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Looking for submission matches with guys of similar age and size, but flexible. Don't mind taking on smaller or bigger guys.



  1. USA - New York, Douglaston
  2. USA - Washington D.C., Washington
    (I'm here between 11/04/2019 and 11/07/2019)
    Sub match on Monday or Thursday night this week
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Age: 49-year-old Male

Stats: 6'4" (193 cm), 219 lbs (99 kg)

Gear: shorts, speedos or fight shorts

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wrestlernys is recommended by AllStarPuma54321

Fantastic and fun time with wrestlernys!! He’s got a great tall body, strong legs, and sexy friendly smile. Terrific time doing some submission wrestling to tapout. Lots of wrestling holds, camel clutch and classic moves. Has lots of energy, a great host, and playful. Completely recommend and looking forward to future matches!



AllStarPuma54321 is recommended by wrestlernys

Jon is an strong submission opponent and a truly nice guy. We wrestled for a couple of hours in my garage matroom and had an awesome time. This will be the first of many matches, I’m sure. If you get a chance to roll with him - take it!! Highly recommended.



wrestlernys is recommended by LukasHuber

Dave is a tall and powerful fighter who visited me on his way to Salzburg. We had a good contact in advance and he arrived punctually. This day he was a bit tired and exhausted, which is not surprising after only two hours of sleep.
The best occasion to arrange a rematch! I am looking forward to meeting him again on my mats.



LukasHuber is recommended by wrestlernys

Lukas is a strong and skilled grappler on the mats, an awesome host and a really nice guy! I was jet lagged for our first bout, having only 2 hours of sleep - so I’m already looking forward to our next match when I return. If you get the chance to hit the mats with Lukas, I highly recommend!!



wrestlernys is recommended by dcwrestler

We met up after missing one another in DC, and boy am I glad we did. We had a tough, sweaty match on his great mat set-up, which only amplified the fun. Watch out for his strong legs, he'll put a hurt on you if you're not careful. We're definitely going to wrestle again soon.



dcwrestler is recommended by wrestlernys

Awesome match with DCwrestler in my new fight garage with 10x10 mats. DCwrestler is a strong contender and an awesome guy! His legs are strong, his spladle grueling and his dragon sleeper is one to be avoided. I am looking forward to our next match!!



SleeperLover is recommended by wrestlernys

Had an awesome match with SleeperLover today! He's a super nice guy with a great body - which I enjoyed working over. Highly recommend him!! Looking forward to meeting up with him again soon.



wrestlernys is recommended by hunwrest

Was very good, funtastic match with Dave. He is strong nice guy.
I wait very much next match.



hunwrest is recommended by wrestlernys

Great match with Karl! He's strong and energetic...we will meet again!!



wrestlernys is recommended by NYCgrappler

It's been a while but he was a fun tough opponent. I look forward to renewing our rivalry!



NYCgrappler is recommended by wrestlernys

Awesome guy....tough opponent and great host. I hope for a match again with him soon!



halberg917g is recommended by wrestlernys

Great guy, tough and awesome stamina. Would love another match-up sometime!