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Still pretty much a newbie to the world of wrestling, though I am a major fan. I do enjoy submission wrestling, and have done it with friends in the past - hopefully after a few matches I'm improving.

Often travel to London. Can host in a friend's matroom near Bristol. Do say hello, I prefer to wrestle guys around my own age.



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I am willing to travel 20 kilometers


Age: 27-year-old Male

Stats: 6'5" (196 cm), 188 lbs (85 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Boxer short, MMA and boxing gloves

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Mike721 is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Great to meet with Mike today after a while chatting online. He’s extremely strong and has a killer pair of legs on him - watch out for them!

Great wrestler and nice guy to hang around with. Thanks!



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Meeting this wrestler was a dream come true. Although he absolutely wiped the floor with me, it was a really fun experience to grapple with one of the bigger names in our community. Super accommodating and great conversation too. Thanks!



Wrestlingguy is recommended by The Arrow

Wrestlingguy had been in touch for a while and kindly did all the hard work: navigating my at times manic schedule, fixing up the bout and making the trip. What thanks did he get? A thorough beating, I’m almost ashamed to say. You have to feel for the guy: at 6’6 you’d safely bet at least he’d be able to say he was my tallest opponent, if perhaps not the most successful. Unfortunately for wrestlingguy he narrowly misses out on that distinction thanks, to a certain 6’7 lankard of the north dwelling Cambridge way.

All the same, wrestlingguy is a well-mannered and charismatic chap who may lack the animalistic instinct to triumph in a wrestle, but possesses the love of it that keeps so many of us logging into this very website time and again. And for that, I can only (re)commend him to others.



The Arrow is recommended by Wrestlingguy

When he took his top off my first thought was “oh dear, this won’t end well”. The Arrow really is quite a strong wrestler, and a stubbornly hard guy to submit. Half the time I had a choke locked on, only for him to power out of it and apply some kind of nasty counter that had me tapping in seconds.

Aside from all that, he’s a super nice guy and a very obliging host. Definitely worth the drive to wrestle. Thanks!



Wrestlingguy is recommended by stevena2006

Good session with wrestlingguy practicing grappling and strikes. Knows his grappling moves.



stevena2006 is recommended by Wrestlingguy

A fun morning of wrestling and striking practice! Really nice guy, great host and plenty of space to wrestle. He’s been training mma so don’t expect an easy match up. Thanks again!



Wrestlingguy is recommended by Lucario92

Had a great match with this guy. Knows his holds and is very competitive. Easy to get along with off the mat as well. Definitely reccomend for a good wrestle :)



Lucario92 is recommended by Wrestlingguy

What a fun match that was! Lucario was a really nice guy and very down to earth. I'm slightly gutted that he's off abroad for a bit as I would love to meet up with him again at some point. Highly recommended - just watch out for those mean bear hugs!

***November 2017

After two years we finally got to wrestle again. What a treat. Really enjoyed working him over and doing a few rounds of competitive. Can’t recommend enough!



surreygrapple is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Had several fun wrestling matches with him a while back. He’s a strong opponent and a great fighter!



Wrestlingguy is recommended by dcwrestler

Despite being fresh off a day of travel, he was game to meet up for a match and put up a decent fight. Super friendly, and with a fair amount of experience, I highly recommend reaching out if you're ever in his neck of the woods (or if he's passing through yours!)



dcwrestler is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Super nice guy as a good wrestler. It's a shame I was so worn out from all my travelling that I couldn't wrestle for as long as I wanted. Definitely recommended though



Wrestlingguy is recommended by Kendro

Had a great afternoon of trying out moves and rolling around with wrestlingguy... few more experiences and he'll be on fire. Friendly on and off the matts ✌🏻



Kendro is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Had a really good afternoon rolling around with Kendo. He is definitely strong! Those arms are lethal and had me tapping several times. Also watch for the mean leg scissors. A great afternoon, thanks!



Wrestlingguy is recommended by MM 2013

Had a good afternoon with wrestlingguy.

Genuinely nice guy over lunch and a formidable opponent who taught me to perfect my sleeper (so watch out future opponents)

Getting training for round two, need to get back on it!



MM 2013 is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Had a really fun afternoon wrestling with this guy. He is strong, and those leg scissors are killer! Thanks for hosting, I look forward to round two :)



Wrestlingguy is recommended by dan9692

Had the great pleasure of wrestlimg this chap today. He is a friendly and good natured person. On the mats he is a fun and strong opponent. More often than not i had him tapping out, though on ocassion he did catch me off guard, and once he has you in a hold he will make you suffer.......beware his sleepers, of which he is quite the fan. With more experience i can see him rising to become a very real threat.

On the whole i had a great afternoon of wrestling and picked up a few tricks off him (quickly used against him) amd i heartily recommend him to others.



dan9692 is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Thanks to Dan for a fun afternoon of wrestling. I don't think I've met anyone taller than me on this site, so it was definitely a challenge. He was much stronger and skilled than he lets on too - I was tapping out far too much in his leg scissors. A really nice guy and great to wrestle!



Wrestlingguy is recommended by ukmark

A great meeting with this guy; can really take some punishment. Withstood my arms and legs for an impressable amount of time before I decided to crack on the pressure and put him out cold.

Was a pleasure to be the first to put this guy fully out cold and guide him through what was gonna happen before surprising him with a couple more. Just to make sure he got it ;-)

Overal a great meeting and highly recommended for all you heels out there who like to work over proper little jobbers ;-). Thanks for a great meeting and I hope that neck isn't too sore.



ukmark is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Jesus. I think it'll take me a few days to recover from those ridiculously huge arms of his. Once they're locked round your neck it literally is lights out. He ko'ed me several times before I knew what was going on. Super nice guy, and great to be around. Looking forward to round two!



Wrestlingguy is recommended by Bamm-Bamm

September 2016: cool guy, classy British presence and humor off the mats, and lots of fun on them. We both kept smiling and laughing during our fight. Who said fighting needs to be competitive all the time? Thanks for rolling with me, mate.



Bamm-Bamm is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Super nice chap - really interesting to talk to off the mats, and a great challenge on them too! I hope we can meet again someday



Wrestlingguy is recommended by Hunnog

I met him in 2014 and again in 2016. He is a funny intelligent guy. He is tall and heavy and he likes to wrestle. Allround good company.



Hunnog is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Two meetings in two years - not enough in my book! Very generous and kind chap, but a beast to wrestle.



Wrestlingguy is recommended by dragonuk

A great impromptu meet. Pleasant, friendly and intelligent guy, on and off the mats. Has the physique of a strong powerhouse with the size and build to make short work of many opponents, once he gets the technique and experience to match. Never gave up and was learning all time. Fight this guy soon before he gets unbeatable.Happy to welcome him back to my dojo anytime. Highly recommended.



dragonuk is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Rather skilled! Was an extremely patient and good teacher, really nice man to chat to as well. I think skill and experience made for a few easy wins for him, but I should like to think I picked up a few tips in the time we met. Highly recommended.



Wrestlingguy is recommended by knight91

A strong wrestler. Fun, reliable and hard to beat. Very nice off the mat. Let's wrestle again!



knight91 is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Really strong wrestler and lethal when he wants to be! Thanks for the match, I look forward to wrestling again!



Wrestlingguy is recommended by ukwrestler

Fun guy with an awesome sleeper, so avoid that if you can :-)
He's still learning, so skill and experience ruled the day, but it was a very enjoyable couple of hours wrestling. Good guy to chat too off the mat.



ukwrestler is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Thanks for a hugely fun match. We wrestled on and off for about 2 hours! I say wrestled - it was mostly him executing one painful submission after another on me. Really genuine guy, completely safe! I think I'll ache tomorrow...



Wrestlingguy is recommended by worksopboi

Decent kid to roll with, with more confidence and experience will make a decent grappler.



worksopboi is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Had a great session with Worksopboi today. He was a great teacher and was really helpful in correcting various mistakes I made.

He said he was going easy on me but I don't think I got a single submission on him! Really good wrestler and really down to earth - highly recommended!



Wrestlingguy is recommended by jake12345

Well first of all Eagernewbie is a really nice, safe and friendly guy. Although hes new to wrestling he puts up a good fight and knows quite a few holds which had me tapping out a few times - Just watch out for his mean sleeper ;) Would definitely recommend.



jake12345 is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Wow, what a great guy to wrestle with! I was completely taken aback by how strong he actually is, I ended up tapping out a lot more than I would have liked to as well. Those leg scissors are impossible to escape from. Really down to earth, great and honest conversation with him in between rounds too. I look forward to the next time I can wrestle with him!

Had a second match in June. He still completely overpowered me many times! Clearly I've not been working out enough to beat him yet. Great guy.