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Hey guys Thanks for taking the time to checkout my profile. I'm 33 now and I still live here in milton, i'm open minded and easy to have fun with in a match. I'm open to any ideas. I like combat sports. i like sparring and i'm a novice not but i don't discriminate. If you want a meet hit me up in the chat room. I do wrestling any type NHB with in reason Boxing not to skilled but give it ago. i have some martial arts exp. so yeah that will cover it.
Not Big On SEX So Please Don't Ask its Just Not My thing

Please Be respectfull



  1. USA - Wisconsin, Packwaukee
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I am willing to travel 1000 miles


Age: 34-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 188 lbs (85 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: mma trunks no shoes (boxing boots or wrestling shoes) shirts/ boxing gear if boxing (depends on the match))

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing
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wi23combat is recommended by FLmotowrsl

wi23 was one of those matches I wasn't sure what to expect. We hadn't talked a lot in advance we just both wanted to fight and so we did. I am glad we did because it was one of those fights that had all the real things that go with it. He likes to fight and does not hold back on showing it.



FLmotowrsl is recommended by wi23combat

Nice guy has good skills tough dont let his looks fool you, If or when you decide to challenge him best be ready to fight. I would love another shot at him.



wi23combat is recommended by RuffFightChallenge

Frank gave me one of the toughest fights I've had in a long time. Though ultimately I was able to prevail he never backed down, hit very hard, and was even able to draw blood in our full-contact UFC style fight. Lots of bruises and scrapes too, but they were all worth it to lock up with this awesome fighting machine. If you're serious---take him on!



RuffFightChallenge is recommended by wi23combat

Meet up with RuffFightChallenge last Friday.
This guy offers exactly what his name suggests he has a great ground game and hits really hard. We both got really sweaty and had a tough nhb bout. I highly recommended him for anyone who is looking for a real fight. Be prepared to work for your victory it won't be handed to you. You are in for a real rough and intense fight.



wi23combat is recommended by travilicious

Frank is a real sincere guy who LOVES to fight. He is a very aggressive boxer - if he wasn't taking it easy on me he definitely could have drawn blood or put me on the ground. However, he wants to make the experience fun for both of you, so we did light sparring.

He is the definition of going either mild or wild, and if you want to go all out, he will fight 100%. He'll even do bare knuckle (which is too crazy for me...)

We also did quite a bit of grappling. With more practice, he could really develop a good ground game.

It's all about aggression and the love of the fight with Frank. That's what this site should be about.



travilicious is recommended by wi23combat

This guy is awesome. Great manners. Takes safety as the biggest priority.
He can take punishment and give it right back.

We started with wrestling we both were sweat covered half way through the beginning. He very knowledgeable in promission wrestling. Still he kept our safety at the highest of importance.

We rested after wrestling. Then from there got a bite to eat. Came back and put the gloves on this guy can hit with practice his boxing would be a force to reckon with.

He is tough he take it and dish it out hes not afraid to turn it up.

I you are contacted by him or see him in the chat room dont pass him up. I highly reccommend Travilicious to anyone.



wi23combat is recommended by stevecleveland

We met several times over the past 8 or 9 years and I have never been disappointed. He puts up a brutal fight and is way stronger than he looks. Fun to hang out with on or off the mats, and knowledgeable on a variety of forms of combat. If you're looking for a challenge, this is your guy.



wi23combat is recommended by bopper0831

wi23combat is a really cool dude to scrap with. Great personality and was able to make the match fun for both of us. He is well mannered and very skilled. u can learn a lot about wrestling and fighting from him. Look forward to having another match with him soon.



bopper0831 is recommended by wi23combat

All I can say about bopper0831 is...

He is a nice guy and good sport, very well mannered and tries the best he can to make the match interesting. I had fun rolling with him and I think anyone who else gets to roll with him would have fun to as well.

if you see you him in the chat room I recommend send him an Instant Private Message.



bluethegrappler is recommended by wi23combat

I have rolled and fought with Blue twice and have never regretted it.
full of energy always positive and competitive if you step on the mats with blue be ready or it could be over before it started.



flexatlanta is recommended by wi23combat

I had a great time with Flexatlanta. we did some boxing, and then grappled with body shots the remainder of the match.

Flexatlanta was very polite and professional we both worked up a sweat.

I can't wait till our next encounter.

If you are in the Orlando FL area I highly recommend you to meet up with Flexatanta.

  • Good boxing background
  • tough to move while rolling (Grappling)



wi23combat is recommended by Wresl2pin

wi23combat is an eager and competitive opponent. He’s willing to glove up and duke it out till the end. We went toe-to-toe a few rounds boxing and also mixed up some freestyle pin wrestling with MMA and light submission matches. Always a great match-up with him and can walk away as friends after the battle. Highly Recommend!



Wresl2pin is recommended by wi23combat

I have meet Wresl2pin twice and both times were tough but fun.

He is very skilled in boxing and wrestling you will break a sweat if you challenge him be ready for a fight whether you are boxing or wrestling either way you might end up staring at the ceiling. wresl2pin is lots of fun very nice guy and i can't wait till the next time him and cross paths.
If you get out west to Las Vegas NV definitely try Wresl2pin you have a good time and want more the next time.



Mike86 is recommended by wi23combat

really tough. very generous loves a challenge i had had some tough rolls and some painfull but awesome mma and he good at striking if you get to Chicago i highly recommend him.



wi23combat is recommended by Slugfest

Wi23 has given me some great fights. He and I are a pretty even match up so it makes for good competition. I expect the next time we square off there's going to be a knockout. Take him on and he'll give as much as he takes.



Slugfest is recommended by wi23combat

If you coming to wisconsin around the milwaukee area.

and looking to stand and fist fight or try mma.

I recommend you meet up with slug fest he is not really trained but he can hold his own and is very respectable. He take em and give so you'll have a fight on your hands. I have fought him several times. and we both have had some good fights.



mattz4fun is recommended by wi23combat

i highly recommend meeting with mattz to anyone who is looking for a good hard fought match. He is by far one of the best opponents i have had. He will push you to do your best. he's a great guy very nice, won't put down or belittle you.

so if you're interested contact him you won't be disappointed.