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Beginner down to earth friendly guy here. I'm willing to try and learn many styles of wrestling with basic interest in grappling and perhaps submission.
Currently in lack of matches, working on getting stronger and bigger.
Based in Aalborg, Denmark but travel frequently to Hungary and occasionally to Germany and Austria.
Open for chatting if I'm online. Hit me if you come to the area.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Online chatting, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Gut punching, CBT, Rip and strip


  1. Denmark, Aalborg
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Age: 28-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male or Female

Stats: 6'4" (193 cm), 265 lbs (120 kg)

Languages spoken: Danish, English, Hungarian

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred

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FighterGuyy livingforfight ulx1 wadzoli


wolf89 is recommended by ulx1

We met at very sort notice after recognizing we are at the same place randomly...after chatting about that we need to meet for about since two years;-) Easy to arrange for two short encouters, checking each others bodies and muscle power. Big heavyweight guy who lifted me easy. He has strong legs and it could be seen that upper body workouts are in progress as well.
Looking forward for round three.



ulx1 is recommended by wolf89

After long time chatting, we finally met up - completely by coincidence - for two short sessions. It was worth the waiting, he is a really nice friendly guy and a heavy and really strong opponent. Looking forward to our first “planned” match :)



wolf89 is recommended by livingforfight

Well, we fough two times in summer. He's an eager wrestler who wants to win. I think he must practice wrestling, because he will become better and stronger day by day. :)



livingforfight is recommended by wolf89

We have had a couple of friendly matches already. It was a pleasure, he's a strong, quick and quite persistent guy. I hope to fight you again in the future.



wolf89 is recommended by FighterGuyy

We had two matches, one more back and forth, and one more competitive and faster paced. Both were enjoyable and I thank you for both!

Let's do this again when you are back in Budapest! :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by wolf89

We have had a few wrestling sessions and I had no serious chance whatsoever. That shall change with time and practice though. ;)
He's really experienced and amazingly quick and strong, definitely recommendable for a match. Also a very polite and nice guy off the mats. Hope to wrestle him again in the future.



wolf89 is recommended by wadzoli

Wolf89 is a great fighter. He has lot of energy and passion of wrestling. We have fought regularly in the summer. He likes learning techniques. I hope he can find fight-mates in Denmark.



wadzoli is recommended by wolf89

He's a really strong and experienced wrestler, also a very nice person. I have learned a lot from him and hope to have the opportunity to wrestle him more in the future. It's been an honour.


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