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Age 64
Height 5'3" (160 cm)
Weight 144 lbs (65 kg)
Gender Male
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  1. United Kingdom, Leeds
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looking to meet..have some experience.
nothing too heavy,give n take etc.


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uplifting is recommended by SalzPeter

Uplifting is a powerful and athletic bloke who is a serious rack lifter hence his profile nic.
Off the mats he is a great person who can entertain you with his travel stories and adventures and athletic prowess in other sports too.
I highly recommend him and to get in touch with him when passing through Leeds.



SalzPeter is recommended by uplifting

Finally had the chance to meet up with Bashir whilst on a trip to England /Leeds..
He was very charming and looked great all kitted up. we had a wrestle, I did various moves with him, lifts, rack, fig4 leglock, Indian, full Nelson etc.. I think he enjoyed. 👍 I did..
A nice chap to meet.



uplifting is recommended by Jettj

Met Uplifting at his home. Time passed quickly as we chatted and he introduced me to some moves, broadening my limited knowledge. He also introduced me to a safe lift. Many thanks.



Jettj is recommended by uplifting

Met Robert recently, I found him easy to chat with, organise a meeting with and he arrived on time..
After an initial chat we started doing a few moves, working with what he knew then followed on from there gaining more insight, knowledge about the application of the moves..
He did a lift, over his shoulders, which was a 1st for him, and I was impressed.
Overall, a nice chatty chap, eager to learn, do more.. We had a coffee after in a local supermarket..
Welcome back anytime, I'm sure i'll be impressed by with his improving skills....



uplifting is recommended by ManManc

Steve (uplifting) is my first meet via the site. We met at his home and time went quickly as we chatted and he introduced me to some basic moves, knowing that I had no experience. Many thanks, Steve!



ManManc is recommended by uplifting

Was great meeting Manmanc, it was a short notice meet which worked for me.. Look great in some camo pants then stripped to trunks, as I did.
Very much a beginner, but keen to know and do more..
I had no problem helping out with a few moves, all of which he did on me, including a lift over his shoulders..
I'd be happy to meet him again..



uplifting is recommended by Scissorvictim

Uplifting very kindly invited me to his home for a relaxed give and take wrestle. We explored a myriad of holds, which we both enjoyed. He introduced me to a couple I'd not experienced before. He's a welcoming host, and entirely safe and sane. Happy to recommend.



Scissorvictim is recommended by uplifting

I met Will recently after a few short messages..
We had a give n take session incorporating a few fav moves and a few others..
Looks stockier than his pics show, and with strong legs..
We had a great 90 minutes and I would welcome him again anytime..



uplifting is recommended by Gymguy 222

Chatted to this guy and arraigned a meeting all in the same day. Steve is a great guy who knows lots of holds and showed me them. Getting me into some submission holds and stretching me. We had a great sweaty session on the mats and thoroughly enjoyed the meet. He’s a great guy to chat to after over a coffee as well. Hope to meet him again very soon.

Had a second meet with this guy this time I had him in a long legock got him submitting multiple times great match



Gymguy 222 is recommended by uplifting

It was great to meet Tony having had a brief chat then meeting within a few hours.
I found him very welcoming on arrival and he looked great in jeans, topless, as was mentioned in our chats.
I showed him some moves which he then did on me, fig4's/lift etc.
We had a great 2 hours, and a chat and a coffee after.
Would like to meet again..
Thanks Tony.

MET Tony a 2nd time..
I think the fig4 leglock has gone to his head as he was more aggressive doing it and keeping it applied.. 45 mins continuously I think...
Ached during, after and morning after..
Wonder what he'd be like a 3rd meet.. ☺️



Bigkahunnamb is recommended by uplifting

It was great meeting Erwin....honoured to be asked to do so...
looked great in gear and has fab legs...
We did some give n take wrestling and he did some awesome lifts...
Lovely fella..shame he's only visiting .
Highly recommended..



Rugby guy is recommended by uplifting

Finally got to meet Mike..
he looked great...lovely furry fella and looked the part in gear.
We had a good wrestling session..exchanging holds etc.
He was excellent at doing some lifts which I loved.
Hope to meet again..
Highly recommended..



uplifting is recommended by Craig

Had the pleasure of meeting a well polite and friendly guy from start to finish we exchanged lost of holds and moves he also gave me a few nice tips which are already under my belt a great guy to meet very friendly safe and sane who also gives 100% respect would fully recommend for a future match looking forward to another meeting



Craig is recommended by uplifting

Was great meeting Craig...
a really nice fella who just loves to wrestle...
had me in a few holds which I had to work my way out of...
he looks great and it was a pleasure to have a grapple with him...
I hope we can do it again soon..only for longer.
See you next time!



uplifting is recommended by andy

Met Steve at Pippas today 29.4.17 we had a fun friendly match,would also like to consider him as a friend too,and he is also friendly off the mats too.looking forward to round 2.



andy is recommended by uplifting

Met Andy at Pippa's...we had a good wrestling session,give n take mainly, which I enjoyed.
He's a very nice fella and was a pleasure meeting him..



uplifting is recommended by davewhittle

Great guy, knew far more holds than he let on , the guy has a cruel Boston crab, will deffo meet again, well recommended.



davewhittle is recommended by uplifting

Was a real pleasure meeting Dave...lovely hairy body and looks awesome in trunks.
Obliged me with some great lifts and I think he liked some of my moves including his fave..Boston crab.
Looking forward to more soon..
Highly recommended.



uplifting is recommended by Lomandlad42

Great to see this fella back!!
Had a few great sessions with uplifting when I first started out. An excellent wrestler who took the time to teach me holds and apply them, ached like mad after :-). Safe, sane Strong fella with a great knowledge of wrestling. Would be great to rematch , highly recommended and an all round nice fella 👍



Lomandlad42 is recommended by uplifting

Glad to see you are 145 meets and going strong..
I think I was No1..or nearly.
It takes 2 to have a great meet and Jay has never disappointed on that score, so if you are looking for someone with commitment,enthusiasm,and a real passion for the sport (with a host of moves) then Lomandlad Is definitely someone to meet..and several times like I have.
On and off the mats he is a very nice fella..with the cutest dog you've ever seen..