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Age 49
Height 6'8" (203 cm)
Weight 367 lbs (166 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
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Gear Pro wrestling trunks,pro boots BJJ gi, squarecuts, nude,
Languages spoken English, French, Spanish
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  1. USA - Maryland, Baltimore
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Washington D.C., Washington
    It's a quick 45 minute drive from home
  3. USA - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
    It's a quick 90 minute drive from home and I know a guy with a ring and mats to rent
  4. USA - Virginia, Alexandria
    It's close for a good wrestle
  5. USA - Delaware, United States
    Depending it's between 90 minutes to 2 hours. Close enough to meet to wrestle. If I'm the Philly Metro Area, there's a ring and mats to rent in Claymont.

I am willing to travel 200 miles

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Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling

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I've noticed that many of my reviews say I'm strong, but always careful with my opponents. I want to thank those kind compliments from other wrestlers. The idea is to have fun and I can dial back things to make sure we have fun. I also like passing some of my knowledge with other guys.

I'm back at the gym currently working out virtually daily to get to 275, what I consider my combat weight. I'm 6'8", so at that weight I'd be at about 9.5% body fat which would be the equivalent of athletic. I'm almost to my goal weight with a lot of work, dedication, patience, and effort.

Looking to fill my wrestling card and willing to travel two hours by car to wrestle. I enjoy the contact with men. I find the erotic side of wrestling very attractive and would like to meet guys for some horsing around and man to man fun.

I've got some pro and pro-fantasy experience and can be a tough heel. I started BJJ training again and would like to meet guys to grapple and learn as I need a lot of honing on my skills on the mat. I'd also like to find guys who can teach me moves as I'd like to become better too, especially in boxing

As I said , I can dial things back as needed for a good match as the idea is for us to have a good time, not to send someone to the hospital

I recently started oil wrestling and it's fun as hell. This actually neutralizes my size and skill advantages. I had a blast the times I've done it and can be a good format if there's a size differential.

P.S. I'm actively looking for opponents. I'm sending notes to guys that are close to me and I'm initerested. If I'm not your type, it's cool. Just respond that you're not interested, please. That way I don't try again. Same thing if I DM you in the chat. Just make things simpler. Thanks everyone and hope we can have fun on the mats or in the ring.


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Kruhn is recommended by MTNBikeBear

What can I say other than, this man is impressive! Kruhn is ALL action on the mats but as safe and sane as they come. He took the time to show me some things, knowing I was a beginner and allowed me to test myself out. He obviously crushed me and I am super ok with that :D He is the definition of a gentle giant and I am greatly looking forward to the rematch. I highly recommend Kruhn!



MTNBikeBear is recommended by Kruhn

One thing about my new friend is that he's willing to drive anywhere to wrestle. This man drove throughout the Eastern US to wrestle guys. We met at a group event and one thing is that he was willing to try new things.

If he's somewhere near your area (and near for him means a couple of hundred miles) don't hestitate to meet him. You'll have a blast

My only regret, my editing work and other commitments had to cut our meet short. I would have loved to have had more time to wrestle



Kruhn is recommended by Mrbigarms

I went toe to toe & eye to ummmm, chest with this big man but at 6’8 I doubt there are many men anywhere who can actually go eye to eye with this beefy powerhouse. Pushing the scale over the 360 pound mark there was no question who was in charge but kruhn is well aware of his size & strength so I never felt in danger. He’s extremely skilled he’s all about having a good time. Off the mats he turns in to a Teddy bear easy to talk to & connect with don’t miss your opportunity to meet



Mrbigarms is recommended by Kruhn

Many here avoid profiles without a picture. You would be foolish to avoid this stud. We met an evening after a long day for him at work and we went at it for two hours straight. This guy is a stud, resilient as hell, and fun to wrestle with.

He's strong, very nicely built, and fun to grapple with. We were having so much fun, we lost track of time. I hope next time we have much more time to play with.

If this stud contacts you, you'd be a fool to avoid him. He's great on the mats and his username clearly describes him well. You will have a great time. I guarantee!



Kruhn is recommended by H2OMuscles

Yes his appearance is intimidating, and he is very strong! but Kruhn really knows how to give a pro match! just like a pro! He can also work with the limited space that we have to wrestle, and still make it a great match! outside of the ring, he is a very cool guy, easy to communicate with too.



H2OMuscles is recommended by Kruhn

My God, was he fun to wrestle! We had been trying to meet for a long time, but we haven't been able to make it work. When we finally met, this handsome pocket musclehunk was a blast to wrestle.

We had a great pro match and he was great and creative in a back and forth match. If this stud asks you to wrestle him, it will be a great idea to accept his invitation ASAP. You won't be disappointed.



Kruhn is recommended by DrStrange97

Met with this guy and was very impressed with his skill. It is not often someone makes me work for a submission as much as he did. He has a great foundation and past experience in BJJ. Although I did win, it wasn't a squash and he made me work for it. Look forward to sparring with this guy in the future.



DrStrange97 is recommended by Kruhn

The Meetfighters past opponent's questionnaire asks you if the guy you wrestled looked like his profile. Of course, I marked it was true. However I fibbed a little. Dr. Strange (or to use his wrestling name Brick Nero) looks ten times better in person. We had a good sparing session.

Like his wrestling name says, this guy is built like a brick house. A great defensive grappler. None of my attacks got through and I hate to confess, I lost to him.

I had a blast though. He's a tough, immovable object, with the calm and presence of mind of a Jedi. He patiently waited for a mistake and then went for the kill. I have found an opponent and I hope, a good friend.



Kruhn is recommended by Hunkapunka

Strong ox of a man who can never be beaten or pinned. If you want a real challenge call for Kruhn



Hunkapunka is recommended by Kruhn

Hunkapunka is a fun guy to wrestle with. We did a long pro wrestling session and had a blast. He is very agile and he is looking mighty fit. You see this kid in your area, you'll be remiss in not meeting him.



Kruhn is recommended by BearTamer

Kruhn is an absolute goliath with skills that match his size. He is well versed in both sub and pro, and great at coaching. In the ring he is safe and sane, and bumps safely even with men 1/3rd of his size. He’s self-aware and does a great job putting people at ease. Did I mention he’s a giant teddy bear?
I cannot recommend Kruhn enough - roll with him if you get the chance!



BearTamer is recommended by Kruhn

Keller has the raw material to become a great pro wrestler. He's sells very well– sometimes a little too well–, he's very agile and creative.

Outside the ring, I have found one of the nicest guys in this world. A great guy to wrestle and a fun guy if you're into pro.



Kruhn is recommended by grapplegrunt

Had a great time today with Kruhn. Big guy, very strong as most of his recommendations say, but safe with you the entire time rolling. Kicked my newbie but like there was no tomorrow but had a smile the entire time. We also went and saw the new Spider-Man afterward, which was awesome. Would certainly recommend to anyone looking for a good bout.



Kruhn is recommended by Matty Bearhug

Had a great time chatting with this guy. We have a lot of the same interests. Super friendly. We did have a rocky start but everyone deserves a second chance and once we were able to come to an understanding and fix the bumps in the road, we had a blast.
Fun back and forth pro. I even brought out the chain later in the match for a classic 80s dog collar match. It was great selling the action. Lot of staggering around as we methodically pounded on each other. Looking forward to evolving our match in our next meet up.



Matty Bearhug is recommended by Kruhn

Matt looks like a classic pro wrestler. I compared his looks to one of a young Hacksaw Jim Duggan. He actually said he looked more like a young Ted de Biase, which come to think of it is also true. If pro fantasy is your thing, Matt is the perfect guy! Sells great. Can go for long periods of time and really enjoys the craft of pro wrestling. He can go back and forth and is very creative.

Despite a wobbly beginning to our match, once we fixed the bugs, it was awesome! We transitioned from a regular pro to a dog collar match and our "ring" and the way he sells is unbelievable.

Another plus is that Matt is great at making sure you understand where he is coming from and will calmly explain things to you. I can't wait to meet him again my newest wrestling friend.

If you're into 80's style pro wrestling, you would be a fool to miss this guy. Plus damn!!!! He's hot as hell in a classic pro wrestler look. In trunks and boots, wow!!!



Kruhn is recommended by WaikikiBrawler

had a great time rolling with Kruhn. Love how he can play a variety of styles from roughhousing to real BJJ. And he's HUGE, but totally safe. And you haven't been bearhugged until you've been Kruhn-hugged. :) Totally looking forward to round 2 in 2022.



WaikikiBrawler is recommended by Kruhn

Attention big guys in MeetFighters!!!!! This is your man! He loves tangling with bigger guys and doesn't care if he wins or loses, he'll try to get in a lick or two. A great guy to roll with and somewhat exhuberant one to deal with off them. You miss this gentleman at your own peril.



Kruhn is recommended by RasslinCub

I met Kruhn knowing he was a larger man and hoping we'd have a good time - and that's what happened. We had a fantastic match.

He was a genuinely nice guy off that mats and, because of his size, on the mats he sure knows how to hold back when he needs to and is very aware of that. I appreciated that fact.

I could tell he was sincere when he overslept but made our meeting anyway.

I would definitely recommend him.



RasslinCub is recommended by Kruhn

If erotic is your thing, Tony is your man. This is one capital "H"hot man who looks younger than his age. As someone who works outside daily, I tell you he'll make you work for the "W". Fun guy on and off the mats. Needless to say, highly recommended.



Kruhn is recommended by RNC23

As others have said, it's no joke when you see this mountain of a man in person! However, he was so nice and gracious during or match. Kruhn certainly knows what he's doing and wants to make sure everyone has a good time...and is very safe of course!! He knows how to make the match enjoyable b/c it can be frustrating trying to attempt a submission on him...which eventually goes nowhere. But very fun to try!!



RNC23 is recommended by Kruhn

Fast as hell. Great sense of humor. Quick learner. RNC is one of the nicest guys around, but on the mats, he's one tough opponent. Pound by pound he is a good wrestler and can give bigger guys a run for their money. If you're around the area, you would be remiss in not meeting this awesome wrestler.m



Kruhn is recommended by anvil910

Kruhn is awesome! Met him at an Open Gym event in Claymont Delaware with other meetfighters buddies there, and he showed me some submissions tactics on the mats and let me practice on him. Hopefully I can remember what I’ve learned and use them and become an unstoppable tank muhaha 💪🏼 We also got to enjoy a bit of oil wrestling together 😏. It was a lot of fun and I hope we are able to meet and wrestle again 🤩! Great guy and I highly recommend! 🥰



anvil910 is recommended by Kruhn

First, he's hot as hell. We did a couple of sub sessions and an oil match and we had a great time. He's very strong and is quick to learn new stuff. I had a great time and I want to wrestle him again!!!



Kruhn is recommended by FerrelFighter

I had a great time wrestling with Kruhn! We met up at the Open Gym Event and had an oil match.
I have to admit, I was quite intimidated by his size and from having watched him wrestling and dominating the other guys at the event.
Fortunately for me, the oil evened the odds a bit and we had a good match, great fun. I held my own against him for a while.....but once he really gets you, you're done! Time to tap!
Despite his very intimidating presence, he really has a gentle personality and is a great guy to know. Hope we meet again!



FerrelFighter is recommended by Kruhn

Technically I have to mark that he looks like his pictures, but actually it's not really true. He looks BETTER in person. Very strong. Very sexy. And don't get him in an oil wrestling pit. The man will destroy anyone in it, including monsters twice his size like me. LOL. Had a blast with him and you would too. Highly recommend him. If he's close to you, make sure you meet him.



Kruhn is recommended by Dynamo

Kruhn really is a great and strong wrestler. He knows a lot of wrestling holds. I got opportunity to learn news wrestling holds from him. He has a great male strength and looks like invincible wrestler. After our wrestling match we have a good time together talking about many interesting subjects. He is a great person and great friend. I would love to wrestle him again. Highly recommended



Kruhn is recommended by heterosp

Very easy to communicate with prior, and made a huge effort to meet me while I was in town. Once we met up, he easily kicked my ass but was super careful, and even taught me some things about submission wrestling. Def meet up with him!



heterosp is recommended by Kruhn

Loved meeting this very sexy wrestler. Awesome looking guy and a great jobber. A fun and flexible guy to wrestle who fills up a thong very nicely. If you're into erotic wrestling and avoid this guy, you'd be a fool. Loved meeting him and hope to wrestle him again.



Kruhn is recommended by Muleman

This guy is a handful. It took all I had to manage him and I still could not get him to a pin. We went back and forth several times and he wore me out! Had a great time. He is enough for a two on one match and depending on the team cause he can hold his own. Nice guy on and off the mat. Safe and sane, dispite the weight difference he is very careful not to be too aggressive .



Muleman is recommended by Kruhn

Just one word. Damn! He is one good tough natural fighter. Despite the slight size difference, he is a tough, natural wrestler. A great wrestler, awesome physique and a nice guy off the mats.



Kruhn is recommended by dg duffy

This guy is HUGE. He towers over me and probably outweighs me by 100 lbs. Despite this we had a great time as he allowed to get my licks in. He is best in submission wrestling but is now training in pro. Don't let Kruhn's size scare you away. You will have a blast and learn something too.



dg duffy is recommended by Kruhn

Three words. Tough as hell! Had a blast with this tough guy. If you're near him, wrestle him.



Kruhn is recommended by Buscape

The most awesome Real Life Titan-Boricua I have ever met! I really thought he was going easy on me that first round, but he finally got me down. Awesome intelligent person to talk to and very skilled in BJJ. I hope to meet again sometime soon.



Buscape is recommended by Kruhn

His name is similar to the Spanish word for "firecracker", and he is definitely a firecracker in the ring. A tough guy who fits a singlet very nicely, if I may say so. Despite our short time wrestling together, I had a blast wrestling him. Despite being a bit bigger than him and with some BJJ/MMA skills, he made me work hard for the two subs I got from him and he got one out of me.

In fact, I had to pull a bit of a Hail Mary desperation move to get the first pin. In other words if a skilled guy, twice this guy's size had to work for the win, imagine how much fun you'll have trying to meet this pocket titan in the ring!

Outside the ring, he's friendly, good conversationalist, and an awesome guy.

Highly recommend him. You won't be disappointed.



Kruhn is recommended by Ctgrappler1

After more years then I can count I finally met this mountain of a man. We had tried for years to meet up without success. Kruhn never stopped trying to schedule with me.

Finally we agreed on a date and met in Stamford. I thew myself against this bull. Despite the size difference and space constraints we were able to get in some hard punches and tight arm and leg locks. I felt totally safe and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a challenging battle. A big man with an even bigger heart.



Ctgrappler1 is recommended by Kruhn

They say that you wait for the good things in life. Ctgrappler is one of them. We've been trying to set up a meeting for years, and the date we chose to meet was almost lost due to the Weather Bomb or whatever the weathermen call these things hit the area the day before. Of course he was bundled in multiple layers which did a great job hiding the awesome physique he has.

We wrestled hard and had a blast as we manhandled each other to submission. Tough as hell. Great physique. Powerful guns. Great wrestler . Those phrases describe my long awaited new friend on the mats.

Off the mats, he's an awesome, salt of the earth kinda guy. I'll meet this hunk at the drop of a hat, and you should too. He has a very complicated schedule, but once you've set up a meet, he will honor it even when the elements conspire against us. An awesome guy I highly recommend without any reservation.



Kruhn is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

Despite his significant size and mostly strength advantage this stud did adapt his game to my level and we had a blast. One of the strongest and nicest guys on this site. Highly recommend



Hairywrestler midwest is recommended by Kruhn

An awesome guy to wrestle. His pics don't do this beast justice. Our time together was too short, but leaves me hungry for another meeting.



Kruhn is recommended by NickZ

(9/21/2017) Very much enjoyed this rematch with Rafael at Chuck's mat room in the D.C. area (thanks Chuck/dcgrappler for hosting). We had previously wrestled at Hillside and at the NYC pre-Wrestlefest, but had not wrestled for years. Looked forward to the rematch, and we again had a great intense submission wrestling match and the (larger) weight difference doesn't matter. Wrestle him and you won't be disappointed.
(7/30/2011) It was a pleasure to meet Rafael at this year's Hillside wrestling weekend. Highly recommended. He's strong and skilled and always up for a fight. Sure there was that 172-lb weight difference, but enjoyed the challenge. Looking forward to a rematch at future events.



NickZ is recommended by Kruhn

9/21/17 Met Nick in DC after six years and it was like we've just saw each other the previous day. He's still the little dynamo I knew years ago. We wrestled hard and fast and trying to keep a guy a third or less of my size was extremely difficult. He got a few licks this time, so he's better, tougher, faster. A sexy, friendly guy with a glint in his eyes when he hears wrestling. This man could wrestle all day and still be unsatisfied. And he'd be as tough an opponent at 23 hours as at the first minute. Someone called NickZ, "The Mighty Mite". It's a fitting moniker! Afterwards again... Wow!

I challenge anyone to take on NickZ and tell me he isn't a fun guy to wrestle. You'd need a lobotomy if you say so.

7/30/11 To call Nick a force of nature is a gross libel to earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and tornadoes.The first word that comes to mind when wrestling Nick would be "fearless". This man will gladly (perhaps a little to cheefully at times) will take on any and all opponents regardless of size and weight. I am 2 1/2 times bigger and twice his height and took me on. I won, but he got a tap on me. And afterwards...

All in all, Nick is a great guy and I am very pleased to have met him. I look forward to wrestling him again very soon.



Kruhn is recommended by FlDean2012

Rafael is a great guy and a very knowledgeable wrestler, so if you get a chance to talk or wrestle with him, I would strongly advice you to do that. He will give you his background that is extensive and a great guy to be around. Dean



FlDean2012 is recommended by Kruhn

Met Dean when he lived in Long island. He had an awesome set-up with a mat room and a pool. Dean loves pool wrestling and is damned good at it. A hot guy who knows how to work in a pool. Had an awesome weekend wrestling with him. If you're in Fort Lauderdale, you must see this guy if you love pool wrestling. You won't be disappointed.



Kruhn is recommended by BoxerCoachinmd

Had the opportunity to meet Kruhn recently for some boxing instruction and a little wrestling as well. He has a great attitude as well as a solid right hand with power. He is eager to learn how to box as well as glove up and do some sparring. If you get the chance, hit the mats or glove up with him.



BoxerCoachinmd is recommended by Kruhn

Hi nickname says it all He's a Boxing Coach in Maryland. Met him to review my form after years out of practice. As a BJJ grappler, we are taught kickboxing to get our form right for MMA. I've been a few years out of the mats so I wanted to see if my form still held up. BoxerCoachinmd is a good patient teacher and helped me with the basics.

He also proves my mantra that age is a number. His age on his profile (read the damned thing, people!) does not do justice to the hotness of a man that you'll face across you either as an opponent or as a teacher/coach. I want to make this a regular thing in my life and hope this was the first of many training sessions.



Kruhn is recommended by matslam

Kruhn is by far the biggest man I've had the privilege to meet and wrestle.
He could snap me like a twig if he wanted to, yet he isn't out to hurt or cause damage.
He was friendly, nice and fun to roll around with. He made sure that we both had a good time wrestling as well as a good workout. He was a great heel who knew how to push just far enough to make me tap.I was in awe of his power I really need a rematch!
Super guy, I'd definitely recommend him.



matslam is recommended by Kruhn

One of the original Olympics sports is wrestling, so it is appropriate that a modern Athenian would be into wrestling with a penchant for hosting wrestlers. Matslam is the perfect host. Willing to share his apartment/fight club mats to all comers. Although a jobber, my buddy is no pushover. He'll fight hard and won't easily give up.

If you go to Athens and don't meet matslam, you've insulted the Gods of the Pankration and should not call yourself a wrestler. In other words a must meet wrestler whether you are visiting Athens or he's in a town near you.



Kruhn is recommended by Roughmatch

Wrestled submission at Hillside in a "round robin" affair with several other men. He outweighed me and the match was very short but he was very cordial and knew how to hold back so as not to crush me underneath him. His knowledge of MMA helped him use an arm bar to submit me.



Kruhn is recommended by boxermad

If you want to fight with a big man do it with him, he loves fighting, he is strong and he put all his energies to win, you won´t be disappointed.



boxermad is recommended by Kruhn

One thing you better know about my new friend and honorable opponent... expect110% when he´s on the mats. He´s a great wrestler, fast, aggressive and tough overall. Although I lost against him (despite the size advantage),I had a blast fighting him and the next time I´m in Madrid he´s definitely on my to meet up list. Off the mats, he´s a friendly guy, a true gentleman.

Una cosa que debes saber sobre mi nuevo amigo, es que en el ring, espera 110% de esfuerzo. El es un tío fuerte, duro, y conocedor de la lucha, jiu-jiutu y vale todo. Aunque perdí (aún con la diferencia de tamaño), lo pasé super bien. Fuera del ring, él es todo un caballero.



Kruhn is recommended by RojoLion

Was lucky enough to meet Rafael last year. He's a very big, extremely strong, enthusiastic guy with a great attitude on and off the mat. Always interested in learning more and getting better. A must meet for anyone looking for a good tough wrestling experience.



Canadian Pro Wrestler is recommended by Kruhn

Two words describe Scott in the ring: Jedi Master. In the ring he's a great teacher. Patient, relentless, and willing to push you to the limits of your abilities. In three days I learned a whole lot about pro wrestling .

If you want to learn serious pro wrestling, Scott is your man! You'll learn a lot of him. One word of advice be prepared to do a lot of drills and to give it it your 110℅. He'll be expecting and demanding it from you.



grapplemedown is recommended by Kruhn

A great fun guy to roll with. Has an incredible stamina and willingness to learn. Still needs to work on his base and learn not to telegraph his cross. I enjoyed rolling with him. Too bad we didn't have more time to wrestle,although he may be happier than I about that fact! A great guy, if a bit of a wise ass off them Highly recommend this guy!



Kruhn is recommended by rassling guy

really nice guy very strong, and alot of fun to wrestle with !!



rassling guy is recommended by Kruhn

If pro wrestling is your thing, then this is the guy for you. Very knowlegeable about the art of pro and one of the best hosts I've had the honor to have met. More than that, he made his own ring that has nothing to sneeze at to any of the ones used at any of the ones sold in the market.

All in all, a great guy. If you're ever in the Fayetteville, North Carolina area and into pro, do swing by and meet this guy. You won't be disappointed.



Kruhn is recommended by Virgowrestler

This stud is a great guy on and off the mats. I had a great with this guy on the mats! Very strong and very friendly guy! Well worth another match! Anytime!



Virgowrestler is recommended by Kruhn

One of the best matches I've ever had. Virgo is strong, skilled, and very sexy on the mats. Fast, furious, and relentless as a grappler who can pull a move out of the blue when you think you already had him. I can attest to that from our match.

Off the mats, one of the friendliest, nicest, guys with a peculiar and refreshing sense of humor. You and I have a rematch pending, bud! I know we're going to have more fun!



Kruhn is recommended by mikeswuk

Rafael is a very strong, very skilled wrestler, a real handful but great to wrestle.



mikeswuk is recommended by Kruhn

Although he was modest and self-effacing in his comments to me, Mike is a strong, fit, and skilled guy on the mats for someone who is a beginner. More importantly, he is a true gentleman and a one of the most charitable souls I've ever met.

We met at Wrestlefest in NYC and I had a match scheduled with another wrestler. Wrestlefest NYC only does hotel matches and I was sharing a room with a person who did not want to use it for wrestling, plus he suffered a muscle spasm the night before, so he was resting. My wrestling partner would not get his room for a couple of hours and we might not be able to do a reschedule. Mike was kind enough to lend us his room at the last minute to use it to wrestle.I will always be grateful for him as I really was looking forward to meeting this guy on the mats and I was at the event for just two days.

Thanks you very much for being such an upstanding guy, Mike.



Kruhn is recommended by elgreco

This huge(more than you can imagine) guy is a great guy.He loves to wrestle and he knows what he is doing on the mats with his skills and his weight.Quick enough and strong.He is a gentleman on and of the mats.Nice meeting you big guy ,hope see you again.



elgreco is recommended by Kruhn

Two words can describe him on the mats: fast and furious. He moves like a blur on the mats like greased lightning and will capitalize on any mistake you make. Although I outmass him by quite a bit, I had a great workout on our match and I hope made a new friend off the mats.



redlandguy is recommended by Kruhn

A great guy to grapple with, but better yet a good teacher. Despite his denials, he has the chops to be a good teacher/coach. He's also a friendly guy both on and off the mats and next time we meet, we can have as good a time together.

Watch out for this guy whenever in your town or visiting the New York area, if you're a grappler and you don't roll with him, you're missing out on a great experience either as a challenge or as a learning experience.



Kruhn is recommended by Wrestlg

Raefael was Fun to Meet up with, After A few Delays. He's Anxious to Learn & Enthusiastic. A great Addition to The Hillside Wrestler Guys!



Wrestlg is recommended by Kruhn

Meeting Glen on the mats was fun. A calm and methodical wrestler and very friendly guy off the mats. I am pleased to have had some time on the mats at Hillside Wrestling weekend and look forward to a match again sometime soon.



Kruhn is recommended by GreekFighter

He is Goliath himself, hehehehe. A great, strong guy to meet and wrestle. He will give you a great match!!! The match was very short (due to a small accident) so looking forward to a longer rematch with multiple rounds as only one round (this is how the fight lasted) wasn't enough to tell the complete story ;-)

Don't lose the opportunity to meet and wrestle this HUGE guy with the strength, heart of the Goliath :-)



GreekFighter is recommended by Kruhn

He has the strength of Herakles, the tenacity of Achilles, and the beauty of Adonis. Don't let those good looks fool you as he is tough, agile, strong, and resourceful. Although we had a short match and I outmass him by 1 1/2, he made me work hard for my victory. I look forward to a longer, more exhaustive rematch with my good friend and worthy opponent.



muscldfighter is recommended by Kruhn

The pictures don't do him justice! He's a very sexy guy, but don't let the looks fool you. Great fighter, excellent stamina, and best of all even better teacher.

I've learned a few things and I hate to say, but I was forced to tap out 5 times out of 5. However, I'm glad to have met him.

Hopefully things will be a little more even matched as I gain experience. Outside the ring, he's a friendly and patient guy.

All in all a great guy.



mikey3458 is recommended by Kruhn

He's a great teacher and human being. I have learned a whole lot from him and am pleased to call him a friend. Look forward to another training session with this guy.



rioman61 is recommended by Kruhn

Great guy to wrestle. Not only is he a good wrestler but is also willing to teach you moves. Patient with novices like me.