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Age 54
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight 190 lbs (86 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Gear Boxing Gloves, trunks, squarecut, speedos, boxing boots & mouthguards
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  1. USA - New York, Yonkers
  2. USA - Rhode Island, Providence
    (I'm here between 1/27/2023 and 1/29/2023)

I am willing to travel 100 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)

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Boxing Boxing

Match structure: Give and take, Squash match, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber

Specific wrestling styles: Going to matches

Miscellaneous interests: I have access to a ring, Relationship, Modeling, I'm a heel

Fetishes: Leather, Boxing gear

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Gearing up for CLAW the 1st weekend in April. Aside from attending my Heavy Impact Play: Erotic Boxing class, who's ready to experience a Boxer Daddy/boy/ Punch Chump weekend? There will be tons of gear and memories to last a lifetime!

At just past the 1/2 century mark, I'm looking to fulfill a life long dream to fight in a Pro Boxing style match. Looking for Men close to my size: 10 lbs lighter and up to 40 lbs heavier, 3 min rounds, 1 min rest, 10oz gloves, unlimited rounds fighting till KO! Have access to ring after hours. Where are the legit Boxers?

Trained Boxing Leatherman looking for rough, tough, rugged Men and Boxer boys. Training available to dedicated boxers. "Punch Chumps" aka jobbers step to the head of the line. I'm a real boxer that trains 3 to 4 times week, not a pro, I just train like one. Yes, I like men... that's why I enjoy hitting on them! If you're looking to live out that Boxing Fantasy you've always dreamed about? Hardcore boxers/punching chumps extremely welcome. And for the "Would Be" Heels out there, "IF" you can dominate and defeat me in a competitive match, I'll be your punch chump.


If you enjoy Erotic literature ask about my novels:
THE PUGILIST: Erotic Boxing Adventures
THE PUGILIST: Other Erotic Boxing Tales,
My next book(s) are coming soon.


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Boxer Daddy is recommended by ManyNames

Great guy. Experienced for sure worked me good, but definitely would meet him again. Can’t wait to meet him again



ManyNames is recommended by Boxer Daddy

Came out to Greensburg for a Charity Boxing even and ManyNames helped to warm me up and make the weekend extras special. He’s a fast emerging Boxer with great potential and a nice jab that will set you up for a CRUSHING right hand if you let your guard down for an instant. He even has his own ring in house. Why aren’t more Boxers beating a path to his door? Can’t wait to get this guy in the ring and experience his skills once more. I think next time we’ll go to KO!



Boxer Daddy is recommended by GlovesUpGuy

Had my second fight with Boxer Daddy today. It was five rounds of work, work, work! He won, of course, but not only did we have a great fight, he mentored me before and after the fight (and even reminded me to breath more mid match. What a gentleman!!). Highly recommend Boxer Daddy to any serious boxers looking for a fight or to any boxers looking to get a true Master to critique their abilities. He will test you, work with you, and even coach you, but don't DARE disrespect him or you'll end up on the business end of his devastating fists. Highly recommended!!

Update: Worked with Daddy again this weekend. We had a great sparring session that was EXTREMELY educational. After a well-paced match between Daddy and Boy, he helped me brush up my technique, gave plenty of advice, and we had a great time working on the heavy bag in different sets of gloves. Always a pleasure to box with and learn from this Man. Still highly recommended.

Update: Met up with Daddy again for CLAW. Had an amazing time and want to once again, recommend him for his wonderful enthusiasm for boxing, his knowledge on all things boxing, and for his continued tutelage of me, as his BoxerBoy. It's a special Rec to be sure, but one he earns. Very much still recommended.



GlovesUpGuy is recommended by Boxer Daddy

Got the chance to spend the weekend with GlovesUpGuy! It’s always a wonderful thing when you get to see someone’s skills up close and personal. He has excellent stance and good form. He just needs to work on breathing and learning how to counter. Our rematch was A LOT of Fun as I’m always looking to see how fighters are progressing over the years or just remaining stagnant in their skills. Such is not the case with GlovesUpGuy. He’s growing, learning and improving. Now that I have a clear starting point I can continue his lessons from afar so he’ll one day surpass me. Highly recommend gloving up with him before begins to outclass off of his opponents!



Boxer Daddy is recommended by ctrwash

Finally met this man after years of communicating. He is just as portrayed, especially a skilled boxer and puncher, and a gentleman.
No wanna-be...he's real.
Highly recommended.



ctrwash is recommended by Boxer Daddy

Got the chance to finally meet CTRWash and he didn’t disappoint. A true legit fighter with Abs of Steel. Consider me impressed. He’s truly worth meeting, chatting and exchanging blows with.

Keep your guard up and come out punching
Boxer Daddy Doc



Boxer Daddy is recommended by PierreDef

What can I say about the great Doc that hasn’t already been said? He was a gracious host and no-nonsense gentleman when I came to his gym, my first time inside a boxing gym. We had talked beforehand about how I needed some help with sparring. (I get a lot of heavy bag work in my martial arts but minimal sparring.) After I warmed up, we went a few light rounds in the ring and then he walked me through my issues with defense and creativity. Then he walked me through most of the bags at the gym including speed bag, which I’d never used before. I could tell instantly that I was in the hands of a great coach. He gave me a ton to think about (breathing, footwork, distance management) during my next heavy bag session back home. A great training session and I’m looking forward to another one sometime soon!



PierreDef is recommended by Boxer Daddy

PierreDef is a Fast aspiring Boxer that's eager to learn. What he doesn't know in skill, he More than makes up for in enthusiasm. A true game competitor that's ready to conquer his fear and his opponent at the same time. Watch out for this guy in a ring near you.



Boxer Daddy is recommended by PHLBoxer

What becomes a boxing legend most?

An addition to his long and growing list of stellar recommendations.

I have known Boxer Daddy / Curdell / Doc / Tech for at least 2 decades, and have sparred countless rounds with him. He is by far the best boxer I have had the honor of being in the ring with. Honestly, I am not on the same astral boxing plane as him, and I’m flattered that he still wants to glove up with me. He is hot, handsome, hung and talented. And has a collection of boxing gear that exceeds mine in size, scope and variety.

All hail the king of gay boxing!



PHLBoxer is recommended by Boxer Daddy

PHLBoxer was reaching out and doing this before I had a good understanding about it all. I tip my hat to a pioneer. It’s ALWAYS a great experience to glove up with him and share some Glove Love. Handsome, skilled and never backs down. A pleasure every time. Would love to see more of the collection I’ve only seen in pics… but that’s for another day.

Keep your guard up and come out punching
Boxer Daddy



Boxer Daddy is recommended by BoxerRicky

Doc is an outstanding, experienced boxer, and it is truly a pleasure to get to know him and glove up with him in the ring. He is controlled, collected, but brutal at the same time in the ring, and is kind enough outside the ring to give me lots of helpful suggestions for training to become a better boxer. Hoping to get a rematch with him as I get more training!



BoxerRicky is recommended by Boxer Daddy

BoxerRicky came to test his skills against this veteran Boxer and didn’t disappoint. He put up a tough fight and fought back against all odds even when backed into a corner. He dug deep into his reserves and picked himself off the canvas to continuing dishing out punishment and made me shift into a higher gear to give back what he was dishing out. I Highly recommend BoxerRicky to any boxer young or old, veteran or up and coming to face off against him to truly see what you’re made of. You will NOT be disappointed. I know, I’m looking forward to our rematch!



Boxer Daddy is recommended by Boxing dude

What can I say that hasn't been said before? This guy right here lives up to every great recommendation he receives, his boxing skill is immaculate and he is very flexible in working with every skill set. We had a couple of sparring rounds together, and yes he kicked my butt. In no way was he dishing out a hard beating and he was holding back on power but that didn't mean anything he still was able to corner me as well as got me on the ropes several times, he took full advantage of it. I found it really hot to be beaten up a bit by such a stud. He helped me tweak a couple of chinks in my punching and defense and overall felt like I got what he meant after he explained it. The only downside is we didn't have more rounds together in the ring, would have loved to try to put his tips and tricks to work in real-time. Well, there is always next time for all of that. Hope for it to be soon, You're a fool if you pass up the chance to meet him. He's super sexy, very energetic, and chalked full of useful knowledge. Until we meet in the ring again, guard up and come out swinging at the bell.



Boxing dude is recommended by Boxer Daddy

Been looking forward to testing the skills of this rising pugilist and he did not disappoint. Had a Great time trading leather and seeing what he could dish out and take. Boxing Dude puts his leather where your face is and comes back for more. I highly recommend gloving up with this determined boxer and testing your physical fortitude. You won’t leaving wanting and will come back for more.



Boxer Daddy is recommended by MoonKnightFighter

Skilled, knowledgeable, no nonsense, down to earth, everything you want in an opponent. While the fight didn't go my way he truly did put my skills thus far to the test. Looking forward to not only learning from him but also fighting again in the future. You are a fool if you turn down the opportunity to box with this man!



MoonKnightFighter is recommended by Boxer Daddy

Finally traded leather to KNOCKOUT with MoonKnight Fighter and found the heart of a True Warrior. Even when his body gave out his spirit NEVER did! Here is a combatant other fighters should be honored to face off against. Regardless of our experience levels he fought hard and earned my respect. I’m looking forward to facing him again to seeing how his Gladiator Heart stands up against my Boxer Demon Spirit.



Boxer Daddy is recommended by jkhammerd

Boxing with Doc was incredible. Like he says, I am new to boxing, and it was a new experience for me to actually box with someone as opposed to practicing punches against bags. And he isn't just "someone", he is a serious, well-trained boxer. Even though I was in way over my head, he is so technical and in control that I always felt safe. He truly loves the sport and is so generous with his knowledge and patient in the ring. And the ring was the real deal, in a boxing gym. I really look forward to more time in the ring with Doc to up my game. Anyone who is serious at all about boxing, should make time to meet him.



jkhammerd is recommended by Boxer Daddy

An emerging beginner that wasn't afraid to step in the ring and test his new found boxing skills against a veteran. JKHammered is a strong tough boxer that's a refreshing joy to box versus so many "wannabes." I highly recommend stepping in the ring against him to see what your made of. I'm certain you'll be back for more!



Boxer Daddy is recommended by robert 16oz

I had the chance to meet up with Doc. We got to spar a few rounds. Well he has much more experience than me. He took it easy on me we had a really nice sparring session. Afterwards he showed me some pointers work out a little bit. I am looking forward to getting together again with him. Polite and a gentleman.



robert 16oz is recommended by Boxer Daddy

I met Robert 16oz and discovered an up and coming boxer. Sound fundamentals and a strong right hand. With continued training and sparring he'll be a Crushing Contender in no time. If you're looking for a game fighter to go some rounds with Robert 16oz is the Boxer 4 U!



Boxer Daddy is recommended by midwestboxer

    • Update**

I had the pleasure of meeting doc again a few weeks ago and I've been struggling to think of new accolades to bestow upon him ever since. He is hands down the best boxer I have ever had the pleasure of trading leather with. There are few fighters out there who take the time to master their craft and he is no doubt one of them. He possesses a grand wealth of knowledge, skill, and spirit. If you have skipped meeting him for whatever reason that is completely your loss. Don't sleep on this guy and step into the ring with him, you won't be disappointed.

Doc is no doubt one of the best if not the best fighter on this site. You should meet him no matter what level your on. If you need a challenge he will give you one, if you need advice on how to step your game up he will give you great advice. If you get the chance to meet him you shouldn't pass it up. No excuses! Just get your gloves ready and meet up with him, you won't regret it or maybe you will but in that good kind of way.



midwestboxer is recommended by Boxer Daddy

Midwest Boxer is a STRONG competitor! No doubt you will taste his power and his leather right of the bat. Bring all of your boxing skills because you will need them against him. And if your fortunate to remain standing after he snaps your head back with a few shots, you MIGHT just have a chance of besting him. Have gloves and gear then prepare to fight. I can't wait to fight him again!

Had a return match with the Pugilistic BOMBER of the Midwest aka MidwestBoxer. I looked forward to some improved moves and skills. He delivered a couple of extra moves and a SERIOUS increase in power. I’m always looking forward to seeing where my Golden Gloves championship skills line up next to his. I was fortunate for my trained abilities. If you’re looking to fight a true heavyweight with some frightening power MidwestBoxer is your man. I highly recommend testing your physical fortitude against him if you ever wanted to know where your boxing lines up in the hierarchy. If your abilities are anything less than established then you’ll be tasting canvas for the the KO of a lifetime.



Boxer Daddy is recommended by boxingfan89

What praise can I give Boxer Daddy that he hasn't already received? It was an honor sharing the ring with him and he's quite possibly the best I've ever gone against. He taught me a lot, the hard way of course, but I'd glove up with him again in a heartbeat. He's the OG and is nothing but generous with his knowledge, wisdom, and uppercuts. He makes me want to be the best boxer I can and I look up to him for that.



boxingfan89 is recommended by Boxer Daddy

Truly a Game Fighter! BoxingFan89 said he was coming to fight and he did! With skills and raw determination he met me in the squared circle and didn’t pull his punches putting his abilities against mine. Even when cornered he fought back harder than ever. My faith in the next generation has been renewed. BoxingFan89 earned my respect. A rising star is ready to burst onto the scene. If you’re looking for a good fight against an opponent that will test the structural integrity of your jaw then this is the opponent for you!



Boxer Daddy is recommended by darkranger

Bozer Daddy is one hell of pugilist, great hands, great perosn, would trade punches with him anytime again here in the future, you'll like going to to toe with him as well



darkranger is recommended by Boxer Daddy

This was a much talked about long awaited match up. It was a GREAT PunchOut session. DarkRanger is a Big Dude with a Big Punch! Hope you’ve got a strong chin. If not you’ll be seeing stars when the punches come at you in bunches. A good guy to mix it up with.



Boxer Daddy is recommended by power559

(I'm v. late in posting this. My apologies, BD)
I'd heard of Boxer_Daddy before - I think I first heard of him before I even knew really/exactly what this thing of ours / thing I'm into even, like, was. So it was a biiig damn deal that he visited my state and emailed me about a meet up.

Boxer_Daddy is a skilled and aware fighter. He also shows amazing damn control and did I mention his skill level? With almost no "nudges" or corrections needed, I did and still can trust him to whomp on me. My point is that, being a jobber into what I am into, I always have to watch out for everything from complete tools who just wanna hurt someone to overeager/prideful alphas who just can't control their shit. But Boxer_Daddy is *damn* good, and I had an (awesome) headache that night to prove it.



power559 is recommended by Boxer Daddy

What and INCREDIBLE Stud! Is this guy’s chin made out of Bedrock! The Man can take a punch and then some! A Tough as nails “Punch Chump” and durable guy ALL the Way Around! Well worth the wait to meet him and a pleasure to connect with a Kindred Spirit that gets and Understands why we do this. Power559 impressed me with his Gameness and garnered my respect with his Alpha Male attitude towards showing weakness. My Fists are always ready when you want to do it again!



Boxer Daddy is recommended by AussieBoxer

Premium boxer. Always in the ring. A wealth of boxing knowledge for fighters at all levels. Have sparred him a number of times over the years and have enjoyed each session enormously, coming away with new skills each time. Highest recommendation possible for anyone serious about their boxing.



AussieBoxer is recommended by Boxer Daddy

A Good boxer and definitive Southpaw. He’s one of the reasons I learned to switch so I could teach a southpaw what it feels like to fight themselves. Always game and listens to instructions well. A TRUE Boxer and someone you will ALWAYS have a good time fighting against whether your catching or pitching leather. Aussie Boxer gets one of my higher recommendations for all around fighter.



Boxer Daddy is recommended by redlandguy

Tech is very skilled, and a great guy. I had some sparring with him, where he got down to my level as a boxer, and I learned a lot. Also, I learned that my blocking isn't as good as I thought it was (so I have some homework).

Hope to see you again soon.



Boxer Daddy is recommended by Lumberjack

Great guy and an amazing boxer. I had a real good time.It was a long time coming, we need to do it again soon Big Fella.



Lumberjack is recommended by Boxer Daddy

Our meeting was a long time coming and well worth it. LeHighPA is a truly great boxer and bring the fight to you. He's also one tough fighter with ironclad chin. I know because he took a few bombs but stood on his feet!



Boxer Daddy is recommended by boxer1

i had a GREAT time with Techboxer aka Boxer Daddy. He gave me a good work over and made one of my hottest fantasies come true in our last match. i'm looking forward to next year's bout! i highly recommend Techboxer as He can box at your level, weather you're a novice or a pro like He is. (Not to mention he's a good guy and a VERY hot Boxer Daddy!)



boxer1 is recommended by Boxer Daddy

WOW! Oh WOW! What a Great Boxer Boy! Boxer1 is an exceptional opponent. Aside from looking great in a pair of Thumbless Everlast gloves he fought back every minute of the round till the final KO end. If you’re ready to trade leather up close and personal he’s a Hot BoxerBoy that will make your boxing fantasy come true. We should have traded leather far sooner than we did, but I know we’ll be doing it more often from now on! All the Best from Techboxer aka Boxer Daddy.



Boxer Daddy is recommended by Fighter1983J

Great guy. He taught me so much. And we spar to. He is a teacher and mentor to me as i continue to learn to box. Next time in Nyc will hit up and anytime i am in Nyc



Boxer Daddy is recommended by diggeroh

Intense boxer who is every adaptable to changing situations. Had a wonderful and highly energetic encounter with him that exceeded my expectations. So looking forward to stepping into the ring with him again.

We feed off each other's intensity. He knows how to push me and I'm so thankful for it.



diggeroh is recommended by Boxer Daddy

After years of chatting online finally stepped into the squared circle with another well known pugilist. Heavy hitter, never a quitter. Next time we'll push your boxing limits even farther. Here's to ya!

Keep your guard up and come out punching.



Boxer Daddy is recommended by Gutboxer

He is the MAN. He is truly a Professional and a Gentleman. So proud and honored to be in the ring with him for the second time. He used my gut for his heavy bag and delivered each punch with precision and power. If anyone would bring Boxing to the Gay Olympics I believe it would be Techboxer.



Gutboxer is recommended by Boxer Daddy

"GUTBOXER" without a DOUBT has unequivocally one of THE TOUGHEST "Guts" around. If you love sinking your fist in the flesh portion of a man's gut then GUTBOXER is the one for you.
I know I'm looking forward to hammering his abdomen the next time we meet!



Boxer Daddy is recommended by punchmeout

Kind, courteous, and an absolute beast in the ring. He knows his stuff and can go as easy or as hard as you want. He even coached me a bit between pummeling me in the ring. It was an absolute pleasure.



punchmeout is recommended by Boxer Daddy

There are an extreme few fighters that I have encountered with the guts and toughness of Patom. A true Boxing warrior and fighter without fear. If you’re looking for a good competitor that will definitively test your boxing skills then this is the fast rising contender for you. DO NOT Pass up an opportunity to engage him in the ring! You will NEVER regret your decision.



PunchFun is recommended by Boxer Daddy

The man is one hell of a tough opponent. It's always a pure Pugilistic bliss when gloving up with such a stud. An on time A+ Boxer!



Boxer Daddy is recommended by LBFighter

Doc is a very experienced and skilled boxer. By all means, spar or fight with him. He is a gentleman out of the ring, and an animal in the ring. But he knows how to pace with your skill and limits. The boxing match will be fun and an experience you don't want to miss.



LBFighter is recommended by Boxer Daddy

John is one tough SOB. Even when facing a better boxer he contines to fight on in the face of great odds. Truly a pleasure to glove up with and swap leather!



very friendly but tough puncher, strongly recommended to any guy who wants to be used as a punching bag and to have his abs tested! still feeling every part of my guts... guess a great boxer too...and very friendly! any time again!



Musclewrestlevienna has abs of steel. The man can take gut work and then some... I highly recommend him if you want to see if you're a tough puncher



ILFIGHTER is recommended by Boxer Daddy

IlBoxer is one tough skilled fighter. He'll stand toe to toe with any fighter out here and push them to the edge and beyond. Pack a lunch cause he'll fight you to a standstill!

Keep your guard up and come out punching.



Boxer Daddy is recommended by BoxerCoachinmd

TechBoxer is a guy who has a passion for boxing, and is also a Gentleman in the truest sense of the word. An interesting and intelligent guy who knows his way around a boxing ring, but also a lot of fun as well socially. Highly recommend him and look forward to the next time he's in town



BoxerCoachinmd is recommended by Boxer Daddy

Great guy to spar with, knows how to put a combination together. Whenever I come through Baltimore I will be stopping by for some rounds!



Boxer Daddy is recommended by everlastko

Tech is the original. I had so much fun boxing with him, and hope to do it again. He knows his stuff and likes showing it off! You just gotta box him!



everlastko is recommended by Boxer Daddy

One hell of a tough fighter... A true boxer that can punch. Can't wait to fight him again! Keep your guard up and come out punching!



slugtoko is recommended by Boxer Daddy

Great friend, opponent and pugilist. Love slamming my fists into his face. Tough guy that keeps coming back.
Keep your guard up and come out punching.



BOXERMAN is recommended by Boxer Daddy

One hell of a boxer... my first opponent. A true boxer... can't wait to fight this tough stud again!



britboxer28 is recommended by Boxer Daddy

Good fighter, ready and able. Looking forward to the next match when we can amp it up!