KO just with him being stubborn and not tapping. Had to show him who was actually in control a couple of times.

A great jobber for those heels out there wanting to punish someone; this guy can take a lot of punishment!

Quick and agile too; he managed to get some holds in but not nearly half as much as what I done to him.

Great, friendly and fun guy. Can't wait til our next meet up! Get ready to go out again buddy ;-)



ukmark is recommended by slpt

Monday mornings are just a lot easier to face after a weekend like the one I just had with ukmark. We've been in touch for a while, even back when he was an Atlantic instead of a UK, and boy do I feel like a knobhead for postponing this trip so much! This dude is an incredibly thoughtful host, a fine wrestler and an all-around brilliant lad, except for when he locks you in a sleeper, puts you out and throws you on the floor in front of a terrified guest just to take the piss. Croeso i Caerdydd!! Nah who am I kidding, that was my favourite bit :)

On the mats, Mark is just a great guy to roll around with. He was very respectful of rules (ahem, apart from a few exception cases in which I got too cheeky and no tapping or begging could save me from going out) and also twice as strong as he looks (his room is very tidy because he's basically living at the gym at this stage). Really impressive and commanding upper body strength, so my best shot was giving him a taste of the good auld legs to watch him tap and squirm. Alas, he will not tap or squirm until you apply full pressure because he is one resilient son of a bitch, so just watch him closely to make sure you haven't accidentally popped his eyes or ribs out, ahaha!

All in all, it was pretty much a perfect weekend. We are particularly like-minded when it comes to wrestling so I knew it would be quite entertaining, but him being such a fantastic guy just elevated the whole experience. Speaking of which: on his alleged lack of experience I shall not comment, challenge him NOW and see it for yourself... beware of the arms though, once you're in good luck getting out! Want my rematch mate :)



slpt is recommended by ukmark

Well, what can I say about this guy...

slpt came over Friday evening for a wrestling filled weekend. To start with, he is one of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure of meeting, he was friendly and so easy to get along with. We got back to the flat and I couldn't help myself; he said that he likes sleepers, so I immediately locked one on and watched him fade out.

From that moment, the weekend was filled with long held holds, swapping back and forth and the occasional power struggle. Do not be fooled by this guy when you see him; he is incredibly strong, and watch out for those legs! They are seriously dangerous.

I told slpt that I didn't want to be put out, and he respected that, although not always respecting the first tap (as agreed), had me on the edge a few times - was a great place to be!

He, however, was OK being put out, which I took full advantage of! What a great feeling watching him fade out over and over in my arms, and legs. My first headscissor KO, so naturally I done it a few more, just to nail the technique.

Overall, I've had a GREAT weekend with this guy and I thoroughly recommend this guy to anyone who is interested in meeting him. Don't miss out, but watch out for those legs!


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